tagMind ControlDreams of Jeannie Ch. 02

Dreams of Jeannie Ch. 02


Jeannie pulled her bikini back on, nestling the back up between her freshly smacked ass cheeks. She moaned softly at the feel of the tiny suit coming up over her thighs, pressing against her pussy and sliding up the crack of her ass. Her soaked pussy saturated the crotch of the bikini Joe had removed the lining from. The suit slipped up between her swollen lips, creating a delicious camel toe.

"No need to bother with the top, Jeannie," Joe said in an offhand manner. "I'm sure Dave would enjoy seeing your beautiful tits." Jeannie smile demurely at his compliment. "He already knows you're my fuck toy, so you being barely dressed and smelling like a wet pussy shouldn't be a big shock to him."

"Hmm....," Jeannie agreed, smiling. She admired her flushed, full breasts and her super hard nipples. The room, particularly wherever she stood in it, definitely did smell like a dripping pussy. Sucking her master and having him smack his leather belt across her big ass cheeks made her wetness flow down her thighs and mat her trimmed bush.

Jeannie turned, looking at Dave and nodded, presumably using her magic to make their conversations heard to Dave again.

"Dave," Jeannie said, "is there anything else I can get you?" she asked, standing a couple of feet from him. He was seated, looking up to her eyes, her lips, so recently wrapped tight around Joe's cock were slightly swollen. Jeannie's big tits and long, hard, dark nipples bobbed with her breathing and moving her weight from foot to foot. Dave stammered, seeming to be thinking if there was anything he wanted, as his gaze moved down Jeannie's body. Her legs were moving back and forth, clearly horny and wanting some action in her swollen, soaked pussy. Her bikini bottom was dripping and sucked up between her swollen lips. Dave inhaled deeply, almost swooning from the smell.

"Jeannie smells great, doesn't she?" Joe asked his friend.

"Oh...oh yeah," Dave said.

"Jeannie, move up close to Dave so he can admire that pretty bikini bottom you're wearing and he can smell how nice you smell.

"Yes, Master," Jeannie said, smiling, her bobbing breasts revealing her heightened excitement at being available for the inspection of this friend of her master. She walked right up to Dave, till he was inches from her. He reached out his hands slowly and touched the fabric just to the side of her crotch, looking at her, and over at Joe for feedback on this unbelievable situation. The heat off of her pussy was powerful, and Dave's erection made him squirm now, too.

"You can't smell me very well all the way over there, silly," Jeannie playfully chastised. She put one hand on the back of Dave's head, and the other went down to the top of her bikini, right above her crotch.

"Here, feel this," she said, as she pulled the bikini out and over so he could feel it better, completely exposing her pussy.

Dave's eyes bulged as his left hand reached out to feel the bikini that had been pulled out and over to Jeannie's right side. "Oh, it feels really nice, thin, and...really wet," Dave said, his eyes locked on her pussy.

"And Joe said you should smell me. Well, here's where all that delicious smell is coming from," Jeannie said. She lifted a foot and spread her legs, and then gently pulled on Dave's head until she pulled his nose right up against the top of her slit. Dave inhaled deeply, and exhaled.

"Ooh, that feels nice," Jeannie said at the feel of Dave's breath on her excited sex.

"Come on over here, Jeannie," Joe said.

She pushed her lips out in a pouty way at moving away from Dave's face, pulled her wet, thin bikini back over her mound and moved over to Joe, sitting down on his offered leg.

"Dave, I want to let you in on a secret," Joe said, as he pushed Jeannie's legs apart and started working her pussy through her suit. She moaned softly, grinding her big ass against Joe's leg, trying to masturbate her self while Joe kneaded her swollen lips and clit.

"Jeannie is actually a genie," Joe said. "She's a sex genie, and as you can tell from the way she behaves she's a complete slut, devoted to my pleasure, and overwhelmed just about all the time by her horniness."

Jeannie's eyes were closed as Joe manipulated her to the edge of orgasm and kept her there. She moaned and squirmed, her body at his complete disposal, without shame or discomfort at being used.

"Her powers only get more powerful as she gets hornier," Joe said to Dave. Dave nodded, amazed at the success of Joe's mind control, and how happy Jeannie seemed to be from it all.

"As you can see, hear and smell, she's almost bursting with excitement now," Joe said, looking down between Jeannie's spread legs to her fat pussy lips as he squeezed and massaged them through the gauzy thin bikini. "She can make your cock bigger, harder and more appealing to women if I wish it. To do that she'd need to take your cock in her mouth."

Dave's eyes bulged at where all this was going.

"I'd be happy to wish that for you. Would you like that?" Joe asked.

"Yes..yes, that would be great," Dave said.

"Jeannie, I wish for you to suck Dave's cock to enhance it with your magic," Joe said.

"Yes, Master," she said, breathing deeply. She stood and walked over to Dave. Her body was flush, shining with sweat. She smiled at Dave and knelt down in front of him, working right away to get his pants open.

Joe reached over and held her ear lobe and said "Dave's penis will seem much smaller when you start sucking him off, and you will see the effects of your magic on him." Joe let go of her ear, and Dave's cock popped from his wet underwear. It was a respectable 7 inches long, and fat. Jeannie wrapped her hand around it, Dave gasping at the contact after all that titillation.

