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Dream Cum True


My friend James and I meet most Saturdays for coffee and to talk. We've been friends for several years, and sometimes I visit his home and his wife Anna.

James has a heart condition that limits his physical activity, and as a result he's gained weight and fallen out of shape. Also, he has hinted that his condition has caused some marital difficulties. He didn't elaborate, but my hunch was that they were not sexually active.

Anna, however, is vivacious and fit. She has a trim figure. Every time I visited she only wore pants, and I wondered what her legs looked like. The last time I visited, she wore a skirt that showed her legs. They were very nice, and during the evening I continually angled my gaze to see as much of her legs as possible. At one point, she shifted her position, trying hard to be modest, but I caught a quick flash of her panties.

I'm pretty sure she wasn't trying to tease me, but I liked to think she was having a good time watching me crane my neck to see her legs.

The next time I was with them, James told me that he had a convention at a west coast beach resort and Anna was making the trip, too. She said that she was looking forward to spending a lot of time on the sandy beach, but James isn't an outdoor and sun type of guy. I imagined Anna in a bathing suit, and right my cock was oozing drips of cum.

That same night, I had a dream that I was at James and Anna's home. In the dream, she was standing naked and leaning back against the bathroom wall while I was using a razor to shave her pussy clean. The dream seemed so real. In it, I was her helper to get her ready for her beach trip, so it all seemed normal. When I woke up, my cock was hard and I was sad that it was just a dream.

James and I met for coffee that week, and although we hadn't discussed personal or sexual things, I decided to tell him about my dream. I was careful to tell it in such a way that he would laugh and not feel like I was making an advance on his wife. I avoided graphic language and said things like, "Well, you know, I was using a razor to shave her pubic area."

After explaining the dream, James's mouth was hanging open. He said, "You've got to be kidding! Just last night Anna was trying on two new bathing suits and pointing out that she needed to shave herself a bit for modesty sake."

James thought two seconds, then added, "It's like you two were on the same wavelength."

"Gee, that is odd," I said. "I've never had that happen before."

James kind of stared off into space. I let the silence go on for a while, then I changed the subject. We talked on for a while before going our separate ways.

A few days later, James sent me an email remarking about the coincidence of my dream and Anna's comment. He asked me if I'd ever done something like that. I told him, "Well, actually yes I have." I hadn't, but I just wanted to enjoy the fantasy for a while. I told him that I'd done it for former girlfriends, and that I'd even totally shaved one. I went into some detail, all fake of course, to describe how one has to be careful and also how to avoid embarrassing the woman.

That was that for about ten days.

James and Anna invited me over to their home for dinner on a Saturday evening. Anna wore a lovely skirt, again showing her shapely legs. James welcomed me with a handshake and hug. After dinner, we sat in their livingroom. I asked about the beach trip, and Anna told me about her new bathing suits. Then I joked about taking lots of sunscreen.

James surprised me by saying, "John here told me that he had a very interesting dream recently." Oh boy, I was now a little nervous about what this might mean.

Anna looked at him, then at me, and said, "Oh?"

"Well, it was the night that you brought home the new bathing suits. Do you remember that you put them on and what you said?"

Anna thought, then she blushed. I knew that she remembered.

James saw his wife blush, "Well, the strangest thing happened. The next day I saw John for coffee, and he told me that he'd had a dream that same night. John, why don't you tell it?"

I was already leaking cum just being with Anna and enjoying the sight of her legs. Now, I could feel a tickle of wetness flowing in my pants.

"Well, I don't know if I should," I said, trying to seem modest and not eager.

Anna said, "Will somebody tell me what's going on?"

James started, "John said that he had a dream, that very same night, that he was in our home, in our bathroom, and you were there."

"Yes, yes," Anna prodded.

"And you were in the bathroom, standing up and leaning back at an angle while he was kneeling down and doing what you said you needed done."

Anna looked shocked. I couldn't tell what was the mood or how to react. So I just sat there.

