Dreamy Ch. 05-06


Chapter Five: Aunt Julie's Surprise


I was in my bedroom jerking off thinking about Lorraine when the doorbell rang.

When I opened the front door my Aunt Julie collapsed into my arms laughing. I looked over her shoulder and waved at the cab driver waiting at the curb; she must've paid him because he waved back and drove away.

Once I got the door closed she managed to straighten herself up. She was so beautiful it was hard for me to take her in all at once. I just had this vision of her long, thick red hair, her pale freckled skin and flashes of expensive jewelry. She had on a classy, bare shouldered evening gown, green like her eyes, and black really high heels. Her hair and makeup were messy, and she smelled pretty strongly of alcohol, tobacco and perfume.

"I'm so sorry I had to wake you Marty, I just couldn't get that dammed key in the lock. Couldn't get it into the hole, story of my life lately."

"That's okay, Aunt Julie, I was awake anyway. Where's Uncle Dennis?"

"Oh he's working, never stops schmoozing, always making deals; he just can't leave it alone no matter what we're doing."

I didn't know what to say, I liked my Uncle Dennis; he was my dad's younger brother and had always been real nice to me. And Aunt Julie was a knock out who'd starred in my first wet dream, and in a whole lot of other fantasies since then. I really liked them both, but I didn't know them very well, and I sure didn't want to get caught up in any family arguments.

I made a sympathetic, dopey grin and then she surprised the hell out of me by ruffling my hair and leaning over and kissing me on the lips! Her tongue shot out, and of course I opened my mouth. It darted in and out a couple of times and then she stepped back.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, Marty, I shouldn't have done that, it's just that you're so damn cute and you look so much like your dad when he was younger."

She pressed one long finger with its perfect red nail to her perfect red lips; "I always had a thing for your dad," she said, and then left me standing there with my mouth hanging open as she wandered over to the living room bar.

Her dress went all the way to the floor, and it hugged her full body. She wasn't fat, but she sure wasn't skinny either, and I couldn't make up my mind what to concentrate on, her flaring hips and ass, or the snowy field of her shoulders. I quickly reached down and straightened out my boner that had popped out the fly of my pajamas before I followed after her, afraid that she might fall down.

I had to help her get up on the bar stool, and once I had her settled she kept hold of my shirt. "How old enough are you now?" she asked.

"Eighteen, ah, for what?" I asked both nervous and excited, trying to angle myself to the side so that my hard cock didn't stick into her leg.

"To drink, you must know how to make a drink," she said. "The way your mother is," but then her face looked shocked and she said; "I'm sorry Marty, jeeze don't listen to me," and she grabbed my face and hugged it tight to her wonderful smelling, soft white bosom.

"I'm a little tipsy. I didn't mean that as an insult or anything, I love you Marty and I always felt kinda bad, you know, the way things were at your place after you dad died," she added bringing my face out of her cleavage and looking at me sincerely with her devastating eyes.

"Sure, let's not talk about it," I replied.

"Okay, but you do know how to make a drink, don't you?"

I nodded and smiled shyly, "Ya, you name it, Aunt Julie."

"Whisky sour, let's have whiskey sours. You're eighteen so I bet you drink a bit don't you. I bet you already even know how to hold your liquor more than most men," she said.

That was all cool with me, and she didn't seem that drunk, so I made them properly, not extra strong the way my mom liked them.

She took a sip; "I knew it; just right." Then with a giggle she downed the rest. Setting the glass down on the bar she gingery slipped off of the bar stool.

"Help me out of this damned dress; I can't even sit properly," she said with only a slight slur in her voice.

I was already around the bar coming to help her down, and now I found myself staring again at her beautiful shoulders all dusted with freckles.

"Go ahead, pull down the zipper, Marty, I can't reach it myself - your uncle didn't think of that when he sent me home alone."

She wiggled her shapely ass as she said that, and I had to step back so that she didn't brush up against my hard cock.

