Dream Vacation Pt. 05


She smiled, and it was like the blooming of a rose. For just a moment I forgot that I was at an erotic resort, that I was her client and she was my hired escort; I even forgot that I had a real wife who at this moment thought I was at home in bed after a long day of classes. With a look and a smile, not to mention a beautifully elegant bridal gown, Trina had taken me right out of my head and into the fantasy she had made for me.

"Darling," she whispered as she came close enough for me to count her eyelashes, "let's go upstairs, please… I've been waiting all my life for this moment, and I can't wait anymore…"

She laid her hands on my chest and softly kissed me. At first I was still too stunned to respond, but as she pressed her lips against mine more firmly and slid her arms around my back, I responded with what came naturally.

The haze across my mind parted enough that I remembered where I was, and I wanted to ask her where on Earth she had gotten the dress, and what was in store for the rest of the evening, but I didn't want to entirely break the spell she had created. One of the other girls (I think it was Kiko) unfastened the train from the gown so that Trina could walk more freely, and without another word we both made our way to the elevator.

On the way up, we spoke no words. She just looked in my eyes with the kind of yearning that any man would give his right arm to see in his bride's eyes on his wedding night, and panted through slightly parted lips as if unable to contain her excitement. When we reached the top floor, I couldn't resist sweeping her up off the ground to carry her into our "honeymoon suite".

"Darling, you're so romantic," she sighed, fluttering her eyelashes. "I'm such a lucky woman to have someone like you to love me!"

The door was slightly open, and I pushed it with my foot to carry Trina in. We kissed with her in my arms before I laid her gently down on the bed, and she actually giggled with giddiness.

"I knew I was right to save myself for marriage," she whispered softly. "You will be gentle with me, won't you? Even if I get so excited that I lose control of myself? I've… heard that can happen."

"Have you really?" I asked her, picking up on her sudden drop in tone.

Trina looked guilty. "Well… I have to admit, in a way, I'm not really a virgin."

"What do you mean?"

"See… I've never told you this before, but… back when I was in college, me and my girlfriends used to… practice on each other."


Trina nodded. "We would kiss each other and learn how to do it, so we could do it to the boys someday. And sometimes we would try other things, because the kissing felt so good that sometimes we just had to touch each others' bodies. And just once… I was kissing my roommate, you know, the pretty blonde one, and I started to touch between my legs… and then she started to touch me there… and before I knew it, she was licking me between my legs, and it felt so good that I didn't want her to stop! And… and, I think I had my first orgasm, and I lost my head and didn't know what I was doing, and… oh, you'll think I'm some kind of slut!"

"No, what happened?" I asked, definitely interested.

"Well, she said I had to 'do' her in return, so I started licking her too, and we both got so excited, and… she put her fingers inside me. And I did it to her too! And we just kept going in and out of each other, using our fingers and our tongues, until we both had orgasms and even then I didn't want to stop, so we kept doing it until we were both too exhausted to move! Please, don't hate me, I just couldn't help myself, and I'm sure that you'll get me even more excited than she did and I wouldn't want you to think wrong of me."

I swallowed with a dry throat. "No, really, it's all right."

"Really?" Trina said hopefully. "So, it's okay that my girlfriends and I used to practice sex with each other? Because, to be really totally honest, it wasn't just once, it was lots of times. And it wasn't just me and my roommate, it was all of us."

"It's fine, really –"

"You would think we were just completely abandoned, darling. Sometimes I would spread my legs and the girls would lie between them just like we heard that a man would do, and we would rub our… well you know… and we would really be doing it just to practice but it felt so good that we wouldn't want to stop! I have to admit, even though I know you're going to make me feel even better than they did, I think I'm going to miss their touch. But we're married now, so it wouldn't be right for me to kiss other girls anymore, would it?" She looked at me with eyes that looked almost pleading.

"Well… I don't think I would mind, actually."

"Oh, you're just teasing me," Trina pouted. "You can't tell me that you actually want me to kiss and touch other girls. I mean, let's just say I did, what would happen if she wanted to touch you too? Then you would have two women making love to you, and that would just never work."

"I wouldn't mind trying it sometime," I said.

Trina smiled brightly. "Really? You are just the sweetest man! I'm so lucky to be married to a guy who would let me bring a girlfriend to our bed! It sounds almost too good to be true."

