tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDreams Become Reality Ch. 02

Dreams Become Reality Ch. 02


AJ had won a day with her idol, Twilight star Nikki Reed. They had spent the entire morning shopping and had stopped for lunch at the Olive Garden. Then they had returned to AJ's apartment where they were over come with lust and began to get steamy.

They had licked dessert off of each other and had posed for some nude pictures. They had kissed hotly and humped. Now they were upstairs in AJ's room where things were quickly heating up.

Nikki had gone to her car and gotten some toys she kept in her trunk.


"I want to fuck you so bad." Nikki gasped as AJ bit Nikki's neck again sucking on it hungrily.

"I want to fuck you Nikki. I wanna fuck you so hard that your legs go numb." AJ responded.

Panting, the bed rocking Nikki reached for a strap on. AJ's fingers brushed her clit making her yelp.

"AJ baby let me put on the strap on." Nikki mumbled between the kisses.

"I'm trying!" AJ cried out as Nikki's fingers slipped into her pussy thrusting fast a few times and pulling out again.

They got up off the bed groping each other trying to break away enough to get the strap on fitted to Nikki.

Nikki tore her mouth away from AJ breathing hard and finally got her toy on.

"Remember in Mini's First Time, when my movie mom goes to her massage guy and she finds him fucking the friend? I wanna react that scene."

"How do you want to do that?"

"Lie down on your belly."

AJ turned getting onto the bed, her belly down legs open. Nikki moved behind her and inserted the 6 inch fake dick into AJ. AJ arched up moaning loudly gripping the top blanket.

"That's my girl." Nikki whispered kissing AJ's left shoulder and began to thrust inside of her as she massaged her back.

"Oh I am in heaven!" AJ cried out getting fucked and massaged at the same time.

"So am I." Nikki worked her hands over AJ's shoulders and down her back.

Nikki's silken dark hair tickling the bare skin as she moved down. She thrusted firmly into AJ's soaking cunt. Massaging AJ's lower back briefly, she moved her hands filling them with AJ's fleshy ass. She kneaded and thrusted then spread her ass cheeks apart.

"That is such a cute pink puckered ass hole AJ." Nikki giggled teasing her.

AJ pressed her ass back, wanting to be touched.

Nikki obeyed slightly, she dipped her fingers into the cunt juice and smeared AJ's hole. Then pressing on AJ's thighs she shifted the fake dick into her G-spot.

"FUCK!" AJ screamed jerking hard.

"Let me fuck you." Nikki growled softly in her ear. She moved up pressing as deep as she could in AJ.

Kissing the side of AJ's neck, Nikki grew rougher with her thrusting. She moved her hands under AJ playing with her nipples. She turned AJ's head to the side meeting her lips with a violent kiss. She began to slam the dildo in and out of AJ, whimpering wanting to make her cum.

AJ sank her teeth into Nikki's lower lip tugging at it with a soft growl as Nikki fucked her. Nikki reached down pressing her finger into AJ's clit. She could feel AJ tensing and knew that her orgasm was about to hit. She tugged the clit out let it go with a snap quickly pressing in again. She repeated the teasing on the clit her tongue deep in AJ's mouth. Both of them were covered in sweat, AJ's legs spreading wider and then she shrieked. Her body jerked and stiffened.

Nikki cooed gently rubbing her back as she orgasmed hard. AJ lay panting shaking a bit from the intensity. Slowly Nikki pulled out and looked down at AJ's soaking cunt. AJ rolled onto her back.

"M my t turn." She said reaching for the dildo.

Nikki got it off and helped her into it. AJ moved above Nikki and entered her. Nikki shifted letting AJ into her fully. AJ began to move slowly. She raised herself up pulling slowly out of Nikki then shoving it back in. She slowly came out and shoved back in. She did this teasing Nikki for several minutes.

"Uuhhh AJ baby! You are such a tease!" Nikki cried out her head thrown back.

"Sorry baby." AJ grinned leaning down kissing her.

Nikki bit her tongue and held onto AJ's hips. AJ began to rock. Slowly moving inside of her. It was gentler than the fuck Nikki had given AJ.

"Look Nik," AJ whispered "Look at me making love to you."

Nikki shuddered and sat up slightly against the head board so they could hold each other. Nikki held AJ's ass as she thrusted slowly and deeply.

"We are making love." She whispered. "This is so much more than just a fuck."

AJ's green eyes lit up slightly. She ran her hands around Nikki's back, her hips thrusting guiding the dildo in her lover. They began to kiss tenderly, touching each other in new ways. The room was filled with the sounds of their kisses and with the sucking noise of Nikki's pussy taking the dildo in.

