tagInterracial LoveDream Girl Ch. 03

Dream Girl Ch. 03


I stood in front of my dresser mirror trying to do something with my hair, 'I should have gotten it cut' I thought to myself. The music was blaring downstairs; the guys were ready for a party. I on the other hand, was sweating bullets. I can't understand why though, I mean she's just a girl, a very hot girl yes, but I a girl none the less. I mean of course she would think I'm good looking, don't confuse that as being conceded but I've had my fair share of both sexes finding me attractive. Why can't I get some form of a signal from her that she might feel the chemistry, or am I just kidding myself?

I never had much time to dwell on inquiries because people were arriving, and I had to play host until a certain someone stepped through that door. I walked downstairs and for the second time in one day, my pulse began to pick up, the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end, and I couldn't find my breath or voice.

There she was, an angel in my eyes. Wearing a pure white sheer button up blouse, with frilly little lace. But what was under it caught my attention. A spaghetti strap style corset top, in racecar red, the same colour as her lipstick. God how much I wanted to kiss her lips. My favourite part was the little bra-like cups that held her breasts. Shit could this girl drive me any more crazy? I thought to myself as I continued me exploration of her body. Her skintight Capri's held her lower body, and to top it off a little pair of flip-flops on her little feet. I laughed to myself while admiring her feet; she's too cute. Her eyes began to scan the room, hopefully she was looking for me, so I picked us up a few drinks and walked over to her.

Ok I'm here so lets just get this over with, Alliyah thought to herself. God why did I have to take him up on that offer? Holly shit is his place ever huge. There are a lot of people here. I hope he doesn't see me, that way I can say I was here, and leave without anything happening that shouldn't. Alliyah's thoughts were going a mile a minute, slightly listening to her friends' appraisal of Alexander's house wasn't helping, she needed them to not like it and want to leave. This day just keeps getting better Alliyah looked throughout the room and saw Alexander walking towards her...and better.

"You look..." Alex began but couldn't find the words to finish, as he handed Alliyah her drink.

"Thanks...I think?!" she replied taking a sip of the sweet concoction he gave to her. There better be no date raping drugs in this thing, or he will get his. Alliyah thought to herself.

"No seriously you look good. Tell your friends I'm stealing you away for a bit" Alex whispered to Alliyah so she could hear him over the music. But in all reality he did it just to get close to her, but as long as she didn't know that, it was all right. Alliyah excused herself from her friends promising to dance with them later.

Alex led her to the dance floor, removed her drink from her hand, and wrapped her arms around his neck staring into her eyes, as his hands found her hips, leading hers to his as Another level- Freak Me came on.

"Let me lick you up and down, 'till you say stop.

Let me play with your body baby, make you real hot.

Let me do all the things you want me to do.

'Cuz tonight baby I wanna get freaky with you.

Baby don't you understand, I wanna be your nasty man.

I wanna make your body scream, then you will know just what I mean." Alex began to whisper along into Alliyah's ear. At this point she began to feel lucky he was holding on to her, or else when he just said all that with is voice as sexy as ever into her ear, she thought she would have collapsed.

The front of her body burned where it met his, and she could feel the heat radiating from his hands, seeping through her clothes and into her skin. Her head began to feel light, and she had to struggle to try and focus on the rest of the song.

"...I wanna lick you up and down, then I wanna lay you down come on sexy!" Alex continued unknowing of Alliyah's predicament. He then her bit her ear lobe before continuing the chorus again. Gaining a gasp from her, just what he wanted, he nuzzled her neck and continued singing.

"Let me lick you up and down, 'till you say stop.

Let me play with your body baby, make you real hot.

Let me do all the things you want me to do.

'Cuz tonight baby I wanna get freaky with you.

I love the taste of whipped cream, spread it on top of me.

You know I can't resist you girl, I'll fly you all around the world.

I wanna see your body drip, come on let me take a sip." Alex moaned out that last bit of the verse and Alliyah knew she had completely soaked herself.

Alex couldn't have helped the way he recited the song to her, but it was describing exactly what he wanted to do to her right there on the floor not caring who saw- he wanted her that bad.

Alliyah could feel the heat rising up her neck, and to her most intimate place. Alexander's lips were so close to her neck she could feel the heat from his heavy breathing and the evidence of his very big arousal. I need to get out of here, she thought to herself. But the way Alexander was holding her felt so go. She was about ready to burst and make him back up what he was promising. But she knew she couldn't go through with it. With that thought, she unwillingly pried her body from Alexander's heat, and held his head to look at her.

Alexander's blue eyes were the colour of the midnight sky when she looked into their depths. His eyelids were drooping heavily as slowly licked his lips while drifting his gaze to hers. I want her so bad. Alex thought to himself, dipping his head to kiss her enticing lips.

"I have to go!" Alliyah said quickly before his lips met hers. Immediately Alex came out of his sexual induced daze.

"Wha...What? Why?" Alex protested trying so hard not to sound like a little boy who just had his ice cream taken away, but failing miserably.

"I have to go to work tomorrow" Alliyah replied hoping Alexander couldn't tell she was lying. He did she realized as the corner of his mouth turned up in a smirk.

"What are you running away from?"

"I'm not running away from anything!"

"Yes you are, your running from me. Why?"

"I don't have to explain myself to you," she retorted, anger starting to build inside her. How dare him, he doesn't own me! Alliyah screamed in her mind.

"Fine, you don't. If you want to go then go, I wont stop you"

"Fine!" With that said she turned away from him and walked out the door, completely forgetting about her friends still inside.

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Hi everyone who has read and enjoyed this story so far.
I apologize for the lack of updates over the many years that has passed since I first started to write this.
I am going to try and complete thismore...

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How'd she turn "BITCH" so fast? Hope this does a fast? Hope this does a quick, positive turn around. I was starting to get invested until that last bit of hostility in her for no good reason.

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by kernred08/10/18


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