"I agree," I nodded – and suddenly, I had a startling revelation. It was one of those enormous ideas that hits one all at once and pushes everything else straight out of the mind, including a seductive woman in a wedding gown. I didn't hear what Trina said next, until she touched me on the shoulder.

"Hey, are you awake?" she asked with a smile.

"Oh! Um, I'm sorry," I said, and returned her smile with all interest renewed. "What were you saying, my dear?"

"I was asking you, how do I make love to a man?" Trina asked. "Will you teach me? Please?"

This was going to be fun. "First of all, you have to let me touch you however and wherever I want to," I said.

"That sounds nice. I like it so far!"

"And, you have to use your tongue and your lips a lot, and kiss me where you think I'll like it. And when you have an orgasm, you need to moan loudly and tell me how it feels."

"You're making this too easy on me," Trina scolded. "I know it's my first time, but there has to be more to it than that!"

"Well, we can make it up as we go," I said, taking her and lying her backwards on the bed.

"Oh, I can't wait… show me everything," Trina whispered as her lips reached for mine and her wet tongue slid into my mouth.

We held each other in a lover's kiss, and her slim and delicate fingers reached between us to unbutton my collar and shirt. I found the zipper in the back of her gown and pulled it down, even as my other hand traveled up her leg, caressing white sheer silk. I reached the top and dared to go further, finding wet, naked lips at the end.

"Ooh… my friend Betty said I should shave," Trina said. "She said it would make me more sensitive, and she let me feel how smooth she was. I thought it was so nice… I hope you like it."

"It is nice," I replied.

"Really? I'm so glad," Trina said. "Ooh, I like the way you're touching me… would you think it too forward of me if I touched you the same way? I think I can feel your manhood against me, it's so nice and hard. It's making me so excited!"

"You can undress me, if you want to," I said, rolling over and lying back to let Trina take off my clothes.

"Oh wow… can I really?" Trina sat up on her knees and reached over to unzip my fly, and then pulled my pants down and off of me. Then she finished unbuttoning my shirt and helped me sit up slightly to take it off me and throw it aside. Finally, she reached up to take my briefs down.

"Go on," I encouraged her.

"I will," she whispered. "It's just… I've never seen a man this way before."

Finally, she closed her eyes and pulled the elastic waistband down, off my legs, and then opened her eyelids for a peek. Her hand went to her mouth. "Oh my God," gasped. "That looks so good! Oh, I think I'll do whatever you want if you'll just put that wonderful thing inside me!

"I want to put it in your mouth first," I said, feeling bold.

"You would let me do that?" she asked excitedly. "I thought I would have to beg you for it, and now you're just going to let me?"

"Well, I'd kind of like to see you beg for it, if that's all right," I told her.

Trina nodded, and got down on her knees, on the floor. I stood up so that she could look up at me, and she looked incredibly hot in her white wedding dress, her eyes wide and innocent, her lips wet with desire. "Please," she whispered, "please, let me kiss your beautiful, hard cock… I want to feel you thrusting in my mouth, between my lips, so that I can give you the pleasure I once gave to my girl-friends…"

I leaned slightly forward and let the head of my rock-hard cock brush against her lips. She never broke eye contact with me, but began to softly slide her parted lips around my member, very lightly and gently so that I could only feel softness, and then the wet of her tongue. Her hands began to run her own tits through her dress, and as she began to suck me into her mouth she pushed her dress down until her breasts were exposed over the top. Soon she was swallowing half my length and rubbing naked tits in slow circles with both hands, all the while staring with longing into my eyes.

"I want more," she whispered as she pulled away for a moment.

I was about to pull her to her feet and put my cock into her right then and there, without even bothering to take off the dress, when I heard a loud clatter from the closet and a crash that made me jump.

"Oh! Oh, mon dieu, oh non…" said a voice from behind the closed door.

I raced across the room, not even bothering to grab something to wrap around my waist, and opened the closet door. I caught a glimpse of blonde hair before whoever it was pulled a sheet over herself to hide in a curled-up, trembling ball.

"Who is it?" Trina asked in a slightly frightened whisper.

