tagGroup SexDreams May Cum True

Dreams May Cum True


It was an August Saturday night when Ryan dropped in on Kristine and Rick. He had known Rick for about a year or so through work.

Ryan had already been out bar hopping, then bought a bottle of Cuervo and mix for some Margarita's before stopping by. Upon his arrival, Rick was kicked back in his recliner and Kristine was curled up on the couch.

"Anyone feel Like a Margarita?" Ryan asked.

Rick grabbed the bottles from Ryan and held out the brown bag towards Kristine, "Babe, you want to fix us a pitcher?"

Kristine got off the couch and took the bottles from Rick. She was wearing only a short robe, panties, and her hair was still damp from the shower. "I'll help ya," Rick said as he got out of his chair.

Rick grabbed the blender off of the top shelf of the cupboard as Kristine took the ice from the freezer. As she began to add the ingredients, Rick held her close from behind and began to kiss her ticklish neck. "You smell great. I want you right here, now."

"No," Kristine whispered. "Ryan is here."

As Kristine turned on the blender, Rick loosened her robe and began to fondle her breasts. Her nipples immediately got hard and found herself pressing her ass hard against Rick's growing cock.

Kristine found herself getting wet as Rick rolled her left nipple hard between his thumb and forefinger. She braced against the counter, pushing backward against Rick. "No," she said over the blender noise standing upright, then retightened her robe. She shut off the blender and turned around to kiss Rick deeply. As she did, Kristine reached down and pressed hard along the outline of his hard cock.

"Later." she whispered. "I want to taste your cum."

Rick and Kristine tried to regain their composer, salted the margarita glasses and poured the cool relief from the blender.

As they returned to the living room, Ryan was kicked back in the chair watching TV. "This should hit the spot," Rick said as he sat next to Ryan in his recliner. Kristine sat back down on the couch adjacent to Ryan.

The conversation almost immediately was about Rick and Ryan's work place and how screwed up it was. Rick was distracted constantly looking at Kristine sitting across from him. When Ryan wasn't looking, Kristine would casually show more leg or open her robe slightly and give Rick that secret smile they would share between the two of them.

Eighty-six degrees outside and only a slight breeze, and without air conditioning, the margaritas were disappearing quickly.

Kristine got up from the couch, collected the glasses and looked toward Rick with a smile, "Wanna help?"

Rick followed her to the kitchen and added the ingredients as Kristine dropped in the ice. One of the ice cubes missed its mark and bounced onto the counter. Rick quickly grabbed the ice and opened Kristine's robe. He stood behind her and turned on the blender as he touched the ice to her warm skin. Kristine's "NO" was muffled by the sound of the loud blender.

The ice felt great against her hot body as Rick slowly ran the ice from her neck to her 34 B breasts. Kristine reached back and massaged Rick's hard cock through his pants as he continued to explore her warm body with the ice cube.

The cheap blender continued to grind and chop at the ice as Rick's hand and the quickly melting ice reached the top edge of Kristine's panties. She tried to resist, but Rick continued past the soft fabric barrier down to her awaiting petals.

Kristine grabbed Rick's forearm firmly as the cold ice disappeared between her soft lips. Her legs got weak as she felt Rick's finger and what was left of the ice melt deep inside of her.

With his left hand, Rick shut off the blender and wiggled his right middle finger in Kristine's slippery wetness. She stood there motionless, frozen until he slowly removed it. Rick tasted her wetness from his finger, then shared the sweetness with her in a deep kiss.

Kristine finished pouring the margarita's and started back to the living room with Ryan's drink and hers. Rick stopped Kristine, kissed her softly, then whispered. "You don't need these."

With a drink in each hand, Kristine was helpless as Rick raised her robe and quickly pulled down her panties until they fell to the floor around her ankles.

"Rick!" Kristine whispered.

Rick knelt down to assist her out of the fallen panties, then grabbed her hard on the ass burying his face into her wetness.

"Oh my gawd!" Kristine blurted out.

"You guys okay in there?" Ryan asked from the other room.

"Just mopping up a little wet spot," Rick laughed.

Kristine set down the glasses, retightened her robe and stepped out of her delicate panties. Rick picked up the lacy damp panties and stowed them in the drawer next to the silver wear.

