tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersDream Lovers Ch. 05

Dream Lovers Ch. 05



Women's Cave celebrates their transsexual customers with a special show at least once a year.

The club posted the following advertisement on their web site as well as Curve and The Advocate lesbian magazines.

"Women's Cave, by popular demand, is pleased to again welcome the nationally renowned, beautiful and special French Sisters, Michelle and Nicole. The stars will appear Friday and Saturday night at 9 PM and a Saturday matinee at 3 PM. Meet and dance with the beauties after each performance.

Cover charge is $20.00 in advance or $30.00 at the door.

Men are admitted free when accompanied buy a woman.

Please remember that no cameras or video devices are allowed."

Christine and Jeri knew the performers very well. Both engaged in a hot night of sex with the sisters two year's ago. They were surprised to learn that Michelle and Nicole are transsexuals at birth.

She and Jeri kept the truth from the others only promising that they were in for a very special evening.

The special evening gave all the opportunity to dress accordingly.

Christine chose a red push up bra dress, matching high heels, ruby teardrop earrings and a matching ruby on a gold chain. The dress accentuated her lovely 38" breasts, tiny waist and gorgeous ass. She looked stunning.

Jeri chose a very tight lace up white dress; black high heels diamond studs and solid silver necklace. The dress accented her body curves lewdly proclaiming her smoldering sexuality.

Janet chose a short leopard skin patterned push up bra dress, black loop earrings and a matching necklace. She added black lace up spiked heel boots. She looked wild and adventuresome.

Lucy chose a black lace body suit, and a clearly visible black bra and thong. She added black toe loop sandals. Her eyelashes and lids are jet black. The 5 ft dynamo looked sexually inviting.

Leslie chose a black and white stripped halter-top and matching hip huger slacks. She added emerald on gold ear studs and a gold medallion outlining a women swimmer. She combed her hair back and to one side, in the sultry look of a movie starlet.

Matt wore tight leather pants and a white silk shirt with a plunging front and a gold medallion with the initials M and C outlined by a heart. His Polo cologne blended nicely with the women's Elizabeth Taylor fragrance.

They were lucky to find a round table for six near the front and were on their second cocktail when co-owner and host for the evening, the luscious Courtney Hill entered the stage. Courtney is a stunning red head, 5'9" tall, full 40" breasts, 22" waist and 35" hips. Her voice is deep and sultry. Her commanding presence belies a kind, caring and friendly nature. She is committed to her long time lesbian lover, bartender and co-owner Jessica Carey.

"Welcome ladies and especially the men we don't see here very often."

A light laughter filled the room before she continued.

"Tonight is very special to Jessica and me. We have known tonight's performers for many years. Like us, they struggled for acceptance and eventually gained nation wide fame and fortune with their charm and unmatched beauty. They graciously appeared at no charge our first three years. We literally owe our success to their kindness and generosity. They are very dear friends. I hope you love them as much as we do. Ladies and Gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to French sisters Michelle and Nicole!"

The transsexuals are as beautiful as ever. In 10 years working as escorts, models and performers at up scale lesbian and gay nightclubs, their popularity and success required they stay fit and trim.

Michelle, now 29, still maintains her 36-24-36" figure. Nicole, a year younger is 38-23-35". They identically dressed in white halter-tops, short black leather skirts, sexy cream colored spider web panty hose, black high heels, a black belt and Bahaman straw hats. They wore star shaped ear studs and diamond pinkie rings.

Michelle accepted the microphone from Courtney and thanked her for a warm introduction. "We are happy to see you and Jessica doing so well.

Turning to the audience, she began the show with introductions.

"It is nice to see some familiar faces here. For newcomers, I am Michelle."

"I guess that makes me Nicole," her sister jested, to laughter from the audience.

"I see we have people here who like bad jokes." Michelle kidded her sister. Want to try again?"

"OK. What is the best opening line to use on a transsexual?"

"I don't know," Michelle protested, "See if anyone in the audiences knows."

Christine stood and yelled. "Let's put our heads together."

"Not bad," Michelle praised "How about a round of applause for my friend Christine."

"I have one," Nicole offered. "Your beauty is rushing to my head."

More laughter followed.

The house lights dimmed. The stage lights came on. Michelle and Nicole held each other tight and waltzed to the slow rhythm of a beating drum. The backdrop showed a collage of beautiful nude women.

