tagRomanceDreams Come True Ch. 01

Dreams Come True Ch. 01


This day started out like any typical day. I woke up and went downstairs for some breakfast. My usual; which is a grapefruit, some strawberries and a glass of water.

I like to keep in shape. Most people would say I am a very well rounded, petite, blond haired, school girl type. My friends all know me as Tara. I have a few very close girlfriends that I hang out with most of the time.

In my twenty-two years of life I have enjoyed many guys admiring me from afar. None have been quite so bold as to ask me out, I have always done the asking if I found the guy attractive enough to risk the rejection. Thus far I have not been turned down, but it still doesn't keep me from getting so nervous when I ask a guy.

I guess like most girls I fantasize about that great guy who is a true romantic and so amazing in bed that I never want to get up, unfortunately today is not the day that, that is going to happen. Last week I had a new neighbor move in next door to me. I have not formally introduced myself yet, but today that was my plan. From what I have seen of her she seems to be around my age, very slender build, a little taller than me, dirty blond hair color, a nice firm body, and gorgeous skin.

She is nothing like any of my other friends. As I approach her front door it opens before I even have a chance to knock. I am greeted by a warm, friendly; yet sexy smile. She introduces herself as Kim and I tell her that mine is Tara. She invites me in and offers me something cold to drink. I ask if she has bottled water as I follow her to the kitchen. She opens the fridge and grabs two waters from the shelf.

We sit at the table and chat about where she is from and other meaningless small talk. After talking for a while I tell her I would love to get together again sometime, but that it is getting late and I must meet my friends at the beach. I ask her if she would like to come with me and get to know her way around town and meet some new people.

Her answer of course is yes she would love to since her job doesn't start for another week. She follows me over to my house and after a quick tour of the house I grab my keys and we are off to the beach. I live in a small town right off the Florida Coast. Kim is from a town in southern Tennessee.

Her accent is so sweet. I have never really known anyone with such a deep southern drawl and on her I think it is absolutely sexy and adorable all at the same time. The short time I have been around Kim I feel like there is something pulling me in and I cannot control it at all.

I have never felt this way about another woman before. I am not sure if it is just fascination or something else. Her laugh is intoxicating and the perfume she is wearing makes me want to do things I have never even dreamed of. What is going on here? I just met this girl today and she has me thinking of nothing but sex.

We all hook up at the beach and play a few games of volleyball. After a quick dive in to the water we get ready to go home since it is starting to get dark and I do have to go to work tomorrow. Back at home I tell Kim goodbye and ask what she has planned for Friday night.

She tells me that she has no plans yet so I tell her if nothing comes up that she is welcome to hang out with us, that we are all going out for dinner and then we are going to hit a few clubs. She says that she would love to come with all of us, so I tell her to just give me a call Friday after noon as I hand her a piece of paper with my home number and cell phone number on it. She smiles coyly and says, "See you then!"

After a cold shower I slip into my robe and go to the kitchen for some water. As I lean on the counter thinking about the day I can't help but think of Kim.

I quickly brush the thoughts of her aside because I have never been one to think of girls the way I have been thinking of her. Guys on the other hand get a lot of my attention in that area.

I turn off the radio that has been playing since I got home and go to my room after making sure that the doors are locked. Once in my room the thought of Kim comes back to me and I find my pussy start to pulse through me causing every part of my body to become weak. I put in one of my favorite videos starring this handsome guy named Robert.

I then hop on the bed and reach inside my nightstand drawer and get out my favorite toy. It is pink, which is my favorite color and it is also the one I use most often. It has a part that vibrates directly on my clit which I love. As I watch this fascinating man in front of me I pace myself so that I can enjoy this pleasure as long as possible.

Once again my mind drifts off to Kim and while wondering what she is doing right now I push the vibrator in and out of my hot pussy. Then I slowly pull it out and slide it back near my tight ass then back to my pussy. I start pinching my nipples hard enough to feel them tingle deep inside of me.

