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Dream Fulfilled


I had secretly loved my sister in law Mina for many years. When I got married 24 years ago, she was only 18 years old. I developed an infatuation for her at that time itself. As years passed, I adored her growing beauty and admired her personality. Apparently I treated her like a sister, but in my heart of hearts I knew I was in love with her.

I got married at the age of 27 and my wife was 23 at that time. We have two children, son 23 and daughter 20. Both of them are now studying away from home. Mina got married five years after us and her son is now 18, studying in a boarding school. My wife & Mina are very close to each other and the two families have an excellent relationship.

In this kind of a well knit family tie there was no scope for brining out my feelings for Mina in the open. Under the camouflage of brotherly affection, I showed my care for her. I hugged her or kissed her on the cheeks, whenever there was any opportunity. It looked perfectly normal and nobody ever doubted my intentions. Whenever I went on tour, I brought two gifts, one for my wife and one for Mina. On her birthday, I gave Mina lovely gifts and organised birthday parties. These were all fully acceptable to our families. My children knew if they wanted some permission from me, the best way was to approach through their aunt and the permission would never be refused.

My love for Mina was not platonic at all and I nursed a very strong physical desire for her. I had an overpowering attraction for her naked body. Except for one occasion many years ago, I had no opportunity to see her naked. This was an incident I will remember all my life.

It was little more than a year after our marriage. My wife had delivered our first child and was in the nursing home. My son was born in the afternoon. My in laws, my parents, Mina and me were in the nursing home. After seeing the newborn baby in the visiting hours, both my parents and in laws left. Mina didn’t go back home with her parents and stayed back. It was agreed that she would stay at my place till my wife comes back home.

After coming back home, I went for a shower in the bathroom attached to our bedroom. I told Mina to change in our bedroom and use the bathroom after I finish. As I was under the shower, suddenly there was a storm. Within seconds there was a heavy downpour with lightning and thunder. I knew Mina was extremely scared of lightning & thunder and was feeling worried about her. Suddenly a strong lightning struck and the whole house plunged into darkness. As I was startled at this, I was shocked to hear Mina’s ear-piercing scream. Turning the shower off, I grabbed a towel (which was just big enough to cover only my front). By this time Mina was banging at the bathroom door. Somehow holding the short towel with one hand I opened the bathroom door. Mina immediately thrust herself on me, held me tightly in her arms and started crying uncontrollably.

After getting over the initial shock, I realised Mina was stark naked and my towel had fallen off as she jumped on me. Possibly she had just finished undressing when the lightning struck and the shock was so great that she didn’t realise the need for covering herself. As her naked body was in close touch with my naked body, I felt extremely awkward. At the same time a very strong current of desire hit me as her naked boobs were pressed on my chest and her pubic hair touched my thighs. I was at a total loss and wondered if I should take advantage of the situation or behave as a big brother and try to cover our nudity.

As she was still hysterical and had no control over herself, I realised that I need to calm her down first. As she was clinging on to me, I made no attempt to disengage her and started comforting her like a child by moving my hands over her head & back. I gave her soft kisses on her forehead and cheeks. One major problem was my hard on, which was getting stronger by the minute. I some how managed to turn a bit to one side to avoid my cock touching her, but it was still dangerously close to her body. With repeated assuring words I tried to convince her there was nothing to be so scared about and I was there by her side.

It took a long time for her cool down. I knew she would soon realise she was completely naked and so was I. I was apprehensive of her embarrassment and slowly tried to disengage her from me. I turned the shower on and made her stand under the running water. I stood close to her and comforted her by caressing her back. As it was totally dark, I could only see her naked body in the form of a silhouette. I was enamoured at the beauty of the chiselled shape of the nude figure of this 19 year old and had difficulty in controlling my urge to touch her curves. I thought if I could hurriedly finish the shower and manage to get us dressed in darkness, there would be not much of embarrassment later. So I gave her a piece of soap and was about to turn off the shower.

