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I'd like to thank Wolf Vixen for all her help on this story. So sit back with your favorite beverage and enjoy a fictional story and ask yourself how you would have handled it.


I loved Kim as much as any man could ever love a woman. She was going to be my wife, my partner, my lover but also my best friend. It wasn't love at first sight, but rather lust at first sight. She was the wild child that made life fun and exciting along with the fact she was dynamite in bed.

My family owns a house restoration company that deals exclusively with homes that are at least fifty years old in my home state of Georgia. Whatever needs to be done, from plumbing, to wiring, to redoing outdated bathrooms or kitchens, we can handle it.

I started with my dad when I was just a kid and thought there was no way I was going to work that hard when I got older. I went to college, got my degree and a cushy office job that lasted all of eighteen months. One month later I was back refinishing floors among other things for my parent's company. I found that the 8:00 am to 5:00 pm routine wasn't my bag and I could never get use to all the ass kissing that went on in an office.

I first met Kim when we were repairing the front porch on a Victorian next door to her parent's house. I watched her comings and goings for three days, all the while trying to get up enough nerve to say something to her.

She looked to be about 5'6" tall, had dark brown hair and what looked like a nice figure. I never got close enough for a good look until our last day on the job.

We had just finished staining the deck and my crew was cleaning up as she pulled up into her driveway. Our eyes met and I gave her a little wave. She smiled back, stopped for a brief moment and then went into the house.

Let me describe myself. At 5'11" and about 210 pounds I look more like a boxer than your typical office worker. With the heavy work I do, there's no reason to go to the gym because I currently have less that 3% body fat. In other words, I look pretty good.

About twenty minutes later, Kim comes walking out of the house and makes a bee line right for me.

"Don't screw this up," is all I could remember saying to myself.

"Hi, I'm Kim Evans and I live next door," she said pointing back at her house. "My dad wanted me to get one of your business cards because he's really impressed with the work you guys did on their porch and our back deck is in a sorry state," she told me.

Taking a card out of my wallet, I handed it to her.

"If you want, I can take a quick look and give your dad a ball park figure," I said with a smile.

Kim agreed and I followed her to their back yard. She was right it was a mess. Taking a few measurements and making a few notes I told her to give me a few minutes as I walked back to my truck. I came up with what I felt was a good number and called it into the office. My dad agreed with me and after putting on my shirt, I knocked on her front door.

Her dad answered the door.

"Good afternoon," I said reaching out my hand. "Your daughter asked if I could take look at your back deck and give you a quote," I told him.

"And you are?" he asked, not knowing what the hell I was talking about.

"I'm sorry, my name is Rick Peterson, of Peterson Renovations," I told him as I shook his hand.

We went around to the back yard and I showed him the dry rot on the supports and how most of the planks had all ready started to split.

"It'll take two full days to pull out the old deck and replace it with a new pressure treated cedar one. Since we're just finishing up your neighbors project, I can give you a ten percent discount if we can start it in the next two days," I told him.

We agreed upon a price, signed the contract and I told him I could probably start the following afternoon.

As I was walking back to my truck, Kim snuck up behind me.

"Looks like we're going to be seeing a bit more of each other," she said with a smile.

"If you need anything while you're here just ask," she said as she walked away waving over her shoulder.

The guys gave me a ration of shit when I got back to the truck.

"Oh Ricky, if you see anything you want just ask," one of the workers mocked me and did a limp wrist waved at me.

"That's right laugh it up, but I cut my price by 15%, so you guys are going to have to bust your ass or that amount will come out of your pay," I said with a big shit-eating grin. "At least I'd gotten close enough to her to see what she really looked like," I thought to myself.

By the end of the next day the old deck was gone, hauled away and the new upright supports were cemented in before we had to stop because of a rain shower. The guys had left and I was cleaning up as Kim opened the back door to look at what we'd done.

"You guys really work fast don't you," she said as she looked at the new beginnings of even a larger deck than they'd originally had. "I brought you something to drink and a towel for you to wipe off with," Kim said as she held out the items.

A cold beer and a towel were just what the doctor ordered.

