tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDreams Come True Ch. 02

Dreams Come True Ch. 02

byJerica Tyler©

Disclaimer: As with the first chapter. These guys don't belong to me. Never happened, don't sue. Thanks. This one's from Magnus' POV.

I knew the way I had come on to Stefan last night had been a bit disconcerting for him, being that he is only 23, and I know I was his first. And I pretended to be asleep to get him to go into his bunk and get himself off, for I know that he always does this after he watches me sleep.

This was revealed to me one night, after I woke up to Stefan caressing my hair and his lips on my neck. Breathing softly and resisting the urge to touch him in return, I closed my eyes again and felt my cock rise as he kissed and caressed, thinking I was asleep.

Mind you, getting intimate with Stefan was no difficult task as he closes his eyes and blocks out everything around him when he masturbates. I knew this as well as I knew my own name, since I have watched him secretly on more than one occasion.

And while it was so unlike me to seduce in this manner, I knew this was my only chance to approach the man I loved so much since the day I first auditioned for HammerFall, as he was so shy I knew he would not initiate anything with me but would definitely respond due to the fact that he touched me as I slept almost every night and wanted me as much as I wanted him. . And I was right, because the minute Stefan knew I was his "unseen" lover, his shyness vanished and he was as hot for me as I was for him, kissing, licking, sucking, and touching me as much as I was for him.

And as I lie awake and watch Stefan sleep, I feel his small, warm body move against me. Thinking about how much I love this man, I kiss him and snuggle in close to him, waking him. I half-expect him to smack me in the head for waking him, but apparently Stefan's violent tendencies are little to none, because he smiles groggily and turns towards me.

"Good morning sexy," I say as I see him open his eyes and focus them on me.

"Morning yourself," he replies as he lifts his head off of the pillow and yawns in the cutest manner I have ever seen.

"Come here you, we haven't finished what we started last night," I growl playfully as I pull a still sleepy Stefan into my arms and kiss him softly on top of his shaved head, work my way to his lips, travel his chest, then his navel, his legs, and finally to his cute little toes which I begin sucking.

"Magnus, please...," he whimpers lustfully as he looks down at me, unable to finish his sentence, willing me to know what he wants.

I understand him perfectly and make it clear by sliding my lips down over his cock, which throbs and hardens in my mouth and as I lick softly, I feel Stefan move slightly and I am rewarded with a slight moan and the taste of pre-cum, which I swirl around on my tongue, as I enjoy giving the sensation he is feeling.

Looking up into his eyes, I see a passionate glimmer as his small hand reaches for my cock and begins stroking me, causing me to harden and thrust into his hand.

Lost in lust, I go deeper and faster, really wanting to please him. I think about all the times I've masturbated to Stefan in the shower, all the times I've imagined other lovers to be this little Swede whose beautiful blue eyes pierce my dreams, all the times I've...

All of a sudden, my thoughts are interrupted by a scream and a blast of cum into my mouth, which I swallow hard. Looking up at Stefan, I smile and slide up to his chest where I lay my head from a few brief moments.

Looking at me, Stefan smiles back and kisses my lips, tasting his own orgasmic release, as he groans," Oh Magnus, that was so amazing. I'm ready now."

He doesn't have to tell what it is he is ready for as I reach for the bottle of lube Stefan keeps next to his bunk and squirt it into my hand, warming it up and spreading a liberal amount around his cute ass and sliding one finger, then two into him to loosen him up enough to enter him as painlessly as I can.

Feeling slight resistance and hearing a slight groan as my finger probes his prostate, I stop and pull out of him for a second as I ask, "Are you all right, baby?" as I rub his heaving back.

"Yes," he says, "don't stop." and closes those blue eyes I have come to love so dearly.

Sliding my fingers back into him and pressing more urgently, I feel his muscles contract and his cock jump against me. So being the good lover that I am, I remove my fingers, wrap them around his cock and take my time slipping my cock softly and slowly into Stefan, who by that time is so lost in his own lust he can barely speak.

Being that Stefan is so small the slightest wrong move could really hurt him, I let him take the lead and soon he is writhing under me moaning softly, "Magnus, I love you so much. Thank you for loving me back."

I move again, pushing into him more urgently, desperate to feel more of his warmth around me, and in doing so, I send Stefan over the edge as he cries out and closes his eyes in orgasmic pleasure. And his reaction is all I need to finish, because a few minutes later I scream out my release and roll off of him and climb on top of him for a kiss, sweating and panting.

He kisses my sweaty chest, neck and shoulders and after awhile he says to me, "Magnus, I love you so much. It's your turn, right after we take a shower. Why don't we take that shower together?"

Smiling lasciviously, I agree and climb off of Stefan, as I help him up off the bed and we walk to the tour bus bathroom nude, hand in hand. I know Joacim sees us but he won't talk. After all, Stefan knows his secret......the one involving Joacim, Stefan himself and a can of whipped cream...the one he tries to keep from his girlfriend...the one he tries to keep from the Swedish tabloid press.

Pissing Stefan off is not a good idea for Joacim, who will do nothing to piss him off....or will he?

To be continued...

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