tagNonHumanDream Lover Ch. 02

Dream Lover Ch. 02


It was a cold misty morning as Edmond continued his journey through the forest. The icy droplets of mist condensed on the broad leaves of the trees and fell to the muddy, moss covered ground. All around him, in addition to the sounds of birds in the trees, he could hear the sound of water dripping to the ground.

Usually when he carried his pack, the body heat he generated was enough to keep him warm, but this morning even with his heavy jacket on he felt the chill of the morning mist against his body.

As he walked, the trees began thinning and he started to come upon signs of civilization. Here and there he came upon farms and animal pens, and warmly dressed farm workers, out in the morning chill, beginning their tasks. Occasionally one would look up from their work at him as he walked by, but none spoke to him.

Edmond arrived at the hostel at about ten in the morning. It was an older building, much in need of a new coat of paint. It stood next to a highway, leading into Nimejen. He went into the glass front doors and up to the front desk. Behind the desk stood a young man, not much older than himself, with long brown hair and a goatee. Edmond paid for three nights in advance and took his things to the room he had been assigned.

The room slept eight. It was furnished with bunk beds with thin mattresses and upright standing storage closets. Two guys were still sleeping in their bunks. Taking one of the unoccupied lower bunks, he put his things into the nearby storage closet and quietly lied down to read. He planned to spend a few days here, relaxing after his four days of walking. He wished to do nothing more than sleep, read and socialize with some of the young women also staying at the hostel.

The book he was reading was a science fiction novel about human colonization of the galaxy. The humans had come upon a race of demon like creatures that had magical abilities. The protagonist of the novel had been plagued by one of these creatures that had entered his dreams and made him do things he didn't want to do, only to wake up and find that he had done them in reality. He laughed to himself thinking that maybe the old fortuneteller he had run across yesterday was one of these demons from outer space. It wasn't a very good novel, but it was the only book he had to read.

At noon, as the room's other occupants were finally waking, he decided he would go out and get some food. He left the hostel and went to a coffee shop down the street. Entering the coffee shop, he saw that it was relatively deserted, with only a few other customers. He ordered himself a cup of coffee and a bagel with cream cheese, and he sat down in one of the big puffy chairs that were gathered around a small table, to contemplate his predicament. He wasn't completely resolved to have Sandra out of his life. While at times being with her could be troubling, all in all she wasn't all that bad. He did enjoy having sex with her. The way she was always willing to go down on him, the way that her face got all scrunched up and all the noise that she made when she came. It was these things that had made him fall in love with her in the first place. Her distance now was more than just geographical. Was he still with her now, he just didn't know, until she would talk to him? He looked at his watch. It was one thirty in the afternoon, so it would be five thirty in the morning back home. Maybe he would call her before she went to work in a few hours.

He thought about the wet dream that he had last night. It had seemed so vivid, as if that dark haired woman was actually real. It was obviously the fortuneteller, with her love card and her rose tattoo who had sparked the dream, since the woman in the dream also had a rose tattoo. And how the woman had insisted that they would see each other again soon. It was just weird. Not that he would mind meeting her in a dream again. It was just that he never had recurring dreams, and he didn't expect to now. Finding the earring in his sleeping bag had really freaked him out though. It was as if she really had been there with him. Where had she gone during the night if she really was there? Was she maybe some kind of ghost? He just didn't know. He laughed at himself for thinking such silly thoughts.

He took a sip off coffee and looked around him. Sitting in a chair next to him, working on a laptop, was a very attractive auburn haired, young woman. He hadn't noticed here there when he had sat down. She had shoulder length hair, pale freckled skin and small breasts. He checked himself, hoping not to get caught staring at them. Working on her laptop, she appeared to be just as oblivious to him as he had been to her sitting down next to him. After a moment she looked up, and he tried to use it as an opportunity to strike up a conversation.

"Cold weather we have been having."

"Yes, it was cold this morning," she said, looking back down at her laptop.

"Hi, what is your name?" he asked, hoping to get her to turn and talk to him.

"Rika," she said, flashing him her blue eyes.

"Hello Rika, my name is Edmond. It is nice to meet you"

"Nice to meet you."

"What are you working on?"

"I am working on a paper for my creative writing class."

"So, what do you do for fun around here?"

"Some times bands come to the bar down the street. But, mostly it's pretty dead around here. There is a band coming tonight."

"Cool, maybe I'll go see them. Are you from around here?"

"No, I'm from Norway."

"I am from, America"

"Yes, I know."

"How can you tell?"

"Well your accent for one thing. I am sorry but I really must get this paper done."

"Goodbye, I hope to see you tonight," Edmond said as he got up to leave.


Edmond decided to go back to his room. By now all of the other residents had cleared out, so he had the room to himself. He spent the afternoon reading his book, which, as he read, didn't get much better. As the afternoon wore on he became aware of the fading of the light coming through the window. Soon also he was starting to feel hunger. Sick of the dehydrated food, it seemed that he had been eating so much of in the last weeks, Edmond thought he would spend a few euros and have himself a nice dinner. He went to the front desk and talk to the clerk there, asking him where he might find a good meal around the hostel. The clerk advised him that there was an Italian restaurant and an American style steak house just down the street.

Though it might cost a few more euros, Edmond decided that he would try the steakhouse. Edmond had a steak and potato with sour cream and bacon bits. He also ordered a glass of the local beer to drink. Thoroughly full he left the restaurant and walked to the bar where Rika had told him the band would be playing. Things were already in full swing when he got there. The band was a three piece with a guitar, drums and keyboardist playing the bass parts. They were playing mostly blues songs.