"Aren't you suppose to be in school or something," I said as I took a swallow of the cold beer.

"I'm only taking two classes this quarter because I think I'm going to change my major from education to social services. I don't think I have what it takes to be a teacher but I like working with people," Kim said still smiling at me. "Do you like what you do? I mean fixing up old houses?" she inquired.

I downed the last of the beer and handed her the empty bottle.

"After college I did the office thing for a while before realizing two things. One, I can make triple the money doing this, and two, the only people I have to answer to are my folks who own the company. One day it'll all be mine and then I'll probably ease up from the sixty hours I'm currently working," I told her.

She listened to what I was saying and out of the blue asked me, "do you want to take me to dinner tomorrow? You're going to be done with the deck and unless you have to be to work early Saturday morning we can make a night of it. That is, if you're interested?"

I tried my best to be cool and not act like a love struck teenager.

"Sounds good to me. How about something casual but nice?" I asked her. "Why don't I pick you up at about 7:30 and we'll go on from there," I told her.

"Great, I'll see you then," Kim said jumping up, kissing me on the cheek and heading back into the house. "Don't be late, I hate guys that make me wait," She said disappearing behind the door.

Tomorrow with the deck done and the check safely in the bank, I showered and got ready. Making sure I looked my casual best I drove to Kim's house in my pride and joy, my red 1971 corvette convertible. I had a nice apartment; no bills but loved the toys. I dated a lot, but hadn't found the right girl yet to settle down with, like my mother wanted. She'd always tell me that at twenty-six, it was time for me to find a girl, settle down and give her the grandbabies she wanted.

Kim was waiting for me as I drove up to her house. She immediately ran up to the car, opened the car door and we sped off.

"What happened to the truck?" Kim inquired. "I thought all you red neck construction guys needed was a Ford pickup truck so you'd have a place to throw your empty beer cans," she said laughing out loud.

I was a little annoyed by her statement.

"I've got my work truck that I take to the jobsites, but for fun, Mary Lou and I hit the open roads," I told her.

"You named your car?" Kim said in disbelief.

"Nice talk girl," I said as I rubbed the dash. "Mary Lou she didn't mean anything by it," I said now laughing.

We arrived at Tony's and I requested a table in the back so we would have more privacy. Over two bottles of wine and a good Italian dinner, we each told the other our life's story and where we'd like to be in the next five years.

It was clear from the on set that Kim's parents had money. Since Kim was an only child she'd gotten everything she'd ever wanted and was spoiled rotten it seemed. All through the dinner Kim kept rubbing her foot all over the inside of my leg, which made my third leg rock hard.

"Damn, what a little tease," I thought to myself as we ordered desert. As I ate mine Kim just played with hers. Licking the whip cream off her spoon, she asked me what it reminded me of, as her tongue flicked the under side. I'd seen enough and asked the waiter for the check.

Outside I asked Kim what she wanted to do next.

"Why don't we go back to your place, or would you prefer to sit on the couch at my parent's house and let my dad size you up all night." We drove to my place.

Kim was impressed with the size and how nicely my apartment was furnished.

"My, my, my," she started. "This isn't the typical bachelor pad you definitely have some class Rick," she said pumping up my ego. "Oh by the way, where is the ladies room? I need to freshen up."

"Just down the hall across from the bedroom," I said as I pointed the way. "And I'll get us something to munch on and drinks while your gone," I told her as I headed towards the kitchen.

As I prepaid the snacks I had a distinct feeling someone was watching me. I turned around and saw Kim leaning against the wall at the entrance to the hallway; she was totally naked.

"I'll take the wine, but I have something else in mind to munch on," she said as she walked up and kissed me. Kim led me by the hand into my bedroom and pushed me back on the bed.

"I like what I've seen so far, but let's look at the rest of the package and see how well it works," Kim said as she pulled my pants off me.

Within two minutes Kim had my semi hard dick in her mouth, sucking it all the way down to my pubes.

Coming up for air Kim smiled, "not too small, not too big, I think I'll keep this one," she said as she continued to give me a surprisingly decent blowjob.