I am getting so close as I wonder again what Kim is doing at this very moment if she taking a nice warm bath playing with her self as well as I am, is she curled up with a good book, or is she already asleep in a nice warm bed? The thought of her in bed triggered something inside me and I could feel my orgasm surging through my body like a tidal wave.

It seemed like an hour before this one stopped. I could not believe how intense that was. What was this girl doing to me? If this was any indication of what was to come then this was something worth looking forward to.

That Friday at work seemed like the longest day I had ever endured. I think that the thought of seeing Kim again tonight was more than I could take. That afternoon when I got home the phone rang. I didn't recognize the number on the caller ID so I picked it up and said, "Hello?"

I heard a friendly voice on the other end, it was Kim. She asked what time she should be ready and I told her that we usually leave about six o'clock. It was almost 5:15 already so she said she would see me shortly I told her that I would leave the door unlocked just come in when she is ready to go.

I jumped in the shower to get ready and when I got out I threw my robe on and ran downstairs to get something to drink. When I did I was shocked to see Kim on my couch looking fabulous. I asked her if she wanted something to drink and she said, "Yes, thank you."

She was wearing a black lace bra and a see through red blouse over top of it with only a couple of the top buttons fastened; her stomach was toned, not quite as much as mine was, with a belly button ring.

A tight black leather skirt was wrapped around her beautiful body and tall black boots that reached up to her knees and her hair was done up in a French twist with a few pieces pulled down around her face that seemed to frame it perfectly. I told her that I would only be a few minutes and to make herself at home.

I returned to the bathroom where I blow dried my hair and applied my make up and while doing all of that my pussy began to ache again thinking about that gorgeous creature that was sitting in my living room looking so hot. I started to wonder if it was because it had been a few months since I had been with a real man and decided maybe I should try to find me a guy tonight, that maybe that would stop these fantasies I keep having about Kim.

She seemed like she would be a great friend and I didn't want to risk loosing a new friendship by coming on to her or something and scaring her away. Besides I had never been with a girl so I wouldn't even know the first thing about approaching a girl that way.

As soon as I was ready I went to the living room and sat down beside Kim, she smelled amazing as usual and I asked her what kind of perfume she was wearing and she said it was called Mesmerize. I told her that it smelled absolutely wonderful on her and she said, "Thank you!"

We sat and chatted for about fifteen minutes or so since it wasn't quite six yet. Usually everyone meets at my place and we leave from here, and tonight most of my friends were running late. Kim asked me what I was doing Saturday and I told her I didn't have any plans yet and she asked, "I know this may sound a little strange, but would you like to join me for lunch or something tomorrow?"

As I told her that I would love to eat lunch with her my mind was thinking of eating her. I really need to find me a guy tonight otherwise I may end up doing something I am not ready to do. Everyone finally showed up around 6:15 and we loaded up the cars and left. We drove to a great little seafood place right off the coast and after dinner we hit the clubs.

I noticed a gorgeous guy about six foot five, nice tan, toned skin, dark brown hair, and full lips that would feel so great kissing my entire body, standing over by the bar, looking my way. I told my friends I would catch up with them later.

I am not usually this bold, as I said before I am so afraid of rejection, but as horny as I have been lately I couldn't help what I was feeling and walked over to the bar and said, "Hi, I'm Tara. Would you like to dance?"

He said, "Yes, but are you sure you want to dance with me? I mean you are gorgeous!"

I said, "Well I am asking aren't I?"

So we walked out onto the dance floor and I started to feel a little guilty that I was just using this guy, but the more we danced, the more I started thinking about him and Kim was finally out of my head for a while.

His name kind of took me by surprise when he said his name was Robert, but that his friends call him Robbie. I told him that I loved that name and asked which he would rather I call him? He said Robbie was fine and I asked if he would object to me calling him Robert and he said, "No, of course not."

I guess I am a little fond of the name Robert for obvious reasons. We danced most of the night and his arms felt so great wrapped around my waist and when he would pull me closer I would almost melt.