He saw Rika and went over to talk to her. She was sitting with several other girls. He pulled up a seat to the table they were sitting at, and she introduced him to her friends, or at least she tried to. The music was very loud and it was hard to hear anybody talk, so he sat and listened to the music.

The singer, a very attractive black woman, was dressed in a black form fitting evening dress with thin red stripes and knee high black leather boots, came up to the microphone after the band had played a couple of instrumental numbers. She began to sing, clasping the microphone stand in her hands.

I come around in the evening after the sun goes down

I come around in the evening after the sun goes down

I am an evil woman baby, I'm the nastiest bitch in town

The truth isn't always the way that it seems

I tell you, the truth isn't always what it seems

I'll haunt your days, and torture you in your dreams

So if you want me around, I'll tell you how to behave

So if you want me around, I'll tell you how to behave

If you think you got me, you know I'll make you my slave

After the band had finished, Edmond, entranced by the singer, sat motionless, staring off into space.

"Hey, you there?" Rika asked, waving her hand in front of his face.

"Yes, sorry, I got distracted."

"Yes, I could see that," she said laughing.

"I was thinking about.."

"I know what you were thinking about," she laughed.

"It's late, I really need to get some sleep. Maybe we could meet tomorrow?"

"I'll be in the coffee shop tomorrow morning, I still haven't finished my paper, why don't you come by?"

"Sure, that sounds fine. I'll see you then," he said, getting up out of the chair.

"God natt"

"Good night," he said, turning away and leaving the bar.

When Edmond got back to his room he found that all the other guys that were sharing the room were already asleep and snoring loudly. Quietly as he could he changed out of his clothes and got beneath the covers. Tired from the day, he quickly fell asleep. As soon as he fell asleep he began to dream.

Like the dream he had the night before he found himself in bed with a woman. This time he found himself in bed with Rika. Both of them were naked.

"Miss me," she said, smiling and snuggling up next to him, her warm flesh rubbing up against his side.

At first he was stunned. It had only been a short while since he had said good night to Rika and now here she was in bed with him, and naked at that.

"Uh, yeah," he said playing along.

She rolled up on top of him and looked down at him. Her beauty entranced him, as she smiled down from her position on top of him. Her sparkling blue eyes seemed to have a light of their own, in the dim light of the bedroom. He could feel the blood start to fill his member as he felt her small breasts pressed against him and the faint smell of her perfume filled his nostrils.

"How much?"

"Well, I think if you wait a few moments you'll be able to feel for yourself."

She laughed and bent her head down to kiss him. He felt her tongue enter his mouth and responded with his own. They held the kiss for several seconds, their tongues caressing each other.

"Mmm, that was nice last night, but I wanted some more," she said, looking down at him, her unsecured red hair falling around his face and blocking the light.

"Your wish is my command," he said. He rolled over on her so that she was bellow him and began kissing her again. Kissing her on the lips first and then working his way down her neck. He could hear her breathing increase as he continued kissing, and that spurred him on to continue his kissing. He kissed his way down to her breasts. He took his time kissing around her right nipple, licking it but not taking it into his mouth. He could feel its growing hardness as he licked. He switched over to her left nipple, teasing it with his tongue until it also hardened. He kissed his way up her chest, up her neck and back to her mouth, where he inserted his tongue, feeling her tongue respond and fighting his for supremacy.

Bringing himself up so that they were face to face, he could feel her snatch hair rubbing against the tip of his cock, as they kissed. As he continued to kiss her he pivoted his hips so that the tip of his cock would rub against her pussy. He continued to tease her with his cock, feeling her hot wetness against the tip as they kissed. He felt her hands grab a hold of his cock and position it to enter her and he pulled away teasingly.

"Fuck me already," she cried in frustration, pulling away from their kiss.

"Not yet," he teased, bending down to kiss her again, reinserting his tongue into her mouth.

She responded with a muted cry of frustration and by quickly rolling over on top of him. She sat up on top of him with her legs straddling him and his erect cock gently nestled between her buttocks.

"Two can play that game," she teased and lifted herself up so that her pussy was right above his cock. He smiled noticing that she was a natural red head, with a field of red hair surrounding her untrimmed pussy. She rubbed her pussy against the tip of his cock, smearing the precum that had formed there around the head.

"You want it as bad as I do, don't you?"

"Yes," he grudgingly admitted.

"Say please," she chided.


"Please, what?"

"Please let me fuck you."

"Do you promise to last longer this time?"


"Well you better, or we're only going to have to do it again, until you get it right" she laughed.

So saying she allowed herself to slide down on his pole. He held on to her hips as she began to slide up and down on him. Soon he was meeting her thrusts, pushing himself up into her as she came down on him.

He watched her face as she went up and down on him. He watched her breasts bouncing in rhythm as she jounced up and down on him. He reached up and cupped her breasts, pinching her nipples and listening as she squealed with pleasure. He watched as her expression began to change, as her mouth fell open and eyes went partially shut. Soon her breaths were becoming quick and ragged and she began to moan.

"Uh, uhh, ohh, yessss," she cried.

He felt her pussy start to contract around his cock, and that started his own slide down into orgasm. Building like a wave at the base of his cock, the contractions slowly worked their way down his length. Soon he was spraying his seed into her pulsing cave. He pushed up into her with one final thrust, burying himself as deep as he could go into her.

She collapsed upon him, his length still in her. After a moment she lifted her head and looked at him.

"Mmmm, well that was better, but we're still going to have to work on it," she said teasingly, "see you tomorrow night."

He awoke from his dream to find his sheets were wet again.

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