tagInterracial LoveDream Come True Ch. 06

Dream Come True Ch. 06


Ugh.. So this happened a while ago. You can have it if you want it..


"Well, well, well. Big sis finally comes around. I was starting to think you had abandoned us." Joe and Jamiee were in Kelli's kitchen munching on grilled peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches.

"Tell me you brought milk. Cuz Kelli over, being a poor excuse for an adult, doesn't even have the basics. We had to go next door and borrow bread for these. I honestly don't know how she's survived this long." Kelli elbowed Joe in his side.

"This is the treatment I get for letting you stay up and play video games ALL NIGHT when you have school in the morning? I thought we were cool. Fuck you guys." Kelli crossed her arms in a fake pout.

"Hey! Virgin ears over here!" Jamiee yelled.

"Please, you live with that chick. I'm surprised your first word wasn't a swear word." Kelli shrugged. "Sooo.... How'd it go?"

"Good. Really good." Taryn pulled out a chair and joined them at the table.

"Stop smiling and give me more than that."

"I cooked for him. He loved it." She tapped her fingers on the table trying not to give anything away.

"Yeah? What else did you give him and he loved?"

"Gross. I cannot let this conversation continue any further. You have no respect for the people in this room. Just stop." The boys shook their heads and headed into the living room. "You may now continue. Please be sure to use your inside voices." Joe yelled from his spot in front of the television.

"Kelli I honestly don't even have words. Last night, then this morning--- "

"This morning? Nice." Taryn shook her head in agreement. "You look so happy. It's cute on you."

"When are we going to officially meet him?" Jamiee poked his head in the room.

"I don't know. Soon? Maybe? It's only been a week, damn." But the way things were going it seemed introducing him was the next step. So, yeah. Maybe soon.

The next month was a whirlwind of work, school and Cydney. Taryn had managed to nab a new job as a part time lab technician doing grunt work. But it wasn't so bad the days when Cydney would pick her up from work and they spent some time together before he had to get to work himself. Quick stolen kisses in-between schedules wasn't enough. That month Taryn learned how to properly maneuver herself to achieve good car sex.

With the car pulled over in a somewhat secluded lot, Cydney had his cock in his girlfriends mouth. Shortly after picking her up from class Taryn had reached over and began rubbing him through his jeans. She had said something about him looking tense and tired and before he could object she was reaching in his denim and wrapping her pretty lips around him. He jerked the car to the nearest lot and shut it off.

"Baby you don't have to do this." His hands are combing through her hair as she kisses and licks at the head.

"You need to relax." She sucks him slowly taking in as much as she can. He slams back against the headrest gasping and cursing loudly. Her small hands grip at his hips to keep him from thrusting as she picks up the pace. When he feels himself close she's pulled up for a fierce a kiss and her hand is jerking him hard and fast until he comes all over her hand and his own stomach.

"You have got to stop doing this to me. I gotta start bringing spare clothes with you around." She pulls out a napkin from the glove compartment to wipe her hand, his shirt and stomach then tucks him back in. He wants to get her home so he can show her how much he appreciates her. But of course he still has to be at work. "I still have 20 minutes. I want you to come" He pushes her back against the window and sucks on her bottom lip. She can feel fingers tugging at the button of her jeans.

"You were late last time" She manages to moan into his mouth when fingers dip into her panties.

"And I can be late again" Smirking he guides her clothes to the floor and lifts her legs over his shoulders. He kisses lightly up her thighs and Taryns breath stutters when he licks right up her slit and flicks at her clit. As Taryns fingers search for something to hold on to Cydney sucks at her clit full force.

"Cyd, fuck." He can't hold her down as he fucks into her with his tongue. Her hips arch up and he has to use all of his weight to get her back down to the seat.

"Easy babe, I'll take care of you." He kisses her pussy gently before diving back in licking, sucking and fucking with his mouth. When her orgasm hits he licks her through it. She slumps back into the seat with a lazy smile on her lips. She can honestly say that Cydney gives her the greatest sex she's ever had. They straighten themselves out and he drops her off at home parting with a long kiss.

"You're late" Cydney pulls up to the diner where is boss is waiting behind the counter.

"Car trouble." He shrugs.


"So this is the woman who has my little brother all worked up? You're beautiful sweetheart." Devin kissed her hand.

"Thank you. It's good to finally meet you. Cydney talks about you all the time." She stared making comparisons between the two. Devin had a pretty smile but Cydneys was bigger and brighter, at least when he looked at her.

"Kelli, this is Devin. My brother." Cydney watched as Kelli eyes got wide and her mouth hung open.

