Dream Vacation Pt. 05


"I felt it too," Trina whispered. "None of my girlfriends ever made me feel like that. Oh, darling, I want you to do that to me every night, every day… Monique, please show me how I can make it good for him, please let him inside you, tell him he can fuck you now!"

"Vous pouvez me baiser aussi vigoureusement que vous voulez," Monique said to me, and there was no mistaking her meaning; the hungry look in her eyes said it all.

Trina reached down and pulled her dress up over her head, revealing a white corset that really covered nothing at all but her waist. Her veil stayed on, a reminder of her role in our game. Monique removed her outfit similarly, leaving on only a black corset that matched Trina's and her little maid's hat. Both women had smooth-shaved pussies and fishnet stockings, though Monique's were black and Trina's were white. They made a beautiful, enticing pair.

"Can I watch my man with you now?" Trina asked Monique. "I'd really like to see how you do it, so I can please him better."

"Madame, j'aimerais vraiment sentir votre mari en moi, mais avant nous devons l'allumer. Il vient just de jouir avec vous et nous devons lui redonner des forces. Nous irons lentement et le rendre prêt pour plus tard…"

"I'm sorry, what?" I asked.

"She says we need to make you ready first," Trina said. "How do we do that?"

"Plusieurs hommes aiment voir deux femmes faire l'amour, Madame," Monique suggested. "Peut-être pouvons-nous commencer ainsi?"

"You mean, just the two of us?" Trina said. She turned to me with a questioning look. "Monique says that watching her and me together would turn you on. Is that really true?"

"Absolutely," I said.

Trina smiled. "That's great! I mean, don't get me wrong, I love to feel your body and all, but it's great that I can please you just by letting you watch me with another woman. And you know, a lot of my girlfriends have said that they'd love to try it with someone else watching, but they never knew a man they could trust to keep it a secret. They could trust you, couldn't they? You would never tell?"

"Of course not," I nodded.

"Assez de bavardage," Monique said. "Embrassez-moi, Madame…"

"You're right," Trina agreed as she turned to Monique with lips wet and parted. "Enough talk."

The women kissed softly, then deep and passionately with tongues sliding together in their open mouths. Their hands slid over each others' bodies, Trina concentrating on her lover's large and beautiful tits while Monique gave her attention to Trina's silky smooth legs. I moved out of the way a bit to give them more room, and to give myself a better view.

Monique rolled on top and let her tits float above Trina's face. Trina pulled each nipple into her mouth in turn, making them wet and hard, and then let her tongue trace circles around the buds and over Monique's milky-white mounds. Monique began to moan with pleasure, and her eyes grew heavy and glazed with lust.

"Put your tits against mine," Trina whispered. "Feel what a woman's body is like."

Monique slid down slightly and put nipples to nipples as they kissed again, rubbing their bodies together. Trina spread her legs wide and wrapped them around her pretty lover, pulling them closer, as if she wanted Monique to penetrate her. I moved to see that their pussies were touching, rubbing together, wet with their own secretions and the cream I had given Trina a moment before.

"Lick me," Trina whispered. "Lick my sex, lover…"

"Je….je ne sais pas..." Monique breathed.

"Do it the way you like it done to you," Trina said with a smile. "That's all you need to know when you make love to a woman."

Monique kissed Trina one more time and then sat up and away from her lover's body, rubbing her breasts with one hand and her clit with the other. Trina slid out from under Monique and sat up at the head of the bed, propped up by pillows, spreading her legs wide and inviting Monique in with outstretched arms.

"You're so lucky, Monique," Trina said, displaying her dripping wet pussy to the pretty maid. "You get to taste me and my man together!"

As if worshipping at an altar, Monique knelt down on all fours between Trina's legs and lowered her face to her wet, waiting sex. She hesitated just a moment to look into Trina's eyes, as if asking permission to continue, and then took a long, firm lick up one side and then the other of Trina's pussy lips, cleaning away a dribble of mingled love honey.

"Is it good?" Trina asked.

"Oh c'est merveilleux," Monique answered in a whisper hoarse with lust. "Vous goûter comme du bonbon, Madame…"

"Lick me deeper, Monique," Trina commanded, and Monique obeyed by running her tongue between Trina's lips and up to her swollen clit. She pursed her lips around the little bud and sucked gently, moving her head slightly back and forth to stimulate her lover further. The smile on Trina's face faded to the look of lust as she surrendered to the intense rush that Monique inspired.

As she licked my bride, Monique reached back and rubbed her own pussy with one hand, opening the lips with her fingertips and stroking her own clit. I knew an invitation when I saw one, and came up behind Monique with my cock ready for action. When she felt me behind her, she looked up at Trina.

"Votre homme va me prendre par derrière," she whispered. "Vous pouvez regarder pendant que je vous donne du plaisir."

Trina looked up at me. "Go on," she said. "I want you to."

My cock pushed into Monique's tender pussy, making her moan hotly with lips muffled against Trina's sex. Trina moaned along with her, and for a moment I had the fleeting impression that I was fucking both women together. The idea gave me a rush of excitement and desire like nothing I'd ever felt before! For just a moment I went completely out of my head, and gripped Monique's firm thighs with both hands to pull my surging cock deep into her, harder than I'd ever dared to thrust into a woman before.

