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Dreams with Scarves


Taking a moment as the bellman fetches my car, I stare upon this woman and my mind is lost in her beauty, lost in her stare, lost in her image. I feel my thoughts opening up like a book, displaying images such as these...

Moving to her and taking arm as I tuck it under mine. Escorting her to the grand ballroom where she is to be honored by her peers and fans that have followed the stunning career of this woman in which many have come to celebrate tonight.

As we walk into the ballroom, a standing ovation takes place as the room is engulfed with applause and yells from her many admirers. Blushing a deep red she enters and waves, shakes the hands of fans who have gathered in the back of the room as she makes her way to the front of the room.

Finally, her arrival is calming as the guests sit and await her voice. Slightly nervous she greets them all and her voice cracks from the tension but soon it steadies as she speaks out thanking everyone for their patronage and for attending.

Music fills the ballroom as you lean to me that you need to change and be more comfortable so as to make the rounds thanking your many admirers. I make a short announcement that Maria Cedar will be back shortly and I again take your arm and tucking it under mine I escort you out of the ballroom and lead you to the elevators.

Waiting for the elevators, you tell me what a joy it has been to have been given the honor in which the many people have come to see you. Knowing that you will not be able to meet everyone tonight as the crowd is quite large.

As the elevator doors open, we step. On the way up I suggest perhaps a private meeting with some of the guests in your suite. You tell me to invite a certain few, a mixed group of men and women in which you start naming off names. We exit the elevator and slipping the key card into the slot we enter your suite.

As soon as the door closes behind us, I begin to unzip your dress. Allowing it to glide off your shoulders as I take it onto my arm and lay it down gently across the table. I tell you to have a seat as I remove stockings held in place high on your thighs as I roll them down. Removing your sexy strappy high heels next and slipping off the rolled up stockings from your long smooth legs.

I admire the beauty before me, naked but glowing. I tell you to stand and as you do so I take your hand in mine and lead you to the large round table near the balcony. I move with you to the front of the table overlooking the city. The bright lights twinkling through the large plate glass. I move and pour us 2 glasses of wine. Handing you one, I tell you I need to make some phone calls but that I want you to sit upon the table and admire the view as the view admires you.

As you take a seat onto the table, I move behind you and place my hands on your shoulders. I then pull you backwards so that you are lying on your back on the large table. As you lay there I take the wine glass from your hand and tell you to close your eyes. I position your body across the table so that your arms are slightly hanging over the edges as are your legs.

I slide you up abit just enough so that your head is allowed to hang back off the edge of the table. I then cover your eyes with a soft scarf and tie your wrists and ankles to the legs of the table. Having you in the position in which I wanted, I tell you I will be right back. As you lay there, your mind is wandering as to what I could be doing.

You hear movement in the room but nobody is taking. Suddenly you feel hands caressing you all over, must be at least 10 people rubbing and caressing, stroking and cupping your body. The sensation is wonderful you think to yourself as you enjoy the touch.

You feel lips touching yours, kissing you deeply as a tongue searches for yours. You feel hot breath sweep across your thighs before the touch of a tongue slides lazily over your clitoris. You gasp but the tongue remains. Another tongue flicks across the gold chain piercing your nipples. Followed by another tongue. Kisses cover your tummy as fingertips massage your full breasts.

You feel the bluntness lightly tapping at the entrance to your warm delicate flower, the petals of your moist lips being pulled back as the bluntness pushes slightly and enters your chamber. You can feel the fullness of the tip parting your lips as it moves in deeper inside your walls.

You feel yourself moaning just as a hand lifts the back of your head from the edge of the table. Pulling you slightly up but at the same time turning your face to the right. As you allow the people to manipulate your body and head in the ways they want you, you can only enjoy the sensation as the blunt object inside your walls begins a slow pitching in and out of you. You feel your body react with moans and whimpers as the cylindrical object is pushed and pulled.

You feel another pair of hands on your head, moving it to your left this time. Then you feel another object pushing against your lips. You open your mouth slightly as it pushes into your mouth. You move your tongue over the tip and realize that it’s a man's cock. You begin to suck harder as the object in your walls moves in faster and faster.

The cock in your mouth is long and thick as it grows you can feel the veins which run along side the thick muscular tool. He is pumping his hips now and taking your mouth much the same way your sweet flower is being taken. As one pushes in the other pushes out. Alternating thrusts envelope your inner body as you feel the thickness in your mouth begin to grow even thicker.

Sensing his impending orgasm, you wonder if he will fill your hot mouth or sprays somewhere on your hot body. Just as his final thrusts become wild he pulls from your mouth as you feel a hot jet of cum shoot across your cheek, followed by another only this one leaving more on your face than the last.

Another ribbon sprays and this time it reaches your beautiful breasts and pools in the cleavage. Slowly rolling down and off your shoulder. He wipes his cock across your cheek and over your lips as you can taste his scent from the minute trail of cum left on your lip.

The shaft pushing in and out of your flower has left a void inside you. You feel a tongue replace the thick shaft as it flicks over your hard clitoris. Lapping at the nub it moves over harder and firmer with each flick. You feel a finger slowly enter your walls and begging a slow pumping sensation once more.

The tongue never stopping as it absorbs your wetness as it moves back and forth, in tiny circles around and around. Taking in your juices while spreading them around and around. Suddenly your nipples are taken by the same force. A mouth covering each and the ring piercing being bitten and played with as the vibration echo thru the hard nubs.

Your orgasm is about break free, the sensation driving your body into spasms are too great, the texture of the tongues, the fingers, your nipples so hard as they are being slightly bit... all is to much as your body collapses then rears up as your orgasms splashes forth, releasing deep inside your loins, your mind reeling back as you feel your legs wanting to kick out, your hands wanting to grip as your nipples point upward and your back arches.

As your orgasm slows, the sensations fade. As sudden as it began. The hands have left your body, your hands and ankles are no longer tied. Your wine glass is at your side and mouth is dry. You sit up on the table looking around. I walk into the room and ask if you're ok as you say you just had the strangest dream.

I tell you it must have been one erotic dream as the pool of your juices have now formed on the table between your thighs. I walk over a run my fingers through it then lift it to my lips and suck them clean. I ask if you are ready for your guests and as you say to give you a minute, I pull out 5 soft scarves and lay them across the table... I look at you and smiling say, anytime your ready as you stare back at me wondering....

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