tagGroup SexDreamweavers Ch. 02

Dreamweavers Ch. 02

byroan barrow II©

Ch. 02: Charley's Chalet

"Hello. This is DreamWeavers. 'Tell us your dream; we'll make someone cream!' Stephanie at your service."

"Yeah, hi. I want to get gangbanged! How much will that cost?"

"You're over 18, right? You've got to be over 18!"

"Yeah, yeah. Fucking 37! Divorced. I don't want romance. Just want to get fucked--not fucked over!"

"Well, I need some info before I can give you a seximate," I explain. "Raped?"

There's a pause on the other end. "Naw, not really raped, like a bunch of guys tackle me in an alley and fuck me. I don't want to get hurt...you know...just something that I start and that gets a little out of hand, maybe. I want to be a slut for a couple hours!"

"Sure. How many? All white, all black, latino, asian, a mix? How big?" These are the questions I must ask. "Okay, one really, really big cock! Where does he get you-sure, it can be in all three! Just men? Okey-dokey! No, I'm sorry, but the only German Shepherds in my stories are ones that can yodel! You want piss with that? Piss-you know, anyone pissing in you or on you? I see. Ooooh, good idea! I'll try to work that in!" I finish taking my notes.

"Well, our usual rate is each cum scene costs two hundred dollars, but in most of our gangbangs, a bunch of guys cum at the same time. Let's see now...with the group discount and no afterglow scene-gangbangs generally speaking do not have afterglow scenes...did you want one? I didn't think so! Five hundred should cover it all! Sorry, we don't take American Express!"

"Fine. A whole fucking month of telemarketing just to turn me into a bowl of cream-of-fucking-meat! Yeah, fine-it'll be worth it!"

"I'll email it to you on Tuesday!"


Charley's Chalet

When Charlene bought the place over the Internet, she thought she was getting a great buy. A log cabin on Misty Lake in Chinquapin County--secluded, pristine, just a few yards from the shoreline. She imagined sitting on the deck some early weekend morning, sipping Vienna roast coffee, eating chewy bits of homemade cinnamon-raisin toast, listening to whatever sounds nature sent her way. Maybe Bach's Chaconne for violin on the CD. Maybe the Beatles.

The divorce had been ugly and humiliating. Ken-who Charley knew cheated on her with other women and occasionally with men-actually convinced a friend of his to testify that she had been banging him for years. But Charley knew how to work the courtroom. She also knew how to hack into Ken's email and print out reams of emails and, more importantly, email addresses. The divorce went through but Ken paid dearly. Enough for a country house. And a little extra. "I won't have to work for years!" was her triumphant declaration to Balls, her Persian cat.

From the gravel driveway, the place which she had dubbed 'Charley's Chalet' looks fine, a little weathered perhaps, but nicely rustic. It is what she finds inside that causes her heart to sink within her, lower and lower, until she thinks she might shit it out. Her quick inspection reveals tons of problems-from bad plumbing to a malfunctioning boiler to non-working appliances. Charley is a woman of stout spirit, though. "I am going to make this work!" she smugly says to herself, arms akimbo.

She finds a tattered Yellow Pages in a nightstand and begins making calls. "Yes, Tuesday at 9 a.m. is fine," she says to one repairman. "Yes, Tuesday at 9 is fine," she says to another. And on and on. "Well, at least one break goes my way," she thinks. "Everyone I need is coming Tuesday morning between 9 and 9:30. Hmmm!" A seed of a daydream takes root in her head. Charley spends the rest of the weekend dusting, scrubbing, and chasing raccoons from the attic. At one point, she screams at a mouse nibbling the last of her grilled-cheese sandwich. "Laura Ingalls Wilder had it too fucking easy!" she yells. The mouse drops a couple turds on her plate and rushes off, as if thinking this woman is mad.

Monday night, Charley puts Herbie Mann's "At the Village Gate" CD into her stereo and takes a bath-a long soak in tepid water-the best the water heater can do, but amazingly calming. She scrubs herself red, trying to release the dirt from her pores. She shaves her armpits, legs--and then her pussy. Why the fuck not, she asks herself? It's sexy! Later, she turns on the TV and flips back and forth between the only two channels she gets-the fishing channel, this night with a feature on large-mouth bass, and a National Geographic special on Rorqual whales. Charley learns that the male of that species sports a penis 10 feet long and 1 foot in diameter! In bed, Charley sips her red wine while working her vibrator. It feels 10 feet long and 1 foot in diameter. Against her freshly-shaved cunt, it tingles nicely.

