tagGroup SexDream Vacation Pt. 06

Dream Vacation Pt. 06


===== DAY SIX =====

"Your bags have been packed, Señor. The car will be leaving in fifteen minutes."

"Thank you, Rosa," I said, handing a twenty over as a tip. The maid (a real one this time, not Monique in costume) accepted the bill with a smile, and left Trina and me alone.

"It's good of you to always remember the staff," Trina said. "A lot of the guests forget that part. They only tip the girls who get naked for them."

The two of us were enjoying a quiet drink before heading off to the port, where the cruise ship was waiting. I felt a strange kind of melancholy, for my dream vacation was drawing to a close; yet it also seemed that the best was still yet to come, even considering how good it had been so far.

I also felt a new calm about my wife, and how I was lying and cheating on her (no sense in being euphemistic). I knew why, and it had everything to do with the sudden revelation I had experienced the night before, but it seemed so simple I couldn't believe that there wasn't something I was missing. I wasn't ready to share my epiphany with Trina yet, but I was ready to act on it and I felt like I could finally relax completely and enjoy myself as one was meant to in a place like this.

Oh sure, there were drawbacks to my newfound freedom. Would I be able to return to my life at home, having experienced a week of pure hedonism and shameless lust? Could I ever get excited again at the idea of one-on-one vanilla sex with my wife, as opposed to orgies with relentlessly horny and voluptuous sluts?

It seemed to me that the answer had to be yes, and that too had everything to do with the powerful idea that had come to me so suddenly and so clearly.

"Penny for your thoughts," Trina said.

I blinked, and looked up at her pretty eyes sparkling at me. "I'm not sure I can explain them," I shrugged. "I feel like I've come to terms with something huge, but I don't know whether I'm right about it. I do know that I'm looking forward to the last few days of this little sojourn. And after that… I'm really going to miss you, Trina."

She blushed slightly. "That's very sweet of you," she said. "I'm glad I've been able to show you such a good time. I think you really needed it."

"Definitely," I agreed. "Of course, the good time isn't over yet. I think I see Danielle and her guy heading out to catch their ride to the ship. Let's go rock the boat, lovergirl."

Trina grinned, leaned over to kiss me firmly on the lips, and we headed out. As we passed through the lobby, I was surprised to run into a small congregation of familiar-looking women. Katiana, Candi, Justine, and Bianca were all waiting by the door, seemingly for me.

"Good morning, ladies," I said, wondering what this was about.

"Hey, X-man," Justine said, stepping forward. She walked up to me, stood on her toes, and without further warning put her tongue deep into my mouth. For a long moment she kissed me with all the passion and heat she could bring to bear, and then finally let me up for air.

"Um… thanks," I said, too stunned to say anything else.

"The other girls are all assigned to other guests," Justine said. "So, I'm the lucky one who gets to see you off on their behalf. Xavier, we just want to thank you for being such a great guy, and for all the fun we've had this week. And I know that you asked Samantha to tell us just to ignore it, but we appreciate your generosity as well, and we wouldn't want you to think it had gone unnoticed."

"We're all going to miss you, lover," Candi said with a smile.

"Monique and Natalya couldn't be here," Katiana said. "But they both wanted to make sure we told you what a great time they had with you."

"And speaking of Natalya, she gave us a great idea of how to thank you properly," Bianca said. "See, we're allowed to give out coupons now and then to special guests, and we all agreed that you're about as special as they come. So, we talked to Samantha, and she said it would be all right if you wanted to come play with us again sometime and enjoy VIP status at no extra charge. We'll send all the details, in plain wrapping of course. Wouldn't want you to get in trouble with the wife!"

"Of course," Justine smiled, "if you're able to convince Wifey to join you for your next visit…"

"We'd all love to meet her," Katiana said, licking her lips.

I shrugged, knowing that such a thing was absolutely impossible. "I appreciate it, ladies," I said. "Really, the gratitude should go the other way. I've never had such an incredible week. I'll be remembering you all in my favorite kind of dreams."

They all laughed, and each one stepped up to give me a hug -- nothing more, unfortunately, but it was a nice gesture all the same.

