Dreams Come True

byJerica Tyler©

Note here: When I refer to Stefan, I mean (Swedish power metal superstars) HammerFall's guitarist Stefan Elmgren, When I refer to Magnus, I mean HF's bassist Magnus Rosen. Got it? Good. Also this story is from Stefan's POV and HammerFall (Stefan, Magnus, lead guitarist Oscar Dronjak, singer Joacim Cans and other members, including former drummer Patrik Rafling, who are all mentioned in this story) do not belong to me, they belong to themselves. Also this is a work of fiction and to the best of knowledge, none of the claims here are true. Ok, enough legal stuff and introductions here, let's get to the smut.

Touring can be a real bitch and I really mean it from the bottom of my heart. Hours in a cramped bus and sharing a tiny living space with four other guys, all the while sleeping in a space no further than five feet away from the bathroom. Fun.

However, this tour has one thing that makes it a little less miserable: our new bassist Magnus Rosen. I want him so fucking bad it kills me. Hell, who wouldn't want someone like Magnus with his long light brown hair, come-fuck-me-eyes and soft-looking lips?

Notice I said "want", not "will ever get", and since he is straight (at least, I think he is.) and would never sleep with another man, especially "his little bud", as he calls me. (He is 35 and I am 23.)

Oh well, a guy can dream, can't he? Doesn't mean he gets to touch though. And since I can't be with him, I am in a constant state of frustration since the bunk next to mine belongs to none other than Magnus, who just happens to sleep naked. (I know this because I have opened his curtain and watched him sleep on more than one occasion.)

In fact, right now, as I sit in my bunk writing this, Magnus is resting only two feet from me, and even though thinking about it makes me want to show myself some love right here and right now, I show a little respect and take the time to close my curtain. (since Joacim, Oscar and Patrik could walk in at any given moment and catch me with my pants down, masturbating to our bassist.)

This taken care of, I lower myself to a reclining position, unzip my jeans and kick them off as I toss my shirt to the floor. My body responds by shivering slightly as I squirt some lube into my hand, take my 8 inch uncut cock into my hands and begin gently tugging on my foreskin with one hand and stroking my now-uncovered shaft with the other.

"Fuck, this feels so good", I think as I squeeze my eyes closed and bite my lip. concentrating hard on getting myself off, and about fifteen minutes later... just as I am getting ready to explode, I feel a soft kiss on my neck and my hand is gently removed from my shaft by one that has now begun to stroke my cock.

"Mmmmm, you know what I like, don't you baby?" I purr sexily as I thrust hard into my unseen lover's hand. They then respond by stroking me a few more times and then climbing on top of me, enabling me to feel a hard cock pressing against my stomach and leaving me to wonder, "Which of my bandmates likes me enough to be doing this?"

I get my answer when I hear a muffled groan, "Fuck you're so hot, Stefan. I want you so much." causing me to stammer "Who? What? Why?", as I thrust my body up to meet his.

He then responds as his cock rubs against mine, leaving a trail of precum on the tip of my cock as he whispers, and "Baby, it's me Magnus. I know how badly you've wanted me, and since I can't deny my feelings any longer, I just have got to make love to you and feel you shiver against me."

I was in shock and crying with joy and it must have been evident to Magnus, because he then dried my eyes, speaking soothingly to me, "It's okay, open your eyes now. Or don't you want to see me?"

At this, I open my eyes, gasping out, "Oh fuck yeah, I want to see you." as I reach gently for his own uncut cock and wrap my hand around him, stroking him softly and kissing his sweet lips while I stroke.

Magnus bites my lips slightly as I stroke, and I think "Well, I must be doing something right.", as his thrusts become more urgent and he bites harder, drawing blood, making me want to cry out in pain, but I don't want to ruin his mood, so I keep quiet and continue.

However, Magnus is a gentle lover and upon realizing that I was bleeding panics, "Oh my God, I hurt you, didn't I? Baby please don't be upset." and without waiting for an answer gently withdrew my hand from his cock, placing it in his own hand and drew me to his warm body, my head on his manly chest.

Snuggling close and feeling safe and loved, I felt confident enough to open my mouth and take one of his nipples into my eager mouth, eliciting a moan of ecstasy from his lips and sending waves of pleasure all through his body, and when I finished on that nipple. I moved on to other, eliciting another moan and more waves.

I am sucking and licking when I feel the familiar sensation of my cock hardening, and as I suck my friend's nipples, his hand reaches down to touch me.

I pretend not to notice, caring more about his pleasure than my own, but he grips harder as he purrs teasingly, "Got a little bit of tension there Stefan? Let me take care of that for you.", as he pulls away from me, parting my legs and sliding between them.

And that's all it takes, because I am on him in an instant, urging him onto his back so I can get between those long legs to return the favor he is about to give to me and no more than five minutes later, we were locked together in a 69, our legs on each other's shoulders, our cocks in each other's mouths.

Licking and sucking, we caressed each other's asses as our bodies became as one. And before, we knew what was happening to us Magnus panted, "Oh my fucking God I'm gonna cum........ Here it fucking comes... get ready." as he fed me. Swallowing, I removed my hand from its position on his ass and moved it to his right thigh, making small circles with my finger.

Magnus then sighed softly and sped up his pace, hammering my ass with his fingers and giving me the best head that I have ever had in my life, causing my own release, as I heard a voice that didn't even sound like my own cry out, "Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fucking hell. Swallow my load. Take my cock down your throat." I felt my cock throb as a blast of my hot cum slid down my friend's throat.

Finally sated, we rolled off of each other (and since we were so tired from making oral love, we opted out of actual penetration lovemaking until morning) and stretched out, his head on my chest, our arms wrapped around each other, as I rolled onto my side, looked into Magnus' eyes and said, "I love you. I don't care if you ever love me back, but I just want you to know that I love you so much that I'll sleep with you as long as you want me to."

Magnus' eyes registered both hurt and surprise as he looked back into my eyes and said, "Stefan, you think I did this just for sex, don't you? Well, I didn't. I love you too. I've loved you since Oscar hired me and I saw your face. I just hoped one day you'd love me back...and you do."

"But," he continued, "I will forgive you.... only if you promise me you'll love me as much as I love you."

"You don't even have to make me promise such a thing... you know I do", I said as I kissed him full on the lips, moaning as his tongue slid between my lips and caressing my own tongue with his as I found my hand in his long hair, holding his face close to mine, and I snuggled close to Magnus and asked, "Does this mean that we are a couple now? And if so, do you think we should tell Joacim, Oscar and Patrik about our relationship?"

"Well", said Magnus, "To answer your first question, yes. For the second, really it's none of their damn business and anyway I think they can figure it out on their own, if they really feel the need to know, and as much I love you and love talking to you, I'm tired and I need to sleep so we can finish this tomorrow, ok?"

I just responded by agreeing and smiling against his mouth as he lifted his head and we kissed once more, only this time to say goodnight, and no sooner than I had looked down to adore the perfection that was my Magnus, his head was on my shoulder and his eyes were closed in peaceful sleep.

He looked so wonderful lying there that all I could do was smile once more and kiss his hair, as I whispered, "You look like a sleeping angel, and you are....my angel." and not long after I had uttered these words, I was asleep as well, my arms around my lover, dreaming of what tomorrow would bring us.

To be continued...

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