tagAnalDream in a Dress

Dream in a Dress


Being the head of a mob family wasn't like how it was in the movies. There were no fast cars, fancy suits, and shoot outs with the police. Johnny sighed and flipped through the channels on his TV, seeing glimpses of dozens of films he had already seen. Most of the mob life was boring, especially during the holidays. Nobody wanted to work in the cold, or when Christmas was rolling around the corner. It was always the same shit "Gee boss, it's way too cold for that kinda stuff" or "Sorry, but I'd really like to spend some time with my kids." Johnny turned off the TV and stood up to stretch. Lazy fucks don't know a thing about honest work. And they call themselves gangsters. He rubbed his eyes and made his way into the kitchen and took a beer from the fridge, looking at the snow fall outside as he popped open the cap. Family was never Johnny's thing, he was born into the life of a criminal and he never really looked to change that. In the friends department, well, people were exactly lining up to have drinks with one of the most dangerous men in town. Nobody worth talking to at least. He finished his beer, and when to get another when the doorbell rang. Johnny froze, placing the bottle down slowly and reaching the revolver he kept strapped to his side at home. Wasn't expecting any visitors today... He made his way over to the door slowly, one hand still holding on to the cold steel on his hip.

"Cmon Johnny, just open the door! My nuts are turning into ice cubes out here." Johnny sighed a breath of relief and opened up the door. On the other side was Oscar, his second in command and one of the few people that Johnny actually respected. He was much older then Johnny, in his late 60's and always dressed like he had just walked out of a black and white movie. "God man, you look like shit. I'm gonna have to have my wife get a new wardrobe for you man.

"Thanks, but I don't think our styles really match up. Want a beer?" Oscar nodded his head and stepped inside the house, shaking the snow off his body like a dog that had been let in from the rain. Johnny laughed a bit and walked back over to the fridge. "C'mon, you're getting snow all over the place. Act you age for chrissakes..."

"He he, if I acted my age, I'd be pissing in a plastic bag and having a nurse roll me around in a wheelchair." Johnny shook his head and grabbed two more beers from his fridge, walking back over and handing one to Oscar.

"So is this a business meeting, or a social visit?" Oscar shrugged his shoulders and took a swig from the bottle. He made a disgusted face and set the beer back down on the table.

"All your money and you still buy this cheap shit? Anyway, it's a little bit of both. Columbians have opened up a new brothel just a few miles from here, figured you might want to scope out the competition, maybe have some fun while your there." Johnny nodded his head as he drank, placing the empty bottle back on the table.

"I'll be honest with you man. I've been bored out of my fucking mind with Christmas being around the corner and nobody wanting to work. I think you just saved me from drying up and dying from boredom." Oscar laughed and stood back up, adjusting his coat and making his way to the door.

"Glad to hear it man, let's head out now I left the car running. Knew you would come around." Johnny watched him walk outside, and got his jacket on. Before he left, he patted himself down to make sure everything was in check, wallet, keys, phone, gun, bullets...ready for my night. He locked the door behind him, and put on his hood as he made his way to the car Oscar sat in. He got in the passenger's seat and shut the door loudly, his hands shivering from the outside weather. Oscar turned the radio on to some sports announcer, and started driving down street. Johnny looked out the window as Oscar drove, watching the pale snow fall onto the dark asphalt. Oscar knew well that Johnny had been busy the last few months leading up to the holiday season, making deals with the Columbians and making sure the irish stays well away from his territory. He barely had time to sleep, let alone even talk to a woman that he was interested in. Johnny could feel himself getting harder and made an effort to hid it from Oscar. I'd never hear the end of his shit if he saw me getting a damn boner before we even set foot in the brothel. While he was focused making sure his cock stayed hidden, Oscar stopped the car and turned to him.

"Well we're here man. I'll pick you up when your done." Johnny raised an eyebrow while taking his seatbelt off.

"You're not serious right?" Oscar nodded his head and flashed him a quick smile.

"I can barely get my soldier to stand attention in a while if you know what I mean. This is your day to relax, get in there an enjoy yourself." Johnny laughed, shaking his head and got out of the car.