At seven Tuesday morning, Charley, on the deck in her robe, enjoys her coffee, cinnamon toast, and the rutting calls of male elks. "Jesus, that's so fucking carnal, so primordial!" she thinks. A raisin falls from her bread, landing on her shaved mons. She moves it with just one finger so it becomes wet within her. She lifts it to her mouth. She savors it. "I've got a lot of men I do not know coming to my secluded cabin this morning! I think I'll have a little fun!" Charley says to the red squirrel that has been eyeing her, the raisin, or both.

Charley brought only work clothes, certainly not expecting to entertain anyone. She takes a pair of her jeans, rips the legs off, and tries them on. "Thank God I shaved there last night!" she says approvingly. In a closet she finds an old t-shirt about two sizes smaller than she is. She pulls it on, really pulls it on. It comes just above her navel and outlines her tits like white paint, her nipples a dark brown, two raisins. A rip causes the shirt to bare one shoulder. Charley also finds an almost new pair of black western boots-a little big, but wearable. She overdoes her makeup a bit, especially the scarlet lipstick, but when she looks in the mirror, she knows she could have any man drooling with lust for her. "That's the way I like them anyway-drooling and hard, willing to do what I ask!"

At exactly 9 a.m., three trucks pull up to Charley's Chalet. Washer Guy walks up the driveway. "I hear your washer won't do any more loads," he says with a nice smile. The hispanic guy from Rick's Roto-Rooter comes up next. "The pressure's low, you said, and you want a bigger pipe?" The asian guy from Adam's Appliance Repair follows. "I hear your vacuum doesn't suck any more!"

Charley lets them in. She points to the vacuum cleaner and Vacuum Guy starts working on it. Meanwhile, Charley motions the two others to the basement, where the washer and plumbing are. As she leads them down the stairs, she can feel four eyes taking off what little clothing she has on. She smiles broadly and slips on the last stair. Washer Guy quickly grabs hold of her with one hand and reaches for her ass to lift her back up. She feels him squeeze her lightly as he raises her.

"Oh, thank you!" Charley says, perhaps a bit too breathlessly. "You're so strong. And quick!"

"Thank you, ma'am. I'm not quick in everything I do, though!" he says, dripping with innuendo. Charley moves her eyes to his crotch and lets him know she understands.

She leads Plumber Guy to the pipes that lead to the upstairs. "I think the pipe is too small. It takes forever for me to get any flow!" Charley purrs at him. "Could you put in a bigger, thicker pipe?"

"Lady, I ain't got nothing but big pipe!" He sets his toolbox down, opens it, and takes out a 12-inch piece of lead pipe, 2 inches wide. "You mean like this?" he asks. Charley takes it from him and holds it in both hands. She moves it to her mouth and kisses the top. "Exactly!" she whispers, and then drops to her knees. She unzips the long zipper of his coveralls and they fall to his ankles-he isn't wearing anything under them. She gasps at the size of Plumber Guy's cock, still soft, and can only imagine it when it is hard. She kisses it and feels it stir. She licks it and feels it stir. She sucks it in slightly and feels it stir. She holds his cock in her mouth and tongues underneath it and it doesn't just stir but gets hard, really hard, really fast.

Washer Guy has been watching the whole scene. He thinks he is finally living the fantasy he's always jacked off to-he goes to some gorgeous bimbo's house to fix a dryer and she turns out to be an insatiable slut. He walks over to Charley, kneels behind her, and reaches around her to grab each of her tits. Charley moans and sucks Plumber Guy's cock into her mouth harder and faster. Charley lifts on her t-shirt and she and Washer Guy struggle to get it off her, but they do. Washer Guy cups her breasts again and uses his thumbs to work her nipples. He moves his head to suck each and Charley's moans become faster and louder. She places Plumber Guy's hands on her head and lets him pump her with his thick, hard-as-lead-pipe cock.

Washer Guy stops sucking her tits. He reaches down to her shorts and finds the seam on her right thigh. With both hands, he yanks on each side and it splits, perfectly. Her shorts fall to the floor. Washer Guy gets down on the cement, smack under her snatch. "Hot damn! Shaved, too!" He smells a hint of cinnamon. It reminds him of Christmas. He extends his tongue into her and Charley bucks down on it with a grunt.

They hear the vacuum cleaner start and then shut off, and then hear Vacuum Guy's footsteps on the stairs. "Lady, I got the vacuum cleaner...What the fucking shit!" He stands there like a column of stone. Actually, it is another part of his anatomy that becomes rock-like. "I wanted this cunt since I was 50 yards from the fucking house!" is all he can say.