Just at this point of time, the power came back. Suddenly she and I were facing each other completely naked under bright light. The light brought her back to complete sense and her extreme shyness made her face look awfully pretty. In an instant reaction, she covered her eyes with her hands and turned her back towards me. Within a split second before she turned I could see her amazing naked body. She looked like a nude sculpture. She had large boobs with dark grape like nipples. Her breast size must have been 34c or so, much bigger than my wife’s 32b, which had tiny nipples. She had absolutely flat belly with a deep belly button and unshaved pubic hair & armpits, unlike my wife, who shaved her armpit and trimmed pubic hair very short. She had a trim waistline expanding to beautifully curved hips. Now as I saw her naked from the back, I couldn’t resist the temptation for watching her longer. Her butts were wonderfully curved and thighs very well shaped. Her legs were long and had light hair.

I knew no way I could exceed the limits of decency and switched off the light. I hurriedly dried my self and put on my shorts. I went out of the bathroom, picked up a towel & Mina’s nightie and kept them in the bathroom. I told her that I had kept her towel & nightie in the rack and went out closing the bathroom door.

As I was leaving she said, “I am awfully sorry for acting insane and thank you ever so much.”

As I switched on the bathroom light and waited for her to come out, I knew I had saved a very undesirable situation with disastrous consequences. But instead of feeling pleased, I felt very disappointed. As she came out, she had a smile on her face and she gave me a hug. I was sure that she had overcome her uneasiness.

After this incident she stayed with me alone in our flat for about seven days. But there was no expression of physical desire between us. We spent a lot of time together. As she was scared of sleeping alone, at my wife’s suggestion, she slept with me in our bed. With her nightie clad body (she wore nothing underneath at bedtime) only a few inches away, very strong desire gripped me every night but I controlled my urge. I fought a continuous battle against my overpowering lust but never felt happy

While I kept myself restrained, I kept on wondering if she felt any attraction for me. She did see me fully naked in the bathroom. Since she saw my manhood in full erection, she must have realised my physical desire for her. “How did she feel?” I wondered “Was she attracted to me, or hated me for my lust, or was she so naïve that she didn’t bother about my erection and dismissed the whole thing as an accident?” Till today, I don’t have an answer.

Then onwards, I never had any opportunity to see her naked. I did have occasions to see her cleavage, her uncovered legs & part of her thighs, her armpits (at times clean shaved and at times full off hair or stubbles) and even parts of her boobs through the loose sleeve holes of her nightie. Once I did see the black patch of her crotch for a split second. She had carelessly lifted her legs while sitting on the sofa and as her nightie moved up I could see her crotch through the gap between her thighs. On another occasion, she had an abscess on her butt and had lifted her sari to her waist to show it to my wife. Just at that moment I happened to enter the room and had a fleeting glance at her lovely butts. On such occasions my lust for her surged and I felt an awful depression for not being able to have her physically.

As years went by, she changed both physically and in personality. But all along she was very fond of me. She never hesitated to show her admiration for me. Whenever my wife found fault with me, she strongly defended me. She openly admired me by praising my bright mind & clarity of thought, my generosity, compassion & care for others. She simply put me on a higher pedestal above everybody else. At the news of my slightest sickness she rushed to our house dropping everything and spent hours by my side. I was sure she loved me a lot, but wasn’t sure about the nature of her love.

There was one occasion when she & I got physically very close.

I had a fall in the staircase and sprained my ankle very badly. Though there was no fracture the doctor asked me to be at complete bed rest for 24 hours. He restricted all movements and I was not even allowed to use the toilet or bathroom. My wife & children, along with my in laws and Mina’s son, were enjoying holiday in the hills. Mina was in town and rushed by my side. While I wanted to engage a nurse, Mina & her husband insisted that Mina do the nursing for me. She moved over to our house and was continuously by my side. During the first night I had much of pain and both she & I had very little sleep. She rubbed ointments on my ankle a number of times and that gave me lot of relief. During the later part of the night the pain subsided and both of us had some sleep.

