tagNonHumanDream Catcher Dreams Ch. 04

Dream Catcher Dreams Ch. 04

byMy Erotic Tail©

Lynn awoke stretching broadly yawning with clinched fist. She bumped the dream catcher that still lay on the bed next to her. The TV was on that she had fell asleep watching. Laying there a moment to collect her thoughts she pulled the covers off of her in ready to roll out of the bed.

When her feet hit the floor she sat there and wiped her eyes and face looking around the room. Contemplating her days events. Her mind began to recall the events the last few days and her longing for home was growing.

"I'll go to the storage and go through my Uncle's things, then I can go home," she thought to herself. Still sitting on the bed she looked back at the dream catcher that spread out in it's oval shape with green and white beads. It's four feathers fanned out slightly from it's bottom.

Her mind wondered of the tall Indian that had been filling her with passion. His strong presence and even stronger desires. Her lips curled up into a smile at the thoughts of his ravishing.

"I wish he would just take me and ... well!" She thought to herself with a mischievous smile. The light in the room grew brighter and she shielded her eyes. The back of her hand touched her forehead then the illumination faded. Lynn looked up to see the Indian that she so desired. He walked towards her as she darted her eyes towards the dream catcher. It was still on the bed but now she only saw 3 feathers on it.

Her mind was beginning to piece the puzzle together but became was distracted as the tall Indian took her. Pulling Lynn to him with his strong and powerful hands. His lips pressed to hers while he held her tight. His tongue darted into her mouth deeply. She went to wrap her arms around him when she felt something in her hand. He was licking and kissing her neck and shoulders feverishly as she pulled her hand to her face and saw the feather that her hand held. Just then she saw it disappear. She closed her eyes and opened them in disbelief. The tall Indian was now pressing his large frame into her as they laid upon the bed.

His hands were pulling her clothes from her as she lay back willing. She wasn't thinking about the dream catcher that lay under her. She only thought of this man's overwhelming urges that mirrored her own. His strength and passion that fueled her desires in a way she couldn't explain. It was as if he could read her mind.

The Indian pulled her to him and began driving his body into hers. She open up to him fully while he gripped her tightly and held her close. Pushing into her more and more with every thrust. Penetrating her deeply. She grasped his thrusting hips as he surged his tightened body into hers.

Lynn let out some light moans as she began to quiver with ecstasy. Her head lashed back and forth while his cock drove into her fully. Pumping his hardened muscle in and out of her with wild desires. Lynn thrashed on the bed while turning over with the pillow gripped in her hands. Panting and sighed as she looked at the pillow with a surprised looked. A smile rolled across her face as she laid back totally satisfied.

Catching her breath and sprawling out on the bed. She rolled over the dream catcher and stopped. Pulled it out from under her and gazed at its mesmerizing laceings. The three feathers that hung from it only reminded her of the tall Indian's disappearing ways. The number of feathers which at one time was nine, now showed the three remaining long white feathers with black tips and green and white beads.

Sitting up on the bed she laid the dream catcher down then went and began a shower. Her mind wondered of the Old Indian woman whom she bought the dream catcher from and her words of caution to only wish for what she needed in life. She knew now that rather she believed in the mumbo jumbo or not, she had best be more careful with her wishes. For if they were true she only had three wishes left.

After her shower she called down for a taxi and went to meet it at the hotel entrance. The yellow cab was waiting and she instructed the driver of the location of the storage she wished to visit. The vehicle made its way through the busy streets of Los Angeles in sunny southern California.

The storage unit was climate controlled that stored her Uncles belongings. The numbered units made it easy for Lynn to find her Uncles things. When she unlocked the padlock and slung the door upwards opening it she found that most of the families Antiques and furniture were well padded. Some boxes offered her some of his belongings. But she soon found that there wasn't much she could carry with her, she would have to get someone to transfer them to her home town.

She went back to the cab and climbed into the back seat and instructed the driver to return to the Hotel. Her eyes were whelping up as her thoughts began to flash back to her Uncle Nick's loving ways. "Now having to go through his things was going to be unsettling to say the least," she thought. "Wish I didn't have to deal with any of that," she said to herself as a tear rolled down her cheek.

A flash of light slightly blinded her as they passed a large glass building. She closed her eyes for a moment then opened them to find a feather in her hand. "Oh no," she thought as the feather disappeared. She could only speculate as to what was going to become of this strange wish. She still wasn't totally convinced that her dreams were coming true or perhaps she had some strange coincidence's.

Back at the Hotel she ordered room service and settled into her last night at the Hotel. The next day was going to be her voyage back home finally. The phone rang and she picked up the receiver and said, "Hello?"

Lynn listened then, "Well yes that would be fine...I'll have to find a location in my home town to store the stuff but yes I would love to have your company ship my Uncles things for me...thank you. Yes, I have it, I'll call as soon as I get another storage unit. Bye." Lynn sat the phone down and slightly puzzled yet relieved that someone would move her Uncle's things for her.

Lynn glanced over at the dream catcher and saw it now had two feathers. She blinked here eyes a couple times then starred at it a moment. "Only two feathers left?" Lynn thought, "Perhaps there is something to all this wishing."

A knock at the door broke her trance as she opened it and room service rolled her a cart in with her meal. She signed the ticket and they left her to enjoy her food. Lynn was really hungry and began eating right away.

It wasn't long till she was curled back up into a movie and dozing off again. With the dream catcher still on the bed and its remaining two feathers being one of the last things she remembered seeing before slipping off into slumber.

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