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Dreams of Electric Hearts


Cherie just couldn't wait for the clock to tick its way round to 3pm. He'd promised he'd be here. Surely he would be here! He was such a wonderful man, so thoughtful and gentlemanly, he said all the right things to a girl, made her feel young and pretty again.

She looked in the mirror over the dresser. "Not bad for forty five," She thought. A little heavy in the hips perhaps, the breasts not as pert as they once were, the face a little lined, but still, in a half light she was an attractive woman.

He liked her. He adored her. He said so often. He would recite poetry to her, send her cards, listen for hours to her telling him all her troubles. He never complained, never seemed to get tired of her, he was such a kind, understanding man. And so sexy. Oh boy was he sexy. When they first started talking to each other she never dreamed he could be like that. In fact, she never dreamed any man could be like that. He took her to heights that she'd never known before. He had taught her things that she'd never could have imagined. But he never pushed her, never asked her to do anything that she was unwilling to do. He had led her further and further down the sweet scented path of carnal exploration, one small step at a time, but never had she gone unwillingly.

And this was their time. Every Thursday afternoon, her half day off work, her husband not home for hours yet, the kids still at school and always staying back for baseball practice on a Thursday. That's why they had chosen Thursdays for their secret meetings. They could talk any day, he was free every one of her afternoons, but only on Thursdays could they be alone together to enjoy sweet sexual pleasures with each other.

Five minutes to three. Eagerly she checked herself in the mirror, straightening her hair, smoothing down the T shirt that wouldn't stay on for long anyhow. She smiled at the thought. A little knot of tension formed in her stomach, as it always did just before their meetings.

Eagerly she sat down in front of the computer and switched it on. It booted up quickly, and as soon as it was ready she clicked on the instant messenger icon, waiting to see if his avatar was lit up. It was! He was early tonight. She double clicked on his name.

* Hi *

His message came back immediately.

*Hey there sexpot. How are you today? *

*Just fine now you're here*

*You say the nicest things sweet lady*

*I love it when you call me that*

*I love you loving it. Are you alone?*

*Yes, all alone for at least another hour*

*Shall we play then, pretty lady?*

*Where's your wife?*

*Visiting a friend, she won't be home for hours*

*Oooh, good* She feels her heartbeat quickening, knowing what's to come, feeling herself begin to come into a state of arousal just thinking about it.

He types again *What are you wearing?*

*T shirt, short skirt, bra and panties*

*Tell me the colours*

*Pale blue top, navy skirt, white bra, red panties*

*I like you in red panties. I look at your pics all the time. I get hard as hell looking at your pics*

She feels a hot blush find it's way up her neck and into her cheeks. The thought of him looking at those pics, the ones she had to screw up all her courage to take and send, both excites and scares her.

*Did you like the pics I sent you?* he asks her.

*Yes, I liked them very much*

*You like me naked?*

*Oh yes*

*You like naked men?*

*Only you Alan*

*Well I'll have to get naked here for you then*

Her stomach flips at the thought.

*I wish we had webcams* she types

*One day we will, when we can afford it. I have to be careful what I buy or my wife asks questions*

*Same with my husband*

*Are you going to do what I ask you?* he types.

*You know I will*

*Good, well lets start by taking your top off, slowly now*

She peels off her T shirt. *It's off now*

*So is my shirt. I'm imagining you running your fingers through the hair on my chest. Can you feel me stroking your back?*

*Yes, I can feel your fingers on my back*

*Good. Gently I loosen your bra and let it slip down your arms to the floor*

She reaches behind her, closes her eyes, unfastens the bra, his skilful lovers fingers unhooking it in her mind. She lets it drop, the sudden cool air hardening her nipples.

*I'm sitting here with no bra on now*

*Let me slide my hands round in front of you and cup your breasts. Feel my fingers stroke your nipples. Let me gently massage those gorgeous big tits of yours*

Her hands slide up to her breasts. In her mind they are his hands, strong but gentle, fingers teasing the hard nipples. She watches the screen, waiting for him to go on.

*can you feel my hand slip down your front, stroke your belly, slide down to your thigh now, gently stroke your inner thigh*

*Yes, oh yes, don't stop* she types hurriedly.

Her hand drops to her thigh and slides under the hem of the short skirt. She can feel herself swelling wetly in her panties.

*Feel my finger slip inside your panty leg, Cherie, feel it stroke your bushy pussy, feeling for your slit, working it's way inside*

*oh yes, oh yes, I can feel you* typing with one hand, the other working deep and hard under the panties.