I pulled the sheet away, and got my second major shock of the evening. It was Monique! Dressed in a classic French-Maid's costume, with white lace and black silk, barely containing her huge breasts and cut so high as to expose her legs all the way up to her panties. "It appears to be the maid," I said, smiling as I finally understood the entire game that Trina had set up for me.

"Pardonnez-moi, Monsieur, Madame! Je suis terriblement désolée. Je nettoyais la chamber et je me suis étendue pour un moment et je me suis endormie. Quand je vous ai entendue arriver, je ne savais pas quoi faire, alors je me suis cachée dans la penderie – je ne voulais pas vous observer, vraiment ce n'était pas mon but!"

I don't speak a word of French, but Trina seemed to understand. "She says she accidentally fell asleep and we startled her when we came in," she translated. "So she hid in the closet."

"S'il-vous-plaît, ne dites rien à Madame Samantha – je ne veux pas avoir de problèmes. Je ferai nimporte quoi!"

"She's afraid we'll tell on her," Trina said. "Sweetheart, I don't think we need to do that, do you?"

"Of course not," I said, and offered Monique my hand. "Here, let me help you up."

"M-merci," she stuttered, and let me pull her up to her feet. She looked down at me, and I realized that I was still completely unclothed, and that my hard-on had gone down a bit but was still standing almost straight out from me. She gasped, putting a hand to her mouth, and then looked back up at me with wide eyes. "Je suis désolée – Je…"

She swooned, and I caught her.

"Here, take her to the bed," Trina said. I pulled Monique over and laid her down, whereupon her eyelids fluttered and she put a hand to her forehead. "Shh, it's all right," Trina said to her. "There's no need to be so scared."

Monique opened her eyes again, and again they went wide when she saw us both leaning over her. "Je suis vraiment désolée," she whispered. "Je ne sais pas ce qui m'a prise. Je devrais partir, Madame Samantha vas se demander où

je suis."

"Don't be ridiculous, you can't go now," Trina insisted. "Darling, open the champagne and let her have some, she needs something to calm her nerves."

I hadn't noticed the champagne bucket before, but I saw it next to be bed and pulled the bottle from the ice. The cork came out with a loud -pop- and bubbled briefly over the top before I poured some into a tall flute and brought it over to Monique, who sat up with Trina's help.

"Merci," she whispered, and sipped the champagne through sweet pink lips. She drank about half the glass, breathed deeply, and seemed to collect herself. "Vous êtes vraiment gentils et compréhensifs," she said. "Je suis tellement désolée de déranger votre intimité de cette façon. Je voulais partir, mais… je ne pouvais m'empêcher de vous regarder. C'est très mal de ma part. Encore une fois, pardonnez-moi…"

"She says she couldn't help watching us," Trina said. Then she looked at Monique. "Wait, you were watching us?"

"S'il-vous-plaît, ne soyez pas fâché. Je ne pouvais pas m'en empêcher!" Monique said fearfully.

"Dear, I'm not angry, really. It's just… this is my first time with a man, and I wasn't even sure I was doing it right. Was I okay?"

Monique looked surprised. "C'est votre première fois? Comment est-ce possible qu'une aussi belle femme n'ait jamais connu un homme?"

"Oh, I'm not so special," Trina blushed. To me, she said, "She wonders how such a beautiful woman can still be a virgin."

"Vous êtes vraiment belle!" Monique insisted. "Si j'étais un homme, je vous trouverais irresistible. Je m'imaginais meme vous embrassant pendant que je vous observais."

Trina looked suddenly interested. "Really?" she said.

"What, what did she say?" I asked.

"One moment, darling… What is your name, dear?"


"You say that you imagined kissing me… have you ever kissed a woman before?"

"No, Madame - jamais."

"Darling," Trina said to me, "would you mind if Monique kissed me? I just want her to know that everything is all right, and I think it would help."

"I don't mind," I said.

"Oh Madame, je ne pourrais pas… vous avez déjà été assez bonne pour moi!"

"Please, Monique, I don't want there to be any hard feelings," Trina insisted. "And besides, maybe you can help me."

"Je ferais nimporte quoi, Madame."

"Have you been with a man before, Monique?"

"Oui, Madame."

"You know how to please a man, as a lover?"

"Oui, Madame."

