tagGroup SexDreams Ch. 06

Dreams Ch. 06


Please read the previous chapter before starting this one. This story follows an increasing number of characters; thus, to reduce confusion the reader will find a 'list of the characters' at the end of each chapter with approximate ages and how they 'fit' into the plot. Enjoy.

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made of -- Chapter 6

The 'special effects' team met the following Wednesday night, charged to make each bedroom a 'special' place in some way. Arrow, Alan, and I started in the living room and talked for a bit, sharing ideas before we did our house tour.

Among the ideas, Arrow suggested that each room have a television playing porn. He said we could tailor the porn to the activity promoted in the room: group, threesome, lesbian, gay, BSDM, anal, and so forth. I jotted the idea down on my notepad.

Initially I liked the idea, but then I had a further idea of my own. I excused myself and went off to find Peter. He was our resident amateur photographer and always looking for interesting things to shoot. I shared my idea with him and he lit up. He also reminded me of the porn videos we'd made months earlier when we'd first gotten together as a group of six.

I went back to the living room and collected Alan and Arrow so we could walk to each bedroom and study it to see what other ideas we could come up with.

We didn't get very far. I wanted both of them, so I led them to the unoccupied large Bedroom E in the new addition. As I climbed the stairs, I made sure to put a little extra wiggle in my ass and shimmy my breasts at them. I had a micro skirt on and no panties, plus a man's shirt tied just under my tits. With my hair up in a sexy twist, freshly showered, and a light clean scent, I figured I was irresistible. I was.

Near the top of the stairs, Alan ran his hand up my leg. I stopped allowing his fingers to stroke my slit -- even penetrating me. I was moist in anticipation. He just said, "Lead on." I looked back at Arrow and Alan, and they both gave me that leering look that said they were horny too.

Inside the bedroom, Peter stood with his camcorder next to him on a tripod. He'd also had time to set up two photo floodlights to add to the other lights already in the room. I explained to Alan and Arrow that we were going to make our own porn film to show at the orgy rather than use commercial films. I then grinned at them. They clearly liked the idea.

Peter started filming. I let the men cuddle and strip me as we stood inside the new room and Peter filmed. One large mattress had been tossed into the room; adequate for what was to follow I was sure.

I pulled out each of their tumescent cocks from their pants, and then alternated licking, sucking, and lightly biting each one in as erotic a way as I could. In the meantime, both men leaned over and fondled my taut breasts or fingered my pussy. At one point, I had a mouth on each breast, and fingers from two different men in my cunt. As I gave the two blowjobs, sometimes taking both cocks into my mouth simultaneously, I could feel the men harden to the consistency of cobalt steel.

Peter guided his camera in for close-ups of my sucking as well as Alan and Arrow's fingers in my pussy.

Alan took the initiative and pushed me back on the mattress. He buried his face in my pussy, his long talented tongue immediately starting to tongue-fuck me. Arrow had stripped and dropped his engorged penis in my mouth. I was in heaven: stimulation of my clit was rapidly pushing me towards a climax, and the oral sex I gave was a pleasure as well.

I crested, and a small wave of pleasure washed over me. I held tightly to Arrow's cock as Alan pushed his cock up into my body, creating another wave of pleasure at the sudden fullness he gave me. I squeezed tightly to give him greater sensation as he started to slowly oscillate in and out of me. I lapped at the cock near my mouth.

After a few minutes, Arrow touched Alan's shoulder and suggested they switch. Alan snapped his cock from me, a move that almost pushed me over the edge again. Arrow came between my legs and roughly thrust into me, driving hard. The act might have hurt had I not been so wet with my own fluids and desire. He did read my mood correctly.

I moaned, "I love you both," as they pushed into me -- one into my throat and the other my vagina. I actually wanted both cocks deep in me -- any orifice would do.

Arrow's hips became a blur as he sped up, reaching his own crescendo. I could feel my own climax coming, the warmth rising from within me. I pulled off of Alan's cock so I could hold it and lock eyes with Arrow. His expression was intense, yet he looked at me with the air of man desperate to bring me pleasure.

Suddenly, Arrow thrust extra hard into me four times; I could feel his jism erupting from his cock and coating my insides. The feeling made me crest again, my orgasm sliding over my nude body as Alan kissed me and Arrow focused on his delivery.