*Do you know what I'm doing Cherie?*

*no, please tell me*

*I've unfastened my pants and I'm stroking my big cock. It's real hard Cherie, you make it hard because you're so sexy*

Her head swims *I want to stroke it for you*

*That's what you are doing in my head lover, it's your fingers on my cock, not mine*

*oh god I'm so wet*

*take the panties right off sexpot*

She stands and quickly fumbles the panties down her legs and off.

*I have, they're gone*

*Good. Now spread your legs and lift that skirt.*

*I have. Oh please, fuck me hard baby*

*I will. Can you feel my finger stroking your clitty?*

*oh yes I can* she strokes her clit, her breath coming in short gasps now.

*Feel me there with you sexpot. Feel my big hard cock slipping into you. Feel me between your thighs, thrusting and thrusting*

*I can I can I can* She strokes faster and harder.

*oh god babe your so hot and sexy I can't hold back*

*oh cum in me please*

*oh god babe I'm cumming I'm spurting it babe*

*oh god I'm cumming too*

Her head span as she orgasmed, her hips bucking in the chair and her hot juices running over her fingers.

She slumped exhausted for a moment, then wiping her fingers on a tissue she typed again.

*Are you still there Alan?*

*Yes, I'm here sexpot, that was so good.*

*I wish we could do it for real. I wish you were here with me*

*Me too sweetheart*

*It really sucks I'm in the USA and you're in the UK*

*I know sweetheart. Sucks for me too*

*Why don't you leave your wife?*

*I already told you sweetheart. She owns half the house. I can't afford to leave her. She'd crucify me*

*But you don't love her, do you?*

*No sweetheart, you know I love you*

*Do you sleep with her? Do you make love to her Alan?*

*No precious, you know I don't. We have separate rooms. I haven't screwed her for years*

*Then why does she hang on to you?*

*Because I'm all she has sweetheart*

*It's so unfair*

*I know Cherie, but we have each other*

*Only like this over the internet*

*It's better than nothing*

*Guess so*

There is a pause while both think about what to say next. Cherie breaks the silence.

*I have to go. My hubby will be home soon and my kids*

*I have to go too sexpot. Need a shower before wifey gets home and finds me covered in cum*

*LMAO....you're so funny*

*I like making you laugh*

*I love you Alan*

*I love you too Cherie*

*Bye Alan...XXXX ...sleep well*

*Bye precious...XXXX...cya soon*

Cherie logs off sadly, straightens her clothes, begins the after sex tasks of preparing the evening meal for her family.

On the other side of the ocean, Alan,( not his real name of course ), sits in front of his computer, fully dressed as he has been all evening, laughing quietly to himself.

"Oh these sad women," he thinks to himself "really believing that I could fall in love with them. Sending me all those naked pics, trying to look sexy for the digicam and just looking pathetic."

He looks down the names on the messenger menu. Jenny, in Canada, unhappily married, face like a constipated hog, cyber sex every Monday evening when his wife is on late shift at the hospital and her husband is still at work.

Robin in Mississippi, whole string of husbands behind her, tribe of kids to different fathers living in the trailer with her, and really stupid enough to believe that he's trying to sell his house to move there and marry her.

It isn't the sex that interests him, it's the power he wields over these women that turns him on. The knowledge that he is controlling their lives, their very thoughts, with a few chosen words on a screen. Well a guy has to have a hobby!

Tapping in the URL of a gay porn site, he downloads a few more pics of naked men and stores them, to be sent to future internet girlfriends. Muscular young men with huge erections.

"If only they knew," he thinks, "all those pics they think are me, really gay boys who wouldn't be interested in them even if they weren't old and ugly!"

Downstairs a door opens and closes. Feet mount the stairs, young nimble feet, eager to reach him. His wife enters the room, fresh and pretty as always. She smiles at him.

"Hi," he says "how was your evening?"

"Oh great. Had a good time gossiping with the girls. What have you been up to?"

"Oh, just answering e mails and surfing a bit. I've made us a light supper, and there's a bottle of wine chilling in the fridge. Thought we could have that, then an early night, if you like?"

She steps up behind him, puts her arms round him, kisses the top of his head.

"Sounds good to me, an early night."

Hours later, lying in her unhappy bed, Cherie thinks of her English gentleman, her secret lover, and as she drifts to sleep beside her snoring husband, she dreams that he flies across the ocean and lifts her from her drab life, carries her away to enchanted lands where they make love on beaches of white sand and live happily ever after.

Hours earlier that that, lying in his warm bed, having recently emptied his semen most pleasantly into his pretty wife as he rode her curvaceous hips, Alan slept like a baby, and if he dreamed of anything, it certainly wasn't of middle aged women in far countries.

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