I was kind of shocked by Kim's attitude. I was hoping to get a little tonight, but never dreamed Kim would take charge in this way. Don't get me wrong, I liked it, but I needed to take back control of the situation.

Reaching down, I pulled Kim up on to my chest, started kissing her before rolling her onto her back. Our lips and tongues meshed as my hands found her perfect size breasts and nipples. I didn't like women with huge breasts because they usually got in the way. Kim's were just right and her now erect nipples were more like nipplets because they were so small.

I moved my mouth from her lips to one than the other breast. Sucking and pulling on her nipples with my lips, made them rock hard and beet red.

Kim was moaning and mouthing what she wanted me to do. She pushed my head from breasts to breast, down to her stomach and finally to her shaved pussy. For a small girl, Kim had a big cunt. Large outer lips and about a half-inch long clit that was now peaking out from it's hiding place.

Lifting her ass as I slipped a pillow under it.

"I like eating pussy at eye level," I said as I started feasting on her pie. I was in no hurry as I licked and teased Kim's snatch. I sucked on her clit as she screamed for me to get her off, but I didn't.

I enjoyed being in charge and teased her for another ten minutes before finally letting her climax. While sucking her clit, I shoved in one then two fingers into her pussy. Kim raised her ass off the pillow, to allow my fingers better access, as she erupted.

"Oh hell yes," Kim screamed as she held my face on her pussy as she rubbed it all over my lips and tongue. After a few minutes, as Kim started to come down, she pulled me up to her mouth and licked all her juices off my face before burying her tongue half way down my throat.

"That was nice, but I want you inside of me now," she begged. "I like it with me on my back to start because I like looking into your eyes while you're fucking me," she said lying back on the bed spreading her legs.

Hell, I was more than ready. I was totally erect and as I lubed the head of my dick with her pussy juices, I shoved all seven inches home in one stroke. Kim lay there with her mouth open, as I started moving in and out slowly at first.

"Oh Yes," Kim screamed as she wrapped her legs around my waist drawing me in even tighter into her. "Fuck me harder, pound my pussy God damn it," she cried out as I picked up the pace.

After five minutes I was getting close, as I pounded her cunt, sending wave after wave of pleasure through her. By the time I was ready to shoot, Kim had already climaxed twice and I realized I hadn't put a condom on yet. Still pumping away I asked, "Kim are you on the pill or something?" almost pleading with her to say yes.

"Oh crap no," she screamed as I pulled out. Kim moved down, took my dick into her mouth and started stroking and sucking me off. "Don't hold back," she told me.

I didn't as I started shooting my warm cum down her throat. Most girls would stop as I started to shoot, but not Kim. She continued to lick and suck away even after I was totally drained. I had to pull her off my dick and tell her enough to get her to stop.

Kissing me, Kim asked how long it would take for me to recover.

"Give me a minute to catch my breath," I told her. "How about something to drink? I've lost a lot of fluids over the last hour," I said walking into the kitchen.

Bringing back both a bottle of water and sodas we sat resting on the bed.

"It's been a couple of months since I've done that," Kim explained. "My last boyfriend dumped me for a chick with a huge set of knockers and I haven't seen anyone since I wanted to bed, that is, until you came along," she told me.

"So in other words, you weren't a virgin?" I said with a laugh.

"I haven't been a virgin since I lost it at 17. I'm not a slut or anything like that, but if I see someone that interests me, I go after him. So as you can tell, I'm very shy and reserved," Kim said with a laugh.

Grabbing my dick, she licked the head and swallowed the rest as it started to come back to life.

"This time let's use a condom, I want to feel you all the way from start to finish," and we did.

We screwed until around 3:00 am at which time she told me she had to leave. "My mom always waits up for me. When I get home I tap on her door, that way she goes to sleep knowing I'm safe," she said looking at my bed side clock. "Mom's going to need a nap after this, and so will I by the time I get home."

When I dropped her off, Kim gave me a kiss and hug telling me she expected at least a phone call tomorrow before running up to the house. I waited until she was in the house before pulling away.

"That is what you call a real firecracker," I thought to myself. She's a little pushy and spoiled as hell but I liked what I saw and wanted to get to know her a lot better. I especially loved the fact that Kim wasn't shy in bed and wondered just how much experience she did have. Over the next six months I had all my questions answered.