Peter captured the entire sequence on his camera, even focusing in on my dripping vagina after Arrow pulled away. In one shot I saw later, a rivulet of cum slid from my cunt and ran down my slit, over my asshole, and dripped to the bed. It was a very erotic shot.

I whispered, "Alan, please make love to me too." He moved in front of me, replacing Arrow, and slowly entered me at a pace that seemed to tease as well as provoke. The friction of his full penis dragging along the fibers of my vagina, drove me right back towards my orgasm space.

Arrow was now the one kissing me. I could taste myself on his lips, or perhaps it was from Alan's kisses a moment earlier. I liked my own taste and found it erotic and stimulating.

I looked at Alan and his eyes were locked on me. He said, "Ariel, I love you. Now cum -- cum for me. When you cum, I'll cum. I'll finish filling your insides with hot semen. You'll be so full you drip all night long, and you'll remember our hard cocks inside you -- fucking you -- making love to you again. And, on Saturday, at the orgy, you'll still have our cum inside you, and Arrow and I will fuck you again."

Somewhere in the mix, Peter was suddenly beside me, offering me his long prick to suck on. I loved Peter too, so it was only natural to try to bring him pleasure. I noted the camera aimed at our foursome as Alan pumped into me and I sucked the other two men.

I like dirty talk from my lovers, and Alan's rants drove me even more into my erotic orgasm space. I came. I could feel my vaginal muscles clamp down on Alan's cock. Arrow pinched both my nipples hard, a move that propelled me deep into the outer realms of the universe of love and pleasure.

Suddenly, Alan jerked away, and Peter buried his rigid rod in my tunnel, pumping hard and driven to cum inside me. I hugged and kissed him as his hips alternated with lightning speed, his long cock dragging back and forth over my clitoris. After so short a time, I crested again -- really peaked, the pleasure washing over me as I felt Peter's semen flood my already full pleasure hole.

I didn't quite black out, but I sure became little more than a blob of protoplasm lying on the bed surrounded by the three male bodies. They rained more kisses on me, and I kissed back automatically. I loved Alan. I loved Arrow. I loved Peter. I knew they loved me.

We lay in our after glows for many minutes as I floated hazily in my feelings of exhilaration and eroticism. Peter eventually extracted himself from me and tended to the camera, again capturing a shot of my overly full cunt dripping man juice.

Gradually, reality returned and I suggest a shower for three. One advantage of this bedroom was the huge shower stall that could comfortably hold six people and douse them with multiple sprays. The three of us washed while Peter stood nude outside the shower and filmed us. Alan and Arrow took advantage of the situation to fondle every inch of my body and to love me some more.

We dried off, redressed, and then went back to considering 'special effects' for the orgy rooms. Peter did his shower and disappeared with his equipment.

Besides the TV sets that would be showing our homegrown porn, we opted for different colored lights in the rooms to set mood as well. Alan knew he could do red, blue, purple, and green splash lights against the walls to set the mood. I mentioned the 'smoke' machine we'd used last year. Arrow thought with a little ingenuity he could set the unit on the roof just outside the windows and get it to service two of the large bedrooms, a light moist mist subtly floating into both rooms.

Of course, we talked about balloons, but Alan grinned and said, "No, we'll use blowups of colored condoms -- much more in keeping with the event." We all laughed and walked to the next bedroom. Crepe paper and streamers also came into our thinking, as well as some of the sexy disco lights

Arrow asked, "How many mattresses are there in storage? I think we need more." We did a count and he was right. We could fill three-and-a-half large bedrooms. I thought I knew where to get a couple more large mattresses, so tomorrow I'd worry that issue.

We also liked the idea of some fans gently blowing in the rooms. The weather was warm enough that active people would tend to perspire without some cooling. We ended with a list of "To Do's" about a page long. We divided up the list, kissed goodnight, and parted company. Alan headed home to his wife, promising he had enough left to make her happy before they slept. Arrow had to rise early so went to his room for an early and happy bedtime.