James spoke, "Isn't that amazing that John dreamed what you actually told me?" "And at about the same time?"

Anna said, "Yes, it is."

"And there's more," James said, "John has done this more than once before."

"Done what?" Anna asked, "Dreamed or done that?"

James looked at me for an answer.

I gulped and replied, "Well, it was an incredible dream, and James was so surprised that my dream was exactly what you had talked about." "But, to answer your question, yes, I have helped some women trim their pubic region for the summer."

James suggested, "Anna, why don't you show him your new suits?"

"You mean put them on?" she asked.

"Sure, why not?"

By now, my heart was thumping. Anna got up and went to her bedroom. I looked at James, "Gee, I didn't think you'd want her to know about all this." He just responded, "Let's see how far this can go."

How far it can go? I was now almost shaking with anticipation.

Anna came back into the livingroom in a one piece suit that showed off parts of her body I'd only dreamed about. The suit was modest in some ways, but it was flattering to her figure and shape.

Anna has jet black hair, and sure enough, when I looked down to her pussy zone, there was a prominent bulge in her mons area and some black curly hairs visible on each side of the vee of her suit.

Anna seemed comfortable letting me see her in the bathing suit. She modeled it for us like a pro, and I complemented her on how it looked. Then she went back to her bedroom to put on the other suit.

This one was a two piece, again very lovely on her, and again showing the little problem down below.

James said, "Anna, since neither of us are experienced, and since John has done this before, why don't we let him go ahead and do what was in his dream?"

Even though I half expected James to say it, I was still floored hearing him make the suggestion. Anna looked thoughtful, then said, "Oh, very well."

James looked at me and asked, "What do you need?"

I recovered my composure enough to say we needed a couple of towels and warm water and shaving supplies and lotion. James got to work and found all we needed.

I spread a towel on the large coffee table and suggested Anna lie down face up with her legs hanging over the edge. As she got into position and her legs spread apart for me, I could feel my full erection pushing down my pant leg. Surely she could see the wet spots on my trousers.

There was her pussy, covered in the bathing suit but barely concealed from me. I soaked a washcloth in warm water and applied it to her upper leg where the skin disappeared under the suit. James watched from his arm chair.

Very carefully, I removed the washcloth and applied a thin coat of lather, then used a razor to gently remove the stray growth, leaving her smooth and clean shaven. Then I did the other side.

Just when I thought I was done, James said, "Actually, Anna, his dream wasn't about just a bikini trim, was it John?"

Anna lay there, comfortable and exposed, "Oh, not just this?" she said.

"No," said James, "our friend here said that you were completely naked and he was shaving your pussy completely bald."

His use of the word "pussy" surprised me, and I felt another pulse of cum ooze from my cock head.

At that moment, I decided to act. Without waiting for them to say more, I reached to her waist and hooked my thumbs under her bikini bottoms. I whispered to Anna, "It's time to take them off now."

Maybe she was too startled to react in any other way. She ever so gently raised herself so I could take off her suit. I slid it down and gazed directly at the slit of her pussy and the black growth that I was about to remove. Without saying a word more, I used scissors to cut away the long hairs, then lathered her and very carefully shaved her bare.

Once clean shaven, I applied lotion to her mons and gently rubbed her, freely allowing my fingers to play with her outer and inner lips. I avoided contact with her clit in case that was off limits. After all, I was a guest, and so far it was clear that I was welcome to view and touch, but more direct sexual contact wasn't yet offered to me.

I stood and let James see the result. "That's perfect," he said.

Anna said, "I want to see," and she rose up and pranced over to a mirror. She smiled and said, "It's just the way you said it would be." Then she turned to me and said, "James said that he hoped he could talk you into doing this for us, but we were afraid you wouldn't want to do it."

So they had discussed it ahead of time! Well, OK, if they were up for more, I was now ready to play. I looked over at James and said, "I gotta tell you, that was about as sexy as it gets, and I have a hardon that needs some release."