"Nice to meet you. You're absolutely lovely." Devin took her hand in both of his shaking it gently. Kelli only managed to shake her head in response. He turned and lead them back to Cydney over at their table.

"Get your shit together." Taryn elbowed Kelli in her side. "Keep drooling and he'll think you have a mental deficiency."

"Why the hell didn't you tell me he looked like that?"

"Bitch I just met him today too. Come on." She dragged her to the table. Dinner went fine. Even with Devin being new to both Taryn and Kelli, everyone was immediately comfortable with each other. Cydney and Taryn did an excellent job at bragging about each other. It didn't escape her how at ease her boyfriend looked with the three of them. How happy he looked to see his brother again. Devin talked passionately about his students and the University that he had been teaching at for the past 2 years. How he loved his job but didn't care much for the city or the insane cost of living. Taryn watched as Kelli and Devin constantly exchanged what they thought were subtle glances throughout the night. When the night was over the men walked the ladies to their car.

"Come home with me." Taryn pulled her boyfriend in by his collar. She watched him look back over his shoulder towards his brother and her friend. "Devin can take her home."

"Let me ask him first." He strolled over to where the two of them stood speaking in hushed voices.

"I'm gonna stay with Taryn, could you drive her home?"

"Of course. Not a problem." Devin smiled looking like he'd just been given the opportunity of a lifetime. "If that's ok with you" He put his hand at the small of Kelli's back.

"I would really appreciate it" She tried to hold back a grin. Taryn watched Devin open the car door for her friend from afar. While Cydney swaggered back to her.

"That was easier than I thought it would be. My brother seems very interested in your friend." He muttered wrapping his arms around her waist.

"My friend seems very interested in your brother. It's kinda cute." She yawned into his chest.

"Lets get you home."

Cydney spends that night curled up with Taryn warm and happy. If you had asked him a month ago what he loved most in life he wouldn't have been able to think of a suitable answer. But now all he thinks about is Taryn. He finds himself grocery shopping picking up things Taryn favors like mangos and Honey Bunches of Oats. He even traded in his Starbucks coffee for the simple Folgers he's come to love thanks to her. He had learned a lot about her in the past months, things he would have never guessed from just looking at her. They were developing some sort of routine together. Some sort of life. They were starting to look like a weird little family. This was what Cydney wanted. He was happy. She was happy. They were happy together. Everything was on track and it seemed that his dream would come true. Occasionally Cydney would get that weird Déjà vu feeling again. He knew he was on the right track, he just needed to keep things the way they were. The next morning he woke and slowly shuffled his way to the kitchen.

"You're here an awful lot" Jamiee muttered into a bowl of cereal.

"Is that ok?" Last thing he wanted was for her brothers to hate him. He thought they had developed a friendship over the weeks.

"S' fine. She smiles a lot when you're here."

"That's why I'm here" Cydney watched as Jamiee picked up his bowl and set it in the dishwasher.

"Where you headed so early?"

"Shoes. Wanna come?" He hadn't been invited anywhere with Jamiee, hell he hadn't been alone in the same room with him since they met. This had actually been the longest conversation they'd ever had. So of course he said yes. He was a quiet kid and really, Cydney wanted to know whether or not he approved of him as his sisters boyfriend. "She thinks she can handle it all you know? She hasn't told us but I know mom isn't coming back." They meandered down the street passing seven shops before turning into one that was brightly colored.

"You don't know that for sure. It's only been a few weeks."

"We were only supposed to be there a few days. She calls and tells Taryn just a few more days." He shrugs. "If she does wander back, it'll be a few months. She's gotten too comfortable without us." It wasn't fair to anyone but what was supposed to be a stay of only four days is going on six weeks. No one was complaining really, although the sleeping arrangements could be better.

"I think Taryn likes having you there" That was obvious after watching them, their interactions and the way she spoke of them. She loved her brothers.

"Yeah but she shouldn't have to take that role. She's not mom." They made their rounds in the store before Jamiee settled on a gray pair with a red sole.

"My treat kid" Cydney handed the cashier his credit card.

"Trying to buy my approval eh?"The boy asked suspiciously. "You don't need to man. You've had it for a while now. But thanks for the shoes." Jamiee walked out the store with his trainers leaving Cydney to catch up.

"So you me like then?"

"What are you 12? Yeah dude, you're cool."He rolled his eyes.

"Good 'cuz I plan on being around for a while."

"Good talk" Cydney couldn't help but feel like Jamiee was the adult in this conversation.

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