tagNonHumanDream Lover Ch. 01

Dream Lover Ch. 01


The hot afternoon sun beat down on Edmund as he walked along the dirt road. Sweat ran down his back making the heavy frame backpack that he was carrying uncomfortable. There was not a cloud in the sky and when he looked at the thermometer that dangled from his pack it read 90. It was too hot for this kind of trek, but he had wanted to get to the hostel by sundown and he knew he had at least five more miles to go. Exhausted, he stopped and pulled off his pack and sat down on tree stump along the side of the road. Sitting down on a tree stump by the side of the road he took the canteen out of his pack and took a drink of water. The trees provided a bit of shade, but without a breeze he was still warm.

Edmund had decided that he would trek across Europe in this the summer before his senior year of college. He had asked his girlfriend Sandra to come along with him, but she had told him that she thought it better if they would spend some time apart. During his trip, he called her every chance he got, but she was never at home when he called. She had gotten a job at a local library and seemed to be working there late most nights. At least that is what her mother had told him when she answered his calls.

Looking at his watch it was about 3:30. No way he was going to make it five miles to the hostel before night at the rate he had been walking. He resolved himself to the fact that he would spend another night under the stars. At least the weather was nice and it surely would not get too cold tonight. He hoisted his pack up onto his back and kept walking.

The trees in the forest he was walking through had gotten taller as he walked along. This morning when he started there had been small farms and people along the road, but now there were just tall trees. He imagined that there were elves running though the forest around him. They were gathering for a hunt, out to nail some unsuspecting hiker as he intruded on their territory. The elf chief telling his warriors what would happen if some no good human were allowed to intrude upon their forest. He laughed at the thought of being confronted by a squad elfin hunters, with bows drawn, as he walked around the next bend. It was just the late afternoon light playing tricks on his eyes.

He walked around the bend in the road and came upon a wooden Roma style wagon set off to the side of the road. Sitting in a small patch of grass, the wagon was about 15 feet long and was painted bright red and yellow. There was no sign of a horse anywhere about. At the back, there were three steps up to a brightly painted red door. Next to the door was a sign that said "Fortunes Told" in gold letters. There seemed to be smoke coming from the metal chimney at the side of the wagon. Who would need a fire in weather like this he wondered.

He debated if he should knock or not. He really didn't believe in fortune telling, but he admitted that there was more to it than he realized. Maybe he could find out what the deal with Sandra was, he laughed to himself. He took off his backpack and set it aside, propped up against a tree. He then climbed up the three steps and knocked on the door.

"Come in," said a woman's voice from inside the wagon.

He opened the door and walked into the wagon. The inside of the wagon was richly decorated with tapestries that showed all sorts of strange animals and symbols. They reminded him of the paintings by Hieronymous Bosch he had studied in art history. In the middle of the wagon was a table covered by a dark green tablecloth. On the table sat an incense burner emitting sage flavored fumes. A golden lantern that hung from the ceiling lighted the wagon.

Behind the table sat an old woman with long grayish black hair tied up in a scarf. The woman wore an enormous amount of gold jewelry, bangles about her wrists, dangling earrings at her ears and several chains around her neck. She wore a simple, low cut black dress that Edmond thought would have been flattering, were she not so old. The low cut of the dress allowed him to see that she had a rose tattooed on her shoulder.

"Come in, sit down. Would you like some tea?"

"Yes please," said Edmond.

The woman walked over to the stove and got a teakettle that had been sitting on it and poured tea into a cup she put in front of Edmond.

"What brings you to my woods, young man?"

"Oh, I was just passing through on my way to a youth hostel on the way to Nijmegen."

"I hope you don't think you will make it there tonight."

"No I was planning to sleep in the woods. I have a warm sleeping bag, so I shouldn't be too cold. The weather has been nice enough.

"So it has."

Edmond took a sip of the tea and found it very pleasant. It wasn't any type of tea he had before. It had a sweetness to it he could not identify.

