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Dreams Become Reality


They leaned in closer together. Their bodies pressed tightly, laying on the black leather couch. She shivered as her lovers hand slid up her thigh disappearing under her skirt. With a soft moan they opened their mouths, tongues finding each other. Circling, sucking, dancing in a woven bliss.

She panted as her knee forced her thighs to spread. She rolled on top of her lover their breasts mashing together as they slowly began to hump.

Guiding her hands to her ass, she pressed closer wanting to be one.


AJ was in shock. She could not believe the phone call she had just gotten. She had won a shopping spree with the one and only Nikki Reed. AJ was Nikki's number one fan. She had entered a contest for Rachel Ray's show and had just been called to be let know that she was chosen as a ultimate Twilight fan and since Nikki was AJ's favorite, they would spend an entire day together.

Walking to the couch in her apartment she sank down in shock, she was so happy. Nikki had been her idol for so long. She had a ton in common with both Nikki and Nikki's character in Twilight, Rosalie.

AJ called her best friend Ray.

"You will NEVER believe what just happened to me." AJ said when Ray answered.

"You are engaged to Robert Pattinson." Ray snickered knowing it was one in many of AJ's fantasies.

"Well....no. But still amazing!"

Ray laughed hearing the excitement in her friends voice.

"So tell me already!"

"I WON A DAY WITH NIKKI FUCKING REED!" AJ shouted and told Ray the entire story.

"Wow that is huge! She is your idol, your girl crush! Are you freaking out?"

"Uh yeah!"

"You'll be fine. Just don't be so shy the entire time alright?"

AJ sighed hard.

"I'll try not to be."

AJ and Ray chatted for a while longer and then hung up so AJ could get ready.


*The Next Day*

AJ opened the door butterflies in her belly a few moments after the doorbell was rung.

"Hey you must be AJ!" Nikki greeted her moving forward fast giving AJ a tight hug and kiss on the cheek. "Congratulations on winning!"

AJ hugged her back getting her bearings together.

"Hi, it's very nice to meet you."

Nikki grinned.

"I brought my car, I figured we should be authentic and not have a limo waiting we can just go where ever we want when ever."

"That sounds great to me."

AJ grabbed her purse and followed Nikki to her black sports car. They hit the road stopping at several trendy shops modeling outfits for each other and taking pictures with Nikki's camera.

"That red top is hot! You so have to get it!" Nikki said excited.

AJ glanced down at the top she was wearing.

"It would look great with some dark washed jeans."

She headed back into the dressing room.

"Hey let me in!" Nikki said rushing in with a dress.

AJ stepped back making room for her.

"Nice dress." AJ said seeing it in her hands.

Nikki smiled.

"I just spotted it. I love the mixed colors!" She took off her top revealing a black lace bra. She dropped her skirt showing off the matching undies.

AJ glanced quickly over her body and helped Nikki into the dress.

"That dress was made for you!" AJ said as Nikki turned to the mirror.

"Alright, alright you twisted my arm. I'll buy it."

Giggling they continued with their clothes hunt.

Around one they stopped for lunch at the Olive Garden.

"..... And so that's why I am a fan." AJ finished the story.

"That is really touching. Very sweet." Nikki said touching her hand gently. "I am sorry you went through so much pain but it means a lot to me that I was able to help out."

AJ laughed a bit wiping her slightly wet eyes.

"Sorry. I am a total sap."

Nikki shook her head.

"You are fine. Really."

The waiter came over asking if we wanted dessert. Nikki ordered the black tie mousse cake to go.

Heading back to her car they decided to crash at AJ's place for a while to watch some movies and share the pie slice.

"What should we watch first?" AJ asked standing in the living room.

"You can pick I am ok with whatever."

"Ok, call me cheesy but I want to watch Mini's First Time."

Nikki rolled her eyes but laughed.

"Sure sure."

AJ grinned popping in the DVD. She walked back to the couch flopping down.

"Here have a taste of pie." Nikki said dipping her finger into it and holding it to AJ's lips.

AJ looked at her slightly unsure.

"I don't know where your forks are. I can't wait too long for chocolate". Nikki shrugged.

AJ leaned forward sucking the chocolate from Nikki's finger her teeth gently scrapping the tip.

"AJ, don't take this the wrong way but are you straight, bi-sexual or a lesbian?"

"I am straight. Well I do have girl crushes and would some day maybe sleep with a girl but I've never been with one before."

"I'm bi-sexual." Nikki said her eyes on AJ's.

"Um..... I..."

Nikki leaned in kissing AJ's lips.

"I know we just met. But I really feel connected with you. You aren't just a Twilight fan. You are amazing and, I would love to hook up with you see how it feels."

