tagGroup SexDream Pizza Delivery

Dream Pizza Delivery


It was cold and raining when I finally reached my last delivery for the night. As I walked up the hill from my car, I noticed there were few lights on. Just as well since they ordered a medium pepperoni and nothing else. As I edged near the door, I couldn't hear much coming from the house, as if they were waiting for me or something. I got ready to ring the doorbell when the svelte woman opened the door wearing this really tight, really skimpy French maids' outfit. As my eyes were bulging at her, she gave me a wicked smile as she invited me in out of the rain.

As I entered, I got a better look at this ravenous beauty in black. I noticed the tiny tiara on top of her long black hair. Her face was framed by her hair so I noticed her luscious lips and her very high cheek bones. As I carefully looked down, I noticed her ample cleavage barely held in by her outfit, the sheer fabric showing off the belly piercing before noticing the ruffle around her waist. Before my mind had a chance to register at least the mere hint of a fantasy with her, a male voice cleared its throat from the back of the room.

I turned to see her husband sitting in a Hugh Hefner style smoking jacket. He had a huge grin on his face as he asked if his wife gave me a tip yet. I was so bent on observing his hottie of a wife that I forgot about the pizza and the money. My boss was going to kill me if I forgot the payment. It was then that his wife gave me a twenty dollar bill with a wicked smile on her face. She looked at her husband kind of hesitantly before asking me if I had time for her tip. My smile must have been a signal before she had me set the pizza down before kneeling down before me. I watched as her eyes fastened onto the growing bulge under my khaki shorts.

Her husband then told me I was to stay still as she gave me my compensation for driving out in the pouring rain. The sound of my zipper being undone took my attention before feeling her hot breath on my genitalia. A moment or two of hesitation and a forlorn look at her husband preceded a small lick on the head of my cock before she slowly took me fully into her mouth. The sight of this older woman in this slutty outfit on the end of my sexual extremity was enough to make me want to fill her mouth fully with my young seed. She wasn't like the girls in school that tried to inhale it as if it was a string of coke. She took her time, feeling the suction on every inch of my seven inch member. I was in the presence of a cock sucking master.

I felt more empowered as her husband said this was fine and he pulled out his member and began to stroke slowly. He began to explain how his wife lost a bet they had and it was part of the consequence that she was to dress the way she did and give the next stranger that walked in a complete and total oral finish. With those final words, I felt myself release utterly and totally down this beauty's throat. I looked down as this lady was swallowing every drop my inexperienced cock could empty into her, the corners of her mouth smiling as I looked there in disbelief. Most of my previous partners, scratch that, all of them insisted I cum on their faces or fuck them to release. Having a woman swallow me was exhilarating, mesmerizing. It was then that her husband brought me down to earth by asking if I wasn't able to stay a bit longer.

I figured I could think of a good excuse, so I agreed to stick around. I then watched as our little maid began to pull down her underwear so her shaven pussy came into view. I then volunteered to get on the floor and began to lick her. As my tongue tried to break the speed record, she grabbed my hair gently and told me to slow down. None of the other girls let me go down there with my tongue, so I was very eager to please this woman who just a few moments ago took every bit of my essence down her throat. I slowly let my tongue run up and down her smooth clit as I heard her moans a little muffled. I looked up to see her husband's endowment deep in her mouth as her eyes were closed. Her top was unstrung to reveal her wonderfully large nipples just begging to be bitten. I went back to feasting on her luscious lips as her hips began to buck against my tongue. It was a few moments until her juices covered my chin and mouth. As I rose up from where I was, she pulled her husband's cock out of her mouth long enough to bury her tongue inside my mouth, licking her essence off of me. The naughtiness of this act brought my cock back to hardness as she told me to lie down.

I watched as she then straddled my cock with a big grin on her face. Her tightness grabbed onto my shaft as she lowered herself down with a massive scream. As she scrunched down on top of me, she told me how she wanted to always have a young stud in her pussy while her husband's cock pounded her ass. I actually felt him inside her thru her as we both began to screw her. It took a while before we got a good rhythm going. I watched as her breasts heaved in front of me before I grabbed one and began to bite that nipple hard. Her moans were as an instant aphrodisiac as I felt my seed bubble from below me as I shot hard and fast into her pussy. The wicked smile she gave me was tattooed inside my brain as I watched her lean back so her husband could cum all over those beautiful breasts.

Like all good dreams, I seemed to not want to wake up until my cell phone went off. It was my boss looking for me. I apologized for being there so long and headed towards the door as his wife walked me there. She gave me a long tongue kiss again and let me know to come back after work for a nightcap. It took a while to fix myself up before getting back to the store, but as I ran out the door after being counted out, I wanted to speed back there for the next round.

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