Dreamy Ch. 03-04


Chapter Three: Free Show


This Lorraine was hot. I mean she was one of the cutest looking girls I'd ever met, and she was also the boldest. I couldn't believe what she'd done in her bedroom, and I hardly had to talk her into it at all. She was giving of horniness in waves, like heat off a radiator. She was eager; she wanted it.

I'd never met a girl who wanted it as much as I did. Of course I had to play the game, but that was okay with me, I liked the game, especially when you've got the feeling it's gonna pay off big.

"Over there is where I started school," she said pointing to a typical red brick building, "and middle school over there," another of the newer looking schools. "God, I spent so much time here, this is where we used to hang out as kids."

We were standing in a playground just like you see all over the place; it had swings, monkey bars, a roundup, sand pits and all that stuff. It was around seven o'clock, so I guess all of the kiddies had gone home to bed. There looked to be some teenagers hanging around at the middle school, but they were far away.

"Did you have a playground like this in Chicago?" she asked jumping onto one of the wooded seated swings and starting to kick her legs.

"Oh sure," I replied looking around, "It wasn't nearly as clean. This is really nice."

She had started to get herself swinging, "come on, give me a push," she said and I started to go around behind her, but she giggled. "Not like that silly; in Hillsdale we always push people by the feet," she said.

So I got in front of her and pushed the soles of her shoes at the end of her stiff legs a couple of times and stepped back out of the way as she really started to get high.

"Dontcha think this way is better?" she teased.

I could see what she meant. Not only could I see her laughing, flushed face and her thick hair flying in the wind, the way she was sitting, her dress blew wide open giving me a view of her lightly tanned legs all the way up to where they came together at her crotch. The dress flew up so high that I could see all of her white cotton panties, right up to her waist. As she flew over top of me I got the other view of her beautifully rounded ass hanging over the edge of the seat.

I only got a few seconds with each swing, but it was a good look. She was going "wee" and "higher, higher Marty!" making it obvious that she knew what she was doing. Then she started saying, "Harder; harder!" and my boner felt like it was going to bust right out of my pants.

She would go so high that I couldn't reach her feet, then after a couple of swings I would catch them and send her off again. Now, when she went high she was also spreading her legs as wide as the swing chains would allow, giving me a new, more exciting view of her parted thighs.

"The wind feels great," she said tossing her hair, but we both knew what she really meant. Like I said, she was outrageous.

After she'd had a laugh out of my stunned reaction she said, "Look out!" and leapt from the swings landing easily on her feet. I was there to catch her, but I didn't have to. She gave me a peck on the lips and ran past me, "monkey bars!" she exclaimed.

I saw her look around pretty good as she stood by the green monkey bars shaped like a T-Rex. There was still no one around except the teenagers by the middle school, and they weren't paying us any attention. She reached up under her dress and wiggled a bit, biting her lips. I had no idea what she was doing.

"Can you skin the cat?" she asked.

"I never was much for monkey bars, you'll have to show me," I lied.

I had been through this lots of times with other girls in Chicago, the teasing while pretending to play, giving the guys a bit of a free show, driving us nuts. But I never knew a girl to be so open about what she was really doing. She was putting on a show on purpose, and she was doing it just for me. She really wanted me to like her.

It was working; I was really starting to like her. She was in pretty good shape and very athletic for a girl with such big boobs and curvy hips. She launched herself into a tuck and slowly pulled herself through her arms giving me a quick shot of her partly exposed ass as she went over. Then she did the reverse, again giving me a crotch shot as she came back to face me with a grin and a wink.

Before I could say anything she did it again, even slower, and I could see what she'd been doing under her dress. She had rolled down the top of her panties from just below her belly button, right down to the middle of her hips, all the way down so that I even thought I saw some pubes peeking out the top. And at the same time she had pulled them up at the bottom, up into her crack. I could clearly see the tan lines on her bum, and it was pulled so tightly into her crotch at the front that it seemed to bulge out.

"Watcha think?" she asked as she finished the second one.

"You're killing me," I groaned and she laughed with delight. "You're the most beautiful and talented girl I've ever met in my whole life," I added and it was hard to keep myself from reaching down into my pants and showing her what I had.

"Better than those city girls in Chicago?"

"A hundred times better, they don't even come close," I replied and she launched herself into another one, and this time I did reach down into my pants and untangle my cock from my underwear and let it stand up straight.

She caught me doing it. "Oh my, you are a dirty boy, Marty Fox," she exclaimed in pretend horror with a hand to her mouth. Then she ran past me again, kissing my cheek and dodging my grasp.