Leaning forward I pulled down the zipper slowly, teasing myself as I watched her underwear revealed. By the time I got the zipper down to her butt I saw that she was wearing a strapless push-up brassiere, and a long, open-bottomed girdle that also acted as a suspender for her stockings. She stepped out of the dress, turned around, and placing a hand on my shoulder, stepped out of it brushing the length of her body up against me.

I almost came right there, but managed to distract myself by bending down to pick up the dress. But then I couldn't stop myself from looking up, and the way she was perched on the stool, gave me a glimpse of her exposed flaming bush. She wasn't wearing any panties!

I came a little without even touching myself.

She didn't seem to notice and I hurried over to the couch and lay her dress over the arm, again reaching into my pajamas and tucking my dick up into the waistband so that it wouldn't thrust out of the fly and drip all over everything.

I had to cross my legs for a second when I turned around and saw her smiling at me. She was sitting on the stool with one leg crossed over the other, her heels off.

Her dark stockings were undone and pushed down to her knees; "Can you be a dear and get these things the rest of the way off, if I bend over I'm gonna fall down for sure," she said.

I walked stiff legged over to her, I wasn't sure just how drunk she was so I didn't know how much of this was deliberate teasing, or just the kind of drunken casualness that I'd seen from my mother and the other lushes that she hung out with. I'd learned that there was a point where women lost their sense of modesty, at least around people they trusted. Did she trust me, or was she screwing with me? I really couldn't tell.

Her legs were tightly crossed so it was okay as I rolled the first stocking down over her ankles, took it off of her foot and draped it over my shoulder. She laughed at that and slowly uncrossed her legs to put the other one on top. I wasn't even trying to look, and I got another flash. When I took off the second stocking she leaned on my shoulder again and helped herself stand up.

"Thank you, Marty," she said, and still leaning on me, bent down to pick up her heels.

I had to bend down with her and was forced to look up her girdle again. I handed her the stockings and the shoes, hustled over to the couch and got her dress. She smiled at me and then slowly sauntered out of the room. In her bare feet she moved pretty steadily, with a gentle swaying of her ass that made me groan. Her legs, like her back and shoulders were of white marble and looked incredible set against the ivory color of her girdle and brassiere.

"I've got to get out of this rig, but don't you go away," she said over her shoulder.

"Uh sure, Aunt Julie," I replied retreating quickly behind the bar.

"I'll have a Cointreau when I come back," she added as she disappeared down the hallway. "You help yourself to whatever you want."

"Jeeze, what're you tryin to do to me?" I muttered.

She was gone quite a while, and I was thinking that I should go and check on her, when she came back into the living room wearing a long, frilly black negligee, and some high-heeled slippers. It was light and sheer; I would have been able to see everything except that it was overlaid with a bunch of embroidery.

She got up on the bar stool all by herself, which was a relief because my boner was ready to go again. I wished I'd finished jerking off before she came home, but how the hell was I supposed to know that something like this was gonna to happen?

I'd been to their wedding when I was about eleven, and then I'd come to stay with them for three months during the summer just after my dad died and my mom really went to pieces for as while. I was thirteen at the time, and of course she drove me wild, how could she help it, especially when she was sitting around the pool.

She'd always been nice to me, although a little stricter than my uncle. I didn't really want to be around people much at that time, and I avoided her as much as possible because of the way she made me feel. I didn't want to seem like a creep staring at her all the time, but it was hard not to, and that made me real shy around her. I wondered if she knew how many times a day I jerked off thinking about her.

She sipped her drink, and smiling over the rim she asked me, "So what did you do tonight? Did you get out and see the big sights of Hillsdale?"

She was from the rich part of Chicago, and back when I stayed with them they'd just moved to Hillsdale; she was always making fun of it back then, but my uncle liked it, and he didn't mind the long commute back and forth to the big city.

"Uh ya, I met a girl, and she showed me around."