Last was Justine, and when she threw her arms around me I seized upon a sudden impulse and lifted her petite body off the ground, letting her wrap her legs around me. "This is for all of you," I said, and kissed her with just as much enthusiasm as she had shown a moment before. I held her up until my arms threatened to give way, and then let her down and sucked gently on her tongue to end the kiss. She gave me a lusty look and stroked my crotch just once before backing away and letting Trina and I out the door.

"Bon Voyage!" Katiana called as we climbed into the car, and the other girls waved and called their goodbyes as well.

* * * * *

It was only a short ride to the ship, unfortunately not long enough for Trina and I to have much in the way of back-seat fun, but we did have time for some deep kissing and naked tit-play. When we got to the dock, the ship was nearly ready to cast off. It was a large but elegant yacht, very modern-looking and sleek, and our stateroom was large enough to be comfortable with its own tiny deck over the water. Up on the main deck were plenty of chairs for lounging in the sun, a full bar, a good-sized club room and a large hot tub. The VIP suite was above all that, and I felt no small twinge of jealousy as I watched the Japanese man enter it with Danielle. We were the only two guests on board, but I had been told that we would be picking up two more at our next stop, a sister resort.

There were other escorts, however. As promised, Kiko and Akimi were on board, as well as a new girl, a cute brunette with very large natural breasts named Nikita. I didn't see Julie, who Trina had urged me to select as my second, but I was assured by Samantha that she would be on board.

Before the ship got underway, Samantha had us all gather in the club room, and it was there that I had my first glimpse of Julie. Damn, what a knockout! She was six feet tall in heels, with long and bountiful red hair that cascaded in waves down her back. Her bust was glorious, huge and natural-looking breasts that stood boldly out from her chest, and her body was sculpted like a swimsuit model. It was her incredible green eyes that really made my jaw drop, however, and when she turned them toward me and winked I knew I had to have her.

"Isn't she incredible?" Trina whispered to me. "Please get her for us, I want her so bad…"

"I'll get her if I have to throw every other guest overboard," I said.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Samantha said, holding up her hands. "In a moment, the captain will address you and go over some of the important rules we have for staying on board the ship. In addition, once we're underway, we will undergo the mandated lifeboat drill. This is a serious matter and we appreciate your cooperation.

"But at the moment, let me thank you for being our guests, and wish you a safe and satisfying cruise. To be a companion escort on the ship is a special duty, and only the very best of our girls are selected for it. You will surely enjoy yourselves immensely on our pride and joy, the good ship Aphrodite.

"Your first stop will be the Copacabana Resort, one of our sister facilities. During the brief stopover, we invite you to go ashore and enjoy some of their fine and erotic amenities. The Copacabana specializes in fantasy encounters, so please consider if there is some special request or scenario you would like to have realized. From there we head out into open water, and by tomorrow morning we make port at Echo Beach, the famous Caribbean hot-spot where you can have some fun in the sun and enjoy the local pleasures with your lovely companion.

"The next day, we will drop anchor just off our own little tropical heaven that we call Blue Lagoon, where you can enjoy the fantasy of being lost on your own private paradise with the lady or ladies of your choice. This is often the highlight of our guests' experience with us! Then, finally, it's off to the port of Galveston, where we will arrive the following morning and your time with us will regretfully come to a close. We know that you will return home with the memory of a lifetime.

"Now, as it happens, we will be picking up only two more guests at the Copacabana, and so you will have the chance to thoroughly enjoy our service at somewhat less than our usual six-passenger capacity. I'm sure you will find our ladies ever-more eager to please, and remember that our girls are very adept at showing their gratitude to a generous guest!

"Mr. Xavier, Mr. Takumora, it has been our pleasure to serve you here at the Fantasy Vacations Dominican Resort. Bon Voyage to all, and enjoy your last days with us to the fullest!"

* * * * *

Within an hour we were well out to sea, cruising close enough to land to give us a view out the port side but far enough so that no one on the beaches could have seen the passengers on our ship without a radio telescope. The greater privacy at sea was expressed in the women's outfits, which generally weren't there from the waist up.

Since I was no longer the Big Man on Campus, so to speak, I got to choose my second escort only after Mr. Takumora claimed his, and he chose Julie. I wasn't too terribly disappointed; after all, there were other desirable ladies to choose from, but I really hoped that I would have my chance with the hot and sexy redhead later.

