tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDream Come True

Dream Come True


This is entitled "Dream Come True" because this story is based on a dream I had about a girl I know.

I have also changed the names of myself and the girl for her sake.


Ch. 1 Sunrise

Her breathing was soft and her chest barely moved as she slept. The edge of the horizon was getting lighter, the night retreating to the west. Michael knew he had to move fast if he wanted this to work out the way he wanted it to. After near two years of talking with her online, and years more of knowing her in person, he knew exactly how to make this work. He also knew she was a light sleeper, so he had to work fast.

Walking around her bed, he attached a pair of handcuffs to each bed post, making sure each pair was the kind that wouldn't leave marks or cut into her skin. Now standing at the side of her bed, he took a moment, just a moment, to admire her beauty. Smiling softly, he crouched down and gently rubbed her lips with his finger. One of the things she had told him was that she would always love to wake up to a dick in her mouth. When she opened her mouth, still mostly asleep, he slipped a sex toy gag into her mouth instead of his cock and tied it tight behind her head.

Feeling the gag in her mouth, Lara started to stir, now only half asleep. The next two moves needed to be done before she woke up anymore so he picked up pace. Taking a hold of her hand, he cuffed it to the headboard and hurried around the bed, cuffing the other wrist to the headboard. The important steps done, he took his time walking to the base of the bed, letting her finish waking up as he cuffed her ankles to the bottom bed posts. Her eyes opened just as he moved to her second ankle and she tried to pull it away, not recognizing him right away. Grinning to himself, he grabbed her ankle and cuffed it to the bedpost, already knowing what he would find under the covers.

Lara then started to struggle, even after noticing who the man was. Michael started laughing and pulled the sheets off the bed, revealing her bare form. Now in no real rush, he took his time admiring her beautiful form. Without saying anything to her, he started stripping off his dark clothing, all the while gazing at her body. The idea of what he was going to do with her and her amazing body had him hard long before he even started undoing his belt. When all his clothes finally fell to the floor, Lara's eyes grew wider, the entire weight of what was going to happen falling on her.

His eyes darkening with lust, Michael crawled over Lara and gazed down into her eyes. Her eyes were wide and frantic, which just turned him on more. The pre cum already coming to the surface made it clear he wouldn't last long the first time. Realizing this, he took his time teasing her, getting her wet. The tip of his swollen member slowly moved up and down her wet slit, pressing harder into her as it went over her extremely sensitive clit. After a few minutes of this, she was dripping wet, her body all but begging to be invaded by him.

Michael slid his strong hands down her body and lifted her hips, using the little bit of slack the cuffs allowed and finally pushed inside Lara's warm depths. Her pussy felt like living silk every time her muscles squeezed and pulsed around his hard shaft. He knew he wouldn't last long and, even thought this wasn't willing, wanted her to cum just as many times, if not more times, than himself. Gripping her hips, he started moving his hips with force, staring at her face.

To keep from cumming to soon, he distracted himself by tracing the lines of her face and neck with his eyes. The hot blood pulsing hard through his shaft made him feel even harder inside her, stretching her inner walls wider. Michael was forced to close his eyes when he felt her silken walls tighten around him, making his balls tighten with his own unstoppable orgasm. Forcing himself to hold out just a little longer, he gripped her hips harder and started thrusting into her tight pussy with more force.

Her orgasm was like that first wave of hot water when you get into the shower. The feeling was so incredible; it didn't so much push him over the edge as hit him with a speeding car. His release sent stream after stream of hot cum deep into her womb, a shudder running through both of them. Completely unaware of anything other than what was happening right then, he ground his hips into hers, the last of his orgasm flowing into her.

Drained, Michael moved off of Lara and smiled down at her. "Now that was simply amazing." He gently laid his hand on her stomach then turned and left her cuffed to the bed. The sound of water filled the room as Michael turned on the shower and took his time cleaning off. When he was done taking a shower, he walked back into the bedroom, drying his shoulder length brown hair and started searching the closet. Finding a suit he liked, he tried it on and found that it fit him wonderfully.

Smiling, Michael turned, facing the bed. "Love the suit; hope whoever owns it doesn't come back anytime soon." Grinning he left the room and then the house. As he got in his car, he tied his hair back and sat at the wheel thinking. 'I'll be back for lunch,' He thought to himself, starting the car and pulling out of the driveway.

