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Dreams of Reality


John had just got home from his friend Hillary’s house and was feeling particularly distraught by the fact that he had uncontrollable feelings for one of his best friends. Jennifer was always on his mind and being around her and Hillary everyday made for a serious situation in his head. They had all been good friends for years, but ever since the first day he met Jennifer he could not stop thinking, imagining, and fantasizing about her. Hillary and Jennifer were best friends and John’s only really close friends as well. He didn’t want to ruin great friendships by unleashing his lustful fleeting feelings for Jennifer, but on the other hand he couldn’t stop thinking about how great it would be to hold Jennifer’s picture perfect body in his strong arms.

John was lying down to fall asleep after undressing down to his black boxer-briefs. Staring up at his ceiling he imagined Jennifer straddling his body and kissing his chest and neck. The image of her in her black lacy thong and matching bra started to arouse John and he could feel his crotch bulging and pushing on his underwear. His mind started to wander around these thoughts until it lulled him into a deep sleep.

Unaware that he was dreaming, John found himself once again driving over to Hillary’s house to meet Hillary and Jennifer to hang out and try and find something to do. When he arrived he knocked on the door and opened it and went in as he always did. The house was dark so he went upstairs to Hillary’s room. There he found Jennifer lying on the floor expecting him. He looked around and noticed that Hillary wasn’t in the room.

“Where’s Hillary?” said John. “She just went to the store to rent some movies, she’ll be back in a few.” Jennifer replied in her most beautiful voice. “That’s cool, we needed something to do tonight.” John replied as he lied down on Hillary’s big, soft bed. Jennifer tilted her head seductively and looked up at John and said, “Actually I had something else in mind for tonight if you’re up for it.” “Sure, what’s up?” asked John, expecting another board game or something.

Jennifer’s beautiful body stood up and approached John, caressing her soft breasts and curvaceous body with her hands as she walked. She crawled up on top of John and slowly leaned over to kiss him on the neck. Jennifer kissed along John’s neck and up toward his startled but overly ready lips. She shoved her tongue in John’s mouth and kissed him as her hands ran up and down his sides with her fingernails.

Then Jennifer raised her heavenly body up and straddling him, reached down and pulled her shirt up over her head and tossed it on the floor. John laid beneath her in total awe as his fantasy started to unfold before him. Her skin looked so soft beneath the dim lighting of Hillary’s room. There she sat wearing her black bra and a short skirt staring down at him. John was quickly becoming aware of his own arousal.

“You have no idea how many times I have wanted to do this and just held back,” said Jennifer with wide eyes filled with something that couldn’t fully be described. John was still amazed at the sheer irony of the situation and exclaimed, “Oh god Jennifer, if only I had known sooner, I have been dreaming of this day for years.”

Jennifer smiled, then suddenly reached down and ripped John’s button-up shirt open, sending buttons flying for the four corners of the room. She kissed his chest as her hand felt beneath his pants in search of what she so desperately needed. John reached up Jennifer’s skirt feeling and groping everything he could and then pulled down her lacy panties just far enough for him to feel her dripping with excitement. Jennifer rolled over a bit and helped him pull her panties all the way off as she slid them down her legs and quickly began unbuttoning John’s pants, pulling and tearing at them. With a little help from both sides they were thrown to the floor along with the rest. John lay there as she rolled back on top wearing nothing but her skirt.

Just then Hillary opened the door mumbling about what movies she had rented. The two stopped sudden at the intrusion. She finally noticed them on the bed and dropped the movies to the floor. A little confused, but equally excited, Hillary took the site in and asked, “What is going on here?” in a cute little voice that didn’t hide her interest in what she saw.

John started to form something to say when Jennifer let out, “I think you can see what’s going on here, why don’t you join us honey?”

John figured that would tip Hillary over the edge, but instead she began to suck on the tip of her finger and walked over to the bed. Hillary was wearing a tight black shirt and clearly no bra along with her usual short jean shorts. John smiled as Jennifer reached over and unbuttoned Hillary’s shorts as Hillary slipped them down to the floor. Not only was she not wearing a bra, but she wasn’t wearing any underwear either! Her neatly trimmed bush stood a simple foot or two from him. Clearly Jennifer was in charge as she instructed Hillary to climb up onto John’s face. Hillary spread her pussy lips with a hand as she lowered them onto John’s mouth. John began to lick and suck at Hillary’s soft opening as Jennifer leaned toward her, grabbing her in her arms and began kissing her.

