tagMind ControlDreams of Jeannie Ch. 04

Dreams of Jeannie Ch. 04


Molly went to meet Joe the next day at his home office.

"Jeannie," Joe said to his wife, who he had convinced was a sex genie, "I wish a woman would come to our house today wanting to try out acting in porn, and I would audition her."

"Oooh, that sounds like a fun wish, Master," Jeannie said. Her thighs rubbed together at the thought of her husband fucking a strange woman in their house. She nodded to make the wish, and a moment later the door bell rang. Molly was there as she and Joe had arranged, but occasions like these served to reinforce Jeannie's view of her world and what she was.

"Why don't you act like my assistant, Jeannie?" Joe asked.

"Great idea, Master! I mean, sir," she said, winking at him as she headed over to open the door.

"Uh, hello," Molly said, nervously. Was she at the right place? Then again, this woman did look a bit porny.

"Hello, I'm Joe's assistant. Are you here for an appointment?" Jeannie asked?

"Yes! Yes, I am. I'm Molly," Molly said, relieved.

"Great, why don't you come in," Jeannie said.

When Molly came in Joe stood and greeted her. "You must be Molly," he said, smiling. "I'm so glad you came."

They shook hands and went to Joe's home office. Joe sent Jeannie to another room until she'd be needed.

Molly was clearly a little nervous.

"So I thought we could just talk a little today," Joe said, calming her. "Maybe watch some videos to give you an idea of the type of stuff we make, maybe take some pictures of you. Would that all be OK?"

"Yes, yes, that sounds good," Molly said, slapping her knees.

"How about if I take a whole bunch of pictures of you, and I can tell you about everything while we do that? Would that work? Oh, and I have a wig and a litte super hero type mask you can wear so you don't have to be concerned at all about anyone recognizing you in pictures."

"Ha, OK," Molly said. "Sure, that sounds good."

Molly put on the platinum bombshell wig and the mask. "How do I look?" she asked.

Joe laughed. "Like a superhero!" he said. He pulled out a big, professional looking camera, or at least it looked like a camera. In reality it was a tool he had developed to hypnotize. "Always make sure you're looking at the camera," he told Molly. "The sexiest thing for you to do is to be looking straight at someone, and you'll do that through the camera lens."

The lens of the camera had a faint swirling to it. Along with the disorienting flash it would confound whoever looked into it, helping Joe hypnotize them.

"OK, great," Joe said. "Start posing, just get comfortable, always looking into the camera."

"You're doing great," Joe said to the awkward Molly. "Why don't you slowly unbutton your shirt while I talk to you," he suggested. Molly's heart beat fast, and her nervous fingers fumbled with the buttons.

"Your look is perfect for the type of work we do," Joe said. "After we do some shots we can sit together and watch some videos." Molly wondered if he'd have her slowly undress until she was naked, and then they'd sit together and watch pornos. Her heart was going a bit crazy now. She tried to relax and focus on the camera.

"Some people look for actresses that are very young looking and skinny, that look artificial and tattooed and pierced and shaved until they look like Barbis."

Molly was down to her last buttons, and relaxing.

"You're doing great. Once you're done unbuttoning you can slip the shirt off, one shoulder at a time. Look over your shoulder. Oh, that's great," Joe encouraged.

Molly's heaving, womanly chest, covered by a lacey, supportive bra came into view.

"What I'm looking for is natural looking, curvaceous, sexy women. Women who don't act like they're having sex 5 times a day professionally. Women who crave passionate sex, who feel real pleasure."

Molly was warming up considerably. Joe's frank talk about sex kept her focused on what she was here for. She was having a hard time believing she was actually doing this. She turned from the camera a moment as she doubted.

Joe came up to her and put a gentle hand on her shoulder. "You're doing really well. We already have some great shots," he said, as he hand caressed her shoulders and back. "Do you want me to help you with this?" he asked, as he took hold of her bra clasp.

Molly gasped, looking up at Joe. She bit her lower lip and nodded quickly. Joe undid her bra, letting it come open on it's own. He quickly picked up his camera again and started flashing the flash at Molly.

"Look into the camera, you gorgeous creature," Joe said. "Move your shoulders just slightly and let it fall away, all the time looking at me."

Molly stood, her breathing heavy, her eyes going glassy, her bra slowly slipping off of her shoulders and her big breasts. The excitement and the hypnotism went hand in hand. The bra slid down and fell, leaving her full breasts and pink nipples exposed.

"Amazing," Joe said, flashing pictures furiously. "The movies we make are certainly acted, but they're also about people experiencing real, amazing sexual pleasure. Now undo your pants, and let them slowly slide down your hips and down."

Joe moved around, and laid on the floor to keep focus on Molly's face as she undid her pants and shimmied down them. By the time they were off, and Molly's sexy full legs were exposed, a little purple pair of panties all that was left covering her, she was in a trance, willing to do whatever was asked. She only had fallen in so easily because this was actually what she wanted.

