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It's very rare that I remember the details of a dream. But this one stayed in my mind probably because of how incredibly hot it was. My story consists of what I remember combined with events that were real. It's up to you to discern what's real and what's not. So here goes…

I was on vacation and staying at a friends home. It was a beautiful home with large windows looking over the water. I was very relaxed and enjoying the company of my friends. It was getting late and I decided to hit the shower before heading off to bed.

The showers were large and open. There was also no privacy as they were situated right next to the living room and had large glass doors. At first I was apprehensive as my friends were all sitting there drinking and talking. But I thought what the hell and decided to strip down. I throw my clothes on the sofas outside the shower. Just as I am about to step in, Kelly and Melissa come over and sit on the sofa. I stop, turn back, and start chatting with the two girls while standing behind the sofa – and think nothing of being naked.

Kelly stands up and joins me behind the sofa as I am talking to Melissa. Kelly is small and pretty. She's fit as could be and has tight body. You know those runners are! Kelly bends over the back of the sofa and is now resting her head in her chin – very casual. I instinctively place my hand on her back and start giving her a one-handed massage. She seems to be enjoying it and moans a few times. But she continues talking to Melissa about their plans for the following day.

My hand slowly moves its way down her back towards her ass. Kelly has on a short skirt and reaching the bottom of it took no time. She glances over at me and gives me a quick smirk. As if on command, my cock begins to rise. Melissa looks down and noticed my rising cock. She too looks up at me and smirks. Well the next thing you know my hand is under Kelly's skirt and I'm gently kneading her butt. All of a sudden, Melissa went from talking about the great shoes they found that day to blurting out, "Slide your finger in her asshole. She likes that!"

My hand stops moving as I was very surprised at what Melissa said. She follows up by saying, "Come on Paul – fuck her ass!" I'd never done that before and didn't know how to respond. Melissa grabs my hand, shoves my finger in her mouth, and starts sucking. Then she says it's wet and ready and asks what I'm waiting on.

Kelly doesn't hesitate so I assume she was okay with it. I place my hand back on her ass, gently spreading her cheeks apart, and slowly begin to slide my finger in. It feels weird – different. Melissa continues talking to me – or should I say demanding me – "That's it. Fuck her. Fuck Kelly. She likes that." Kelly's eyes are closed and she's moaning softly. My finger are moving slowly – in and out. It's tight. I pick up the pace and I could see Kelly is enjoying it. Her moans are getting louder. Melissa asks if she likes getting fucked in the ass. Kelly just nodded a very pleasurable 'Yes.'

By this time, my cock is throbbing and I reach down to touch it for a little relief. Melissa slaps my hand away and orders me to fuck her mouth. She pulls me closer to the sofa so that my cock in inches from her mouth. I cannot believe this woman is being so aggressive with me! But I'm loving it!

Kelly opens her eyes to see me offering my cock to Melissa. She asks me if I can fuck Melissa's mouth while I finger-fuck her ass. Of course, I can. Kelly then looks at me and tells me to give her my cock. Who am I to refuse? Melissa's warm mouth takes in my cock and I can feel her tongue up against it. My balls are in her hand and she's sucking away. "Fuck her mouth, Paul!" Kelly shouts. "Fuck her mouth good!" I'm having a difficult time focusing on Kelly's sweet ass and Melissa hot mouth and Kelly can see this.

She pulls my finger out of her ass and moves back to the sofa next to Melissa. Kelly then sits down behind Melissa Indian-style with Melissa between her knees. Kelly's hand is on Melissa's head pushing it onto my cock, making her gag. "That's it, Paul. Fuck her mouth good. Make her choke on your cock". I'm not believing this! Kelly then pulls her hair and takes her completely off my cock and proceeds to kiss her. Their tongues are twisted together while my cock is throbbing.

Kelly shoves her friends face back onto my cock. Melissa continues to suck my cock like there's no tomorrow. I can feel my cock swelling even more and that familiar feeling I get when I'm about to cum. I let the girls know and Kelly pulls Melissa away from me. She says, "I want that cum. You're not getting it all bitch." Kelly tells me to jerk off over their tongues and, of course, I oblige. The girls are passionately kissing each other with their tongues as I'm jerking off. Seeing this gets me even more turned on.

I direct my cock at their awaiting tongues just as a huge stream of my cum flows out of y pulsating cock. I've never cum that much in my life! It's dripping off their tongues as they continue to kiss. Melissa breaks away and asks me if I want some. I said 'no thanks' but that was not the right answer. Melissa request turns into Kelly's demand. She rises up, grabs the back of my head, and forces her tongue (and my cum) into my mouth. Then she beckons Melissa to do the same. The next thing you know, all three of us are in this hot, cum-covered kiss.

