tagRomanceDreaming Ch. 02

Dreaming Ch. 02


To understand this story one would have to read the first story. This is the second part to the story.


I could see his throat convulse. I slide the door open. "What are you doing here?"

He covers his crotch with his hands. "I forgot my wallet."

I cross my arms over my chest and lean against the wall. "Then come in and get it."

He swallows and comes through. His hand brushes my hip. I so badly want to touch him as I did in my dream. He walks over to the couch and dives his hand in, digging around. Completely aware of how naked I am I walk over and stand at the end of the couch. When he looks up his eyes are level with my pussy. His nostrils flare as if he could smell me. He forgets about his wallet and reaches out to me. I hold my breath as his fingers sift through my short curly hair there. He leans in closer to me and breathes in deeply. "God you smell good."

His fingers run down my lips as I part my legs for him. I grip the couch and the back of his head. He feels how wet I am and pulls his fingers away to look at them glisten in the light. I pull his fingers to my mouth and lick them. Sucking them into my mouth swirling my tongue around. He stands up and lifts me up. I wrap my legs around his waist as his mouth entraps mine. Our tongue battle, our mouths try to eat each other. He sits on the couch with me in his lap. His hands fumble with his pants while my hands cup his face and I'm kissing him maidenly. When he frees himself from his pants I whisper in his ear, "Fuck me. I wanna feel your cock in my pussy."

"Whadya say?"

I shake myself out of my fantasy. "Nothing. Did you find it?"

"Yeah, thanks for letting me in." He heads for the door, but I call him back. He looks at me confused as I walk toward him. I can feel my tits sway with each step and I could see that he noticed also. When I reach him I pull his head down and capture his mouth. He groans and puts his hands on my ass. I flick my tongue against his lips as his fingers tickle my pussy. He pulls away suddenly when a blaring horn kills the moment. A combination of a sigh and groan passes his lips. "That's Shanna, she drove me." I laugh. "No doubt you'll fuck her thinking about me."

He gives me a sharp look, "I gotta go."

"Before you go, if you do fuck her think about me doing those things to you. That its me your fucking. My pussy your cock is sliding in and out of." I kiss his lips and open the door. He looks dumbfounded at first and then leave. I head back to my room and dream of him and the delicious things that I would do to him.

When I wake I decide to invite friends over. I plan the get together for tomorrow. Running from store to store for the perfect suit to wear. Its going to be a pool party and I am planning on inviting everyone I know including him and the whore. No doubt there that he would bring her.

The day of the party finally comes. I get ready an hour before I told everyone to be here. it's a night party so it should be even sexier. I pull out the two piece suit, the woman told me that when it was wet that it would be some what see through. Of course it will be see though being a nude color and all. I open the back door and the gate to my back yard. I put on my suit and wait for my friends to arrive. Everyone that comes brings their own drinks and sets them inside on the counter. As I had guessed he brought the whore with him. I walk over to greet them. "Glad you could come. Anything you need just ask, it would be my pleasure to get it for you."

I look at him as I say it and he coughs. The whore rubs her barely covered tit into his arm. As usual she barely covers her ass.

The party is going well as ever. People are swimming, laughing, and having a good time. I decide to put my plan into motion. I excuse myself from the group of friends I am with and head for the diving board. My ass jiggles a bit and I could feel several pairs of eyes on it. I only have eyes for him though. I watch him as I climb the short ladder to the diving board. I walk out onto the board, bounce on it, and down I go into the water. I hear the water rush in my ears as I slice through it. Without coming up for air I swim over to him in the shallow end. I grab his hips and pull myself up against him. I open my eyes as I feel the water run down my body. He looks at me with those intense eyes, "Hi. I was wondering if you could get me something, only you can get it for me."

I smile, "Yes?"

He lifts me up and wraps my legs around his waist. "You. I wanna feel your pussy around me like a glove."

He walks out of the pool with me wrapped around him. He walks into the house and I tell him where my room is. I unwrap myself from him and stand in front of him as I shut and lock the door. Turning to the bed I start to get naked. Bending over I lower my bottoms and feel him against my pussy. He growls as he slams into me. The force makes me grab the edge of the bed and moan loudly. His cock feels so good. In and out in and out. He smacks my ass. I moan again. " Mmmm fuck me. Fuck...oh god...me."

He grunts and continues to pound me. I reach down and rub my clit. He grabs the back of my neck and pushes me down. I moan louder as he gets deeper inside me. I can feel it. My orgasm is coming. I'm gonna cum all over his dick. Oh god he feels so good. My body tenses, my pussy tightens around his cock. He smacks my ass. My moans get louder as I start to cum, " I'm cumming. Oh baby I'm cumming on your dick."

He slows down and flips me onto my left side. He lifts my right leg up and straddles my left leg. He plunges back into me and I moan from his intrusion. He spanks my tits. His teeth sink into my calf as I grab the sheets and pull and twist them in my hand. I bite my bottom lip as my body starts to cum again. His pace quickens and his thrusts are harder. He bites my leg and sucks on it while his cock explodes inside of me. I can feel his cum in my pussy. Coating my inner walls with his cum. He flips me over onto my back and collapses on top of me. He laughs a little, "You fit better than a glove." I kiss his forehead and hold him close. God I should have done this ages ago.

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