tagGroup SexDreams Come True Ch. 1

Dreams Come True Ch. 1


All I could think about after leaving the airport was Alicia. I couldn't believe everything that had transpired during her stay. She was definitely all grown up. I never looked at her that way before, now that was the only way that I could. I couldn't wait for the next time. The only problem, I was engaged to be married.

My fiancée Michelle was very attractive. She turned me on to sex in ways I never dreamed possible. Sex was always good. I couldn't go the rest of my life without her, but I needed Alicia once I a while too! There had to be a way to get the three of us together, and hopefully open up the doors to future trysts among the three of us.

I got home and decided to play with myself to thoughts of this past weekend. I stroked my cock harder as Alicia's gasps and moans reverberated in my head. I was getting closer to climax when I was interrupted by " I don't see you for a couple of days and you are lying on the bed with your hand wrapped around your dick." I quickly jump up and there is my beautiful Michelle. I respond by saying, "Don't just stand there get over here and help me with it." I guess the time had an effect on her as well, since she was more than happy to oblige. She got on her knees and stuck my member into her mouth. I loved the feel of her tongue on my cock. I rested my hands on her blond head and guided her mouth on my penis. I've had a few blowjobs in my day but she is definitely the best. After a few minutes of enjoying Michelle, it was my turn to satisfy her. I pulled down her shorts and thong and went down on her. I lapped at her juices for a while, making sure that I teased her clitoris as much as possible. I wanted her to be prime and ready for the fucking she was do for. Wasting no time I shoved my full eight inches into her eagerly awaiting pussy. I loved to hear her moans of pleasure and soon she was cumming. I couldn't hold out much longer, and filled her slit with my hot cum. We collapsed in a pile of flesh and sweat.

We awoke early in the evening from our sex-induced sleep, and decided to go out for dinner. At dinner Michelle asked me what I had been doing the last few days. I decided it wasn't a good idea to say that I was doing an ex-girlfriends sister, so I told her just hanging with the guys playing pool, drinking beer, fishing and swimming. It finally dawned on me that she wasn't able to come with me to Colorado in the first place, because she had to work. I asked her how she was able to get away. It turned out that the case she was working on never went to trial. The scumbag was able to hammer out a deal to get a larger piece of shit. She just had to do the paperwork and she was able to leave. I was glad that she was able to make it out here. The wedding was nearly upon us, and the chances for getaways for just the two of us was near obsolete.

My favorite bar was just around the corner from the restaurant, so we walked on over for a few beers. We met up with my friends Joey, Mike and his girlfriend Tiffany. Tiffany and Michelle went to play foosball, while the guys went to play pool. Mike had asked me about my weekend with Alicia. I told him the important details, and told him of my plan to get the three of us together. He couldn't believe me. Here I was about to marry a great girl, just got away with a weekend of lust with Alicia, and I still wasn't satisfied. I couldn't explain it to him but it was something I had to have. Joey spoke for the first time, and upon sharing the views of the single man, proceeded to support my plan, and was even trying to help me carry it out. I thanked him for his plan but I had my own in mind. The girls joined us for a game of pool, and then we retreated to a booth and ordered another round. I was starting to worry with all of the drinking, my secret would leak. I was glad when we left a few hours later, my secret still intact.

Upon returning home we decided to watch TV before turning in. I grabbed a couple of beers from the fridge and joined Michelle on the couch. She was already watching the tube. It was an Angelina Jolie movie that I had never seen. Michelle told me it was called Gia. I am always willing to watch a movie once. I was quite shocked after some time to see a scene involving two lesbians. I must have been drooling or something, because Michelle closed my mouth. I don't know if it was the beer talking or not, but to my satisfaction, Michelle was making comments that she would do that at least once, that she wasn't against new experiences. I always knew that she was adventurous, but I wasn't prepared for that. After the movie finished we went to bed. As we slipped into more sex, my head was filled with the possibility of making my dream into reality. I finally had an opening.

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