tagMind ControlDreams of Jeannie Ch. 03

Dreams of Jeannie Ch. 03


"Whew. That was good stuff," Joe said.

Dave raised his eyebrows and nodded vigorously.

Jeannie smiled demurely.

"Say Jeannie, why don't you go freshen up and then go to mall for a little bit?" Joe said.

Jeannie smiled and nodded and left the room to shower the cum off of her pussy and ass.

Joe looked at Dave. "Another benefit of the hypnosis," Joe said, "Is I finally convinced her to go to the mall alone."

Dave laughed. "I think I could use some of that suggestion with my wife," Dave said.

"So you're married," Joe said.

"Yes," Dave said, "her name is Molly. Great girl. A little preoccupied with always having everything under control and organized. I don't think she allows herself to have enough fun. She can be wild when she lets herself be."

"Anything you need some help with?" Joe offered.

"I do wish she could loosen up a bit. You know, just the other day she was looking really hot, and I wasn't watching what I was saying and I told her she looked like she was about to star in a porno. I thought for sure she'd be upset, but she looked flattered and at least a little bit excited. I'd love to see more of that in her."

Joe looked at his friend nodding, furrowing his brow in thought. "She might just need the opportunity to let loose in some sort of outlet, separate from the rest of her life."

Jeannie came into the room. She had taken a hot shower and rubbed lotion up her body. She wore tight short shorts like something from a more adult episode of Threes Company. Her thick, firm, bare legs rose from high heel sandals up where the shorts seemed almost painted on her, accentuating her big round ass, wide hips, and the tight material on her crotch made a camel toe, exposing the contours of her plump pussy lips.

Moving up her body she wore a tight fitting, thin, tee shirt on top of a lacey and supportive bra with nearly no front coverage that would have been enough to allow her nipples to show through, but with the dark, perpetually hard nipples Asian women have this was hardly necessary. Not only were the shape of her nipples visible through her shirt, but their color was as well. This may not have been the most fashionable outfit Dave had ever seen, but it was heart stopping in its boldness. She was a sex genie! Free of shame and guilt and perpetually aroused, not concerned with only trying to be sexy when she was skinny and toned. She wasn't looking for approval and validation, just to arouse and be aroused.

"Have fun Jeannie," Joe said, smiling at her, knowing she would leave a wake of dropped jaws and hard cocks behind her through the mall. He also knew she'd come back with sexy clothes and a pussy wet from tantalizing men by the dozens.

As Jeannie left Joe continued his discussion with Dave. "Would you want to see her in a porno?"

"Yeah. Yeah I would," Dave admitted.

Joe and Dave talked some more, Joe hatching a plan and collecting the information needed together.


Dave's wife Molly grabbed the ringing phone, sitting at the breakfast bar while she did. "Hello?"

"Hello, Molly Smith?" Joe asked on the other end of the line.

"Yes, this is Molly," she said.

"Hi Molly. My name is Joe Cooper. I was recently interviewing a photographer and among his samples he had some shots he did of you."

"Ok," Molly said, recalling the pictures she and Dave had done together by a photographer at a park.

"When I saw your photos I really wanted to speak to you. I make movies and I think you'd be ideal for a number of them."

Molly's eyes blinked wide open. "Really?" she said.

"Yes, you've got a great look. If you don't mind me saying so, you have a really beautiful face, full lips, huge dark, wet eyes, and fantastic hair - and your body is quite nice, as well."

Molly's heart raced a bit. It was fully socially acceptable for Joe to talk to her frankly about her appearance, as he was a filmmaker, and the freedom of having a stranger talk about how her appearance pleased him aroused Molly. She definitely wasn't going to let him just stop there.

"Thank you very much, Joe," she said. "I think my body is a bit on the thick side, myself, to be honest."

"If you don't mind me talking frankly about your body," Joe began, knowing full well this was exactly what she wanted. He waited, making her encourage him.

"Oh, please," she said.

"Others do tend to look for the Barbie look - tall, thin, no distinctiveness or contrast, no curves. I want exactly the opposite. You have fantastic legs. Your waist is slim, and your hips and butt, and your chest, are big and firm looking and make for a great set of curves. Looking at you from the front or the side, or I'm sure from the back, your body just draws in the eye. "

Molly squirmed on her stool, really enjoying this somewhat dirty talk with a stranger over the phone. "I'm not sure I should like you telling me I have big hips," she said, not wanting to be so bold as to talk about her ass, which he had mentioned, "but I appreciate the sentiment." She knew her hips were big, and for that matter her ass and breasts. It wasn't just the red hair that hair that made her friends call her Jessica Rabbit.

"Oh, believe me," Joe said, "When I saw your pictures I wished I could step into them and grab those hips."

Molly crossed and uncrossed her legs. She cleared her throat.

"Sorry," Joe said. "I'm getting a bit worked up. So I'd like to meet with you and talk with you about you possibly working with me as a contract actress on films I make."

"That sounds great," Molly said, still a little tingly from all the talk about her body. She started day dreaming about acting in big Hollywood productions, and being a star.

"I want to be clear and candid with you," Joe said, "these are porno movies that I make."