Next morning, the pain was a lot less and I felt much better. But the first problem was answering nature’s call. I wanted to go to the toilet, but Mina didn’t allow me to. I had no other option but to pee in a can, which Mina held near my crotch. With awful embarrassment I had to pull down my pyjama & brief and take out my cock, which had a partial hard on. As I started shooting out the stream, Mina held it in one hand to make sure the stream is directed at the opening of the can. The cool touch of her soft hand stirred my cock and it grew to its full size. I felt totally helpless as the stream continued unabated and my exposed cock with a big hard on was in Mina’s hand. Finally when the pee ended and the cock turned a bit softer, I was eager to pull my pyjama up but Mina delayed it further as she wiped the tip with a tissue. I felt relieved only after I could put back my pyjama. I noticed Mina was flushed in her face and wondered how she felt.

Brushing the teeth in bed was no problem but when I felt the pressure of shit I was totally dismayed. Despite her insistence, I ignored the medical advice and using her as a crutch went to the toilet. She didn’t allow me to bolt the door and guarded me from outside. After this difficult task was done, rest of the morning was very pleasant. She fed me breakfast in bed and helped me to shave.

When it was time for bath, I again insisted that I go to the bathroom. But Mina just wouldn’t allow. She brought a tumbler full of water, soap, washcloth, towels et all to the side of the bed. She found a polythene sheet and laid it on the bed to protect the bed sheet. She took off my pyjama, both top & bottom, and my vest. I was left with only my brief and was scared of having a hard on. She made the upper part of my wet and affectionately soaped me. I felt very nice as her hand moved over my chest. At the touch of her soft hands my tiny nipples became hard and I wondered if she noticed or not.

Having done the top part, she proceeded below the waist. She did my feet, toes and legs with a lot of care. As she was doing my thighs and her hands were moving up towards my crotch, my cock started getting a hard on. I thought she would finish at the thighs and was hoping the bulge on my brief doesn’t get embarrassingly large before she is done with. But she didn’t stop at the thighs and pulled at the waistband of my brief. I wasn’t sure if I should resist. On one hand I was keen to avoid exposure of my erection, on the other hand I was dying to be touched at the cock. While I was torn between two opposite feelings, my hard on got stronger by the second. As she pulled the brief down, my shaft sprang out with a raging hard on.

Even if Mina felt uneasy with such a display of my lust, she didn’t show it except for her total silence & flushed face. She clinically proceeded with the cleaning like a professional nurse. As she very nicely cleaned my groin with soap she avoided touching my cock. While her touch on the groin was very sensual, I pined for her hands to hold my cock. After the groin, she washed my pubic hair and then my balls. By this time I was having a wild desire. Now she turned me over on my belly and soaped my backside. She shocked me as she parted my butt cheeks and soaped my crack. Wow! What a sensation it was.

She tuned me over again and to my utter delight started soaping my cock. My cock throbbed in her hand and I was scared that I might ejaculate any moment. When she opened my foreskin I thought she was going to jerk me off. But, in stead, she cleaned the fold of the foreskin and the head. I was enamoured at her care in cleaning my body and wondered if it was simply her affection for me or there was physical desire behind this. Finally, she finished by towelling me dry and I was left in an extreme state of excitement. She put cologne & talcum powder on me and helped me putting on dry clothes. But my hard on was still driving me crazy and I didn’t know what to do. As soon as she left for her bath, I pulled down my shorts & brief and started jerking me off. I got hold of the can by the side of my bed and unloaded a lot of sticky liquid in it. I knew Mina will notice my cum in the can, but I didn’t care. I didn’t know how much physical desire she had for me, but I had no hesitation to let her know I physically craved for her.

In the evening, the doctor came and checked my injured ankle. The swelling was completely gone and there was only a bit of residual pain. After examining me he allowed me to walk and said I could go to office the next day. While this was a relief for me, in my heart of heart I felt sad that I was thrown out of the dreamland.

With childbirth and age Mina started becoming heavier. Her boobs became larger and hips increased in size. When I pointed out that she should control her weight, she obediently followed a diet chart prescribed by me. As her daily routine didn’t allow her to go for a morning walk, I gifted her an excercycle. She religiously used it and was soon back in good shape. From that stage her body became a great source of intoxication for me.

