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Dream To Reality


I walked into the porn store, hands sweating and shaking like a leaf. The guy at the front desk was about 35 with short brown hair and an ok body. He looked at me and a grin swept across his face.

“Hey buddy, pass me your ID” I did. “Happy Birthday my man… you’re 18 today… Welcome in to the store. What can I help you with?”

I looked at him with a crazed expression in my eyes as I took back my ID. I asked him where the booths were. He nodded and pointed to a drape that was in the corner and said, “The fourth cubicle is open.” And for measure he added, “A glory hole is there on each side for you also.” I was so excited… in fact that is just why I went there, Curiosity.

Hey let me tell you a bit about myself. My name is Ben; I’m not going to tell you where I live but whatever. I’m around 6’0 tall with reddish-brown hair, hazel eyes, a slim lanky body and an 8 inch cut penis. My fantasy for as long as I can remember is to be fucked by a guy. Blunt but true. I always told myself that when I turned 18 if I hadn’t been taken yet I’d lose my anal virginity in a porn store.

So there I was going towards booth number four. I got in and decided not to lock the door. I put in my money and started flipping through the movies. I stayed on a very nice one of a girl fucking a guy with a strap on while he was moaning beyond belief. I sat back down on the bench and took out my cock and began stroking it. I looked around the room, it was pretty small and the walls were painted red. There was dry cum all over the place and a couple of spots that weren’t so old… in fact one of them was fresh.

Now I’ve never tasted cum before… in fact besides my own I’ve never seen another cock. So I dipped my finger into the warm goop that was on the wall and massaged my fingers with it. Nice and sticky.

I glanced back at the movie. The girl had removed the white strap on and there was a small red residue on it. The guy’s ass was bleeding. I winced, that was one of my only turn offs about this whole fantasy of mine. I was scared I’d get too hurt… even though I like pain to an extent, I still didn’t want to bleed.

I remembered the glory holes to the sides of me and I looked at the one to my right and I saw an eye looking at me. The eye winked and disappeared. It was quickly replaced with the guy’s cock. I just gaped at it. Unlike in the porn movies it wasn’t glistening and pulsating. But like in some movies it was fucking huge. This boner was at least 10 inches in length, and that’s what was just going through the hole.

I heard a voice say, “Jerk it boy. Make me cum in your hand.” I moved over to the penis and took it into my hand and began pumping my hand up and down slowly. I heard a moan and I began to stroke a little faster. I was so enraptured with the object in my hand that I didn’t hear my door open. Suddenly I was whisked to my feet and turned around. I looked up at my attacker and it was the store clerk.

He winked at me and took hold of my ass. I couldn’t see his other hand but then I felt him guide me to the wall. I knew what was happening and I began to struggle. In my mind I knew that there was absolutely no way in hell that monster could fit in my virgin ass.

“Wait. I’m a virgin. Please. Be careful.” The clerk just laughed and pushed me back violently onto the man’s penis. I screamed in pain as I felt something rip. The clerk held me tightly against the wall and told the man on the other side to wait until I was used to it before moving. At least he was a little bit considerate. Tears were welling in my eyes and I gritted my teeth.

“Calm down kid, don’t grit your teeth so tight. You’ll hurt your jaw.” The guy on the other side of the wall pumped once and I began to whimper. Tears streamed down my face as the man moved back and forth. The clerk yelled at the top of his lungs for the guy to stop.

“If you don’t stop that I’ll be forced to cut it off. I said to wait, and I meant it.” The movement stopped immediately. I looked up at the clerk and managed a smile. “Thanks.” I whispered voice to hoarse to say it any louder. I put my hands on the floor and began to support my own weight. The clerk looked at me and told me to relax. If I did it would hurt a lot less. I nodded and relaxed a bit.

The door creaked and another man came into the room. This guy was about as tall as I was but he was built. He already had his penis out and he placed it at my lips. I glanced at the cut cock in front of my lips and looked into the man’s eyes.

He smiled at me and said, “Don’t worry, unlike Matt behind the wall, I’m a nice guy, and I’m only 7 inches. If you’re not comfortable yet it’s ok.” I grinned up at him and nodded. The pain in my ass was still overwhelming but I liked this guy. I grasped his penis in my hand and pulled him closer to me. I wrapped my inexperienced lips around his extension and began to lick up and down the shaft. He began to pump in and out of my mouth. He was fucking my face. I let go of his penis and let him just fuck my face.

He thrust into my face and my entire body shook. Unfortunately the force propelled my body closer to the wall and the monstrous cock in my ass moved farther up into me. I screamed in agony.

The clerk turned to the man fucking my face and exclaimed, “Be careful Adam. This kid is really sensitive.” Adam nodded and began to drive into my mouth at a little slower and softer pace. I heard the door creak yet again and two more men came into the room. This was a little more than I had expected but I was slowly getting hot. I welcomed the fact that their cocks were hanging out of their pants.

