She lay in bed, quietly listening to him breathing. He'd had a long day, and despite the feelings stirring inside her she decided not to wake him. Instead she rested her head on his chest, and felt the calm rising and falling that accompanied his deep sleep. She wondered what it was he dreamed about as he lay there, his arm draped lovingly around her shoulder. She wondered, too, if she would ever be able to tell him all the things she dreamed up in her own mind. Her tastes ran toward the more... intense... at times, and she was almost embarrassed to admit her own desires. If only there were some way to make him understand the things she couldn't bring herself to explain.

The thought of telling him everything outright was near frightening, and she pushed it to the back of her mind. She concentrated on the feeling of his hand on her skin, the warm flesh of his chest under her cheek. Yet when she closed her eyes, she couldn't help the fantasy she was about to have. It was the sort of thing she could only think about while he was asleep, or when she was alone... or, on occasion, while she herself was in a subconscious dreamland.

She fought the images for awhile, wondering what made her the way she was. She thought of the times when she had tried to ignore the little ideas that had somehow, someway, turned into needs. There were many factors, she imagined, which contributed to her desire to be dominated. She sighed as she remembered conversations she'd had with those involved in the "lifestyle", and felt thankful it wasn't an everyday need. Just sometimes, once in awhile, she wanted more than anything to be controlled.

But that scared her. Not because she didn't trust the man on whose very chest she was resting, but because she loved him. That was putting it mildly. She adored him with every bit of herself. She respected him, and she lusted after him. Many times she wondered what he was even doing there with her, taking perfect care of her, loving her back. She felt inadequate, knowing he deserved the very best. And she often sank into a pool of guilt over her selfish fantasies. He had told her once that everyone has a fetish. Perhaps he was correct in that assessment, though really only the two of them mattered to her. She tried to allow him indulgence where she could, knowing that his own fetish needn't be everyday either. In the end she was just grateful to have a loving and dedicated mate, and she considered herself fortunate.

And yet, those darker thoughts crept into her mind again this night. Finally, she relented, and wrapped her arm around him, closing her eyes. These little fantasies started out much like reality, with his warm kisses on her face and neck, and the hotter, more passionate ones opening her mouth to him. The very idea of being opened started her off though. She wanted to be opened to him, to belong to him, and more importantly, to be claimed by him. She wanted to be taken, not brutally as in some of the rape-type erotica she had read, but firmly. She didn't have a need to be flogged or whipped, and in fact the thought of him doing such made her shudder. But now, almost able to feel his lips on her skin, she sank deeper into her fantasy.

He would have her on her back, she was completely comfortable that way. Being her own fantasy she took certain liberties. And as he kissed her, he would work her nightie upward, running his hand over her body firmly, until he reached her breast. Once there he would squeeze it, kneading it against his palm. He would continue to kiss her, forcefully now, and she would respond with fevered moans and arch her back against his strong hand. She would wrap her arms around his neck, holding him close against her, until he wrapped his hand tight around her wrist and pinned it to the mattress beneath them. Here she would moan loudly, feeling a sudden rush of dampness between her legs. Inside her own head, she could hear herself begging for more, pleading... needy. But she would say nothing. The only sounds to escape her throat would be the whimpers and moans she could not hold in. She prayed he would know.

Then, he would move away from her, and she would hear him reaching in the darkness, wondering what he might be doing, wishing he was still on top of her now, her legs trembling with excitement. And then, all at once he returned. She couldn't see much, but felt him wrapping a rubbery strap around her wrist. For a moment, she thought of fighting him, just to make things interesting. But then, realizing that she wanted this far too much to fight, she forced her body to relax. He took her other hand and strapped it snugly to the first, and as he began to tie them both to the headboard, she opened her mouth. She might have been about to protest, not even knowing what to say, but he cut her short with a very soothing "shhh" in the darkness. "Be a good girl" he gently whispered to her, and her knees went weak.