As the music continued and the beat grew faster, Michelle and Nicole boogied and removed various items of their clothing. They rolled the straw hats around their finger and tossed them to the audience. They danced sexily and removed their shoes.

After a while longer, they removed their hater tops revealing their luscious breasts. The audience applauded, spellbound by the perfectly shaped boobs. Moans of desire filled the room.

Michelle and Nicole removed their tight skirts and pranced about the stage in their sexy panty hose.

The entire audience clapped. A wolf whistle came from the back. Michelle and Nicole left the stage and cavorted among the audience. Everyone clapped as one to the beat of the drum.

After an half hour of sexually teasing the room full of turned on men and women they returned to the stage, held each other's hand and bowed. Courtney came on stage and announced a short recess.

Janet, Lucy and Leslie curiously asked how Christine knew Michelle and Nicole.

"Jeri and I saw their show two years ago. They also work as escorts and models. You will get to know them tonight. They are among the kindest, most good-hearted and sexiest women I have ever met. They are deeply in love with each other and happily share their love with others. They are special in more ways than one."

Matt guessed the meaning or her last remark and whispered to Christine asking if they are like her. Christine nodded yes. He asked if she ever had sex with Michelle and Nicole. "Oh yes, dear. I get hard just thinking about it. Jeri and I met them on a Saturday night after their show two years ago. They are incredible lovers. I hope they can stay with us tonight." Matt's cock throbbed with the thought of sex with three transsexuals.

The house lights blinked indicating the start of the second act.

The curtains opened to a completely dark stage. Two spotlights grew steadily brighter. Michelle and Nicole wearing identical see thru gowns slowly appeared. As the lights grew brighter, they turned with their backs to the audience. Everyone cooed at their incredible asses and clapped as the two rapidly shook there buns like belly dancers to the rapid drum beat.

The climatic moment came with a drum roll. Michelle and Nicole cast their gowns aside and turned to face the audience.

With the exception of a very few who knew Michelle and Nicole the audience was stunned, viewing their rock hard circumcised cocks.

The audience watched in amazement as they jerked each other off, then lay side-by-side sucking each other to shattering orgasms.

The curtain fell to a thundering ovation.

Matt and Christine fervently kissed and groped each other.

Leslie and her lover Jeri hugged. Leslie whispered, "I am so hot for a female cock!" Jeri nodded her approval and kissed Leslie fervently. "Take it from me, you'll love it my dear."

Janet and Lucy looked knowingly at each other and passionately kissed. Janet admitted an intense desire for Christine's cock. Janet reasoned that taboo or not, if two sisters had sex with each other she could have sex with her daughter. Lucy, the confirmed Lesbian knew Janet had been without a cock for at least 15 years and understandingly told her to go for it.

Michelle and Nicole gave the audience time to calm down, then retuned to the stage dressed in flower print short summer dresses, no bra or panties. They received another thunderous ovation.

They slowly made their way around the room, meeting lesbians, transsexuals, bisexuals and curious men. They danced with most of the men and transsexuals. Most returned to their table with noticeable bulges. The many women that danced returned with damp panties.

Michelle and Nicole noticed Christine and Matt dancing and cut in, Michelle dancing with Christine and Nicole with Matt.

"It is so nice to see you again. You are even more beautiful then the first time we met. I have never forgotten our sex filled night with you and Jeri." Michelle praised. "Is that gorgeous hunk the man of your dreams?"

Christine told Michelle the stranger than fiction story of how she and Matt became lovers following her motorcycle accident.

"Oh how romantic" Michelle gushed. "Nicole and I once had a wonderful relationship with two men. We met during our year in college at a lesbian bar. They dressed as a transvestite couple. We spent only one night but fell in love with their gentle manner. We knew a permanent relationship would break up two loving couples and agreed to remain life long friends. We meet occasionally for intense sex. They are now very successful businessmen."

"You would love Matt. Can you stay the weekend?"

"We would be delighted. However, wee must catch a flight to New York to rehearse a fashion show. Micelle and I will be modeling the latest in transsexual and cross-dressing apparel. Check our web side for a streaming video next weekend."

"Please come with me to meet my mother and friends," Christine offered. Nicole joined Michelle at the table.

Ladies, please meet by mother Janet. No, she did not rob a cradle. She may look 20 but she is 40 years young. Lucy, we call "Little one:" is Mom's lover. You remember my best friends Jeri. She recently found the woman of her dreams. Leslie is a lifeguard and saved Jeri from drowning in a riptide."