In a blink they were gone and I was left there by myself, spent and confused.

As I'm drying off after my shower, Deidre comes by and tells me to hurry if I want my massage. I give her a puzzled look but follow her lead. Deidre and I are now in a quiet room lit with candles. She takes my towel away and says to lie down. I do. And with my face buried in the table, Deidre begins to rub my back and shoulders. Deidre is this gorgeous, red-headed friend of mine. I've always wanted her but couldn't get anywhere close. Is this really happening?

Her hands move down my back, over my ass, down my legs, and end at my feet. Then she tells me to turn over. Somewhere during all of this, Deidre has undressed and is looking down at me. For the first time, I see this woman's beautiful body. Her small breasts are finished with ripe, large nipples. Her flat stomach. And of course, a completely shaven pussy. Wow! Again, my cock is standing at attention.

She turns her head to see my full penis and touches it. Then she gently wraps her small hand around it. Then she slowly starts stroking it. Her touch is soft and gentle. But that didn't last long as in walks Erica. Erica is another friend of mine that I've wanted to fuck since I laid eyes on her. She is just about the hottest black woman I know. But she's very demanding.

Erica comes up behind Deidre grabs her by her red hair and says, "Are you gonna suck that cock or what?" Without even giving Deidre a chance to answer, Erica's dark lips descend up on my cock. "What are you waiting for bitch, get on your knees and take care of my pussy!" Whoa! Seeing Deidre's white face up against Erica's dark body was an incredible sight. It didn't take a lot of Deidre's sucking on Erica's clit and tongue-fucking her to get her off. Erica's body began to shake and tremble as she let loose all over sweet Deidre's lips, tongue, and chin. "Now get the fuck out of here and come back with David!" I was disappointed that Erica made Deidre leave but she soon came back with Erica's husband David.

"Deidre, go back to Paul while my husband fucks me." I was thrilled to know that Deidre would be paying attention to me again. Deidre is kinda shy but with Erica's guidance, she'd be okay. "Suck his cock, whore!" Erica shouts. With that, Deidre picks up where Erica left off – with my cock in her mouth. But I want to taste her pussy. Deidre climbs up on the table and positions her pussy over my face. Mmmmm. Sweet. Wet. Delicious. I turn my head and see David's large, black cock pounding Erica's pink, wet pussy.

David looks up and sees Deidre's pussy over my face. He's practically staring at her cunt while fucking his wife. Erica opens her eyes just for a second to see her husband checking out Deidre's pussy. "You want some of that? You wanna fuck that white bitch? Go ahead. Don't let me stop you." Erica couldn't believe it when he pulled his cock out of her and began walking over to us. She just sat there, legs open, and pussy dripping. I was in disbelief myself.

Deidre, who has positioned herself in a 69 is giving my cock undivided attention has no idea what is going on. I turn back to her pussy and start tonguing her clit again, which causes her body to spasm. I think my cock grew another inch with what happened next.

David walks over stroking his 8-inch cock. I could sense his nearness even though I was focused on Deidre's pussy. The next thing I know, his cock is inches over my face about to plunge in Deidre. "Fuck her, you bastard," Erica shouts out. She follows her command with another – "Paul, help him get his dick into her pussy. NOW!" My mind is racing at this point.

I've seen a lot of porno movies and a lot of big cocks. But I've never wanted to touch one or be near one. That's just weird. Before I could complete my thought Erica shouts "NOW, PAUL" again. I reached up and place my hand around David's cock. My heart is racing but I'm intrigued. I stroke it a few times just like I would stroke mine. I can see him looking down at me. I was in a trance fixated on his dick when I hear Ms. Erica shouting again – "FUCK HER NOW DAVID!" With that, I guided his cock to her hole and he push forward just enough to where his big, black head was right at her pussy. Then he slammed that thing into her. She didn't see it coming and squealed loudly.

My cock was released from her mouth as she had to gasp for air. David's cock was all the way in Deidre's tight, wet pussy. I began lapping at her clit as she squirmed on me. "COME ON DAVID. FUCK THAT WHITE PUSSY!" He begins to pick up the pace and is pumping in and out of Deidre. His cock is right there. I can't believe it. I'm sucking this girl's pussy as some guy is fucking her. Wow!