The two of them slipped and sucked on each other’s mouths as John still went to work on Hillary’s dripping love hole. Jennifer began playing with herself a bit as she noticed John’s sharp erection jabbing her thighs. Jennifer pulled away from Hillary who was now thoroughly enjoying John’s tongue deep inside her as he toyed and thumbed at her erect clit with his right hand. Jennifer reached under her and pulled down John’s boxer-briefs to reveal an extremely hard 7-inch penis. She clutched it in her hand and pumped it up and down a few times before lowering her wet pussy onto John’s rock hard cock. The sudden wave of feeling running over John made him moan a little as he lost time with his cunt-lapping. Hillary began to hump John’s face as he moaned and desperately tried to please her dripping wet pussy.

Meanwhile Jennifer was thrusting hard up and down on John’s throbbing member as she balanced herself by grabbing John’s sides. She was letting out moans and screams as she arched her back towards the wall behind her as she raised her arms and palmed the wall still pumping on John’s cock. As her back arched, pulling her backward, John’s dick was grinding hard along her g-spot on the top of her cavity and she rocked and convulsed in pleasure as Hillary leaned forward to suck on Jennifer’s bouncing breasts. Jennifer could feel herself tightening and contracting in time with her humping as she let out a loud moan and experienced her first orgasm of the night. She screamed and quivered for a few seconds before regaining her control. She lifted up off of John as he continued to try and match her thrusts, knowing that he would cum too soon if she continued.

Hillary rolled off of John and lay on her stomach, lifting her butt in the air slightly as John got up and re-arranged himself behind her. Jennifer simply got on her back in front of Hillary’s face and continued to finger herself tenaciously. Hillary reached forward to grasp Jennifer’s curvy figure as John slammed his penis deep in Hillary’s pussy. She let out a loud gasping moan as John began to ravage her from behind. Jennifer couldn’t stop shoving more fingers into her lap while Hillary closed her eyes and continued to moan loudly as John mercilessly fucked her tight pussy. John grasped Hillary’s hips tightly as he rammed harder and deeper inside of Hillary as she yelled for mercy like a little girl.

Jennifer was now humping the air in front of Hillary’s panting face as she pumped several fingers in and out of her wet tunnel. Hillary watched Jennifer pleasure her own pussy and tease her clit as orgasm after orgasm rolled over her delicious body. Hillary peaked causing her to convulse and ram herself harder against John’s thrusting rod. Hillary’s eyes rolled back as she felt her orgasm spasm deep inside of her, tingling and running all through her body as she heaved and moaned. John refused to stop railing Hillary’s clenching pussy as she yelled almost in time with Jennifer.

“Ohhh John, fuuuuuck me baby, yes, yes.. yes!!” Hillary exclaimed, barely forming words as she quivered in orgasmic bliss. “God John, let her go before she passes out” Jennifer giggled as she arched her cunt toward Jennifer’s face. “Besides, it’s your turn to cum and I want it all.”

John knew it was only polite to share so he pulled out of Hillary, dripping her juices all over the bed as he rolled onto his back. Instantly the two girls were going down on him. Jennifer was licking and rolling her tongue over his cock tasting Hillary’s juice while Hillary gently played with his balls with one hand, her other hand playing with herself as she finished off one last orgasm. Hillary then parted Jennifer’s ass and started licking at Hillary’s pussy from behind while she sucked up and down on John’s pulsating cock. Hillary moaned slightly as she rocked her face up and down on John’s huge dick. John felt a surging coming from within as all the muscles in his body tensed.

He fucked Jennifer’s face and let out a deep moan as he came deep in Jennifer’s mouth. She sucked hard and took it all in as he pulled on her hair. She pumped his cock in her mouth until all his cum was in her mouth and then lifted up off of him. She turned around and kissed Hillary, sharing some of it with her. Both of their bodies slumped over him as his fully satisfied body still lay in happiness. Jennifer looked into his eyes and began to say something when a beeping noise started to come from nearby.

Leaning over, John shut off the alarm. Realizing it was all a dream, he jumped in the shower and started cleaning the sweat from his body. He put on some cologne and grabbed a pop-tart as he jumped in his truck. He had to be on time to pick up Jennifer and take her to class.

He wondered if he should mention what he had just dreamt to her, but decided to leave it be. It was just a dream and after all, someday she would realize that she wanted him as much as he wanted her. Perhaps some day his dreams could become realities.

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