tagNonHumanDream Catcher Dreams Ch. 03

Dream Catcher Dreams Ch. 03

byMy Erotic Tail©

(This story was edited by LadyShianne, thanks S~)

The limousine rode casually along the streets of Los Angeles while Lynn stared through the window as the stores and shops passed by.

Her thoughts carried her back to her family's get togethers and her Uncle Nick's visits. He was always a cheerful man and almost always brought her a gift when he come to visit. It wasn't that he was her only uncle it was that he was her favorite relative, period. His passing saddened here deeply.

The Limousine pulled up in front of the bank and parked along the curb. The driver got out and opened Lynn's door for her. She slowly exited from the vehicle's interior and scanned the skyscraper before her. She pulled her purse strap over her shoulder and went into the bank's lobby.

She approached the receptionist's desk and gave her name and safe deposit box number. The lady quickly dialed a number on her phone and asked Lynn to have a seat. She had just sat down when she heard her name.

"Mrs. Wilkerson?" A man's voice came from behind her.

"Yes," she replied quickly and turned to see a man in a black suit approaching her. His black hair and pasted on smile had all the trademark banker's look to him.

"I'm Ben Taylor, right this way please...and how are you today?" He asked politely, while shaking her hand. The two walked to a set of elevators and quickly went to a lower level. His casual conversation was charming but her mind seem to be elsewhere for most of the way to the safe deposit boxes.

Ben Taylor opened the room in which her uncle's safe deposit box was in and allowed Lynn to enter then pointed to the wall that kept the box she was coming to see.

"Your key please, Mrs. Wilkerson." The banker reached his hand out and took her key from her and opened up the box. He took the sealed drawer, and turning, placed it on the table behind them. "I'll give you a few minutes," he said, then left.

Lynn set her purse down and sank slowly into the chair, gazing at the long steel box. She opened it with care and took a deep breath. The first thing she could see was a stack of papers and envelopes that she removed and flipped through quickly. One of the envelopes seem to have pictures so she opened it and thumbed through the selection of various photos.

The pictures were mostly of her uncle's new wife, whom Lynn had never met. There were a few older pictures of her father and uncle together as kids. Then she saw her self with pigtails and the memories came flooding back. A tear rolled down her cheek and she wiped it away. As she sniffed Lynn mumbled, "I wish I could see him one last time."

The lights became brighter and brighter until Lynn looked up from the safe deposit box and a flash caused her to shield her eyes. Using the photos in her hand to cover them, she then noticed that she now held a feather. A long white feather with black tips and two beads. A green one and a white one tied on to its quill. Lynn gaze at the feather until she heard someone say, "Hello, Dinky."

Lynn gasped for breath as the words soaked into her ears. There was only one person in the world who called her that, Uncle Nick. Her eyes were on the feather that she held. She turned quickly and saw her uncle behind her. Jumping to her feet she lunged at him with outreached arms. She wrapped her arms around his neck and embraced him with all her might. Her hands were free now, see looked bewildered at her empty palm but soon forgot the feather as she leaned back and smiled at her Uncle Nick.

"God, I missed you Unkie Nickie," she said. It had been her special name for him all her life. Their smiles matched as their eyes met. She then noticed she was not in the bank but back home where she had grown up. It was like she had gone back in time to the last moment she had seen him. She looked around the old home before he finally spoke again.

"Well, you gonna fish for it?" Uncle Nick always said that when he had a present for her. Her smile grew as she began darting in and out of his pockets like she did when she was a young girl. Checking every pocket deeply and thoroughly until she found something and brought it to surface. A small box that she gazed at with a huge smile. She looked into her uncle's loving eyes with a grin as she opened it.

It was a charm bracelet with stars and moons. "I still have that same bracelet to this day..." Her words slipped from her mouth as her shoulder was shook.

"Mrs. Wilkerson? Are you ok?" A man's voice broke her thoughts. She was startled for a moment until she realized it was Ben Taylor, the banker. He was looking at her hand that held the picture of her when she was younger. She placed the papers and pictures in her purse as she answered him.

"Yes, Mr. Taylor, I'm fine. Just recalling old memories I guess." Lynn said as she began thumbing through the safe deposit box again. "I need just a few more minutes, please."

"Of course," he replied then left the room again.

Lynn was putting the contents of the box into her purse, some old coins and currency. A fraternity ring and several keys along with the envelopes and documents. She emptied the box and slowly rose. Ben Taylor immediately came to replace the safe deposit box to it's numbered slot then quickly went to the door and opened it for Lynn.

"Thank you, sir," Lynn mumbled as she exited the vault of boxes.

The limousine driver was patiently waiting outside as Lynn approached the vehicle. He opened her door and she crawled into the back seat, settling in as the driver began to pull away from the bank.

"Back to the hotel?" The driver asked.

"Yes, please," Lynn answered.


Arriving back at her hotel and entering her suite, she first caught a glimpse of the dream catcher on the bed as she laid her purse down. She saw that it now had only five feathers.

"What the...?" Lynn blurted. Confused as to the disappearance of the feathers, she began searching around the bed for the missing feathers, looking along the floor and under the bed. Then she looked under the bedspread until she gave up the search. Sitting on the bed, she took the dream catcher in hand and pondered the mystery of the missing feathers and where they could have disappeared to.