This guy was awesome. After a few drinks my courage was building and I finally leaned in and kissed him and he must have been as worked up as I was because with one hand still tightly gripping my waist the other hand reached up to my face and his kiss was as good if not better than I had hoped it would be.

His hold on me became tighter and he pulled me a lot closer than he had before. This must be what I needed because I still hadn't had a single thought of Kim while this man's sexy arms were around me. We were both drenched with sweat so we went to the table that my friends were gathered at to get a drink.

As we sat there I introduced him to all of my friends as Robert. My friend Jessica gave me a perceptive grin because she knew about my videos and such; my wild streak I guess you could say. I winked at her and smiled.

It was getting late, nearly 2:30 A.M. to be exact so we decided to call it a night. Me and Robert exchanged numbers and it seemed like five minutes after we left the club my cell phone rang.

It was Robert asking when he could see me again and I told him if he'd like, I would drop my friend off and we could meet somewhere and he said yes of course. I told him I would call him when I got home. The ride home me and Kim chatted about boyfriends and then she surprised me by saying, "You looked really great out there on the dance floor tonight."

I was shocked to be hearing this from her, but I told her thank you and blushed at the thought of her watching me. She said, "I'm sorry I shouldn't have said that."

I reassured her that it was fine. I wasn't sure what else to say. I didn't know how she meant it, so I just shrugged it off as though she was just giving me a compliment.

Then when she said that Robert was a lucky guy to be spending the night with me then I couldn't help but wonder if maybe she was a lesbian or if she was bisexual. I couldn't help myself and I asked her, "Have you ever been with another woman?"

She said, "No, have you?"

I said, "No."

Then she asked if I had ever thought about being with a woman. I was unsure of what to say, too many different emotions running through me to answer. I was afraid that if I answered yes that something might happen, curiously wanting to answer yes to see what would happen; scared that if I answer no, nothing would happen. "Does that make sense?" I asked myself.

So I said, "Not really, have you?"

What she said next shocked me and I had a feeling Robert might be waiting a little longer than I thought. She said, "I haven't either really until I met you."

That is what I was thinking, but was too afraid to say. She asked if I would object to her kissing me goodnight without thinking I said, "No."

She leaned over toward me and as she moved closer that intoxicating scent of her perfume and sweat from dancing all night caught me off guard. As her hand brushed across my bare leg below my mini skirt I felt my whole body tremble.

Her lips touched mine and what felt like a bolt of lightning ran through my entire body. Her lips were soft and full, unlike a guy's strong masculine lips like the ones I had kissed earlier this evening.

While she was kissing me her hand slowly ran up a little higher under my skirt and I felt my juices start flowing through my panties. My first instinct was to stop this before she realized how hot she was making me, but my body wouldn't let me stop.

I was afraid to give in, scared that I might like it; would that make me a lesbian? As her tongue entered my mouth I became putty in her hands. She pulled away and apologized to me for being so forward and I wanted to say please don't stop, but couldn't mutter the words.

I told her that this was new to me and she said, "Well I wasn't completely honest with you. I have kissed a few women, but have never done anything else. I have always been afraid that I would like it too much and I didn't want to be considered a lesbian because I really do like guys." It was so strange she was saying everything I was feeling.

I told her that I felt the same way, except this was the first time I had ever kissed a girl and that I had been having these strange feelings ever since I met her. She said, "Really, I didn't think you would have thought of me at all. By the way you are a really great kisser."

I giggled, "Thanks and no, actually quite the opposite. I can't believe I hid it so well."

"Would you like me to go and give you some time to think about it?" she asked. "Besides Robert is waiting for you to call isn't he?"

I hadn't quite forgotten about Robert, but had agreed that maybe we should call it a night. "I hope I haven't offended you?" she said.

I assured her that she hadn't and I said, "Goodnight."

As I watched her walk to her front door I was still a little in shock and decided I had better call Robert and see if he still wanted to meet me somewhere. He said sure he would and that he was afraid I wasn't going to call him back.