Nicole, smitten by the beautifully lifeguard asked Leslie for a dance. Leslie accepted anxious to wrap her arms around the luscious transsexual.

Nicole let her to the floor. They meshed perfectly. Leslie could feel Nicole's semi hard cock and creamed in her panties, holding Nicole harder. They moved very little enjoying the closeness to each other.

"Have you ever met a transsexual before tonight?" Nicole asked.

"I never wanted to until tonight. I hope I am not being too forward. I would love to take you home tonight."

"I wish I could stay, but Michelle and I have a modeling engagement in New York next weekend. We are due for rehearsals Tuesday. I would be thrilled to share transsexual love with you someday soon. You are so hot".

Leslie moaned with regret, kissing Nicole passionately and palming her hardening cock. Nicole forced her hand in her slacks palming her pussy. Leslie's hot juices covered her hand. She withdrew and both licked her hand clean. Leslie professed her urgent need for Nicole's cock.

Nicole smiled. "If you want female cock now, talk to Jeri," she urged.

Leslie was shocked when Jeri revealed Christine to be a transsexual.

When the retuned home, Leslie moved in on Christine. Matt joined Janet in Jeri's bedroom. Jeri joined Lucy in the bedroom she shared with Janet.


Leslie could not believe Christine is a transsexual. She viewed her as a kind, generous, big-hearted women and loved the way she treated people.

The show thrilled and amazed the young lifeguard. She could not rest until she experienced the joy of transsexual sex and intensely wanted to make sweet love with the knockout Christine.

She new nothing about cocks or transsexual love and trembled in anticipation as Christine took her hand guiding her to her bed.

"Don't be nervous. Tonight's experience is different but just as passionate as the love you share with Jeri. Your anxiety indicates you have never had sex with a man. Don't be embarrassed, but I have to ask if you are a virgin."

"I took by own virginity at 16. I started masturbating after sneaking a peek at my parents' porn tapes. I found one of my mother's dildos. You know the rest. My first sexual experience came from my sexy high school swim coach and I fell in love with the lesbian lifestyle. Until I met Jeri, I mostly made hot but meaningless love with other lesbian lifeguards and a few pick-ups in leebian bars. During the frustrating gaps, I used my mother's toys, Sometimes Jeri and I borrow your mom's and Lucy's toys. They are really into sex with their dildos."

"That is nor their only fetish. As you must know from fucking Lucy, they are almost as big on anal sex as Matt and I."

"Oh my, a real cock must be so much better than any toy," Leslie offered.

Christine smiled affirming her assumption and carefully removed Leslie's halter-top. She starred with admiration at Leslie's firm 37" chest. She took a deep breath and lovingly cupped them feeling the weight. Leslie loved women playing with her tits and relaxed a bit feeling her panties dampen slightly.

Leslie shook out or her shoes removed her ear studs and patiently waited for Christine to remove her hip hugger slacks. Christine knelt to her knees, unzipped and pulled down her slacks. Leslie wiggled her tight 36"ass and stepped out of the crumpled slacks. On her knees, Christine looked at Leslie's soaked thong and breathed the heavenly aroma. She continued eyeing her soft blond hair covered pussy as Leslie stepped out of her thong. Christine balled it, stuffed it in her mouth, and rose to kiss Leslie.

Each opened wide and sucked the thong almost dry.

Tossing the thong aside, Leslie frantically removed Christine's red dress and high heels as Christine removed her jewelry. Leslie stepped back to admire Christine's luscious 38" breasts, incredibly tiny 22" waist, perfect 36" ass and 9" cock. If she were not viewing Christine with her own eyes, she would think it impossible such a gorgeous woman could posses a cock, especially one so large and inviting.

She quickly went to her knees and crawled to Christine, eager to taste her cock. Christine gently stopped her. "There is no need to rush dear. If you follow my lead I promise a night you will remember forever."

"You are so beautiful and I am so turned on." Leslie pleaded. "I am yours to possess and will do anything you desire. I will even gladly be your slave."

"No dear, you must never be anyone's slave. I hate the dominant/submissive games some people play. It seems so inappropriate for people in real love. I will lead at first due to your inexperience. As we grow more comfortable together, instincts will replace thought and slow movements will replace frantic actions."