I gathered from my wife that Mina, she and their mother were quite easy about nudity in the presence of each other. Occasionally, two of them or some times three of them had bath together and were fully naked. I tactfully queried my wife about how her mom and Mina looked in the nude. (I was curious to know to what extent Mina’s body has changed, compared to what it was when I had seen her as a teenager). As my wife could not imagine in her wildest dreams about my lust for Mina, she innocently answered my queries and I gathered a lot of their womanly secrets. My wife & her mom resembled a lot physically. Both were petite and had moderate breasts. My wife was 34b and her mom 32b. Both had small pinkish brown nipples. Mina had much bigger breasts 36c and her nipples were dark brown & quite large. In contrast with my wife & her mom’s trim waist and moderate hips (26/34), Mina had an outward curve in her belly and her hip was large (29/38).

My wife & her mom were cleanliness freak. My wife regularly shaved her armpit clean and cut her pubic hair to near baldness. In fact she used shave her pubic hair also, but as regular shaving was making her pussy hair too coarse she switched to trimming. Her mom was a great supporter of her habit of keeping herself clean. She never shaved at young age (as shaving was rather uncommon those days) but started shaving later in life with the encouragement of her elder daughter.

When my wife shaved her armpit for the first time and started wearing sleeveless blouse, her mom was very pleased to see her clean armpit. She sometimes expressed her desire to shave her own armpit. Later, when my wife started shaving her pubic hair, her mom noticed her baldness during bath. Though she liked the idea of shaving very much she was a bit scared of using the razor. But her daughter encouraged her and offered to shave her. Initially she shaved her armpit and her mom was delighted to see the silky smooth skin. Then she shaved her mom’s pussy also. Then onwards my mom in law became so fond of her own smoothness that she made shaving a regular habit. She continued to shave even after her menopause when her body hair became sparse.

Mina was very different from her mom & sister. She had a strong growth of hair in armpit and in the pussy. She had a large triangular pubic bush with long & dense hair. The hair spilled over to her thighs and belly. She had a line of hair joining her bush to belly button. Her legs had a bit of light hair too. She had quite a bit of hair in her ass hole, while her mom & sister had smooth ass holes.

Her mom & sister insisted that she regularly shaves her armpit and at least trims her pubic bush, which was like a jungle. Her sister did shave her once or twice. According to her, it was a difficult job to shave Mina. She had to cut the hair short with scissors first and then ran the razor two three times to clean out all the hair. But for Mina this was too much of a trouble and she preferred to let her body hair grow naturally. She did shave her armpit from time to time but wasn’t regular at all. She never shaved her pubic hair and rarely trimmed it.

As I heard this from my wife, I thought Mina’s body was exactly to my liking. I prefer women with bigger boobs & butts and love pubic hair. I imagined that through some telepathy Mina knew about my fondness for pubic hair and didn’t shave or trim just to please me. While these thoughts came to my mind, a deep sigh came out from within. I knew my dreams wouldn’t be fulfilled ever. At the same time, I couldn’t give up hope and looked for every opportunity to have her near me.

At this stage, as a distraction from the main story, I would like to describe an occasion when I saw my mom in law naked.

This was a few years after our marriage, when she was in her mid forties and still very good looking. One Saturday afternoon, I was having a nap in our bedroom. Mom in law was staying with us for the weekend. My sleep was slightly disturbed as I heard some voices in the bedroom. Without opening my eyes, I realised my mom in law was in the attached bathroom having a shower before getting ready to go out with my wife and was talking to my wife, who was in the bedroom. Mom in law was saying that she took wrong petticoat & bra to the bathroom and asked her daughter to give her the right ones. But my wife told her not to bother and to come out without any clothes. As mom in law was hesitant, my wife assured her that I was sleeping like a log and there was no chance of my waking up. I was delighted at this and waited with bated breath for my petite mom in law to come out naked.

Fortunately, I was lying on my back with my arm covering my eyes and I had no difficulty in keeping my eyelids slightly open. My head was towards the bathroom door and my feet were towards the dressing table. As mom in law came out of the bathroom and walked past the bed to the dressing table I could see her naked body from the back. She had a very fair skin, which dazzled my eyes. Her lean back was wonderful and her small butts were nicely curved.

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