One came to my left side while the other went to my right. Each glanced down at me and picked my hands off the ground hand started moving my hands up and down their penises. The pain in my ass was erased by the sexual passion that was emanating from my being now. I licked the penis in my mouth and thrust back hard on Matt’s cock. There was a pause and Matt began to thrust into my ass. As I sat there barely balanced, jerking two guys and sucking one while being fucked brutally in the ass. My fantasy was almost complete. The only difference was that nothing was helping me on my personal way to my sexual height. The store clerk released my ass and left the room.

As he exited he called out, “Jen come here. You don’t need to watch the store. You can join in.” and then he was gone. I heard the patter of footsteps over the sloshing around me. I looked at the door again and saw a blond girl standing there. Her tips were pink and she was cute. She looked at me and waved. She came towards me and began rubbing my back.

She stepped towards me and put her lips to my ear and whispered. “My fantasy is to be fucked by a guy while he’s fucked in the ass. I hope you don’t mind.” My penis got instantly harder. I looked into her eyes and she winked. She slowly knelt below me engulfing my swollen member into her hot mouth. Expertly she began to play with me. The sensation was unbearable.

Matt thrust into my ass again and again. His thrusts we’re getting faster with each pump. Adam’s pace was quickening as well. The cocks in my hand swelled a little bit and I knew that they were all going to ejaculate soon.

Jen removed my cock from her mouth and lay beneath me. She pulled my ass off of Matt and instructed him to come around. The door ripped open and I saw Matt for the first time. He was very handsome, with tanned skin and an adorable face. His tousled brown hair was waving through the air as he ran towards me getting ready to insert his enormous cock back into my anal passage.

Jen kept him at bay with her leg and told him to hold on for just one second. She whispered to me that it was her fantasy that I was going to fulfill now and with that she took my penis into her hand and guided it to her juicy and dripping pussy. As I entered her I felt myself swell. I knew that I’d be shooting soon. I began to lunge into her repeatedly while still getting face fucked by Adam and jerking off the two guys. My ass felt a little empty and I could feel the stretch that was left by Matt.

Jen looked at Matt and nodded for him to move back in. Matt dove onto me and thrust his manhood deep into me. Doing this caused me to ram harder into Jen. She screamed out in complete ecstasy. The two cocks in my hand began to shake and they shot their sticky hot cum all over my body and hands. One of them rubbed it all over my face and into my hair. The two of them slapped my back told me I was a good play and left the room.

I could feel the hot cum dripping down my back. Adam screamed out that he was about to come and grabbed my head and jammed his hot penis down my throat and began to spew his hot liquid coating my tonsils. He held himself there until I groped at him pushing away because I could not breathe. He mumbled an apology and removed his member from my mouth. He bent down and kissed me on the lips. This was the first time I had ever kissed a man and he licked some of his own cum up and spit it back into my mouth. He said, “Kid you are one hot fuck… don’t change… I’ll be looking for you.” And that said he zipped up his pants and exited the room.

All who was left was Jen, Matt, and of course in the middle of this hot sandwich was yours truly. I moved in to kiss Jen, but she shook her head. “I hate cum,” she said, “Get rid of it before you kiss me.” I looked at her with half closed eyes and nodded. I was exhausted but I didn’t want this to end. I swallowed all of the juice that was in my mouth. I licked the insides repeatedly making sure there was absolutely none left over. I looked at her and she inspected my mouth. “Ok.” She said and grabbed my head in for a deep kiss. At that moment of course Matt yelled and thrust into me yet again. I had forgotten that he was there for a moment. Besides the constant pressure he was not moving and he was completely silent.

This drive sent my body crashing down on top of Jen and she moaned into my mouth. I began to move back and forth again into her, and Matt restarted his piston like impaling on my ass. Jen began to shake as her orgasm built and this sent me right over the edge. We came simultaneously our bodies writhing in pleasure. As I approached the height of my orgasm Matt grabbed onto my waist and began to cum in my ass. This brought forth yet another Orgasm to my loins and I thrust into Jen again. She groped my body wrapping her legs around me and bringing me as close as she could to her body.

Matt lay on top of us and held himself in me for a little bit. I could feel his cum in my bowels as it moved around. He slowly removed himself from me and he did so intending to hurt me. I felt no pain. I was numb and feeling fantastic. After he left me I felt empty, as if there was a void in my being. I could feel his ejaculation running down my leg. He slapped my ass hard and told me that I was nice and tight. And then he kicked me and left.

Jen looked into my eyes and held me tight. “I need to get back to work.” She said and took me out of her. Just leaving her moist pot set me off again. I came all over myself and she just giggled and shook her head. She left me her phone number and left the room. I lay there, alone, covered in sweat and multiple amounts of cum.

I thought to myself. “Happy fucking birthday… I’m 18.”

This was my first story. I hope you liked it.

Hey any advice? Contact me at my e-mail. Thanks.

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