"Can you do these?" she asked. Now she was at the end of the other kind of monkey bars, the long narrow ones with ten or twelve rungs high off the ground.

"You're the expert," I replied catching up to her as she scrambled up the end. I could have pulled her down and held her to me, but I was really curious to see what she was going to do this time. I stood under the rungs and she looked down at me through them.

"I used to be able to get all the way across when I was a kid," she said, "but I'm...heavier now, you'll have to spot for me."

I wasn't really sure what she meant as she started going hand over hand, hanging down like a monkey. When she got to the middle she stopped and looked down at me.

"You've gotta support me, if I'm gonna make it," she said.

I stood in front of her, and the way she was hanging at the end of her arms, my face was right in the middle of her boobs and I saw that somehow the top three buttons of her dress had come undone and I was looking at nice white, round mounds pressed tightly together to form a deep canyon of cleavage. I grabbed her by the hips pressing my face into that sweet smelling valley, pushing forward so she could rest her weight on my shoulders and chest.

"Like this?" I asked in a muffed voice.

She squirmed and twisted a bit on the bars. "I'm slipping, hold me up! Hold me up!"

I tried, but it wasn't working. "I can't get a grip on anything," I said.

"Then grab my cheeks," she exclaimed, looking down at me.

"Oh," I said and reached around and took one firm, round cheek in each hand and lifted her up a bit.

She was trembling from the effort of holding herself up. "Do I have to tell you everything, Chicago boy?" she exclaimed in exasperation. "Under the dress!"

"Oh," I said again in surprise. Like I said she was a very gutsy girl. I quickly crouched down so I could get my hands under her dress and then stood up as I ran them along the outside of her silky thighs right up to her butt cheeks and took them firmly in hand again. They were nice and round, and I as able to slip my thumbs along the underside crease of each one.

I gave them a good squeeze and put my face back between her boobs and lifted her up about six inches. She made a real squeal and let go of the bar and we teetered away like that for a few seconds before we toppled over into the grass. I had to take my hands off of her to break my fall but the way she lay back, with her knees up, her dress was bunched around her waist.

Even before our giggling subsided she exclaimed, "The roundup! I get so dizzy on that, I like getting dizzy," and she started to get up, but I grabbed her and pulled her down on top of me.

"I'll make you dizzy," I said.

"Big talker," she replied and I flipped her over and started to kiss her harder than I had ever kissed a girl before. I wanted to fuck her, and if I couldn't do that right now then I would do it with my tongue. She took it all, like she wanted it all, her tongue retreated and let me explore her mouth and chew on her lips before it started sneaking out and tangling with mine.

It was so good I almost forgot to feel her up. Her dress was half open now and I let my hands play roughly over her brassiere, pulling down her shoulder straps and then licking her neck and getting my face down to her breasts, kissing over top of her brassiere, pushing it down with my mouth until I exposed a super hard nipple, lashed it with my tongue and then started to suck on it.

Suddenly she exclaimed, "Get off Marty, quick, someone's coming, quick!"

I rolled off of her fast, and I saw that the group from the middle school were heading towards us, not rushing, but coming steady. Somebody shouted something like a catcall, somebody whistled and there was some laughing. I stood between them and Lorraine. She put her back to mine and very quickly managed to get herself straightened out.


As soon as I got my brassiere straightened out and my dress buttoned up I grabbed his hand, "Come on," I said tugging at him.

"I'm not gonna run away," he replied.

"We're not running away from them, silly. I know a couple of those girls and they'll make a big fuss over you, and I wanna keep you all to myself. Aren't you having fun with me, Marty?"


He let me tug him away, and soon we were running and laughing down Maple Street. I cut through the catwalk at Oak, and when I looked back over my shoulder I couldn't see anybody. It was true, those were a bunch of juniors and they would have made a fuss, and the first thing you know there would have been a whole gang around him and I would have lost him.

I needed more time to nail him down good; when he showed up at school tomorrow I didn't want him thinking about anyone but me.

I took him onto the town square off Elm so that we were facing the front of the clock tower.

"This is the town square, it's pretty much all there is to Hillsdale, whatever we got; it's here. See the clock tower, from that you can always tell where you are. You see it faces north, so if you're looking at the front of it, on your left is Hillsdale Heights where your aunt and uncle live, and to the right is Grovewood where I live and where the school is."

I told him all this while standing a little behind him with my tits pressed hard against his shoulder and arm so that he didn't forget about them. I had a hand on his shoulder so it looked like he was mine, in case anybody saw us and got any big ideas. Still holding hands I led him along Edison pointing out the sights as we went.

