tagNonHumanDream Catcher Dreams Ch. 05

Dream Catcher Dreams Ch. 05

byMy Erotic Tail©

Lynn awoke from her slumber and sprang into her day. She was eager to get on the road and headed home. She began packing her things and glanced at the dream catcher on the bed and a smile crawled across her face as her thoughts of the tall Indian came flooding back.

Lynn picked up the dream catcher and held it out in front of her while she gazed at it. It's two remaining feathers dangled from its oval shape. She laid it back down and finished packing her belongings.

After loading her car and checking out of the Hotel she pulled out on to the highway and headed back home. The dream catcher was in the passenger seat next to her while she began the long journey homeward. The road laid out before her like one long ribbon.

"Wish I didn't have to make this long two day drive." She thought to herself. The sun reflected brightly off the hood of her car as she turned slightly in the road. She shielded her eyes as the brightness over took her. Her thoughts recalled that her wishes were few if she believed in the dream catchers magic. She sighed as she realized she had just made another wish.

The light slowly went away as she found herself lying in a motel bed. The last chance motel where she had purchased the dream catcher. The TV was going and the room was just as it was when she had stayed there the night before she arrived in Los Angeles. "What the...?" She asked herself as she realized she wasn't driving. And finding herself back at the place in which she bought the dream catcher was even stranger.

Lynn looked at the bedpost where the dream catcher was and saw its lone feather dangling. "Oh my," she thought as her mind raced for answers. She took the dream catcher in her hand and scratched her head curiously. She was puzzled to say the least.

The oval dream catcher with green and white beads sewn into it with its lone feather. The leather strands that were inter woven became enchanting. Lynn was very confused as she glanced about the room. She recalled her wish to not have to make the drive home but that didn't explain her being back at the motel she was at on her way to her Uncle's.

"Uncle Nick?" She thought. She looked at the dream catcher and concentrated hard on its mysterious nature. All the strange things that had happen ever since she purchased the second hand trinket from Little Breeze the Old Indian woman. Or was it Little Breeze the tall Indian man who filled her desires. Her mind raced for answers.

"Well, if this thing really works and I truly have one wish...which I doubt," she thought to herself. "I should try and make it a good wish." Her eyes gazed deeply into the dream catcher while her thoughts swirled from her past days encounters. The one thing that brought her so far from home was her Uncle Nick's passing away. The reason she was on the road and so far from home.

She took the lone feather that dangled from it into her hand and jerked it from the dream catcher. Laying the dream catcher down on the bed and twirled the feather slightly in front of her face. It's green bead and white bead tied on with horse hair. The long white feather with black tip circled slowly in front of her.

"I wish Uncle Nick was still alive," she said softly watching the feather with total concentration. Entranced by its mystique texture and soft feel. The room grew bright and she smiled slightly in hopes that her wish was coming true. She closed her eyes and soaked up the emotions she felt in anticipation of the strange nature of happenings every time she made a wish.

She opened her eyes and she was in a dark place. Her first response was to look behind her and see the large web like oval that she was once held to strangely. "The cave," she thought, "or the place where she meets Little Breeze."

Just then she saw him, the tall muscular Indian that filled her passionately when they met. His stride was steady as he walked up and kissed her. Wrapping his arms around her and kissing her deeply. His strength was pleasing to Lynn as he began fondling her with grasps of his strong fingers. Squeezing her breasts and gripping her ass cheeks while driving his tongue in her mouth deeply.

Lynn melted into him fully and began a few gripping grasps of her own. Feeling his love muscle and wanting his passion. Stroking him fully till he was hard as rock and ready for her. They slowly sank to the floor of the darkened area they were at. She lay back as he fixed himself between her legs. Pressing into her slowly and driving his body into hers. She tightened her fingers into his muscled back as he thrusted his surging body deeper into her. They paced a stride they both felt comfortable with pushing into each other.

Their bodies crashed with pumping humps of ecstasy, hot breathed and panting. Lynn moaned out as she came in waves, her orgasm reached new heights with her pulling more and more. The pillow between her legs made her open her eyes. She glanced around the room and saw she was at home in bed.

"Huh?" She was startled for she hadn't seen home in almost a week. Or so she thought. "What the...?" Lynn asked totally confused. Her familiar bed was a blessing as she sank into the bedspread that she loved so. The smell of home was pleasing and glancing around her bedroom that made her feel safe. Her smile grew as her dream faded.

The phone rang and she looked to the night stand that it sat upon. Slowly she reached for the receiver and picked it up. "Hello?"

"Morning baby," Lynn said to her husband. "Oh yes, I slept in I guess." Lynn sank into her bed even more. "Uncle Nick called, when? This morning? He's coming here? Today?" Lynn sat straight up in her bed and a smile raised across her lips. "Wonderful, OK honey...see you tonight, love you. Bye."

She then set the phone back on the night stand as she placed it down she saw a long white feather with black tip laying next to the phone. It's green and white beads tied to its quill. "Huh?" She thought as she picked it up. "Was this all a dream?" She wondered. A smile grew on her face as it sank in that her Uncle was alive and coming to visit. That she wasn't on the road, or had she even been? The questions came flooding in but the bottom line to her was, "I'm home and Uncle Nicks alive."

She crawled out of bed with the feather in her hand to make ready for her most welcomed guest. But she still wondered, even though she'll probably never know, about the mysterious Indian man and the old Indian woman, Little Breeze and the ... Dream Catcher.

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