Trina retired to our cabin for her hour break shortly after we got underway, explaining to me that it helped her acclimate to a ship if she lay down in the darkness for a bit and got used to the motion. She encouraged me to choose my second companion while she was resting, and though I already had a good idea of who it would be I went out onto the deck to check the availability of the women on board, and also to acclimate myself to the rocking motion of the ship (I hardly ever get seasick, but better safe than sorry).

As I lounged around the deck, enjoying the ocean breeze, I felt a shadow fall over me and looked up. Kiko and Akimi stood over me, both dressed in little sailor outfits. I smiled -- the clothes in and of themselves didn't happen to be a fetish of mine, but they still looked cute and sexy.

"You promised us a place in your bed during the trip," Akimi said with a sweet smile. "Would you like us tonight?"

I sat up slightly. "Well girls, I was rather hoping to enjoy you both at Blue Lagoon, but if I don't miss my guess that's the day after tomorrow, isn't it?"

Kiko's face fell. "Oh, Xavier. Mr. Takumora has already requested us for the island. I am so sorry, but he is a VIP guest and is entitled to first choice."

"If we could choose, we would want you instead," Akimi said. "All the girls have told us how good you are to them and how hot your love is. Can we please give you pleasures today, since we cannot on the Island?"

I sighed; it certainly was more fun to be the King! "Of course, dear ladies. I would be happy to have you join me today."

They both squealed with joy, kissed each other again, then came forward and each kissed me as well. "You will not regret your choice," Kiko assured me. "We will be very good to you and to your pretty woman."

"We love you long time," Akimi teased, giggling at the cliché.

"Well then," I said, stroking each girl's golden cheek, "since that's settled, would you both care to join me for a drink?"

They smiled, and helped

"Hi sexy," she cooed at me. "Offer you a drink?"

"Long Island Iced tea for me," I said, "and for the girls, whatever they want."

Nikita put a hand on her hip. "Girls indeed," she said playfully, with a sexy East European accent. "Very young, pretty girls. A bit too young, perhaps, to be drinking? How do I know you're both grown up, girls?"

Akimi and Kiko smiled at each other, and then in unison lifted their shirts to show their breasts. "I think we're grown up enough," Akimi said.

"Not as much as you," Kiko added, "but we can't all be so lucky."

"Hmm, let me see…" Nikita mused, and reached out to feel each girl's breasts, squeezing them gently and pinching the nipples slightly. They giggled as if Nikita's touch tickled them, but when Nikita blew gently across Akimi's nipples the smile briefly evaporated

"Strawberry daiquiri," Kiko said.

"We'll share," Akimi added.

"We share everything with each other," Kiko explained. "Secrets, clothes, toys… even our bodies."

Nikita smiled knowingly, and left to fill our drink orders. Kiko and Akimi sat close together across the table from me, smiling sweetly. I was struck once again by how similar they were in appearance, something they almost certainly enhanced deliberately by matching their clothing and hair. "Are you sure you're not sisters?" I asked.

"Only if you want us to be," Kiko said.

"Honestly, I'm not into that," I said. "It's just that you two have such an astounding resemblance to each other."

"It's a coincidence that we help along with a little makeup, hairstyling, that kind of thing," Akimi explained. "My eyes are naturally darker than hers, so she wears contacts. And Kiko is a little taller, so I wear lifts in my shoes.

"We diet and exercise carefully to keep ourselves at the same size," Kiko added. "We've also practiced smiling the same way, and using the same mannerisms. The cumulative effect is very convincing."

Akimi blushed, just slightly. "Sorry… we broke character for a moment there. You have this way of inviting honest conversation; Trina warned us about it. If you want your innocent, giggling Japanese teen-girls back, we're here for you."

"No, I'm happy to see you for real as well," I said truthfully. "Fantasy is fun, but I also like to know the women behind it. Maybe later we can indulge in role-play; for now, we're having drinks on the deck of the Aphrodite." Just as I said it, Nikita placed our drinks on the table, huge and elaborate tropical goblets complete with little umbrellas and fruit slices. My Long Island came with a pineapple ring (something that was to become a habit for me in the future, as it really enhanced the sweetness of the drink).

"Still… to the fantasy," Kiko said as she and Akimi raised their glass together.

"To the fantasy," I agreed.