She was now at his disposal, and his mercy. Fear was the furthest thing from her mind, and now, as he resumed his nibbling at her neck, she bit her lip to keep from squealing with pleasure. Her hands twisted in their new restraints, tugging slowly as she checked her bounds. Her excitement grew tenfold as she realized that she was really incapable of freeing herself. He'd worked his way to her breasts now, and as he sucked a nipple into his mouth she nearly stopped breathing. She could feel herself moaning again, more than she could hear it, and she turned her head against her immobile arm. Her body moved helplessly beneath him, and as he continued to toy with her now aching nipple, she thought she felt him smile a little. It didn't matter, he could have been out and out laughing... she was already in a state of bliss. She arched her back once more in a vain attempt to elicit more pressure from his mouth. Again she was quiet while in her mind she begged him to bite down, just enough to make it hurt a little bit. She dared not ask. But this time, he read either her mind or the signal her body was sending, and as his teeth slowly tightened their grip on her swollen nipple, her body shook with her first orgasm.

She wanted to beg, "please more please I need it please please don't stop", but she couldn't make the words come out. All she could do was moan in ecstasy, and pray he would give her more. He released his grip and her breast fell back against her body, a bit tender now from his long and steady tooth hold on it. She was still panting and half moaning as he kissed her throat, his arm wrapped around her tightly, holding her closer to him. In the darkness he whispered calmly to her, "you're mine". And that was the very thing that she adored about him, the way he made her feel safe and protected. "You belong to me" he told her, as though she hadn't known it already. She couldn't speak, only nod her head in agreement.

His hands began to move over her body again, touching her gently, rubbing her shoulders and neck, and finally coming back to the breast that now was perfectly sore. He held it in his hand for a moment, kissing her mouth, her kissing him back intently. Then he lowered his mouth again to her nipple, this time licking and sucking carefully rather than biting. His mouth was soothing now, his tongue gently urging her back toward another orgasm. She wanted desperately to hold him close to her, to wrap her hands around the back of his neck and keep him there until she came, but her hands were bound above her head, and though she twisted in her restraints more diligently now, she was still not able to free herself.

He pulled his lips away from her breast long enough to tell her to be still, and at that she let her arms go slack again, and tried to be quiet as he once again took her nipple into his warm and loving mouth. Her body began to tremble then, and she felt her legs quivering, but he never broke his slow and steady sucking. Her breathing grew rapid, and her back arched under him yet again, and still, he was calmly working her into an altered state. When finally she felt the heat of her orgasm beginning, he suddenly pulled away. She nearly yelped with the displeasure of his detachment from her, but instead she turned her head and sighed heavily. He smiled at this, knowing she was dependent on him for whatever pleasure she would have. He knew also that she was at his mercy to whatever punishment he might wish to inflict.

He moved around her on the bed now, pulling his clothes off. She fully expected him to enter her, and make love to her as he had so many times before. She guessed he would now let her hands loose and the game would be over. As she watched him disrobe she could feel the heat building between her legs, she felt herself dampening with the anticipation of the feeling of him inside her. Just as she had thought, when he was unclothed, he positioned himself between her legs. But the part where she thought he would reach up and untie her never came. Instead, he whispered in her ear. "You love me, don't you?" She was surprised by the question, knowing full well he knew the answer, and suddenly a flood of nervous excitement filled her. "Yes." She'd meant to say more, but she couldn't find the words, or perhaps the nerve to spit them out. "And you want to be my good girl, right?" Again she was surprised and slightly nervous. "Yes, I do." Her voice was scarcely more than a whisper. Then he kissed her again, and she tried to concentrate on kissing him back, but she couldn't help her mind from going through the possibilities of what would happen next. Her heart was pounding as he kissed her neck, and she was near breathless with anticipation. What was he going to do, she wondered... and how long would he make her wait to find out.