"You're a real piece of work man. If something goes down in there cause I'm alone, I'm gonna make sure you never forget it." Oscar put his hands up, and laughed as he drove the car off. Johnny watched him go, and turned around to see the building. It was designed to look like a bar like so many other places around these parts. It looked seedy from the outside, but he could tell from the guards out front dressed in fancy suits that this wasn't some disease ridden whorehouse. He made his way to the front of the building, and one of the bouncers came up to him immediately.

"Can I help you man? There's a bar down the street that looks like it's a lot more your type." Johnny stood his ground and look the man right in his eyes when he spoke.

"I'm exactly where I want to be, so how about you let me inside?" The bouncer opened his mouth to speak when a bartender came outside breathing heavily.

"Jorge you idota, this is one of the bosses friends!" The bouncers eyes widened quickly and he put his hands up.

"Lo siento senor, I had no idea." Johnny shook his head and put his hand on the bouncer's shoulder.

"No worries man, glad to see that Ricky got some guys who know what their doing." The bartender waved Johnny inside, and he followed him into the building. He looked around and noticed that the place was much more impressive on the interior. Marble statues of women in various sensual poses lined the walls, while a beautiful chandelier hung from the ceiling lighting up the whole elegantly. Women walked around, some simply bare skinned while other wore costumes like maids and police officers. Johnny could feel himself getting harder again as he made his way over to the bar. He sat down on one of the stools as the bartender poured him a shot of bourbon.

"On the house sir, I again apologize for the disturbance outside." Johnny nodded his head in thanks and took a sip, feeling the booze run down his throat. He turned around, and spoke to the bartender.

"I'm sure you get asked this all the time, but got any recommendations?" The bartender cleared his throat and began to clean one of the glasses.

"I'm not allowed to...interact with the girls. House rules. Although, I must say I hear good things about Melanie. She's new here has only served one or two men, but they sat here and rattled on about her for hours." Johnny nodded his head and finished his drink, standing up from his stool. "She's just over there, sitting at that table." He followed the bartenders instructions, and made his way to the table she sat at. He sat in front of her and she placed her head on her hands, looking him over. Goddamn I see what he was talking about. She was petite, must have been around 5'5 with short curly brown hair. Her eyes were chocolate brown, but she had a way of looking at you that made you want bust that very second. She was wearing more clothes than the rest of them, a low cut dress that barely hid her small but firm tits. She held a straw in her long, slender fingers, causally moving it around a glass as she held eye contact with Johnny.

"Well, haven't seen you around here before. Passing by?" Johnny shook his head and leaned back in his chair.

"Live nearby, friend told me about this place. Looks pretty nice actually, maybe you'll see me around her more often." She smiled, her bright red lips parting in a way that made Johnny wish they were wrapped tightly around his dick.

"Well, that's if I do my job right baby. Looks are one part, the experience is what keeps you coming back." Johnny laughed a little and leaned back in.

"You might be right... but that friendly bartender over there told me you're pretty new around here." She shrugged her shoulders, and Johnny couldn't help but notice every little thing she did seemed to have some sort of sex appeal. This girl is something else...

"I might be new to here, but I'm no stranger to a handsome face and a big cock. I'm just here use what God gave me."

"Oh yeah? Why don't you tell me what gifts those might me." she smiled again, and put up two fingers.

"One, he gave me a body that won't quit. Two..." She got up from her seat, and walked over behind Johnny, wrapping her arms around his neck and whispering in his ear. "He gave me the right to sin..." Johnny could feel his cock ready to tear his pants wide open, and he stood up clearing his throat.

"How about you show me to a private room?" He ran one hand down her body while the other reached into his pocket. "I got all the money in the world to burn baby, if you get back up what you're saying." She nodded her head slowly, and took his hand. She guided him to the back of the building, where a hallway had doors lining each wall, all labeled with a number and a plaque saying 'private'. She took him into one of the rooms, and sat him down on a bed in there.

"One second, then I'm all yours." She clicked a button on the wall, and a few moments there was a knock at the door. A large man came in, holding a small menu.