Plumber Guy is fucking Charley's mouth and she just lets him have his way. She is much more concerned about the reaming her cunt and ass are getting from Washer Guy underneath her. At 37, she had started to notice a certain dryness to her vagina. Not a problem today. She feels like she's become a leaking faucet dripping into this man's bucket-mouth. She gives Plumber Guy a nice tonguing under his cock and he loses it-if he splashes the back of her throat once, he must do it again 9 more times. She is so overwhelmed by the amount of his semen, she just grinds on Washer Guy, side to side, forward and back, cumming herself in flashes of light, spurts of jizz, and moans and groans of pleasure. Plumber Guy falls back against the wall, his cock red from Charley's suck and lipstick. Vacuum Guy takes his place. "I fix your vacuum so it sucks good. Now, you suck me good!"

"Hold on a minute," Washer Guy says. "I've just sucked a quart of love honey out of this bitch and she came into my nose and fucking ears. My cock is cold from laying on this cement. I need to get warmed up too!" He stands and lifts Charley with him. "Bend over, bitch!" he orders her. Charley spreads her legs and reaches back to spread her cheeks. Washer Guy plunges his cock all the way into her cunt with a grunt. Charley leans over and slurps Vacuum Guy to the back of her throat. As Washer Guy fucks her, Charley gets more of Vacuum Guy into her. She releases his cock and starts licking his balls. Washer Guy slows down and fucks her, pulling all the way out and then popping his cockhead back in. "Such a sweet ass!" he thinks. "I bet it's nice and warm in there too!" He notices the jar of teflon paste in Plumber Guy's tool box. "If it's good enough for pans and pipes, it should work on her pipe too!"

Charley isn't quite sure why her cunt is suddenly empty but she is quite content to work Vacuum Guy's cock. Washer Guy opens the jar and brushes the white cream up and down his 7 inches of dying-to-be-in-this-broad's-ass meat. He places the head at her puckered hole, gives a slight push, and he's in to the hilt like...well, like a teflon-covered cock! "Jesus!" he yells. "This is like fucking silk!"

Charley is slightly surprised but loves the fill. "Oh, God, yeah, fuck my ass. Work that cock deep in me!" As Washer Guy fucks her ass, they hear more voices upstairs. "Hey, anybody home?" several voices shout. "Yeah, I don't know," one voice says. "Some bitch at this address says she needed more heat. Her pilot light had gone out."

"Same with me," another voice says. "This chick calls the office and says she needed a new hard drive for her laptop."

"She stopped by the nursery last Saturday," another guy says. "Asked me if I could plant a big oak somewhere on her property!"

As they hear the men come down the basement stairs, Charley works Vacuum Guy until his balls tighten. She releases his cock and jacks him. Arching his back, he gushes cum into her open mouth, stream after stream dripping onto her tongue. As she swallows his last drops and milks him, Washer Man pulls her back hard, grinds his hips, and then thrusts about 8 times into her ass, each thrust filling her with cum. As the last of his jizz enters her, the other 3 guys reach the basement. Charley stands up. Cum drips from her cheeks and chin, from between her legs and forming dark pools on the cement.

"Hi, guys!" she says as she wipes off and then licks spilled cum from her. "You're late!" She walks up to Geek Guy-he's the only one wearing a shirt, tie, and slacks.

"Get on your fucking knees, Stud. How many bytes do you think it'll take for you to make me cum, huh? And just how hard is your drive anyway?" Charley undoes his tie and wraps it behind his head, drawing his head to her cunt. "Suck my cunt!" she orders, spreading her legs and opening her lips. Geek Guy turns into a black cat at a bowl of fucking whipped cream!

"Come here and kiss me, Boiler Boy!" The kid can barely be 18 and is so hard the crotch of his work pants looks like a circus tent. As Charley shoves her tongue down his throat, she grabs his cock. "Oh, yeah, this'll raise the temperature about 20 degrees!"

"Oh, Tree Guy, how big an oak are you going to plant?" Charley asks, breaking her kiss with Boiler Boy. "Let me see if it's big enough!" He pulls his cock out and holds it for her. Though surrounded by gray, she zooms in on the 9 inches he holds for her, cupped like candy in the palm of his hand. "A daddy cock!" she growls. "I love daddy cocks! I love daddy balls, too! They hang so nice and low. Easy to kiss and suck and lick!"

Charley has so gotten into her part she just wants to fuck and suck, talk dirty, feel cocks in her, look at their hardness and shapes. She has gotten into her slut zone. "Men," she orders the three, completely aware of her power. "Strip and do me!" As they remove their clothes, she walks over to the workbench, sweeps off the wrenches and pliers and screwdrivers with her hands. Geek Guy, Boiler Boy, and Tree Daddy stand naked next to each other. She walks up to Geek Guy and kisses him, reaching for his cock to check its hardness. "This is an ass cock," she says to him. "Long but not thick. Mama wants you in her ass!" She moves to the Boiler Boy, kisses him, and feels his cock. "Mouth fuck all the way, Baby!" she says. She moves to Tree Daddy. "This is cunt cock! Definitely cunt cock. Thick and long, heavy balls. Wait for your fuck-mama to call you. I'm going to save you for last!"