"Oh, yes Christine, you so right. I am eager for our slow journey to begin," Leslie replied, throwing her arms around Christine and fervently kissing her. Christine hugged and kissed in return. Their huge breasts mashed each other enflaming their fire. Leslie's soft mound leaked hot juices onto Christine's slowly hardening cock.

The women fell to the bed. Christine opened wide and Leslie followed, locking their lips tightly. Probing tongues increased their passion. Christine held Leslie's head in both hands, stroked her beautiful hair, kissed and licked her ears, all over her lovely face, and neck.

She fondled Leslie's perfectly shaped breasts and licked down her valley. Her talented tongue roamed over and under each breast. Leslie ran her fingers thru Christine's long auburn hair and moaned contentedly. Christine held first her left then her right breast with both hands and sucked her hard nipples. Leslie gasped and released a flood of hot pussy juices on to Christine's now hard cock.

The moment Leslie longed for arrived. "Where do want my cock lover?" Christine asked.

"I want to taste it." Leslie replied.

The lovers turned side by side. Leslie starred at Christine's rock hard cock holding it gently. She marveled at the purple head standing proudly on the hot shaft.

Christine kissed Leslie's sweet pussy, enjoying the feel or her soft blond muff on her face. Her experienced tongue opened her outer lips, as Leslie licked the head of her cock. Both swooned in ecstasy from intense desire to please each other. Burning fire filled their souls.

As Christine promised, instinct took hold as Leslie worshiped Christine's cock and licked down to her hairless mound. She swirled her tongue over her balls and licked her asshole.

Christine looked in wonder at Leslie's muff, inserted two fingers into her vaginal opening, and licked her tight asshole. She longed for the moment her cock will replace or tongue. "If not tonight, sometime very soon." she pledged to herself.

Leslie, charged by Christine's fingers and tongue took her cock head in her mouth. So warm and inviting, it tasted like nothing in her experiences and she loved it. She jabbed her pee hole. Christine discharged a drop of pre-cum. Leslie licked it into her mouth. The creamy texture and slightly salty taste made her long for more.

Christine knew that her long time friend Jeri had found a natural cocksucker and wanted Matt to experience her talent.

Leslie moved slowly down the first cock of her life and eventually held 7 of her 9 inches deep in her mouth and throat. As Christine's cock throbbed, the sexy lifeguard bobbed up and down.

Christine frantically finger fucked her pussy and lapped Leslie's asshole driving her passion to new heights. She bobbed faster and faster on her cock and quickly had all 9-inches banging deep in her throat.

She felt Christine's cock twitch and grow harder. She felt it pulse. She licked the red-hot head as rope after rope of Christine's cum flooded her mouth. She swallowed hard time after time but could not keep up. Cum overflowed her mouth spilling on her chin and Christine's mound. Christine withdrew and shot her final rope on Leslie's face.

Christine lifted Leslie's smiling face and kissed her hard, tasting the cum remaining in her lover's mouth. She cleaned her cum from Leslie's face and shared it in a frothy kiss. Leslie cleaned her cum from Christine's mound and sucked hard on her cock drawing out and swallowing the last of her cum.

Christine and Leslie recovered quickly. "Please fuck me. I need your cock in my cunt." Leslie begged.

Christine responded by laying on her back, her hard cock leaning toward her face. Leslie straddled her and held her cock, took aim and engulfed it quickly, startling Christine. Leslie's pussy never felt anything so warm and tight. She held still for several moments enjoying the sensations echoing throughout her body.

Christine looked at the satisfaction in Leslie's eyes and caressed her face drawing it down for a passionate open mouth kiss. Leslie slowly began to rock up and down. They pawed at each other's tits. Leslie's globes hung low and swung madly as she rocked faster and harder.

Christine's cock rubbed Leslie's G-spot. She felt the familiar pressure, leaned back and spurted several streams of clear ejaculate on Christine's face and in her open mouth. Leslie's orgasm thrilled Christine and she bathed her face, arms and breasts in Leslie's discharge.

The pleasure written on Christine's face thrilled Leslie. She confidently determined to fuck Christine as good as possible. She rocked up and down with renewed fervor. She road the full 9-inches of her cock and ground her hairy muff against her bare mound. Christine loved her soft blond pussy hair pushing on her bare skin and the incredibly tight cunt engulfing her cock. She succumbed to her ecstasy.

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