Ch. 2 Lunch

Laughing to himself, Michael drove up Lara's driveway and parked the car. Taking a few extra minutes, he jacked off in the car, getting the first orgasm out of the way. After turning the car off, he got out and pulled the pizza box out of the backseat. Locking the car, he went inside and to the kitchen. Pulling a straw out of his pocket, Michael put two pieces of pizza on a plate and took the plate and a glass of water back to the bedroom.

Noticing a few scratches on the floor, Michael could tell that Lara had struggled, moving the bed as she did so. Setting down the food he walked to the side of the bed and smiled down at her. "Scream and I'll take you in the ass without lube." When she nodded with understanding, he undid the gag and fed her. When both the plate and glass were empty, he picked up the gag.

"No, no, please, you don't have to gag me." Michael simply smiled and pried her mouth open, putting the gag back in place. Laughing at her groans and squeals of complaint, he walked to the bottom of the bed, watching her squirm. Once he reached her feet, he undid the cuff on the bed post then put it on her other ankle. When her ankles were cuffed together, he took off the other pair off cuffs and then cuffed the chain of the pair on her ankles to the middle of the bed frame base after turning her hips over. Her complaints drew another laugh out of him as he did the same with her hands. Lara was now on her stomach, and the new restraints gave her more slack.

Michael started undressing, watching her struggle in a vain attempt to undo the cuffs. Staring at her ass, he reached into her bedside table cabinet and pushed things around. He tore his eyes from her ass and smiled, seeing her personal sex toys. Moving a few aside, he pulled out her lube and moved onto the bed. Her body wiggled and shook, trying to move out of his reach, which only made her tight ass shake and turn him on more. Smiling, he gave her a teasing slap, leaving a light red mark on her ass.

His raging hard on was begging him to fuck her, and he opened the bottle of lube. Using two fingers, Michael worked the lube deep into her tight entrance, and then started rubbing some on his cock. All but drooling over her ass, he gripped both of her ass cheeks and spread them wide, pressing the tip of his cock against her ass. He could already feel the warmth of her back door against his skin and didn't waste another moment, sinking his slick hard on deep inside her.

The feel of her pussy, while softer, had nothing on how tight her ass was. His entry was smooth and by the moan he got out of her, he knew she loved it to. Gripping the soft flesh of her tight ass, he started thrusting into her, burying himself from tip to base inside her. With each hard thrust, his heavy balls slapped against her soaking wet pussy and he knew if it wasn't for him jacking off in the car, he would of cum already.

Lara's first orgasm of the afternoon came fast, gushing out over his balls, the warmth sending a shudder up his spine. His grip tightened and he leaned into each thrust, burying himself deep inside her, starting to pick up pace. The friction from still very tight inner walls was pushing him closer and closer to the edge of his orgasm.

Neither one of them could tell you how long he rode her for, thrusting his swollen shaft so deep and so hard into her ass. As she neared yet another orgasm, her muscles contracted, gripping his shaft harder. He wouldn't have believed it was possible for her ass to be tighter until it happened, another wave of hot cum gushing out of her pussy over his balls. The feeling of her orgasm was too much for him and he pulled out of her ass, cumming all over her. Nudging her ass, he forced her to lay flat and started cumming all over her.

Leaning his head back, he groaned softly, the last few drops of cum landing on the curve of her ass. Smiling, he got off her and slapped her ass again, getting off the bed. "What an amazing body you have. It craves sex almost as much as I do." Grinning at her glare, he walked into the bathroom and cleaned off. After dressing himself, he ate his lunch and once again left the house.

Staring at the house, he smiled, and started the car. "Oh, tonight is going to be fun." He redid his ponytail and pulled out of the driveway, driving off.

Ch. 3 Sunset

As Michael drove home, the smile never left his face. The thoughts of what was to come left him very stiff. As he parked the car, his pants felt like a prison, confining his hard cock. He didn't have a time limit this time, and didn't feel the need to get off before going inside. After locking the car, he walked inside and went straight back to her room.

