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Dream Come True


The bustle of the airport barely reaches my fuzzy mind as I step off the plane. My tired eyes scan the area looking for the baggage pickup area. Off to the right I notice a man holding a sign with my name on it. I approach him curiously since no one was due to meet me here.

"Hello there. I am Christy," to me he looks as though he might be a limo driver in the get up he is wearing.

"Good evening, madam. I hope you had a good flight. Please follow me. I will see to your bags once you are comfortable." He motions for me to follow and my tired mind is too confused to do anything but obey.

The night air is still warm as we leave the terminal to approach the line of taxies, cars and, limos. The man is opening the back door of a long black limo.

My eyebrows shoot up and a million questions come to my lips and freeze there as I see you seated inside waiting for me. A confused smile brightens my face as I slide in next to you and the door closes behind me.

"What...."I begin only to have you place a finger over my lips.

"No questions, just sit back and enjoy." With that you place a fluted glass in my hand and pick up one for yourself.

"To the lovely weekend ahead of us," you clink your glass against mine and we both sip the cool drink. You put your glass down and reach for a long stemmed rose that lies on the seat between us.

You slide until our thighs are touching smiling at me sexily. I nervously drain the glass of its contents, immediately knowing that was a mistake since I hadn't eaten since that morning. The room drifts out of focus leaving everything soft looking. Smiling I reach to bring the blossom you to my nose and smell it, closing my eyes as the scent fills my nose. You slowly trail it over my lips to caress my face.

The satiny rose feels cool and welcome against my warm skin. Heat follows the path you take over my cheek and neck to brush at the cleavage of my shirt, softly caressing the tops of my breasts. My eyes flutter open when I feel cool air on the skin of my stomach. You have just unbuttoned the last button on my shirt exposing me to your gaze.

Your eyes smile deeply into mine when you unclasp my bra laying my upper body naked before you. Once again the soft petals of the rose run over me from my neck downwards between my breasts to my stomach before trailing over my nipples causing them to harden into tight peaks. A sigh escapes me when your mouth replaces the sweetness of the flower. The heat of your tongue elicits moans of pleasure. I thread my fingers in your hair holding you against me.

Your hot mouth suckling my nipples causes a warmth to pool deep inside me. My moans of pleasure escalate when you run your hands over my thighs and slip under my skirt cupping my already damp mound. I raise my hips as you strip my panties off of me. Your fingers are just beginning to lightly trace the damp folds of my desire when the door to the limo opens to allow a dark haired gentleman to slip in and take the seat opposite us.

I gasp in surprise and attempt to cover my self but you place your mouth back over mine in a deep passionate kiss, cupping my breast and lightly pinching the nipple drawing another moan from me. I momentarily forget our audience as I lose myself in the heat of your touch.

Your mouth leaves my lips to place sucking nips along my neck to my aching breast and licking down my stomach until you reach my dripping pussy lips. My head rolls back. I place one hand on your head holding you to me as my other starts to caress my breasts.

I cry out in pleasure when you draw my clit deeply into your mouth sucking it softly at first then with more determination. A hand rubs its way up my thigh then I feel a finger slip inside me. The passage is so wet it slips in easily. I arch against your hand moaning and pinching my nipple as you continue sucking my swollen clit.

My eyes flutter open and meet those of the other man. He has moved to sit on the seat to the side of us giving him a better view of your mouth as it works over me. He smiles as I stare at him. He holds my eyes as he slips into the seat next to me. I start to squirm trying to get away from your mouth, fighting the waves of pleasure that are washing through me.

My mind is not able to function; I am too overloaded on feeling to think straight. You hold firm to me sucking harder and slipping another finger into me bringing a small cry from my lips. My eyes drift closed and I forget the presence of the man until I feel my hand pulled from its place on my breast and then his mouth was on me, suckling and nibbling.

The feeling of a mouth on my now pulsing pussy and lips sucking my breast is incredible. At this point I am uncaring of the strangeness of the man being there and am not able to think of being embarrassed of having a stranger see me all but naked and being taken right there in the limo out side the airport. All I could do was enjoy the overwhelming feelings coursing through my body.

The mouth leaves my breast and settles over mine kissing me deeply as you leave my pussy to suckle my breast, then your mouth replaces his allowing me to taste my sweetness as you slide your tongue past my lips. I feel him slide his fingers inside me, one, then two in and out deeply. Then one finger slides out and rubs against the tight pucker of my ass, sliding over it, testing my reaction. I moan into your mouth and arch against the seeking fingers and it slides in slowly taking its time. Soft cries fall from my lips to be captured by yours.

My eyes open and stare into those of the limo driver's in the rear-view mirror. I can't even think to be embarrassed. I only smile at him and close my eyes again savoring the wonderful feelings burning through me. A second finger joins the first inside of my tight ass allowing me to relax before sliding in and out. When I don't think I can take anymore, the fingers are removed and you pull away from me. I look up to see him pull his pants down and sit next to me once again. I am moved to sit astride him in the seat his cock rubbing against me. Your hands guide my hips downward until he is deep inside my pussy.

I moan and place my hands on his shoulders holding tightly. I feel movement behind me then feel you settle against my back, your hard cock straining against the entrance to my ass. You hold my hips as he caresses my breasts licking first one nipple then the other. You slowly slip the large head of your cock into me, allowing me to loosen and open for you before slipping all the way inside. The moans from all of us echoed in the small space. I had two wonderful hard cocks filling me for the first time in my life!

You both filled me completely taking turns moving in and out of me. I would rock back and forth, taking him into my pussy then you into my ass. It took no time at all until I felt the tight heat in my stomach signaling my pending climax.

"I'm gonna cum," I moan loudly. You both increase your pace thrusting hard and fast into me. I scream just as you both emit loud growls from your throats and spray you're hot cum deep inside me. I pulse around you both repeatedly having the biggest orgasm of my life. We all collapse against one another.

You pull away from me and sit back. Pulling me with you. The man smiles and straightens his clothes then slips out of the limo. You help me get comfortable on the back seat and pull me into your arms.

"I hope that was at least close to your fantasy, honey," you say.

"Better than I could have hoped for," I whisper against your chest. I had never thought I would get to live out the fantasy of having two men at once. It is an experience I will never forget.

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