"Would you like your fortune told?" the woman asked.

"Sure," said Edmond.

"That will be ten Euros."

Edmond reached into his back pocked and pulled out his wallet. He took out a ten Euro bill and handed it to the woman.

"Thank you," said the woman, taking the bill and putting it into the bust of her dress. Edmond tried not to wince at the thought of what he assumed were wrinkled breasts. He sipped his tea to cover his expression.

The woman reached under the table and pulled out a wooden box. The box was made of a reddish colored wood and was brightly lacquered. The woman opened the box and took out a black velvet bag. From the bag she removed deck of cards, which she began shuffling. After she had shuffled the cards for a few minutes she placed deck on the table.

"Please think of a question and cut the cards."

Edmond thought for a moment. His mind came to Sandra again. Was she really working at the library late each night? Why had she been so insistent that they spend time apart? The question that came to his mind is what did his future hold as far as romance was concerned. With this thought in mind he picked up the top half of the deck and sat it down beside the bottom half.

The old woman picked the bottom half of the deck and placed it on top of the rest of the cards. She took three cards off of the top of the deck and placed them in sequence, half way between them, on the table.

"These three cards represent your past, present, and future. Now what was the question you asked?"

"I wanted to know about my romantic life. I am worried about my girlfriend. I have been having trouble getting in touch with her."

"That's enough young man, let the cards tell their story."

The woman reached across the table and turned over the first card. It showed the picture of a man holding up a bunch of staffs.

"Ah the ten of wands. You have been suffering in your life. Your girlfriend has burdened you. Wondering if she has been faithful to you. Judging by the card I would say that she hasn't."

Edmond felt as if his suspicions had been confirmed. Her wanting them to separate for the summer and then her not being home at night when he called had been a burden on him. He imagined she was with his best friend Chad. They had seemed suspicious, to him, before he had left, but he had tried to put it out of his mind at the time. Although he was sad, now he felt better knowing the truth, or at least thinking he knew the truth.

The woman turned over the second card. It showed a tower that was on fire being struck by lightning and collapsing.

"The tower. Now is a time of change. I would say that you and your girlfriend are breaking up. This will leave you free for new things."

Edmond laughed. "Well that is true," he thought. Without his girlfriend he might be able to hook up with one of those hot European girls that are always staying at the youth hostels. They always did seem to go for Americans. Maybe breaking up wasn't so bad.

The woman turned over the third card. It showed an angel above a naked man and woman.

"Ah the lovers," the woman laughed. "Looks like your romantic life is looking up. You will find a new love and you will be happy together. This is a happy fortune."

Edmond was skeptical. Before the last card was flipped he had been going along and believing what the woman had said, but now he wasn't too sure. It would be nice to hook up with one of those cute hostel girls. But fall in love, No, that wasn't going to happen. Sure he might tell the girl that he was in love, but he still had a plane ticket back to America. He saw no reason not to enjoy a few nights of sex.

He finished sipping his tea. He thanked the woman for the tea and the fortune, and got up to leave the wagon.

"Thank you for stopping by," she said, "see you again soon"

"Yes, see you soon," Edmond tried to say with a straight face. He didn't plan on coming down this road anytime soon, but there was no reason to be rude. He put his pack back on and started walking down the road.

As he walked, it was starting to get dark, and he began looking for a place that he could stop for the night. He looked up into the night sky he saw that the moon was full. The moon gave an eerie light to the forest around him. This was a night for madmen and poets, crazy drunks and witches, satyrs and nymphs to play in the moonlight; a night of magic spells and Bacchanalian revels. He laughed, maybe he would have to get into that flask of brandy he was carrying after dinner.

Soon afterward, he came upon a deserted barn. The doors of the barn had broken off and the barn was full of hay bales. They might be a bit scratchy but they would be warmer than the ground he thought.