"OHH! Oh, la la…" Monique squealed. "Baisez-moi profondément!"

I came to my senses when she cried out, and worried that I might have accidentally hurt her, but her subsequent purr of pleasure reassured me. She reached up Trina's body and pulled the brunette woman down to slide beneath her, until they were lying tit-to-tit and tongue-to-tongue. It was an incredibly hot position to see them in, and again I could imagine myself pleasuring both women at the same time.

I leaned over Monique's back and felt for their tits, at the same time getting a closer look at their kissing mouths and tongues. Monique arched her back and craned her neck around far enough so that I could have a taste of her lips, and as I kissed her I could see the look of hot lust in Trina's eyes. I wondered how it felt for her to lie under Monique's body as she was fucked good and hard.

"Je vais jouir," Monique whispered. "Vous…allez…me…faire…jouir!"

I felt Monique's pussy tighten around me, and a new wetness inside her as she climaxed. I wanted to come with her, but as excited as I was I wasn't quite there yet, so I thrust into her in time with her convulsions to try and make it as good as I could for her. Her moans were held in check by Trina's lips on hers, even as I sensed her going into a second and more intense orgasm. I knew that they had to be real – no woman could fake pleasure like that – and the idea that I was doing this to a seasoned pro pleased me no end.

Finally spent, Monique rested on Trina's body, and I withdrew from her slowly, still hard and ready for more. Fortunately, I still had my bride, and Trina was always good for another round.

Monique rolled off of Trina to one side, and the girls sat up together, arms around each other in the back and the other hands idly touching and stroking their thighs and breasts. "Do you want to do it one more time, love?" Trina asked me. "I'd really like to feel you in me again, especially after watching what you did to her. God, it's so exciting watching you with another woman! I can see now why you like seeing me with her."

"Mmm, et j'adore être votre autre partenaire, Madame…" Monique purred, kissing Trina's neck tenderly. I couldn't understand her words, but the idea that she had also enjoyed it came across clearly enough.

"I'm not going to last much longer," I warned Trina. "The two of you have me so hot, I think I'll explode as soon as I'm inside you."

Trina shivered. "I can't wait to feel it," she said lustily. "But I want Monique to help me."

"Comment, Madame?" Monique inquired.

"Here, darling, sit back against these pillows, just like that. Now I'm going to lie back between your legs so you can hold me from behind."

"Comme ça?"

"Exactly," Trina smiled. She settled in and lay back against Monique, letting her head rest between the blonde maid's huge breasts, and pulling Monique's hands down to rub her own. Then she spread her legs wide and opened her labia with both hands. "Right here, lover," she growled to me.

I crawled up onto the bed and between Trina's legs, kissing her and then Monique, feeling four soft hands inviting me closer. My cock found Trina's sweet pussy right away, and with one smooth push I slid all the way inside her. Trina gasped and moaned, wrapping her legs around me to try and pull me closer and deeper.

"Viens pour elle," Monique whispered. "Elle te veux!"

"Yes… come for me…" Trina panted.

It took only a few thrusts to make me climax, and once again I filled Trina with my cream. She muffled her squeals and moans against my chest, while I leaned up and sucked on Monique's tongue, and for a long moment we held the embrace, three lovers in heat, finishing a night to remember.

I rolled off of Trina when I finished, suddenly exhausted. Monique insisted upon cleaning us both up, using a warm and wet silk cloth, and then we filled three champagne flutes to the brim and toasted a hot sexual fantasy well-played. Then, to my dismay, she started getting dressed.

"Can't you stay?" I asked her. "I mean, I never even got to come inside you, and we'll have time tomorrow morning.

"Je suis désolée – I mean, I'm sorry, but I just can't," Monique said, her English words sounding odd now that I'd grown accustomed to her French. "Tomorrow's my day off, and Samantha has strict rules about how we spend it; I need to be off the resort by two AM."

"Usually we don't stick around for an evening before a day off, but I knew you would make it worth her while," Trina said, having also dropped her persona.

"And you did," Monique said with a smile. "That was the best orgasm I've had for a long time. I'm so glad we got to do this; I was worried you were going to leave without having fucked me even once. Merci, mon cher."

I gave her a grateful kiss and a last feel of her naked breasts before she covered them once again, and made a mental note to increase her tip for the night by $100. Maybe I'd given as much pleasure as I'd received, but considering the fantasy she'd helped make real for me, she'd earned it.

A final kiss from Monique to both of us, and Trina and I were left alone.

"Thank you," I said to her as I drifted off to sleep.

"It was my pleasure," she replied.


Note: Safe sex is good. Using condoms when engaging in casual or for-hire sex is imperative. This is a fantasy, where no one has STDs or gets accidentally pregnant. The fact that there are no rubbers in my story does not mean I wouldn't use them in real life.

If anyone would like the English translation of Monique's dialogue, just send me an E-mail. Many thanks to LadyCibelle for the translation into French!

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