"I wish I knew where these feathers were going." She mumbled as she lay back on the bed with the dream catcher in her hands. The room seem to get brighter so she closed her eyes and curled up in the bedspread. "I am so exhausted and tired," she thought as she drifted into slumber.

The darkness was soothing until she realized she was standing in front of the large web that once held her tightly. Looking at it's massive webbing with intrigue and curiosity, she noticed movement in her peripheral vision. Turning slightly she saw the big Indian walking steadily towards her. The tanned man that fueled her desires approached her quickly, wrapped his arms around her and kissed her deeply. She thought about resisting but she submitted to him fully and returned the passionate kiss.

His towering frame and strong grip excited her fully. His ravishing mouth on her lips, cheeks and neck caused her to melt into him. He fondled her breasts and ass cheeks while his tongue tasted her flesh. Nipping and licking her until she soared with delight. She wrapped her arms around him fully and returned his kisses.

The tall Indian pulled back slightly, took her hand gently and began to walk away. He pulled her to follow while his massive hand encircled her dainty fingers. They walked away from the large web towards what seemed to be a small light at the end of a tunnel. It soon became clear that it was a small fire in a tavern that they swiftly approached. There at the fire was the old Indian woman, Little Breeze, stirring the fire with a stick and chanting a tune lightly.

The big tanned Indian guided her to a seat on a large log next to the flickering flames. Lynn sat down and watched Little Breeze toying with the coals. The large Indian man quickly disappeared.

"You have been busy with your wishes," the old Indian woman said smiling. Then turned with her charming grin and faced Lynn directly.

"What's going on?" Lynn asked curiously.

"Before you ask or wish for too much more perhaps you should consider the things you need." Little Breeze said with her polite manner. The old Indian woman's long gray braided hair adorned her shoulders with beads of green and white. In her hair were five long white with black tipped feathers.

"Ok, what is that thing I bought from you? The Dream Catcher, what does it do and how come the feathers keep disappearing?" Lynn asked, trying to choose her words more carefully. Settling in closer to the warmth of the fire, she gazed at the seemingly witty old woman.

"A dream catcher is designed to keep you safe while you sleep. A special one can even bring your dreams to life." The old woman smiled while she spoke with confidence.

"Ok, so that means...?" Lynn asked.

"It means what I have said. If you wish for something in your life, it will help you to achieve it." Little breeze said grinning. Lynn seemed to be just as confused as ever.

"Look, I thank you for your kindness but I don't believe in all this mumbo jumbo. This is probably just another dream and I'll wake up on my bed as usual." Lynn said with a shortness in her tone of voice.

"Ok, I can't make you believe in something but I can advise you to choose your wishes with a bit more caution. You should only wish for the things that will help you in life. And to answer your question..." Little Breeze stroked the five feathers in her hair. "These are my gift to you and as you receive a gift in your dream, the feathers shall return to me." The old Indian woman smiled while toying with the big white feathers that hung from her braids. The fire roared a bit as Little Breeze stirred the fire again. "Just be careful what you wish for, my friend," she said.

The fire's flame flickered high as Lynn shielded her eyes and rolled to her side. She felt the dream catcher poke her in the arm. Opening her eyes, she saw the hotel room dimly lit. Looking at the dream catcher and it's four feathers next to her. She stirred and stretched then rose to her feet, turned on the television set and went to the bathroom. Turning on the shower, she removed her clothing.

"Wait, four feathers?" Lynn asked herself. Confused and tired she dismissed it for now. Lynn stammered around in a bit of a daze. Her life was so full of chaos right now she figured a hot shower might wash some of her troubles away. She climbed into the shower and curled up into it's warm soothing massage. Her thoughts still lingered on Little Breeze's words. Whether they were a dream or not, they stuck in her mind. With her eyes tightly shut she soaked up the pleasurable feeling from the water's pelting blasts.

Taking the soap and running it over her body, she lathered her skin with a soapy film. She ran her hands over her mounds, down her tummy and dipped between her legs, toying sensually with the puffy lips between her legs and back up to perky breasts. Twisting at her nipples, she made them hard as her other hand's fingers inserted shallowly in her puss, rubbing circles around her clit and enjoying herself fully. Her orgasm came in such delight that she bask in the warm shower for quite awhile.

Taking the removable shower head from the wall, Lynn turned the jets on full blast and aimed it at her sensitive breasts. The hard spray of water caused her nipples to ache. Moving the lower, she let it pulse across her clit. The pressure of the water quickly brought her to the peak. Pointing it even lower, she spread her legs and let it enter her pussy. "Oh...." she gasped. It almost felt like a cock was throbbing inside of her. She moved the spray in a steady rhythm between her clit and her pussy entrance, over and over again until, finally, her pussy throbbed with another rapturous orgasm. "Oh, yes." She moaned as she leaned weakly against the shower wall.

She then turned the water off and toweled herself dry. She slipped into her night gown and curled up into the bed to watch television.

She glanced at the dream catcher lying there with it's mesmerizing web. The four feathers that were left fastened to it were effervescent. The mysterious disappearance of the other five feathers still eluded her. Lynn was exhausted from the past several days' trying times so she sank into the bed's covers and slipped off into a deep sleep while gazing at the dream catcher.

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