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I had quite an interesting dream last night. Now, in my opinion, this wasn't your normal sex dream. Usually you go through the whole process, the teasing, the undressing, the foreplay, or maybe it starts with a really hot chick in some kind of lace outfit, or leather if you prefer, an outfit that barely covers anything and you have to wonder how it stays on, maybe she ties you up and whips you, maybe you tie her up and plant little kisses all over her skin as you strip away the flimsy material. This wasn't like any of that. This was more like if you left a hardcore tape in the middle and went back to it later, click on the VCR and everyone's fucking everyone else's brains out.

I was in the bedroom of an old childhood friend, she looked young as she did when I knew her, but somehow adult. She was reclined on a kind of lawn chair, completely naked, her pussy shaved bare, the nipples on her b-sized breasts already hard as tiny pebbles from whatever attention they'd been receiving. She was in the midst of a total sexual oblivion. I had just been eating her out, but now I was off to the side, licking my lips clean and masturbating. There were two other people in the room, a dark haired male and a blonde female. The guy was now eating my friend, and the girl was laying on her back under him sucking determinedly on his dick. I was so incredibly horny as I watched them, and I was soaked. My fingers slid easily over my own dripping pussy, over my engorged clit, in time with my friend's moans. I watched as her ass lifted off the chair. I watched the guy's tongue push up the folds of her shaved cunt. I watched his cock disappear down the blonde's throat.

Suddenly another woman burst in fully clothed, and astonished to see us all there, naked and fucking. She seemed angry that we had violated my friend. She began sniffing the air, smelling the aromas that only really great sex can leave behind. She knelt down next to me and put her face very close to mine. She was close enough to kiss, but instead she started sniffing my face as she had the air, identifying the scent of my friend's juices that still clung to my lips. She then turned her head to glare at the guy, and he backed away from my friend. My friend was incoherently bewildered as to why her pleasuring had suddenly stopped. She was breathing heavy, almost whimpering, and she still thrust her pelvis, her pussy begging for more and more attention. This new woman crawled to my friend and knelt where the man had just been. She put her nose to my friend's pussy and inhaled. She must have recognized the smell she'd detected from me, and it seemed to piss her off even more that they were the same.

But just as we all thought we were in some kind of trouble, the woman was suddenly as naked as the rest of us, and she began licking my friend's pussy. The rest of us just stared for a moment, a little confused. Then I noticed the new girl's perfectly round ass, and I crawled behind her and ran my hands over her skin. I humped her ass, leaving my own juices all over her perfect flesh. I then bent down and licked her ass clean, and I continued to lick her anywhere I could. The guy eventually started doing the same to me, and the blonde to him.

We came like dominoes, over and over and over again.

And of course, I woke up with my hand already busy in my panties.

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