"AJ, I...I'm going to cum." Nikki spoke pushing a lock of black hair behind AJ's ear.

AJ reached down holding Nikki's thigh. She pulled her leg up changing the angle of the dildo and picked up some speed. Nikki was breathing harder panting. She bit AJ's shoulder as she began to cum. Slowly AJ pulled out of Nikki. She unhooked the strap on and held up the wet dildo. They began to lick the cum off it of. Tasting each other. Nikki tossed it aside when it was clean and pulled AJ into her arms.

The girls lay facing each other hugging their legs around each other.

"May I be forward on something?" Nikki asked AJ after they had laid together for a while.

"Of course." AJ answered.

"We have a few weeks off now before we start filming Eclipse. I was wondering.....can we move in together? I know it is pretty fast but...."

AJ pressed her lips to Nikki's.

"I want you to move in. I want to be with you." AJ said after the kiss ended.

"Are we together?" Nikki asked.

"Like are we a couple?"

Nikki nodded.

"Do you want to be together? To be dating?"

"I do."

"I would love to be your girlfriend." AJ lay her head on Nikki's chest right under her chin.

They held each other tightly stroking their backs and sides. They lay in silence for a while just getting used to each other.

"Are you hungry?" AJ asked.

"Maybe a little."

"Let's go down stairs and make some dinner together." AJ suggested.

"Wow it is already 6 PM." Nikki giggled as the girls got up.

"Let's just do something easy." AJ said as they got to the kitchen.

She threw some fish sticks onto a cookie sheet and pre heated the oven. She went to the cup board to get a bowl to make a salad in. She couldn't reach barefoot so hopped up taking down the bowl. She turned to get off and found Nikki behind her with a grin.

"Hey there, can we have some dessert before dinner?" Nikki asked playfully.

"What did you have in mind?" AJ asked with a laugh.

"Oh, this." Nikki responded spreading AJ's legs open and kneeling in front of her.

She opened her mouth and placed it over AJ's clit. She began to suck on the hard button. Her hands holding open the creamy thighs of her lover. She teased the clit with the tip of her tongue making AJ cry out for her.

"Mmm baby you taste good for me." Nikki said glancing up at AJ.

"It feels even better!" AJ gushed out.

Nikki lowered her head down again licking up AJ's sweet slit. AJ pressed her bare feet against Nikki's back trapping her between her legs. Nikki slid her tongue into AJ wiggling it glancing up at her.

AJ had her eyes shut her mouth open slightly panting with pleasure. Nikki bit down on her clit and sucked over it. AJ reached down with her left hand taking Nikki's hair into her hand and holding her in place. Nikki slid her index finger inside of AJ using her mouth to stimulate her clit. AJ thrusted her hips against Nikki's finger. The orgasm was building up again. Nikki pressed AJ's spot pumping her finger in and out.

Feeling AJ tighten she removed her finger opening her mouth around her and sucking hard. AJ cursed as she began to cum again. The pleasure was making her heart race fast.

Nikki stood as she finished. AJ slid off the counter into her arms kissing her, frenching deeply as the oven beeped. Sighing AJ broke apart putting the fish sticks in.

"We better finish." She said with a pout.

Nikki laughed pinching her ass.

"Don't be sad, this is only the beginning for us baby."

AJ smiled and made a salad.

"Hey AJ why don't you put this in you?" Nikki teased holding up a huge cucumber.

AJ rolled her eyes with a laugh.


Dinner made the girls took plates up to AJ's room to have dinner in bed.

"My fish stick needs sauce." AJ said swiping a stick through Nikki's pussy and popping it into her mouth.

"Oh!" Nikki said laughing. "So does mine!" She did the same thing. "Mm that is the best way to eat fish sticks." She said through chewing.

AJ pushed Nikki's legs open and began to insert the fish stick into Nikki's cunt. It was messy but AJ got it in until a little tip stuck out. She pressed down on Nikki's lower belly making Nikki groan out wetting the fish in her.

AJ leaned down biting the exposed end and began to suck drawing the fish slowly out of Nikki eating it from her.

They took turns inserting fish into each other and slowly eating it out. After they finally finished eating an hour later they cleaned up the bed and each other. AJ tugged Nikki on top of her rubbing her back.

"Everything is so much better now that we are together." AJ whispered her face against Nikki's neck.

"Falling in love makes everything better." Nikki agreed.

They wrapped up in each other getting used to the new feelings.

"Let's take a nap." Nikki suggested snuggling down against AJ.

"Sounds perfect." AJ mumbled eyes shut.

She held Nikki close and the two girls drifted off into a bliss filled slumber.

~To Be Continued.~

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