In the doorway, Michael froze, not believing what he was seeing. The bed, which when he left, had a woman tied to it, was empty. Not only was it empty, but it was clean and made, the scratches buffed out of the floor. Shaking his head, he walked to the bed and ran his hand over the comforter, wondering where she went. Oblivious to anything but the bed, he didn't notice when the closet door opened and a shadowed hand shoved a stun gun into his back.

When he started coming to, Michael opened his eyes, greeted with a dark room. When he attempted to rub his forehead, he found his hand bound to the bed post. After more pulling, he found all four limbs secured. The light came on and he turned his head, the light hurting his eyes. He then felt soft hand going up his body and one wrapping around his shaft. Surprisingly, even after all of this had happen, he still had a raging hard on. When his eyes adjusted to the light, he saw who his attacker was. The woman from before.

Lara smiled and picked up the stun gun, waving it in Michael's face. "Keep quite and open your mouth or the next stream of volts goes through your balls." Not wanting the extreme pain, he opened his mouth for what ever it was she wanted to do to him. Grinning, Lara slid the gag she had been wearing all day into his mouth and tied it tight behind his head. "Now for my fun."

Lara moved up onto the bed and straddled his face. Lowering her hands, she slid her fingers into his hair, starting grind her soft pussy on his lips and the red rubber of the gag in his mouth. The harder she ground her hips into his face, the better it felt, and soon was all but riding his face. After a long while of this, she came hard, her warm cum flowing over his face and past the gag into his mouth. Loving the taste, Michael lifted his head and moved it in sync with her hips, causing her to scream out as her orgasm doubled in strength.

Done with simple pleasures, Lara moved down his body, tracing his muscles with a finger. Smiling, she traced around his groin and up his hard shaft. "Such a big boy." Grinning, she moved herself over his large cock and rubbed the tip of it with her wet pussy, stopping when he slipped just inside her. Moaning softly, he gripped his hips and impaled herself on his long shaft. Groaning loud, the feeling was so intense, she could barely stand it.

Little droplets of blood slid down Michael's hips as Lara dug her nails into his sides. Her body felt like it was on fire as she started riding his long shaft, her C cup breasts bouncing with each hard thrust. The sheer force at which she was impaling herself on his hard cock was rocking and sliding the bed, putting more scratches in the wood floor. She loved the feeling of his hard shaft stretching her inner walls and simple rode him faster.

With her on top, Michael had little control over his own orgasm and came much faster than he wanted. He feared as soon as he started to cum, she would pull away, not wanting him to cum inside her. Much to his surprise, she kept riding him hard, enjoying ever powerful jet of cum flowing deep into her body. Throwing her head back, groaning again, she came violently over his hard cock, covering him in both of their fluids.

Not nearly satisfied enough, Lara lifted her hips and impaled her ass on his still hard cock. His thick cum, the old, dry lube in her ass; that becomes slick again when something wet mixes with it, and her cum, made the entry smooth and amazing. Riding him again, she stretched her ass over his hard shaft, her breast bouncing more than before.

By now, Michael's back was arched, and he was moaning and growling through his gag, bucking hard to meet her ass. Yet another orgasm was approaching fast, and he still couldn't believe how amazing her ass felt around his hard shaft. Screaming loud, Lara lifted her hips to his tip and impaled herself on his entire length, cumming so hard over his muscular stomach. As her hot cum gushed over his stomach, his cum flooded into her hot depths, causing her to collapse on his chest from the intense feeling. After a few minutes of laying there, Lara unlocked the cuffs and freed him completely.

Grinning, Michael kissed her hard on the mouth. "You've never done that before love. How in the hell did you get out of those cuffs?"

Lara laughed softly and tapped his chest. "You leave the key in the same place each time." Kissing his neck, she felt the vibrations of his chuckle.

Michael picked her up and carried her into the bathroom, turning on the water. Smiling, they cleaned each other. When they finished cleaning one and other, they both used their mouths to give each other one last orgasm. As the water started getting cold, they got out and dried off each other, heading to the guest room to sleep. Their bed was soaked in each of their fluids and neither of them felt like cleaning it before resting.

Just before they drifted off Lara smiled. "You could have at least told me it was today, I had shopping to do." Laughing, they both drifted to sleep.

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