I don't know why I told her that, maybe I thought it would make her back off a little. Sure, I was enjoying the show, but I was afraid that my uncle might come through the door at any minute and take a fit, or she'd wake up tomorrow and be pissed at me for taking advantage of her. Or maybe it was just because I felt kinda proud about it, and I wanted to tell someone.

"Of course you did, you're a Fox! I bet all the local pussy was just swarming around you, the dreamy new boy in town," she said, and I was shocked at her language, she'd never talked like that in front of me before.

"No, just the one, and Uhhh, she kinda kept me away from the other girls."

'I'll bet she did. So what'd she do, take you to lover's lane?"

I could feel myself blushing. "No, nothing like that, she, uhh showed me the town square and the school, and stuff."

"I'll bet she did," she said again and laughed a wicked laugh that made me want to groan out loud. I pressed my boner tight up against the bar and tried hard not to hump it.

"So did you kiss her?"

"Uhh, ya, I did," I replied shyly.

"Was she any good?"

"Ya, she was pretty good."

"Did you feel her up?"

"Come on, Aunt Julie," I protested.

"You're eighteen, how old is she?"


"So, come on, you're not a homo, did you try to feel her up?"

"Ya," I replied lowering my eyes.

"Don't be ashamed Marty, we're both adults here. You're eighteen, of course you want to fuck every girl you can get your hands on, that's normal, believe me."

She sounded reasonable, and she sure didn't look embarrassed, and it's not like she was being all serious or anything, so I felt a bit more at ease. "Ya, I tried."

"Put the moves on her eh, all the Fox boy moves."

"Ya, I guess."

"How'd you do, you get your hand inside her blouse?"


"Did you get it under the brassiere or just over," she asked eagerly.

"Aunt Julie," I protested again.

She leaned way over on the bar pressing her big white tits on the top showing me a ton of cleavage, almost to her nipples. "Did you get under?"

"Ya," I replied trying not to stare, and keeping myself pressed tightly against the bar so she couldn't see my boner.

She looked at me with a very searching, naughty gin, "You got her brassiere off, didn't you? You dog, you fox, I mean. What did they look like, huh?"

I had to stare right into her gorgeous green eyes to keep from staring at her boobs as she kinda rocked back and forth a little, but her fucking eyes made me super horny too.

"Were her nipples big and brown, or were they tight and pink like mine?" she asked sitting back a bit from the bar and untying her robe. It fell all the way open. I couldn't stop myself from looking, who could with it laid out like that?

Her tits were big, I mean well over a handful each, and of course white and freckled, they hung down a bit and then swelled into perfect mounds. Her nipples were small and pink, just like she said. When she started pinching them I groaned out loud.

"Not like yours," I managed to reply.

"I bet you got 'em in your mouth, didn't you, didn't you?"

I couldn't stop myself from rubbing against the bar, and I couldn't refuse her anything. "Ya I did."

"Lick 'em, suck on 'em?"

"Uhhh, ya, look Aunt Julie..."

"What did they taste like?"

"Jesus, Aunt Julie, you're killing me."

She giggled and then put on a stern face, "you get around here and tell me if they tasted like mine."


"You may be eighteen, but I'm your legal guardian, so you have to do what I say," she replied.

She was standing now, cupping her breasts, and I could see the whole length of her body where the robe was held open, all of her pearly white skin, the fiery red bush and her small, hard, pink nipples.

That was all the convincing I needed; I couldn't refuse her. I shot a look at the door as if I expected to see Uncle Dennis coming through it, but it was closed and it was quiet outside. I tried to stuff my boner up through my waistband, but it popped out as soon as I came around the bar.

"Oh, ho, ho, you are a big boy, Marty, and you're a Fox for sure," she exclaimed, and she sounded so proud of me that I didn't even try to cover it up. I just shrugged and moved to her as fast as I could, and trying to keep my distance, leaned over and took a nipple in my mouth.

"Ahhhh, there we go, that's it, come on Marty, suck hard, harder!" she demanded, and she reached down and grabbed me by my cock and pulled us together.