Without getting permission, I unzipped and let my nine inch cock spring into view. I spread my cum all over myself to oil my pole, and then I stroked myself while looking at Anna.

"Oooo, it's bigger than you thought," Anna said to James.

I was hardly listening any more. I just let my cock stand there for her to see, and I was happy to wait for one of them to react.

Anna walked over to me, then looked at her husband, "Do you mind if I touch it?" James nodded OK, then she looked at me, "Do you mind if I touch it?"

"Why not?" I answered, "I've already touched you."

Anna kneeled down and traced her finger from my slippery glans down the side of my shaft all the way to the bottom. I told her to wait while I removed my pants and boxers. Now my balls slung down over the sofa cushion while my pecker rocketed up straight into the air.

This time, Anna gripped my pole and squeezed to test its girth and width and feel its weight. She waved it around and looked at James, "Holy cow, did you know about this?"

James was in a trance as he watched is wife, newly shaved by his friend and now she was enjoying play time with his friend's enormous cock.

Anna left me and walked over to her husband, allowing him a full frontal view of her trim form with nothing but a puffy bare slit between her legs. She leaned over to him, "Darling, what would you think if I wanted to try him?"

James could hardly speak but gasped, "Go for it!" Then he looked at me, lounging on his own home sofa with my dick pointing straight up, and said, "Would you mind?"

Mind? Well, not a bit. I just smiled and waited for Anna to come back and straddle my legs, her pussy positioned directly above my flesh rocket. She flexed her knees down just enough to let our sex organs kiss, the tip of my cock resting just slightly against her pussy lips. She flexed up and down like this a few times, then she turned around and faced James and did the same so he could see her from the front as she lowered herself down and let my cock head enter her just an inch.

For the next five minutes, she struggled to lower herself as my cock went deeper and deeper. The intensity of her tightness was sucking the juices out of me, and the pleasure was intense. It was all the more intense watching James's face as he saw the whole thing. There was his lovely wife slowly impaling herself on his best friend's much bigger dick.

I let her enjoy the experience of controlling the penetration. I put my hands on her waist and firmly lowered her to get more of my inches buried into her surprisingly deep cunt.

James couldn't take it any longer, and he pulled out his little cock and began to jerk himself, being careful not to enjoy himself too quickly. Anna left me and gave nice attention to her husband's dick, licking him and sucking him, then also lowering herself onto his cock. But with just four inches to give her, I don't think she felt much of an effect. Still, I'm sure it pleased him and assured him of her loyalty.

Over the next hour and a half, Anna got licked, kissed, and fucked from all angles, with her on top, bent over a table, picked up and fucked as I walked around the room with her in my arms, and traditional on her back with legs-in-the-air. At one point, James held her legs wide apart for me while I did the honors.

After a little rest time, I told Anna and James that when I was ready to spurt, I could send jets of cum high in the air, and both of the wanted to see it. So I laid back on the sofa and asked Anna to do her magic with my cock. She stroked me like a pro. I told James to come closer and play with his wife's pussy while I watched them.

The combination was delightful, and I could have watched that all day while she played with my cock. But I was there to serve them, and not just for my own pleasure. I let myself go over the edge, and as I felt the pressure build I told Anna to grip me extra tight as she used both hands on my shaft.

"Ready...set...Go!" I said as the first jet spurted up. Then the second spurted higher, and the next and the next kept up a strong fireworks show of cum flying out of my dick and arching into the air a couple feet above my muzzle hole.

As they watched, they both started yelling, "Wow, cool, look at that!" Their words only gave me more desire to give them a show. My usual five or six good spurts turned into more like eight or nine before I finally was spent. Now in Anna's hand my timber was getting limber.

It was an amazing evening with my friends, and we all agreed that it was a good thing that I had told James my dream.

Anna and I have been able to keep our secret that we had been screwing for a year before this night and only hatched the dream story to see if we could bring James into our little fuck for joy scene. We were tired of sneaking around to fuck, so we decided to let dear James in on the action, too, if he was in the mood. And boy was he ever!

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