"Oh, it's cute," Jeannie said over her shoulder to Joe. Joe stood and handed Dave a note with one hand, while petting Jeannie with the other and saying "Oh, be nice Jeannie. Get that magic mouth of yours around his cock and see what magic you can do."

Dave looked at the piece of paper - WHATEVER SHE HEARS FROM ME WHEN I HOLD HER EAR LIKE THAT IS REALITY. Joe took it back from Dave just as Jeannie dove down on Dave's cock, sucking it all up into her mouth and throat.

Dave looked dumbfounded down at Jeannie, her head bobbing, her mouth noisily sucking and slobbering around his thick cock, her hands gripping his hips tightly, now grazing her nails down his thigh. Her tongue swirled around his cock from the base up to the head, the back of her nails sliding up along his thighs from his knees up to his balls. Her head bobbed hard and fast, shoving his cock down her throat, her grunting and hard sucking mixing with her moans.

Joe was behind her now, again pushing her thighs apart. She moved fast, anxious to have him work her hind quarters. She spread them wide, sticking her round ass up. Joe kneaded her swollen pussy lips against each other, squeezing her clit between them. Then he rubbed the crotch of her bikini. Joe pulled Jeannie's bikini down over her thighs, and again she moved her legs to quickly free herself from it's confines without stopping the work her mouth was doing.

Once it was off and she stayed on her feet, bending over into Dave's crotch to suck him, her legs spread. She was more exposed this way than she could be in any other position. Joe knelt behind her, his mouth nearly against her sex.

"Wow, this is one hot wet pussy," he said, his words heard and felt by Jeannie. He held her hips hard. "Need to make sure you can't move this cunt away once I get a taste of it," he said. Jeannie moaned hard.

Joe licked her slit from the open, dripping hole to the top of her slit, where her throbbing clit begged attention. He fucked her with his tongue, rubbing his nose against her asshole, then moved his mouth down to flick her clit.

Dave moaned, the feeling of this wild cock sucker driving him mad. He was amazed at her ability to take him all the way down her throat.

Joe kissed up the back of her thighs, her ass cheeks, now spreading her ass cheeks with his strong hands. His tongue flicked her ass hole, sliding into it, making her squirm and moan. He kissed up her lower back, and now reached out and held her ear lob again, even as her head bobbed.

"Dave's cock is still tiny. You need to use more powerful magic by riding his cock. When you do, you'll feel him grow to be very large and thick, and you'll cum hard for him," Joe said.

When Joe let go, Jeannie's cock sucking slowed and she stood, her legs wobbly.

"I need to use more powerful magic to make your cock big, as my Master wished," Jeannie said to Dave through heavy breaths and wet lips. He nodded, drinking in the site of this curvy slut under the control of his friend. Jeannie moved up closer to Dave and straddled him. She grabbed his big, wet cock and lined it up to her hot, wet, throbbing pussy. She moved down on it, working the big cock into her boiling fuck hole. She big down on her bottom lip, rolling her ass around as she pushed the cock deeper into herself.

Dave's hands rested on her fat ass cheeks, squeezing them hard, accentuating the amazing rear view of Jeannie impaled for Joe. Joe pulled off his clothes quickly, pulling a small container of lube from his pants pocket and rubbing it on his cock.

"Hold those big ass cheeks apart for me, Dave," Joe said to his nearly orgasmic friend. Jeannie moaned, squirming on Dave's big cock, knowing what was coming, as Dave roughly spread Jeannie's big ass open. Joe looked at Dave's thick cock slamming up into Jeannie, smashing her swollen lips and matted pubic hair, the squishing noise loud. Jeannie's inner lips gripped Dave tightly. Her now exposed asshole clenched rhythmically as Dave's big cock fucked her hard.

Joe got between Dave's wide spread legs, lining up with Jeannie's ready asshole. He rubbed his cock head against her, caressing her back, now reaching up to again hold her ear lobe. "Genie's have clit like sensitivity in their asses and throats, and your magic will flash out before you as you cum from our fucking," Joe said. He let go of her ear, held her one hip with his one hand and guided his cock against her asshole with the other.

Jeannie moaned as the lubed cock pushed against her butthole. Joe's cock worked it's way. Jeannie tried to hurry Joe's cock into her ass, her stimulation making her body tingle hard along her thighs, her stomach, her nipples and throat. Joe sunk into her and he and Dave used her body shamelessly, pumping her full of hard cock.

Jeannie came hard, the hours of stimulation finally being released.She gripped hard on Dave's shoulders, looking down past her big tits dripping to sweat to look him in the eye - "Oh shit, Dave, your cock is getting really big."

Dave's hard worked cock exploded, shooting his cum hard up into Jeannie. His orgasm seemed to overlap Jeannie and her own became so much harder that she looked overwhelmed. almost in pain. She screamed, rising and slamming down on the two cocks working her.

Joe grunted at the sensation of this gorgeous, big assed slut slamming her ass against him as he fucked her there, finally able to hold back no longer. His cock throbbed in her anus. Jeannie screamed, her eyes bulging, and now falling over, passed out.

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