"We hope you enjoy your evening sir, but we must request you pay now. You may always extend your experience if you feel so inclined..." He handed Johnny the menu and he read it over. It had a detailed list of various sexual experiences to choose from, from BDSM to bukkake with the rest of the brothel. Johnny read it over carefully, before selecting what he wanted. The prices on the sheet were no object to him, for Johnny was determined to have the night of his life with her.

"I'll be doing anal play, so bring me the beads and the large dildo. I will also need a ball

gag, and the paddle please." The man nodded, and Johnny removed the cash from his wallet, placing it in the man's hand.

"Good choices Senor, I will leave them outside your door so as not to disturb you. If you finish early or wish to extend your session, please click the button beside the door." The man took the menu back, and walked out shutting the door behind him. Melanie giggled,

"Mm...I knew you had your sights set on my ass since you walked in that door." Johnny smiled and took off his shirt.

"That's all for later...I want to see all of you for now." He laid himself on the bed, and Melanie stood up, shaking her hips back and forth as she walked away. She turned back around, one hand on her hip and they other tapping her chin seductively.

"I can show you everything you ever dreamed of love." She walked back toward Johnny, and slowly slide her dress down off her body, it barely stopping before she showed her breast. She grabbed one of her tits, and moaned softly rubbing it through her dress. Johnny removed his pants and boxer shorts, letting his hard cock out for her to see. He began to jerk it off with both his hands while Melanie's eyes widened in surprise. Suddenly her seductive look was replaced one of sexual hunger. "That's... I don't know if I can do all of that." Johnny got up and grabbed her shoulders, sitting her down on the bed as she stared at his cock. Her dress had entirely slipped off, leaving the both of them naked in the privacy of the room. He smiled and grabbed her hand, guiding it over to his cock. She suddenly snapped from her trance and went to work, sucking on the tip of his dick.

He pushed her hair back as she looked up at him with wide eyes as she tried to force more of his cock in. He grabbed her head, and forced it onto his cock, moaning loud as he felt it slip into her throat. He held it there for a few seconds while she gagged and squirmed, before finally releasing it and leaving her gasping for air. He jerked off his saliva covered cock as he looked down at her gulping in breaths. Once she had gotten her wind back, she went right back onto his dick, sucking it much quicker than before. After a few minutes of the blowjob, Johnny pulled back and went over to the door. He cracked it open a little, and sure enough all the toys he had ordered sat right there neatly packed away into a box. Melanie walked up behind him and hugged him from behind, running one hand across his chest while the other rubbed his cock slowly. "Ready to have some fun now?" Johnny picked up the box and brought it inside, kicking the door shut behind him. The first thing he picked up was the gag, and he looked over at Melanie.

"On the bed, ass facing me." She nodded, kissing his cheek and resuming the position that he had instructed. He climbed on the bed behind her, and began to rub his cock against her ass. She moaned lightly as he slid his cock into her pussy, and Johnny could feel how tight and wet it was. He began to thrust softly, and her moans picked up in volume. He quickly grabbed her head and pulled it back, snapping the ball gag over her mouth. She made a surprised noise as the device held her open, and Johnny pulled out of her pussy. He then pushed the tip of his cock into her ass, which made her let out a low groan. He thrusted much quicker than before, grunting with effort and pleasure as he could feel his cock spreading her ass open. Her screams and moans were muffled by the gag as Johnny felt his cock ready to bust. He quickly pulled out of her ass, and shot his load all over her back. She moaned as it covered her, and she fell back on the bed in a daze. Johnny smiled as he looked over her body, one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen covered in his jizz. She was breathing heavily, her body sweating and covered with spit. He spanked her ass and she made a small yelp. He pulled out the gag and threw it away.

"From now on, I want to hear you beg for more." She nodded quickly, and flipped herself over so that she was facing him. She rubbed her nipples with one hand and her pussy with the other as Johnny got the rest of the toys out. He picked up the dildo first, and moved it toward her pussy. He pushed it inside and she cried out in pleasure, as they huge toy sank into her pussy.

"Please baby, I need more. Fill me up, I'm yours to fuck any way you want." Johnny got out the beads and rolled them over in his hand. He could see the fear in her eyes as he laid four of them on the bed. They were pretty large, just a little bit smaller than a pool ball.

