tagErotic CouplingsDreaming of You

Dreaming of You

byHg Dragon©

The dream swirls and spins. Images drift in and out of existence. Some flicker for less than a heartbeat. A touch. A smell. A flicker of a thought in someone’s eyes.

There are ones that last longer; the span of a breath. The brush of a kiss. The swell of an emotion. The taste of a sweet dessert.

A small few persist, remaining for what seems like hours but only lasts minutes or seconds. The build up of passion before making love. The pang of loss at the death of a loved one. The wonder at the birth of a child.

But one is a constant. It may come and go, being temporarily overwhelmed by other thoughts and feelings, but it always comes back. You.

Some are simple. Your laughter. A glimpse of you lost in thought. The way your smile touches your eyes.

It's the intense one that stand out the most, the ones that are shared. They linger long after they're gone, the remnants and aftereffects of them permeating and coloring everything that comes after. Cuddling on the couch watching a romantic movie. The feeling of you in my arms as I fall asleep and wake up. The flush of your excitement showing on your body as we make love. That first, electric, overwhelming kiss. The look of total peace in your face as you sleep.

The dream starts like any other. Things flicker and flash past at speed. Images, thoughts, impressions, feelings race by like a roulette wheel waiting for the ball to find a place to rest. Each skip and jump signals a change. It settles on a number and the dream coalesces.

We're sitting together eating a meal and talking and laughing.


The setting has changed, jumped ahead in time by a few moments. The meal is done and we've finished cleaning up. We're on the couch, side by side, watching something on TV.


On opposite ends of the couch, you are laying down. Your head is resting on the arm of the couch and your feet are in my lap. One hand holds them while the other slides up and down your legs.


I'm kneading your feet in my hands, taking care not to tickle. My thumbs press into the soles and my fingers work the tops. I massage your ankles and heels. I lean in to place a kiss on the bridge.


My body is now laying on top of yours. Your arms are around my neck and back. Our lips are pressed together in a gentle kiss.


One leg is now up and hooked over my waist causing our hips and groins to grind against each other. Our mouths and tongues are now hungrily engaged and our hands are exploring the other's body, searching out and teasing the sensitive spots.


Your hands are raking over my bare back and through the hair on my chest. My hands are gliding your bare stomach, brushing the side of your face, caressing your breasts through your bra. I can feel your nipples hardening and I bow my head down to gently bite one of them through the lacy fabric.


We're in the bedroom. Same day or different, I don't know. I'm sitting up in bed, the covers pulled up to my waist. My erection is causing a lump in them that has drawn your attention. You are standing next to the bed dressed in a satin, ivory-colored baby-doll camisole and matching, French-cut panties. You slide the straps off of your shoulders and down your arms. You cross you freed arms over your chest so that it is trapped there. Then you let go and it falls to the floor, hissing slightly as it slides down across your skin to puddle at your feet. You lower arms to your sides and reveal your beautiful breasts to my hungry eyes.


I'm kissing my way down your chest. I cup your boobs in my hands, squeezing and kneading. I slide my thumbs over your nipples causing them to harden in response. My lips find one of them and close around it, suckling gently. My tongue dances and twirls around the rock hard nubbin. I nip my teeth on it lightly and you inhale in a hiss.


I'm lying on my back. You are kneeling between my legs with my erection gripped firmly in your hand. You pump me slowly a few times, rubbing your thumb across the end and along the sensitive ridge just below the head on the underside. You smile at the moans the feeling cause me to make, then lean down and place a kiss on the tip before opening your mouth further and sucking me into your mouth.


You’re sucking hard now and bobbing your head rapidly. Your tongue flicks the end at the top and slithers around my shaft on each intake. One hand is fondling my balls in an effort to increase my stimulation and the other is buried between your legs stroking your clit. I cross the point of no return and tell you that I'm cumming. You moan slightly and suck even harder as I start to erupt.


Still lying on my back and you’re still kneeling on the bed. This time, you’re directly above me, knees on either side of my head. I can see hot wet your pussy is. Your finger teases your clit as you spread yourself open to me. You lower yourself on to my face, grinding your hips against my tongue and chin.


My hands are locked on your hips to keep you in place. You’re pinching and pulling at your nipples, sighing and moaning as my tongue works you over. You lean back, arching your back and rocking your hips forwards, you clit bumping into my nose. Your head lolls down, eyes closed, lost in the building pleasure and your dark hair framing your face. You seize up for a moment, all movement stopped. You squeak slightly a few times as your orgasm crests in you, then shudder and grunt as it powers through you. Your hips buck wildly and your thighs clamp around my head as you’re overcome.


I’m resting between your spread legs. My cock sits at the entrance of your pussy. You grab my hips and gently tug forward, and I slide in.


Buried to the base inside of you, the heat and softness of you surround my rod. We both wait out the mini spasms coursing through you from my penetration.


Both of us are covered in sweat. I’m pumping full strokes into you hard. You cry out with each one. Your nails alternately dig into my back and chest. I can feel the burning from the scratches and it only encourages me to give you more.


I can’t hold back any more. My breathing is in ragged gasps and my hips are bucking uncontrollably. My movements are more like jerks and twitches. I can feel it. A couple of more and I’ll be there. I tell you I’m cumming and you tell me to cum in you. That sends me over. With a guttural, animal roar, I cum. My cock spasms over and over, shooting my load into your womb.


We cuddle together, trying to catch our breath. I hold you close to me, stroking your face. You run your fingers up and down my arm holding you to my chest. The only sounds we make are sighs and moans.


I’m spooned up behind you, arm draped over you and hand pressed to your heart. We drift off to sleep.


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