He got his portable stove out of his backpack and began to prepare dinner. Taking some water from a nearby creek and began heating it to boil. Dinner was a dehydrated meal, which he used the boiling water to prepare. After he ate dinner he got the flask of brandy out of his pack and taking a few sips he began to relax. By the light of the moon, he rolled out his sleeping pad and bag on a couple of bales. He got into his sleeping bag and read for a bit by the light of his flashlight. Soon he was getting drowsy so he turned off his light and drifted off to sleep.

During the night he began to dream. In his dream he was in bed with a beautiful black haired girl. She wore a skimpy black dress that did little to cover her curvy figure. Her lips were bright red and she had on purple eye shadow.

"Well, you finally made it," she said.

"Yes," he said, not really sure what to say.

She laughed a delightful, giggly laugh, and bent over him, planting a big kiss on his lips. With her tongue she explored his mouth. His tongue responded and they caressed each other. As they kissed his hands he began to explore her body. First rubbing her shoulders and then working his way down and fondling her breasts. He could feel her erect nipples and nipple rings under her dress. He reached his hands around and began to unzip the back of her dress. As their kiss broke, he pulled the straps of her dress off of her shoulders and slid the dress down her body, revealing the red silk bra. She reached under the hem of her skirt and pulled the dress off, over her head, revealing matching red silk panties.

He could feel his erection start to grow, blood pulsing into his cock and it fighting against the confines of his pants.

Reaching around her he unhooked her bra and pulled it off. He began kissing down the side of her neck. Taking the dangling gold earring out of her ear, he took her earlobe into his mouth and sucked on it. He heard her breathing start to get faster as he continued kissing down her neck. He licked his way to her ample breasts and started licking them. Each of her nipples was pierced with a golden horseshoe shaped ring through each. He took each hard nipple into his mouth in turn, nibbling and sucking on each.

He felt her hands undoing his belt, and working at his fly. Opening his pants she took his rapidly hardening cock into her hands and began to stroke it.

"Let's get all naked, already," she said impatiently.

She stood up and pulled her panties off. He also got up and quickly undressed.

"I want to eat your pussy," he said. "Sit on my face."

"To hear is to obey," she laughed.

He lied back down on the bed and she mounted his face. Her shaven pussy was right at his mouth and his nose was filled with her musky smell. He began to lick her. Slow at first and then building speed and she began to breathe faster.

"Oh, that is so good. Oh yes, don't stop." Saying this she bent her body over and took his cock in her mouth. Just the head at first, licking off the precum that had built there. And soon taking it all the way into her mouth and twirling her tongue around the head.

"Stop, stop" he said. "I want to fuck you and I am won't last very long at this rate."

"Okay," she laughed. She got off of his face and turned her body around so that she was facing him. Still straddling his legs she took his cock into her hand.

"Mmm, what a nice cock you have. I have been waiting for a cock like this for a while. I really don't care how long it lasts, as long as there will be more later," she laughed.

"Sure," he said, "no problem."


Taking his cock in her hand she guided him into her.

"Oh yeah," she said as she began to pump up and down on him. He thrust his body upward meeting her bouncing.

Oh yes, yes, yes, yes," she moaned. He looked up at her face, her eyes staring at him, grimacing in ecstasy as she rode him. As he watched her he noticed a rose tattooed on her shoulder. He could feel her pussy begin to contract around his cock, and he didn't last long, sending his seed into her cunt.

"Mmm, that was wonderful," he said after a few seconds of silence had passed.

"Yes, I'll see you soon," was all she said, and he awoke from his dream.

He awoke to the bright morning light streaming into the barn. As he crawled out of his sleeping bag he noticed that it was soaking wet. It had been a while since he had had a wet dream, having a girlfriend and all. He laughed at himself as he got out of the bag. The boxer shorts he had slept in were also wet. He opened the sleeping bag up so that it could air out while he fixed breakfast, as he didn't want to put it away wet. As he opened it he found a golden earring sitting inside.

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