I glance over and see Erica frantically rubbing her black pussy. Both her and David have smooth, chocolate milk colored skin. She looks so hot fingering herself while shouting out commands. After a while, Erica gets up and comes over to the three of us. She leans close to my face and asks me how Deidre's pussy tastes. And if I enjoy being so close to her husband's cock. I mumbled something affirming.

Just as I was saying that, David's cock slipped out of Deidre's pussy and plopped right onto my face. Great! Now what. Well, Erica didn't miss the opportunity, grabbed his cock, and pulled to my mouth. "SUCK IT. SUCK IT." That was just too much for me to do and I looked at her with my lips sealed like I was about to take cough syrup.

"SUCK IT!" David forced his cock forward and practically forced it into mouth. My mouth open and his dick slipped in my mouth. I've never done this and had no idea what to do. I worked it like how I would want my cock sucked. This caused David to start fucking my mouth. I'm not believing this. But I'm so into it and Erica is seeing this. I reach up and start playing with balls which causes him to moan. "That's it, Paul. Suck my husband's cock. Fuck his mouth, David." Just as I'm getting into it and enjoying the sensation of a cock in my mouth I hear "ENOUGH!". Great, I thought. "FUCK THAT WHORE'S PUSSY AGAIN!".

Erica moves down my body towards Deidre's head. I can only hear what she's saying since I have a pussy and cock over my face. But what I hear, I like. She's not as loud with Deidre now. "You like my husband's black cock in your pussy, baby? You like that? You like having a cock in your mouth and in your cunt, whore? Yeah? You gonna share Paul's cock with me?" With that I feel Deidre's mouth come off my cock and replaced by Erica's.

Erica sucks my cock much harder than Deidre. Then I feel both their tongues on my dick. What a feeling!! "SPIT IN MY MOUTH, BITCH – AGAIN! MORE!" I can only picture Deidre spitting into Erica's mouth. What I can see is David's pace picking up. I'm beginning to think that with his pace combined with his moaning, he's about to cum. So can Erica. She comes back to get a closer view of her husband pounding his cock in and out of Deidre.

It only took a few more thrusts before he pushed far into her and stopped. I couldn't see his cock as it was buried in her pussy but I knew what was happening. "COME IN HER PUSSY, DAVID!" And with that he filled her up. Cum was forced out of her pussy and right onto my tongue, which was still teasing her clit. I was actually tasting another man's cum.

Deidre pussy began to throb and her body followed suit. She was coming hard. Her pussy was actually flowing with cum. I was close enough to see her cunt tightening around David's cock. When she stopped, he pulled out slowly. And a flood of his cum and her juices flowed onto my lips, tongue, and chin. Erica looks at me and proceeds to lick my face clean. Her tongue is in my mouth and we kiss passionately.

She breaks away and says, "Now it's your turn, Paul."

She commands Deidre to get off of me and tell her and husband to get on their knees. They do. Then she makes me get up, stand next to them. I do. Erica then tells them both to start sucking my cock and not to stop until she tells them to. I was excited about Deidre's mouth wrapped around my dick. But I was not so thrilled about David sucking me off. That soon changed. Deidre held my cock and offered it to him. He stuck it in his mouth like a pro. I instinctively began fucking his mouth. Deidre was alternating taking my balls into her mouth.

In the meantime, Erica is biting my nipples and fingering my ass. I was in heaven. She stopped and sat on the massage table next to us and started fingering her pussy while watching her husband and Deidre suck me off. Then Erica spread her legs open and invited me in. I walked over and my cock slid right into her pussy. I was already close to coming and knew I wouldn't last long. Deidre started kissing her and moved down to her breasts where she stopped to suck on her hard nipples. Meanwhile, David was under us sucking my balls. He would occasionally stop to tongue-fuck his wife's ass.

Suddenly, Erica pushes me away and with her husband's face right up against her pussy, she comes. But not just any orgasm. Erica squirts what seems to be a gallon onto David's face, which he hungrily laps up. Her orgasm seemed to last forever but it finally subsided.

My cock was still hard as a rock and needed relief. Erica, breathing hard, tell Deidre to go stand behind me. Then she instructs her to jerk me off – slowly. She tells David to take my cum in his mouth so he positions himself on his knees, in front of me. I didn't care.

Deidre know how to give a hand job. She sensed when I was about to come and stopped jerking me off allowing my body to take over. My cock spurted it second load for the night and it was just as much. David took it into his mouth – all of it. He then stood up, went over to Erica, and spit it into her mouth. She, in turn, did the same to Deidre. They kissed long and hard sharing my come like it was their last meal.

Just then I hear a train in the distance. I open my eyes. I'm hot. What just happened here?

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