"There's the movie theater, we've had "Mr Roberts" for two weeks straight now. There's the drug store, hardware store, service station, five and dime, and of course the soda shop where everybody hangs out."

"You want a malted or a float or something?" he asked, and I was thinking about saying yes and going in there and parading him in front of everybody, but then I saw Biff's truck and his dumb friend Corky's rod and I stopped. I sure didn't want Marty meeting them yet.

I turned him towards me and pressed right up against him so that I could whisper in his ear. "I got better things in mind, come on, we don't have a lotta time, we'll take the scenic route back to my place."

"Sounds great to me," he replied smiling at me with those dreamy blue eyes.

I slipped back down Carson and hurried us over to the school. "This is Hill Valley High, so now you know where it is and don't have any excuse for getting lost. It's where I'll be tomorrow and I'll be looking for you," I said.

We skirted around to the back where there was an out of the way, backyard court formed by the school and the newer shop and woodworking buildings. There were a few little cubbies in the walls and I took him to my favorite one. Once we slipped in there it was already dark from the shade, and there was nobody it sight, and nobody could see us unless they came right up to the opening.

"Around here is where everybody comes to hide out and smoke, or do other things in private, you don't smoke do you Marty?" I asked.

"Not one little puff," he replied, and he pushed me back up against the wall and started in on his great kissing again.

He was good, he had sweet lips and a quick tongue and I closed my eyes and just let him go at me. I was enjoying it so much that I didn't notice that he'd unbuttoned my dress again, this time all the way to my waist, and was pushing up my brassiere.

"Oh Marty; you're so bad," I said in a throaty kinda way, but I didn't stop him because I wanted him to have his fun, and his hands felt nice and warm. He had a knee between my legs and I rubbed my pussy on it, just a bit, that felt good too, but I didn't want to get too carried away.

He started kissing down my neck, hot little kisses, not slobbery ones, and now he had my brassiere pushed all the way up over my tits, and he kept going down and soon he was licking and sucking my hard nipples one after the other while crushing my tits with his hands.

I was moaning and going "Oh Marty, oh what are you doin to me?" only faking a little, because I could feel that my pussy sure was wet down there inside my panties.

I could feel his big rod pressing against my thigh so I reached down to get my own feel. When I started stroking it through his dungarees he went back to kissing my lips, and his right hand went down and then up my dress.

He had my dress pushed all the way up to my waist and he had his hand up inside my panties squeezing my bum real hard and kinda trying to search around for a way to get at my pussy, and I wasn't sure how all this was gonna work out when again we heard voices, and pretty close.

"Shit," he said and took his hands out of my dress and backed up a little, but kept leaning against the wall with both his arms so that he protected me from view while I buttoned up yet again. "We just can't get a break," he said.

"It's gonna be dark soon, we gotta go anyway, maybe I could come over to your place tomorrow or something."

I could smell cigarette smoke and hear voices and laughing, guys and girls, probably right in the next cubby. I gave him a quick kiss, pressed my finger to my lips and we snuck out of there without being seen. We got back to my place right on time, I had a lot of experience at judging the time like that, knowing when I had to stop the kissing and petting even if I didn't want to, like this time.

We both stood in the open door and I called in, "I'm home momma; just saying goodbye to Marty!"

"Thank you for everything Mrs Thompson," he called out like a nice, polite boy.

"You're welcome, Marty, you should hurry on home now before it gets too dark," she replied, and I could hear my dad's voice coming from the living room, but I couldn't make out what he was saying.

We didn't have much time so I grabbed him and pulled him around the side of the house and let him push me up against the wall again. We started kissing like crazy, and my hand just went back down to his crotch of its own will, and before I knew it he had his hand back up my dress.

This time I stood a little to the side and he managed to slide his hand right in over the top of my panties and into my bush. I was getting real excited now and I thrust my hips and moaned quietly in his ear.

I jumped a little when he went down over my clit and slipped a finger right up inside. I clamped my thighs tight, not because I wanted to stop him, but because I was almost ready to come, and I didn't want to cry out.

I was so wet that he was able to get another finger up in there, and then the outside light started flicking on and off. That was my mother's signal that if I didn't get inside right away she was going to come out and embarrass me.

He saw the light too, and I only had to push him lightly to get him off of me. He took his hand out from my dress with a regretful groan. "I gotta go now, Marty, but we'll have fun again soon, okay?"

"Okay," he said nodding.

As I dashed around the wall and darted up the steps I could see him in the dusk, kinda limping away on account off his big hard boner, and it made me feel all warm inside.

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