Coming to the realization that they were definitely not alone, Kristine delivered Ryan's margarita and sat back down carefully on the couch and quickly covered up her lap with a near by blanket. Rick sat down next to Kristine sharing a small part of the blanket to cover his hard on.

After a few minutes of idle chit chat and watching TV, Ryan excused himself to use the bathroom. As the door closed, Rick grabbed Kristine's legs and swung them over his lap. He repositioned her knees slightly apart, then guided her hand to her clean shaven pussy. "I want you to masturbate for me."

Kristine quickly covered up her body. "I can't while Ryan is here," she whispered.

"I think that you should masturbate for Ryan," Rick said as the door opened from the bathroom.

Shocked from what Rick had just said, Kristine watched Ryan sit down and take another drink. She had fantasized about something like this with Ryan, but she could never tell Rick.

The margarita's were starting to take hold and Kristine was losing her inhibitions. The thought of turning Ryan on while Rick watched was making her wet.

Kristine sat up slightly against the arm of the couch and took another sip of her margarita. As she did, she loosened her robe slightly just enough to expose her right breast to Ryan. She spread her legs a little more under the blanket and guided Rick's hand to her smooth pussy.

Rick felt Kristine touching herself and spreading her labia wide for him. She guided his finger slowly into her awaiting wetness. "Ohhh.'

She knew now that she had Ryan's attention and no longer cared.

Rick slowly removed his finger, "Let Ryan see. Masturbate for him," He said softly pulling back the blanket.

Kristine lay there, almost naked with her right hand over her swollen lips.

Grabbing Kristine's legs and swinging them to the floor towards Ryan, Rick pulled her hand away exposing her shaven pussy to Ryan. "Masturbate for him."

Ryan watched intensely as Kristine ran her fingers over her lips, pulling her labia wide apart for him. "That's it," Rick said. "Finger fuck that tight little pussy."

Kristine inserted two fingers, pulled them out then rubbed her clit repeatedly. She watched Ryan and the bulge in his pants. The thought of Ryan and Rick watching her masturbate was making her start to lose control. She rubbed her clit hard, and fast. "Oh yes, yes, fuck yeeeees!"

She convulsed holding her hand over her pussy from the full release.

"I bet that you want to suck Ryan's hard cock, huh?" Rick asked.

Kristine stood up and removed her robe. "Oh yes. I want to taste his cum."

She quickly knelt in front of Ryan and helped him out of pants. As soon as his cock sprang from his restrictive underwear, Kristine had it in her mouth taking him deep. "Mmmmm."

Watching Kristine on all fours in front of him, her pussy glistening from her wetness, Rick's cock ached for her. Taking off his pants, he knelt behind Kristine and plunged his seven inch cock totally inside of her. to thrust hard She tried to concentrate on Ryan's cock but it continued to escape her mouth from the intense pounding.

"Ohhhh, fuck, Rick! I'm gonna cum, ahhhhh."

Rick pulled out as flood of clear liquid shot from Kristine.

"Oh my God," Rick said as he again forced his cock back into Kristine. With only a few more pumps, Rick pulled out and shot his load all over Kristine's back. "Ahhhhhhh!"

"Turn around," Rick said regaining his composer. "Lay on your back."

Kristine turned around and rolled over spreading her legs to Ryan. Without hesitation, Ryan knelt down and accepted the invitation. He pulled her hips upward and watched himself slide in and out of her silky lips.

Rick watched and played with her tits as Ryan fucked Kristine in front of him. He knelt next to Kristine's head and teased her lips with his semi-hard cock. She took Rick in her mouth and sucked hard as Ryan continued to fuck her soaked pussy.

Ryan gasped, pulled out and squirted his hot cum all over Kristine's belly.

Kristine sat up and grabbed Rick's cock pulling him toward her mouth. With her other hand, she grabbed Ryan's slippery shaft and pulled him toward her mouth also. She took turns licking and sucking on their cocks until they grew hard with the excitement of taking Kristine again. The power that she felt was incredible. To hold these two men's cocks in her hands, she felt total control.

Kristine lost track of just how many times she had cum that night. Her dream of two men taking her completely, being covered with cum until she was totally drained had come true.

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