He sat back on his heels then, kneeling between her legs, looking down at her. She was slightly embarrassed now, thinking how silly she must look with her hands tied together and her nightie pushed up under her arms. Her breasts felt cold without his body heat to keep them warm, and she could feel her nipples harden again. She wondered if he would notice. And then, he looked further down her body, to the place where her legs came together. She often thought that he might never admit to it, but that may well be his favorite part of her. He put one hand on the inside of each of her knees, and began to push them away from each other. She resisted him slightly, now blushing with modesty. "Come on baby," his voice was soft and reassuring, "spread your legs for me". Her heart was pounding in her chest now. Hearing him say those words made her instantly flood with wanting, and she thought by now she must be literally dripping. She allowed him the freedom then to push her thighs agape, and though the room was dark and she was sure he could hardly see anything, she felt the weight of his gaze touching the very center of her. He reached out one hand then, and ran his finger slowly between her rapidly swelling lips. She moaned, loudly... the waiting having made her that much more sensitive to his touch. Then, with the aid of a second finger, he parted her lips, and held them back. The thought of being opened came back to her now, she thought of herself almost as a flower, and his fingers the sun, opening her petals carefully, gently...

Her hips were rocking slowly toward him, and on their own. She was lost in her thoughts of him, of how he was so perfect, of how she wanted to give him all of herself. But he broke her train of thought when two fingers from his free hand pushed inside her. She could feel her muscles tensing around them, and realized that for him to slide them in so quickly could only mean she was as soaking wet as she had imagined. Her knees were coming together slowly when his hand slapped firmly against her inner thigh. She jumped a bit, startled not by the pain, but by the fact that he reacted so quickly. "I'm not done" he told her firmly. He pushed her legs even further apart, and with a certain commanding aire he advised her not to move. She nodded her head, amazed by his tone, and turned on by it as well. He went back to work, moving his fingers in and out of her now. She could hear the noises emanating from her wet opening, and wondered if he was trying to make her blush again. She had little time to think about it, since he pulled his sopping and sticky fingers from her swollen pussy and pushed them into her mouth. She sucked them slowly, smelling her own scent on his fingers, tasting herself on his hand. She cleaned his fingers well, and licked them until he pulled away. When he did she licked her lips, wondering if she tasted the same to him as she did to herself.

She watched him changing position on the bed again, but held her legs apart as she did, waiting for any further instruction from him. The heat on her thigh where he had slapped her for moving earlier was a good reminder. He grabbed two pillows and moved her around until he had them under her, and she suddenly felt like she was on display. He put his face between her legs then, and as he spread her lips open again, he told her again she was not to move until he was through with her. She nodded her head and closed her eyes, knowing that she'd never get through this without jumping around. He started slowly, licking her lips, licking around his fingers, and then up higher to where her lips came together. She was glad she'd shaved herself for him, because it allowed her to feel everything he was doing to her. His tongue soon found her clit, which was stiff and hot already. His tongue lapping at it, and then sucking it, and then biting it, made her crazy.

Her legs began to shake, and she was moaning and whimpering. But she concentrated on being still. He plunged his tongue inside her then, and she gasped loudly, and rocked her pussy against his face. She was trying not to move but it was hopeless. He must have understood this because as he went back to her clit, knowing it would make her come, he let go of her pussy lips and wrapped his arms around her thighs. She was near screaming when she came, pulling against her hand ties and bucking her hips against him. She couldn't control her body, it was a lost cause. Her orgasm lasted awhile, and she began to feel it was unbearable for him to continue on. He let up on her, never stopping, but mercifully moving his tongue from her clit back to her hole. He licked her all over, and while he did so she was hoping that he liked the taste of her. As he picked up speed again she felt yet another round of burning heat in her pussy, and when he touched her little button again with his tongue he set her off. She came hard, almost as hard as the last time, and before her orgasm was even over she was pleading with him to stop. "Please, I can't... I... c-c-can't... please". He knew she was desperate for a break, and somehow he took pleasure in her not being able to escape him.

Were her hands free, he knew she'd already be pushing him away, using her hands or her feet to stop him from licking her out any more. But she wasn't free, she was rather... fettered. He pressed his face against her pussy one more time, and licked her with long, slow, hard strokes. She began to calm down, and tried to get her erratic breathing under control. He licked her steadily, like a cat cleaning it's fur. Slowly, predictably, he stroked her with his tongue again and again. Then, he stopped. She could feel him breathing on her wet skin, and she wondered what he was thinking. "Come on baby girl," he teased her a little, " I know you've got one more for me". She struggled to move away from his mouth, but he grabbed her thighs tightly. "I told you not to move until I was done, my love..." and with that he pulled her clit into his mouth one more time, and sent her completely and utterly into orbit. She pulled hard against the ties now, trying desperately to free her hands, but it was of little use. Eventually she gave in completely to his mouth, and slowly she began to relax. She lie there twisting and writhing for a long while after he'd stopped touching her. He simply lay beside her and waited for her to come down, stroking her hair and shhh-ing her again.