Charley climbs on top of the work bench and positions herself on her hands and knees. "C'mon, Geek Guy, mount my ass!" She barely feels his 8 and a half inch cock penetrate her, but it feels exquisite and hot. "Come here, Boiler Boy! Mama needs something to suck on while her ass gets pounded!" Boiler Boy runs to the edge of the bench and holds his cock for her to suck in. She licks his full length, growls, and then engulfs him.

Charley loves the pounding her body is taking, loves to hear the moans from the guys fucking her holes, their flesh slapping against hers. She could stop this right now and break the sexual hearts in them, if she wanted to. Knowing she could is enough; knowing she won't drives her into a fuck-frenzy.

Geek Guy pumps her ass for about 10 minutes, reaching under his slapping balls and massaging Charley's clit. As his fingers get wet with her juice, he brings them to his mouth, licks them, and then brings them back to her for more juice. Geek Guy dumps his heat first. "Oh, Bitch! Take my fucking cream!" She feels it spreading into her ass as she wiggles it, enticing more drops into her. Two smooth ass fucks, she thinks dreamily. "I could get used to this," she imagines. Boiler Boy is fucking her mouth like it's a hole in a melon. She likes that her mouth is a warm wet hole for the boy. She cups his balls in her hands, pulls them until she thinks she might hurt them, and then feels them retract, pulse. "Oooh, he tastes like pizza and beer," she thinks. "I love pizza and beer!" She gets off the work bench. "I should have just asked the Elks and Moose and VFW to fucking show up!" she thinks, still craving getting banged.

"Men!" she announces. "Go on and do what I hired you to do! I expect every job to be the best you've ever done! If you want any repeat business!" She walks over to Tree Daddy. "Come with me, Daddy," she growls into his ear, and leads him upstairs, into the only bedroom.

"I want you, alone, and give you any pleasure you want, Daddy! Look at my sweet lips-blow job?" Charley lies on the bed, spreading her legs and pulling her lips apart. "Good old-fashioned fucking?" she asks. She gets on her knees and spreads her ass. "Ever fucked a sweet, tight ass, Daddy? What'll it be?"

"Wife died five years ago. I ain't had no good ass or head or cunt in years. Why don't you let me sample all three?"

"Yes!" Charley says to herself.

She stands, reaches to his waist, and draws him to her. She feels his body's heat and muscle. He has planted many trees, lifted countless bales of hay. He evokes a certain dignity and pride of years as a husband and man. "What's your name?" she asks.

"Enrique," he says. "Most people call me Rick."

"Rick," Charley says, kissing him. "Let me suck your cock." She lies flat on the bed, her head dangling off the side. Rick moves to her and she licks his balls, sucks each into her mouth. Rick's cock begins to harden and he moans loudly. Charley sucks his half-hard cock. She likes that he is slow to get erect, likes the gradual feel of a cock getting hard in her mouth. She reaches around and grabs his ass. It is firm, tight, and pulsing. "Let me eat you," Rick asks, "the way a woman should be. Not like those other fuckers. They don't know a clit from a zit!"

Charley smiles and rolls on her back. Rick kneels between her legs, lifts under her knees, spreads them out, and kisses her cunt. "Sweet," he whispers. He twirls his tongue all around her, fucking her with it, nibbling the inside of her thighs. "Oh, God!" Charley screams when he gives her clit a long suck. "What the fuck was that?!" Washer Guy says to Plumber Guy in the basement. "Tree Daddy!"

"Jesus! Oh, God!" Charley shouts again as Rick sucks her again. "Fuck! I'm cumming already!" Boiler Boy turns red-and hard. Charley pounds the bed, Rick's shoulders, pulls his head hard to her cunt. She pants, gasps, groans. "What a fucking Suck Daddy! Nobody's gotten me off like that! Ever! Just fuck me, Daddy! Fucking fuck me!"

Rick shoves his cock into her, buries it in her cunt, but is in no hurry. "Ooooh, yeah, Daddy. Long and slow's the way to go!" Charley thrusts up to meet his, wraps her legs around his waist. "Jesus, the man knows what he's doing. Fuck! Five quickies and one nice long fuck!"

Rick pulls out. "Suck me!" he orders her. Charley moves so her head rests against the backboard. Rick straddles her tits and she sucks him in. He grasps the top of the headboard and lets her work her mouth magic, lets her lift his cock to suck his balls again. But after a minute, he cannot continue to enjoy her suck, it has been so long. "Yeeeeeees!" he lets out a prolonged yell, his cry echoing throughout the fucking county. His jizz bursts into her, thick and hot. Charley chokes at the quantity, but is able to swallow each spurt, suck him dry, milking the cum from him.

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