AJ blushed. She leaned in kissing Nikki back. It was a tentative kiss. They were both a bit shy not having expected this to have happened. They broke the kiss unsure staring at each other. AJ smiled shyly at Nikki, breaking the ice.

Nikki dipped her finger back into the pie and slid it along AJ's collar bone. She held her hair, leaning her head down and licking it from AJ's skin. AJ's eyes fluttered shut sighing out softly in pleasure. With chocolate still on her tongue, Nikki moved up kissing AJ again shoving her tongue back in her.

AJ responded by sliding her hands up Nikki's tank. She began to fondle Nikki's breasts. Her cold fingers pinching and playing with Nikki's nipples getting them hard. AJ grabbed the hem line of the tank top and pulled up the shirt off of Nikki. She then unhooked the bra, letting her breasts fall free.

"They are so beautiful." AJ said softly touching them. She lifted them up and leaned her face into them rubbing her face against the soft skin.

She reached for some of the remaining dessert smearing the cold chocolate onto Nikki's breasts and pushed Nikki to lie back on the black leather.

AJ swung over sitting on Nikki's pelvis and removed her own top and bra.

"Mmm, yours are beautiful as well." Nikki said watching them swing free. She leaned up hugging AJ tightly rubbing slightly against her covering AJ in the same chocolate.

"I am feeling some what hungry." AJ giggled as she began to suck on her tits.

Nikki moaned loudly feeling AJ's hot mouth on her tits. AJ sucked hard enjoying the sweet chocolate taste along with the taste of Nikki's skin. When she finished cleaning Nikki she leaned up and over Nikki's face allowing her own chocolate tits to swing by Nikki's mouth.

Once they were both clean, they paused breathing slightly hard, turned on completely.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Nikki asked AJ softly stroking her back.

"Yes Nikki. I am positive."

Nikki's arms secured around AJ's back. They pressed their bodies tightly to each other laying back onto the black leather couch. AJ shivered as Nikki's hand slid up the back of her thigh under her skirt. With a soft moan they opened their mouths, tongues finding each other. Circling, sucking, dancing in a woven bliss.

AJ panted as Nikki's knee forced her thighs to spread. She rolled on top of her lover their breasts mashing together as they slowly began to hump.

Guiding Nikki's hands to her ass, she pressed closer wanting to be one.

Nikki tugged AJ's panties down. AJ let out a moan as cool air hit her wet, flaming hot cunt. Kissing each other, they practiced their gymnastics in order for them to get off each others panties with out breaking much contact.

"You are so wet baby girl." Nikki whispered her mouth against AJ's neck.

"You have turned me on so much." AJ replied pressing her hips forward so wet cunt rested on wet cunt.

They moved their bodies like snakes, withering in passion.

"We are getting cunt juice on your leather." Nikki panted glancing down.

"I don't mind but....we could move into my bedroom. There is a lot more room in there." AJ said pausing to see what Nikki wanted.

"That sound great." Nikki said.

Kissing softly they both got up.

"There is so much I want to do with you." Nikki whispered walking behind AJ her hand on AJ's tummy.

"I want to do everything with you Nikki." AJ responded leading the way to her bedroom.

It was slightly hard to walk being pressed together so tightly but they made it in.

"Ooo your bed is nice and big. There is plenty room for us to get wild." Nikki said eyeing the bed.

They walked over to it and sat down side by side.

"What do you want to do first?" AJ asked not wanting to be pushy but she wanted so much more of the beautiful woman sitting by her.

"May I take pictures of you first?" Nikki asked a bit shy for the first time herself.

"Only if I can take pictures of you as well."

"Of course baby." Nikki said kissing her.

Breaking the kiss that was heating up fast, Nikki got her camera she always had on her. AJ sat with her feet tucked under her.

"First I want you to lift up your breasts for me." Nikki instructed standing a couple of feet away.

AJ reached down cupping her breasts pushing them up keeping the nipples exposed. Nikki snapped a picture.

"Ok, now lean back on your hands." Nikki instructed.

AJ smiled doing as she was told. Nikki licked her lips taking pictures. She took some of AJ spread legged and then of AJ using her fingers to pull her pussy lips open. She instructed AJ onto her tummy capturing some beautiful ass shots.

"Ok you had your fun Nik, it's my turn." AJ said getting up and taking the camera.

Nikki grinned and began to pose for AJ. It was getting hotter and hotter. Both of them already so horny from the couch and now the posing was turning up the heat.

AJ finally put the camera down and looked at Nikki her eyes filled with lust.

"I am so hot my legs are shaking." She said in a whisper.

Reaching forward, Nikki yanked AJ into her lap so AJ sat facing her.

"Your pussy is dripping." Nikki softly said before kissing AJ.

They fell back onto the bed the fun and games over. It was time for some serious fucking.

~To Be Continued.~

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