When she began to drift into a slightly sleepy state, he moved back to his position between her legs. This time though, he was not thinking of her pleasure, but his own. She felt the head of his hardness pressing against her lips, waiting to gain entry into her. Quite willingly she opened up to him, angling as best she could with being restrained to guide him in. He felt absolutely huge sliding into her, and ever more huge when he started to thrust. As he slammed into her she watched him in the darkness, knowing that he was doing this to her because it made him feel good. And she was glowing inside knowing that her simply being there for him to take could make him so happy. She moved her legs around, in and out, up and down, until she found the spot that made him grunt and moan. That's where she held herself, she was concentrating on what he'd like best, not even thinking of her own pleasure now. But, the more she listened to him the more excited she in turn became. She fully expected him to stop at any point just before he exploded, as she was accustomed to him doing so to prolong their amazing intercourses. This time though, as his pace quickened and his vocal expressions became louder, she realized that he wasn't going to stop.

The nearer he got to his own orgasm, the harder and faster he slammed into her. By the time he filled her with his hot and creamy man-junk, as she once heard him call it, she was coming with him. As difficult as it was for her, she stayed silent, listening to him. She wanted to remember every detail of this experience. And as he lay his exhausted body down on top of hers, she inhaled the scent of him... his cologne, the soap he used, the sweat of his body, and the deposit he had just made into her. When he got his breath again, he pulled out of her. That was always something that made her squirm, and without him inside her she felt so completely empty. But this time, he did something he'd never done before, and she was slightly shocked by it. This time, he slipped a finger into her swollen and tender pussy, and allowed it to be covered by their combined ejaculates. That sensation alone was amazing for her, comforting and stimulating at the same time. But then, he took his finger and once again put it in her mouth. At first she didn't know quite how to react, and he must have seen her apprehension. "That's right baby," he prodded her along, "be a good girl honey... lick it up for me... come on". Hearing him talk to her that way, she would have licked dirt from his shoes. But the taste of him in her mouth, all over her tongue, was far more pleasant. He pulled his finger from her lips and dipped it inside her hole again. Then back to her mouth. What she had often imagined would be rather unsavory, turned out to be quite the opposite for her. He did this a few times, and then reached up and released her from her bonds. Her arms were aching now from her straining to get free. Almost immediately she turned over on her stomach, her favorite position to lay in after such intense orgasms, and waited to feel his arms wrap around her.

Instead though, she felt is hand in her hair, getting a good grip on her head. Before she even realized what might be coming, she felt his other hand smack her ass, rather hard. She yelped with the sting, and that only served to bring his hand down on her ass again. He spoke then, giving explanation for his actions. "My love, I know you tried to be a good girl, but, you didn't do very well holding still for me." Smack... he slapped her again. "I'm sorry that I have to do this, because believe me, it hurts me too..." with that he began to spank her in earnest, slapping all over her ass and the backs of her thighs. She bit her lip to stop from yelling, and thought, for the first time, of their safe word. She rolled it around in her mouth, hoping that he would stop before she called Purple. Then he said something she could hardly believe. It made her heart stop beating for a moment, and her eyes grew wide in the dark of their room. "I want you to cry for me." And with that, she forced herself to relax into his spanking, and slowly, tears began to fill her eyes until they ran down her cheeks. Her body shuddered with the thought of what he was doing to her. She was being broken. He was breaking her. All the while, in the back of her mind, she'd thought she was in control, tied or not. Now, it sunk in. She was powerless to his will, to the sound of his voice. But, instead of feeling sad or confused, or even angry, she was relieved. Finally she belonged. The tears of pain turned into tears of appreciation, as her heart thanked him for making her his own. She'd never felt so safe, so protected. She'd never felt so loved.

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