"Now I want you to put your back to me and pull your panties down slowly over that big, beautiful ass of yours, looking back at the camera the whole time," Joe instructed.

Molly did as she was told, exposing her round, soft ass, smiling into the camera as she did. Finally she was bent over at the waist, her legs straight, her panties around her ankles.

"Now slip them off," Joe instructed. "And stay bent over like that, looking back at me. And I want you to spread your legs so I can get a shot of your pussy."

Molly's body flushed from the attention, her sex moistening at Joe's instructions and attention. She did as she was told and Joe looked up Molly's legs to her wet bush and aroused face.

"You did great, Molly," Joe said. "You like being naked, don't you, you bad girl?"

Molly giggled and nodded.

"Well then I think I should take my clothes off, too," Joe said, and Molly's eyes widened. "I don't want you to feel like you're the only one and think about covering that beautiful body up. I'll put one of our pornos on, too, so you can see what sort of things I was thinking I'd want to do with you."

Joe loaded a DVD, a porno with hynotizing elements underneath the video itself, and then looked Molly in the eye while he disrobed. She looked so turned on as she watched him, knowing soon they'd be bare thigh to bare thigh on the couch watching sex.

Molly watched Joe's thick, long, hard cock pop out of his pants as they came down and she squeezed her thick thighs together hard.

He sat down next to Molly and the video started. He put his arm around her and she pulled close, her thigh and breast touching him. At first there was no hypnotic element, just porn, and the video aroused them both. Joe got up to turn down the lights, just as the hypnotic elements came on the DVD, and Molly's transfixed gaze now took on a more glassy look. Joe came back and faced her, the light from the movie illuminating him, his hard cock pointing at her.

And he spoke to her, telling her who she was, who she wanted to be, who she pretended to be. The stories overlapped and entwined and confused, until her inabitions were removed, her confidence raised, and when he or Dave would say Action, until they'd say Cut, she would be convinced she was a porn star. When Joe was done he told her, "I'm going to count to three and you'll be out of your hypnotic trance, but ready to go back in it if I snap my fingers at any time. You'll be hornier than ever, aroused by the movie, by me being here, by having stripped in front of a camera, and the prospect of being a porn star. You'll be receptive to whatever I suggest. 1, 2, 3."

Molly's hypnotic trance ended, as Joe sat back next to her. As she regained her senses she felt his hand move to caress her stomach, and felt him turn slightly toward her. They embraced, her breathing heavy against him, as his hand slipped down between her spreading thighs, to finger her wet pussy through her trimmed bush. He lifted her one leg so it was over his, spreading her legs wide, kissing her all the time. He slipped two fingers up her, curling up, thrusting and rubbing against her inner wall. She moaned over the sloshing sounds, holding on to Joe with both hands, her lips moving on his passionately.

Joe pulled his fingers from her and lifted her leg off of him, and pulled away from kissing her. Molly inhaled, trying to figure out why he was stopping what was so amazing, as he knelt between her legs, putting the over his shoulders as he kissed up their length. She threw her head back and sighed, just as his mouth met her dripping wet pussy, burying his tongue and lips deep into the hair to find her wet slit and clit.

Molly held Joe's head and came, wrapping her ankles, twitching all along her thighs. Joe slowly stopped and started to rise between her thighs.

"Action," he said.

Molly transformed from a woman overwhelmed by desire and pleasure to a woman who was a master of pleasure. She smiled as she grabbed his hips and took his cock in her mouth. She noisily sucked and starting bobbing her head, now going deep to take as much of Joe's long, thick cock into her throat as she could. Saliva dripped from her strained mouth as she stretched her tongue out to lick his balls.

When Joe thought he couldn't stand any more he pulled up on her arms, and Molly being an experienced porn star (at least in her mind) knew that was the signal to stand and change what she was doing. She followed Joe's lead and moved until she was bent over, her big, smooth, suburban wife ass pointing at Joe. He moved his aching cock until it easily slid into her soaked pussy, and he slammed into her. The sound of their wet fucking was louder than the porno, and then the sounds of her passionate cries even louder.

"Oh fuck....yes.. you big dicked stud!" she called out. "Bang that pussy... oh yeah... slam against my big ass.. oh...you're going to make me cum!!"

And she did, her pussy contorting, her asshole, now exposed by Joe spreading her cheeks twitching. Joe saw her cum on his cock as it slid out of her and back in.

"Oh..," Joe said, "I'm going to cum."

Molly slid off of Joe's cock and knelt in front of him, taking his cock deep into her mouth and sucking hard.

"Director wants you to swallow it," Joe said, and Molly followed the instruction and felated him hard and deep, wet and noisily, sucking their collective cum off of his hard cock until he spurted his cum into her throat and she swallowed, finally gasping for air while replacing her mouth with her mand and stroking the spent cock.

"And cut," Joe said, and Molly found herself on her knees holding Joe's cock in her hands, knowing what she had done, though not exactly.

"You were born to fuck, Molly," Joe said. "You'll go far in this business."

Molly glowed from the sexy compliment, the confidence, the orgasms and excercise.

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