"Oh..." Molly said. She was upset that her fantasy of being the star of the multiplex was evaporating, but now the realization that Joe hadn't just been ideally looking at pictures of her, but picturing her naked, pleasuring and exciting her, of showing her off to tons of men who would look at her as a fantasy made the building wetness between her legs down right sloshing as she now uncrossed and re-crossed her legs the other way.

"I understand you may have reservations about this, and you'll certainly need to think it over," Joe said. "Let me just assure you we can obscure your appearance with wigs and contacts and make up and things like that, so no one would recognize you. And you'd be able to review scripts, of course, and decide what you'd want to do and what you wouldn't."

"You guys use scripts?" Molly asked, joking. She was trying to be comfortable with this, seriously considering it.

"I know, right?" Joe said. "I love writing, and I think it helps guide the whole thing. Frees people up to know what they're supposed to be doing and thinking, what their motivation is."

"You do the writing?" Molly asked.

"It's a small operation," Joe said. "I do a lot - producing, a lot of the directing and writing. Acting some times."

Molly thought about that. Acting. That meant this man who had been talking about her ass, her legs, her hips and chest might not have just been looking at her as someone who would be in a porno of his, naked, pleasuring men, riding them - he might have looked at her as someone he'd like to have himself. She was definitely going to go touch herself after this phone call.

"Oh, wow," Molly said, her breathing clearly a bit labored. She got up from the stool to walk upstairs to her bedroom.

"Yeah, keeps me busy," Joe joked. "So how would it be if we got together, talked some more. You can look over scripts, we could talk about what roles you might have. I could check you out in person."

Molly definitely like the way this was sounding. Whether she'd make pornos or not, this conversation, where a stranger wanted to have her, and could talk so frankly about it, while she was secure at home, out of his sight, was making her tingle all over. She moved into her bedroom, making sure her curtains were drawn.

"Check me out in person, huh?" Molly joked. She started pulling off her clothes as she spoke, hurriedly transferring the phone from hand to hand as she pulled off her shirt. Her skin was flushed, her breasts felt full, her nipples hard and sensitive. She stroked down her sides, acknowledging the magnetic tingling she felt leading down her hips, up her inner thighs and right to her crotch. Her pussy lips were swollen, the red curly bush matted down from the wetness that had poured from her and been spread around by her rubbing of her thighs when she crossed and uncrossed her legs. She stood, spread her legs and slid two fingers from her free hand into her wet slit as she awaited his response.

"I'm sure you understand," Joe said. He could hear the flirtation in her voice, and while he didn't know she was naked, toying with her hot cunt, he knew she was receptive to what he would say. "You looked great in the photos, but I'll need to see you in the flesh."

"Just to make sure the pictures weren't doctored?" Molly asked sarcastically, slowing sliding her fingers inside herself. She moved over to lie on her bed, proudly, luridly not stopping her assault on her hot sex while she moved.

"I'm sure they weren't," Joe said. "I want to see more of you. I want you to take your clothes off for me and let me see all those curves I talked about. I want to see your breasts, and your hips, and that wonderful ass of yours."

Molly bit her bottom lip, the intensity of her fingering intensifying. Three fingers flipped one after other through her soaked slit, grazing her clit. "My ass, huh?" she choked out.

"Most definitely your ass, Molly," Joe said. "I really appreciate a nice ass, and yours looks great. When I said earlier I wanted to grab your hips, that was only partially true."

"What do you mean?" Molly asked, dying to hear the response. Her ass clenched and lifted her up as she thought of Joe thinking about it, her fingers plunging inside her, now sliding up and down her slit, now focusing on her hard clit.

"I mean I thought of acting with you, of holding onto your hips, your bare hips, from behind, as my body pushed up against that big ass of yours."

"Pushed up?" Molly encouraged. She was pretty clearly moaning now. Softly, somewhat controlled, but Joe definitely heard her. And he knew she was asking questions to get more explicit talk from him.

"My body pushing up against your ass from behind as I acted out a scene with you. You bent over, me holding your hips, me inside you, hard, throbbing, barely able to hold back anymore - the feeling of being in you, of feeling your ass against me, of seeing your body pleasured by me. Ooooh," Joe sighed.

Molly dropped the phone as she grabbed a pillow to show into her mouth and try to drown out the moaning of ecstasy she couldn't hold back as a massive orgasm racked her body. The phone rolled down, bouncing off of her big tits, then off her stomach, to lie by her side. It couldn't have been placed more perfectly to convey the sound of her fingers working over her soaked cunt. Joe was treated to a constant volley of sloshing sounds and muffled screams as Molly's fingers were shoved up her pussy, then moved at a super fast speed along her slit, then rubbed harshly against her clit. Her body contorted, her mind elsewhere, her whole being occupied only with the orgasm that possessed her body and soul.

As it subsided after shocks made her legs jerk and her ass clench, the sounds of her fingers in her wet sex slowed, but just as sloshing. She came to her senses, threw off the pillow over her face and grabbed the phone.

"Joe, you there?" she asked nervously.

"Oh, good," Joe said. "I thought you hung up on me while I was fantasizing about you out loud."

"No, no," Molly laughed, reassuring him. "Why don't you tell me where and when you want to meet? I want to do this."

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