I asked where he wanted to meet me and he said, "Anywhere you feel comfortable meeting me." I told him that I love to watch the sunrise on the beach so he said, "The beach it is then!"

That morning lying on the beach with this gorgeous guy I should have been in total heaven. I had always dreamed of lying on the beach with a handsome man watching the sunrise as I am sure most women have.

It seems as though that is a dream that all girls have to fantasize about. We laid there watching the sun and talking about small things such as what he does for a living, where he is from, how many brothers and sisters he has, where he plans to be in five and ten years. While we laid there talking and watching the sunrise I was starting to have feelings for this guy.

What is wrong with me, first with Kim now with Robert, was I going to have feelings for every person that I come in contact with for a brief moment? I was a little hesitant to give in to these feelings for Robert because I was unsure of what was going to happen between Kim and me. I didn't want this fabulous man to be 'the one' and then have it ruined because of this lust I was feeling for Kim.

Maybe it was just the idea of something new or taboo, of course in this day and age being with a woman is being tossed up as normal. If you sleep with both men and women then it is ok, but if you just prefer women then it isn't ok.

Well this night and morning with Robert proved that I wasn't going to turn into a lesbian so I decided I was going to give Kim another chance. I told Robert that it was almost eight o'clock and that I really should be getting home to get some sleep and he agreed that he should do the same and asked if he could call me again so I told him that I would be very disappointed if he didn't.

He assured me that he would and something told me that he wasn't like other guys, that if he said he would call he would and he wasn't about to let two weeks go by before he did so. When we got to our cars we kissed again and that feeling deep inside my pussy began to stir.

I didn't want to rush things with Robert so I pulled away, smiled at him and said, "Good morning," and told him I would see him again soon. As I drove back home I couldn't believe what all had happened in the last twenty four hours; first Kim and then Robert.

This was all happening too fast. It seemed like I was home in no time I looked over to Kim's house as I pulled into my driveway and noticed that her car wasn't there so as I unlocked my front door I reached for the phone to call her.

All I got was the answering machine so I left a message and told her that it was about 8:30 am and that I was just getting in from seeing Robert and told her that I would call her as soon as I woke up and that maybe we could change our lunch plans into dinner plans and that I would talk to her again soon, then said good bye.

I went and took a shower and all I could think of was sex. As I washed my hair and lathered the rest of my body I couldn't help rubbing my clit. I propped one of my legs on the side of the huge garden tub and started inserting one finger at a time into my wet hole. One finger soon became two then three.

With the other hand I cupped my breast and kneaded it as I kept up a fast pace while finger fucking my hot pussy. I almost lost my balance as my convulsive orgasm caught me off guard. Trying to regain my composure and finish washing my body I rinsed the juices from my fingers and lathered my pussy lips to shave them and then moved down to shave my legs. I rinsed the conditioner out of my hair and turned the water off.

I stepped out of the shower and looked in the mirror admiring the glow of my skin after my most recent exploration. After drying off I slip in to my nightgown and slide into bed. I fall fast asleep thinking of what might happen later tonight with Kim.

When I wake up it is nearly two o'clock in the afternoon. I check the answering machine for any messages and Robert has called twice and my friend Jessica has called as well as Kim. I am not feeling very hungry this morning or should I say this after noon so I grab the phone and call Kim. She answers with a cheerful, "Hello."

I say, "Hello", and tell her that I must have slept great because I don't even remember falling asleep. "Do you still want to go out to eat later or would you like to order some take out and watch some movies over here at my house?" Knowing full well what I was asking for, she says, "That sounds like a great idea!" I tell her that I have some errands to run and that I will call her when I get back.

When I finally return home it is nearly 6:30 pm so after a quick shower I get dressed and call Kim to see if she is ready and wants to run to the video store with me. She is ready and says she is on her way over.

When I hear a knock at the door I feel like a school girl on the first day of class. She looks radiant as usual and smells just as lovely, if not better, than I can remember from the night before. She is dressed in a pink shirt that zips up from the bottom to the top, a pair of tight white button up shorts, and some sneakers. She looks stunning.

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