"Then you can show me how to please my man… and I will show you how to love a woman…"

"Oh Madame…je ne sais comment vous remercier…" Monique purred, and closed her eyes as Trina moved in for the kiss. Their lips came together, red on pink, and Monique gasped and then softly moaned, her tense body relaxing as Trina's tongue slipped into her mouth. My cock grew erect once more as the girls hotly kissed before my eyes.

"There, now," Trina whispered as she pulled away. "Was that as nice as you imagined?"

"C'était merveilleux, Madame," Monique breathed, her eyelids heavy and her lips panting.

"I can show you more, but you have to help me too," Trina said.

"Tout ce que vous voulez, Madame….nimporte quoi!"

"Show me how to give my man pleasure," Trina commanded. "Then I will show you more of what women can do to each other."

Monique turned to face me, the look of fear in her eyes replaced with lust. Still seated on the bed, she slipped her hands into the top of her blouse and slid her breasts out into the open, licking her fingers and rubbing the nipples to harden them. Then, she ran her slim, soft fingertips up my legs and around to the front to very gently stroke my erect member, before leaning forward and swallowing my cock deep into her mouth.

"Oh wow," Trina whispered. "She's taking you so deep… I hope she can teach me to do that."

Monique sucked and licked on me more and more until my cock was dripping wet with her saliva, and then slid me out and caught my shaft between her breasts. "Surveillez ce que je fais maintenant, Madame," she whispered aside to Trina, and began to slide me up and down between her big, firm tits.

"That's amazing," Trina said. "I never would have thought of that! Do you like that, darling?"

"I love it," I managed to say.

"Venez, laissez-le fourrer vos jolis seins," Monique said to Trina, moving aside and letting my lovely Bride take her place. Trina lifted her breasts clear of the unzipped dress and began to slide me up and down in her cleavage, as Monique had.

"I'm not sure he's wet enough," Trina said.

"Alors, laissez-moi lecher vos seins et sa queue," Monique begged. I needed no translation as she matched her actions to her words, pushing her face between us to lick a wet tongue inside Trina's cleavage, and then again on my rod, until we were both lubricated with her saliva. Trina pushed her body back against me to let me fuck her tits some more while she tongue-kissed Monique.

"Show me how to take him inside of me," Trina said between kisses.

"Aimerais t'il que vous gardiez votre robe?" Monique asked.

"She wants to know if I should take my dress off," Trina said to me.

"Leave it on," I said, enjoying the bridal fantasy even though no honeymoon was ever like this.

"Alors, il doit s'allonger," Monique said, indicating the bed.

I followed her gesture and lay down on my back, and Monique showed Trina how to straddle me and lower herself down onto my cock. Her pussy lips touched me, but she couldn't seem to get into a position to let me inside her.

"I can't see what I'm doing," Trina complained.

"Je vais vous aider," Monique offered. She lifted Trina's dress in the front and dove underneath, her hand finding and guiding my cock to Trina's sweet sex. I felt my head touch her opening, and then with Monique's guidance, Trina slid down over me and took my cock deep inside of her.

"Oh my God!" Trina moaned. "Oh, it's even better than I imagined… it feels so wonderful!"

"Roulez de la croupe, devant-derrière, Madame…" Monique said as she slid back out from under Trina's dress. "Faites-le glisser à l'intérieur et à l'extérieur de vous. Laissez-le vous prendre, Madame."

"Like this?" Trina asked, and began to rock her hips slowly back and forth, moving my shaft in and out of her deep, wet pussy.

"Oui, Madame…plus fort!"

"Mmm, that feels so good! Oh Monique, I'm so glad you're here, you've been so good to us, please kiss me while I fuck my man for the first time!"

Monique eagerly plunged her tongue between Trina's lips, and the women kissed and felt each other's naked breasts as Trina fucked me harder and deeper. I loved the sight of the pretty bride and the slutty French Maid making out together, the fantasy they had made real for me, and the moans of the two women as they became more and more excited. The pressure on my cock rose to an exquisite peak and I exploded inside my lover's cunt, shooting my cream into her as I climaxed, and I felt Trina's pussy tighten around me as she did the same.

"Vous l'avez fait jouir pour vous, Madame," Monique whispered. "Vous lui avez donner beaucoup de plaisir."

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