About ten days later, Saturday, the house was abuzz with preparations for the night's party. Bill arrived with six queen-size mattresses in his panel truck that he'd gotten from a motel that was closing; we wrestled them upstairs to the bedrooms adding to what we already had for wall-to-wall fucking. Lighting, decorations, room arrangements, and all were proceeding on schedule. On the back patio I also saw additional two and three person loungers arriving that the 'patio committee' must have ordered. The pool had been warmed to a comfortable eighty-five degrees, knowing that many of the participants would take at least one swim during the evening.

Inside, Mar started the day with a 'to do' list for Tony and Jazz -- the hired additions to the family. They were to be 'butler,' 'landscaper,' 'cooks,' 'valets,' and 'maids' to all of us. I wondered just how much the pair had been told about our life style and about the primary purpose of the evening's party. I let the thought pass and went back to work. The concern at the moment was setting up the bedrooms and getting some of the food prepared for the buffet meal in the evening. I 'borrowed' Tony and we went off to help take some of the new mattresses upstairs with Bill's team.

Fran was overseeing Dave, Jazz, Debbie, and Pam as they prepared hors d'oeuvres and light meals. Alan, Brian and Walt were setting up a long bar just outside the kitchen on the patio, stocking it with a huge selection of self-service drinks and beverages.

I noticed Pam's daughter helping out in the kitchen. I shot Pam a look and raised my eyebrows. Pam laughed and said; "I have to drop her off at her father's about four. Nooooo, she won't be here tonight."

Amanda, the six-year-old, looked up and said, "It's so much fun helping you all prepare things for your big party. I hope you all have fun. Someday I hope I'm old enough to go to party just like this one."

Pam rolled her eyes at me, and I broke into hysterical laughter. Amanda looked puzzled. She couldn't imagine she'd said anything that funny.

By five o'clock, everything was the way we wanted it, and a short time after that some of our other family members and guests started to arrive.

I made a quick pass by my room to apply makeup and change clothes, putting on my micro skirt again -- since I'd had such good luck with it a few nights earlier, as well as a black gossamer top that displayed my breasts rather well in just about any light. Just to be sure I put a little rouge on my areola to amplify their visibility. I skipped the panties, but worm some 'fuck me' spike heels.

As I came out of my room, I ran into Mar coming from her dressing area. She was wearing a floor length gossamer gown that left little to the imagination. Her full breasts were just about falling out of the thin drapes of fabric that ran over her shoulders. The impression was, "Come, take me out, and play with me." I was tempted. I even kissed her and old her so. We walked downstairs together

Beth was dressed in a wide studded belt, a thong, western boots, a cowboy hat, and a cutoff top that ended just below her erect nipples. Fran was already naked and in the pool.

As I passed through the kitchen I had to come to a stop and study Jazz's little outfit. She was in the spirit of the night, and would promote lascivious thoughts by anyone that saw her. The pixie blond was in 'fuck me' heels, black stockings attached to a visible garter belt that showed exquisite taste at Victoria Secret, and wore a scanty and frilly maid's outfit -- a two piece black micro skirt trimmed in white lace, with a matching top that stretched across her giant mammaries with a large zipper in front that invited unzipping and playing with her 'toys.' She was clearly 'The Maid' and a damned sexy one too.

Tony worked beside Jazz doing some last minute preparation for the bar. He was topless, his olive skin and six-pack abs showing beneath a set of wide suspenders that held up some grey stovepipe slacks that showed off his tight ass. I was sure he'd get pinched more than a few times by the horny women in our crowd.'

Aaron and Steve drove in together with Jane and Angie. We all hugged and introductions were made as they toured the house on their own. Aaron and Steve, of course, knew just about everyone. I looked out a few minutes later and saw the foursome shedding their clothing on the patio preparatory to a late afternoon swim. They were in the right spirit. Also, I noted how beautiful Angie and Jane were. I felt that Sapphic stirring in my loins, only to be replaced with more earthy thoughts when I saw Steve and Aaron's equipment swinging in the breeze.

Mark arrived with his friend Kat and introduced her around the house. Kat wore hot pants and a see through top that invited play. Close on his heels, Walt arrived on his motorcycle with a bikini clad, shapely co-ed on the back. He introduced Lynn to all of us. Lynn said that her friend Val was right behind them, and sure enough a new face appeared at the door moments later. Val was more conservatively dressed, but clearly had dispensed with her bra. Walt whispered to me that they three of them had spent the previous night together and were a little worn out, but they'd been saving themselves all day for tonight.