My parents loved Kim, especially my mom when she told her that she wanted three kids.

"I want two boys and a girl," Kim told her. "Boys are easy because they'll do what you tell them," looking over at me. "But girls are a lot harder and I think one will be more than enough."

What sealed it for me was when my mom got sick, really sick. Kim basically moved into my parent's house and took charge. She cooked the meals and made sure my mother wanted for nothing. My dad and I took care of the business and Kim took care of the home front.

After two months mom was back on her feet and things got back to normal, whatever that was now. Kim had moved in with me and everything was almost perfect but Kim wanted more.

Kim had already finish school and was offered a six-month internship with her father's parent company in Chicago, in the H.R. dept. With that under her belt, she was in line to replace the women who was retiring in her dad's division at the end of the year. I didn't want her to go but couldn't talk her out of it.

"Rick, it's not like we're married yet and it'll only be for six months. I'll come home or you can come up every month," she explained to me.

We fucked like minks the last two weeks and when I drove her to the airport I kissed her not wanting to let her go.

"Take care and call me. I'll be up to see you in two weeks, Ok?" I asked.

"Don't worry about me. I've got a room mate and a furnished apartment in walking distance from the office, what could go wrong?" Kim told me. "I'll call you when I land," she said as she went through the loading gate.

It was a long ride from the airport to my parent's house where I was having dinner that night. My mother kept on me that I should have married Kim and then there would have been no way she would have left.

"Mom, it's only for six months and then she'll be back for good," I told her.

"Son mark my words, six months is a long time to be by yourself in a strange town. Phone calls are great but with her socializing with new people, what if her eyes wander and she finds someone else?" she asked.

"Mom, don't worry, Kim and I love each other very much. There is no way that's going to happen and besides I'll see her every month," I said trying to reassured both her and myself.

"I know what your saying honey, and maybe I'm just a mother worrying about her son too much, but don't lose her son, she's someone special." My dad changed the subject and we talked shop for the rest of the night.

Kim and I talked almost every night and three weeks to the date I flew up to meet her. We spent Friday night and Saturday morning in bed getting reacquainted which probably kept her roommate up all night. Saturday we went to a club after dinner to meet all the people she worked with in the office.

I liked everyone except her boss. He was one of those bastards who knew everything about everything and let you know it, no wonder his wife divorced him. But what I really didn't like was the way he looked at Kim. You could see him watch her as she moved around the crowd of people, this guy was trouble.

Kim told me that the group got together a couple of times every week and everyone was pretty tight.

"I'm so happy, everyone makes me feel so welcome," she said beaming.

I wasn't much of a dancer, but Kim loved to dance and she never had to look far for a partner because there were plenty of available men. I sat there nursing a beer as I watched a tipsy Kim dance with five other men that night. Some got a little too friendly and it took all my strength not to go on the floor and flatten a few of them.

It wasn't until she was dancing a slow song with her boss Don that I finally lost it. His hands were all over her back and ass when I came up and taped him on the shoulder to cut in. He ignored me and said I could have the next dance.

I pulled him off Kim and told him to keep his damn hands off her.

Don backed off with his hands in the air saying, "I don't want any trouble man, be my guest."

Kim wasn't happy though.

"What are you doing Rick? I was just dancing with him," she yelled.

"Kim honey, he had his hands all over you. What was I suppose to do? Just sit there and let him paw you?" I replied. The night went down hill from there.

We went back to her apartment and had a huge argument and said some things we'd both regret.

"I don't need this shit," I finally said as Kim told me that we weren't married and she'd dance with whom ever she wanted to. That was the last thing I heard as I walked out the door.

I checked into the airport Holiday Inn and hit the bar, maybe a little too hard. I was so drunk I never heard my phone ringing off the wall as I slept through everything. I woke up just in time to check out and catch my return flight back.

When I got home I finally checked my cell phone, twenty-two messages from Kim. "Screw her," I said to myself as I headed back to my apartment, "She can dance with whomever she fucking wants to now."

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