I had expected the girls to use the two straws in the drink; instead, they touched their lips together with their faces side by side, and drank from the rim. I barely managed to swallow! They enjoyed a long drink, then put the goblet down between them. Their lips dribbled slightly with strawberry, and each of them touched a fingertip to the other's mouth and lifted away the drops, licking them off not their own fingers, but each other's.

They smiled at each other; their faces very close, close enough to kiss… and then they did, softly and sweetly, a brief touch of lips to lips. Again the girls kissed, and then Akimi put her tongue out and let Kiko's lips touch her there instead. They opened their eyes and giggled briefly, and then both of them put out their tongues, licking the tips together, and slowly the smiles faded into more serious, lusty expressions. Tongues slid together and lips met with mouths open, their arms went around each other, and they kissed like lovers…

I felt a warm breath in my ear. I looked back and saw Trina there, dressed in a black bikini and sunglasses. "Don't you love the way they kiss?" she whispered. "It's like they're making love with their mouths alone."

"Mm-hm," I agreed.

"Are they ours tonight?"

"They certainly are," I said, absently stroking Trina's bottom and my own stiffening rod in the other. I felt hedonistic and shameless, and I loved knowing that if I wanted I could strip down right there and have Trina suck me off while I watched Akimi and Kiko make out for my benefit. I suppose all men, no matter how enlightened or sensitive-new-age-guy they are, have at least some degree of inner desire to make women submit to their will. Why, under such circumstances, should I even try to deny it?

Out of the corner of her eye, Kiko noticed Trina standing next to me, and turned her companion's face in our direction. They both smiled, and took another sip from their drink (this time through the straws). "Hi, gorgeous," Kiko said to Trina. "Did you hear? We get to touch you tonight."

"I can hardly wait," Trina said, pursing her lips to blow a kiss. "I'm afraid we may have to interrupt the pleasure games for a short moment, though. We're getting set to drop anchor at the Copacabana."

I sat up a little higher and looked in the indicated direction. There were hotel and resort-style buildings all over the beach, but recognized our destination easily enough, having seen it in the video. The ship began to slow down, and I saw two members of the crew getting the dinghy ready for launch.

"Ladies, I hope you don't mind," I said, "but I thought I'd kind of like to spend some time by myself here. You're all welcome to come ashore as far as I'm concerned, but… well, it's hard to explain why, I just want to go it alone."

"You don't need to explain anything, lover," Trina assured me. "It's all up to you. Though, I would be remiss in my duties if I didn't tell you that the Copacabana women are really hot and sexy, and you'd be doing yourself a disservice by not hooking up while we're here."

"See, that's just it," I said. "I'm actually planning to hook up, but I want it to be a one-on-one thing. Most of this trip has been spent in threesomes or more, and while that's lots of fun, I'm kind of in the mood right now for a simple, single-girl fuck. There's something to be said for the concentrated intimacy with one woman."

"Oh, well, that's different," Trina said with a grin. "By all means, have a great time. We'll stay here."

"You don't need to --"

"We don't mind," Kiko said.

"We might even get started without you, if that's all right," Akimi added, feeling up under Kiko's shirt.

Trina kissed me soundly, then stood up. "Go have fun," she insisted. "We'll be here when you get back."

* * * * *

"Welcome to the Copacabana!" said the bronzed, slightly gray-haired gentleman who met me at the dock. "My name is Mr. Royce, I'm the manager of the resort. I know you're all here only for a short time, but please enjoy our amenities and services. If you'd care to indulge in the company of one or more of our ladies, the available companions are wearing red flowers in their hair. Watch your step, please."

I stepped carefully off the boat and stepped aside to allow Mr. Takumora to follow. I had assumed that he'd been staying out of sight because he was enjoying his suite with his ladies, but a look at his greenish countenance and wobbly step told me that he might have had other, far less pleasant reasons for keeping to himself. Poor fellow, I thought, silently thanking fate for making me essentially immune to seasickness.

The Copacabana seemed to be slightly more lavish than the resort I'd attended, with fountains surrounding the pool and tall trees in the courtyard. It was also more crowded, with probably a dozen guests and twice that many escorts. The ladies were just as lovely as the ones I'd come to know over the past week; indeed, some of them were the same girls. I recognized Celeste and DeeDee from the strip-club party. There were several good choices wearing flowers, though none seemed to particularly stand out from the pack.

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