"Put these all in your mouth. I'm gonna spank your ass hard, and each time one falls out it's going straight in your ass. And remember what I said about begging." She slowly picked up the balls, and began to place them in her mouth. The first two went in easily, and she began to struggle with the third. The fourth she kept trying to force in, but Johnny could see it wasn't happening. He took from her hand, and sat on the edge of the bed. "Over my knee. Now." She crawled along the bed, her pussy still dripping wet from the fucking with the dildo. She laid over his knee, her voice muffled by the beads in her mouth. He took the paddle, and tapped her ass gently with it. She relaxed her body, and get hit it again with more force. One bead dropped from her mouth onto the floor, and Johnny scooped it up quickly. It had already been wet with her spit, so it slid into her ass easily as she moaned through the beads. He looked at the other one that she couldn't fit in and shrugged, rubbing it against her asshole.

She looked back at him with lust in her eyes as he forced that one inside her. She began to moan so much that a second ball came out of her mouth. He shook his head and spanked her ass bear handed hard enough to leave a mark, and the last bead fell out. She laid over his legs, breathing heavily as he picked up the remaining two balls. They went into her ass quickly, and when he was done he picked her up and laid her on the bed. "I want those beads back. Pop them out." She moaned loudly as she began to force the beads out of her ass, her hole becoming more spread each time. Johnny could feel his cock getting harder again, and when the last ball had come out of her ass he immediately went into her pussy. She screamed out loud in pleasure as he rammed his cock in and out of her forcefully.

"Yes! More please God I need your cock inside of me! Fuck yes, please don't stop..." He continued to fuck her pussy quickly, her moans syncing up with his lust fueled grunts. Finally, he felt his cock throb again, and he yanked it out to cum all over her body and face. She took every last drop on her body, and began to wipe it up with her hand to lick it away. Johnny collapsed on the bed, breathing hard as she finished up eating his cum. She laid next to him, her breath ragged and her voice hoarse as she spoke.

"You were amazing baby, I feel like that's the first time I've ever really been fucked." Johnny smiled and kissed her lips passionately. They laid their catching their breath for a few minutes when there was a knock at the door. The man from earlier walked in, and Johnny covered themselves with a blanket.

"Sorry for the instruction senor, but your time has expired. If you do not wish to extend, you may follow me and I'll show you where you can get cleaned up before you leave." Johnny nodded, and pulled his underwear on while under the blanket. He stood up as Melanie grabbed his arm and squeezed it.

"Make sure you come again soon okay? I'll keep myself ready for you." Johnny nodded, and grabbed his clothes. He followed the man to a room that looked like the gym showers he had used in high school. He dropped his clothes off in the front, and went inside. He got into an empty stall, and turned the water on hot. He felt it run over his body as the image of Melanie still lingered in his mind, horny and hungry for his cock.

"Have a good time tonight too?" Johnny snapped out of it and turned to the stall next to him. Inside was a hugely muscled man, with dark skin and a thick black beard on his face. "Shit, I can't remember fucking a girl like this in my whole life. The hombres here gave a customer for life." Johnny laughed and shut the water off,

"I know how you feel man. Just had this girl Melanie, was like something out of my dreams." The man nodded, and came out of his stall with a towel wrapped around his waist.

"Hey you mind if I ask you something man? It's gonna sound a bit weird..." Johnny rubbed his hair with a towel and shook his head. The man smiled, "Great. You think you might wanna try out a girl together some time? I'm kinda new in town and don't really no anybody, but man have I been craving a threesome." Johnny nodded his head and thought about it.

"Might be kinda hot. I'll think about man." The man shook his head quickly,

"That's all I ask bro. Name's Bruce by the way, you?"

"Johnny, nice to meet you man. Well, I'll let you know if I make a decision." They quickly exchanged numbers, and Johnny got dressed. He walked outside, back into the cold and made a call to Oscar.

"So man? How was it?" Johnny smiled, kicking some of the newly fallen snow off the ground.

"Come pick me up man. I'll tell you the whole story..."

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