Linda came downstairs in a gorgeous white peignoir. Beneath it, her elegant body was often visible as the material shifted around. Against a backlit door or window, little was left to the imagination. She went around kissing everyone rather passionately, even inviting male hands inside the folds of the diaphanous material.

Tara wore bikini bottoms that were little more than a whisper of material that barely covered her trimmed pubic hair and slit. She also wore a colorful scarf around her neck, the long ends floating over her exposed breasts or even over her shoulders when she walked. She stated she didn't want to be overdressed.

Arrow and Chet came down with Kate. All were wearing loin clothes and looked like they'd stepped out of a Tarzan movie with two Tarzan's. Kate was topless, a move she could easily pull off because I thought she had the most beautiful breasts of anyone I knew. The two men's penises we partially erect and barely held back by the small square of material they each wore over their pubic area. The men's cute butts were amplified by the lily white asses the two construction guys sported.

Alan and Karen arrived with their friends Don and Sara. The chemistry felt so nice with everyone as we met and hugged. Mar broke away from worrying last minute details so she could give a house tour. I noticed Don salivating as one of Mar's breasts slid out from under her top. She invited him to adjust it to his liking and he did, promptly exposing both breasts rather than just the one. Sara and Karen laughed at his antics. Mar just left things that way, and led them into the other part of the house.

Peter's friend Adam arrived and I coupled him up with Tara so he didn't feel like the lone ranger. Both looked pleased with the introductions and wandered off together towards the bar. Annie and Pam came back to the house after an errand and dropping off Amanda with her father. Both wore gauzy nightshirts that barely covered their naked bodies.

About six, I saw Bill's van coming up the driveway. After they parked, I watched four people get out of it: Bill, Debbie, Brian, and their guest Alice, a younger version of Deb. Brian ran up and gave me a hug and kiss, and then whispered something lewd in my ear that made me laugh. He went off to find Kate -- his sister. I described her 'outfit.' Deb and Alice also had on micro skirts on, thongs, and wife beaters that had been moistened so they clung to their breasts.

I guess the word had gotten out to dress provocatively.

A few more people went in the pool. Soon the kitchen and pool patio were alive with people circulating and introducing themselves to each other, usually with kisses and hugs. Increasingly, I saw an errant hand or finger stroking a breast or lifting one of the micro skirts to smooth a pretty ass. Why, I invited those actions quite often as I moved around the party.

Tony, our new employee, had taken his station behind the bar, and was shoveling out drinks faster than the best I'd ever seen. I watched how warm and chatty he was with everyone, and how he had something nice and catchy to say.

Jazz circulated through the revelers with trays of hors d'oeuvres, always catching the attention of both men and women alike. I often saw a lusty leer follow her little maid's uniform with her nearly visible ass as she sashayed between the groups. She seemed so natural, yet I could tell she knew the wake she was leaving in her path. She too was outgoing and chatty with everyone. I could tell she was making people feel better because they interacted with her.

When Jazz came up to me, I was standing with Duke, Mark, and Mark's new girlfriend Kat. I'd just started to tell Kat the underlying philosophy of the family and house when Jazz came up with a tray of canapés -- little scallops wrapped in bacon. "Hi everyone, I'm Jazz. Can I offer you something -- anything -- anything at all?" The last statement was made with a highly suggestive and provocative tone. She went on, "We have lots more coming from the kitchen. Oh, you all look so cute and sexy in your outfits ... and oh, those tight western pants must mean you're from Texas, right?"

Duke responded with a big smile looking down on the pixie, "Why, yes, little lady." We all helped ourselves to her initial offering.

Jazz turned to me and said, "You're Ariel, right? I heard you sort of run the house."

I laughed. "Well, no 'one' runs the house. Tom is sort of the head if anyone is, or Greg since this was his house before we all bought it and turned into a large family home."

Jazz smiled broadly and said, "Well, Marcella told me that you have Tom and Greg wrapped around your little finger and that they'll do anything you want them to." She laughed to indicate that she knew that Mar had been stretching the truth with that little rumor. It made me laugh too.

I said, "I'll have to talk to them and see what I can get away with." As an after thought, I asked her, "I assume Kate or Mar or someone explained about what's going on here tonight."

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