I almost came all over her hand, but I guess I was still a little freaked out by it all. I looked up into her face, those eyes, those lips, right there in front of me.

"Aunt Julie, you shouldn't oughta do this sort of thing," I protested.

"Ya, watcha gonna to do about it?" she asked licking her lips.

Well I didn't know what I was going to do about it; I didn't think at all, I just did it. Well, at least I tried. I gave her a hard kiss on the mouth and her tongue came after mine right away. I yanked her robe off of her body and rubbed myself all over her, and mashed her tits and scratched at her thick bush. She moaned theatrically, and giggled, and stroked my aching cock.

"Quick, right now, Marty," she said and she pulled me by the cock over to the couch.

I didn't know what she had in mind but of course I followed, I mean she really had me by the balls in more ways than one. When we got there, she draped herself over the fat arm of the couch with her face down and her ass sticking towards me.

I ran my hands all over her fantastic mounds trying to nail it all down in my memory.

"Put it in Marty, for god sake, fuck me, boy!" she demanded wiggling her ass and spreading her legs.

With only a general idea of what to do, I shoved my cock between her cheeks which made her squeal and jerk away; "not in the ass, Marty, not in the fucking bunghole!" she shouted.

"Sorry, sorry, Jesus, Aunt Julie, I didn't mean..." I said almost dying of embarrassment.

She reached back, grabbed my cock and guided it to the entry of her hot, wet slit. "Now shove it in, shove it in!" she cried.

The very second that the head of my cock penetrated her tight cunt I started blowing my load. It was quite a load, and I just kept pushing my cock in even as I was shooting. I pushed it all the way in until my belly was pressed up against her ass cheeks. Her cunt was squeezing me, pumping me dry; it was like nothing I'd ever felt before in my life.

She groaned in disappointment and I groaned in ecstasy, so much ecstasy that I didn't feel embarrassed about coming so quickly.

Before I could pull out, before I could even apologize, my Uncle Dennis came through the door and stopped dead. "Marty? Julie? Julie goddamn it!" he declared angrily.

I pulled out fast and tucked my drooping, dripping cock into my pajamas and started to back away. "Uncle Dennis, shit, please I ..."

He was in a tux that was all in disarray, his bow tie hanging down over an open shirt. He looked down at her and she didn't even move. He slapped her ass hard and only got a bit of a grunt in response.

"Jesus, Uncle Dennis, she wasn't passed out a second ago, I mean, I didn't do that, she asked me, really, she begged me, oh shit. You gotta believe me," I said.

"Go to bed Marty," he said wearily, "we'll talk about it in the morning."

Chapter Six: The Stripper


That burlesque music you hear all the time in the movies, you know with the sleazy saxophones and the bold horns and the steady deep, boom badda boom, budda boom, filled the stage and took hold of my body. I was alone on a big dark stage stuck in a harsh white spotlight; I couldn't see the audience, but I could hear them out there, thousands of them, cheering and whistling and shouting, "take it off baby, take it off!"

Only I wasn't a real stripper, it was just me, Lorraine Thompson up there all alone on the stage, and I didn't have a special dress or fishnet nylons or anything, just my normal school clothes. I was nervous, but I was also really excited, my heart was pounding with the drumbeat, and my pussy was wet.

"Come on sweetheart, show us what you got. Take it off, take it off!" they were shouting and starting to sound impatient and even a little angry, so I undid the cuffs of my blouse and that got a cheer.

I undid the top button of my blouse, right up at my neck, and that got such a loud shout that I stepped back, almost knocked over by the power of it. I could feel waves of heat coming off of them, making me sweat and feel, you know, like they say, "hot and bothered."

I slowly undid a couple more buttons, squinting out into the dark, but I still couldn't see anything. They were getting really loud and I started to feel afraid, I mean, what if they didn't like my performance, what it they didn't like me?

I looked over into the wings and there was Marty; he was smiling at me, approving, nodding. That gave me more confidence and I undid the rest of the buttons all in a rush and pulled my tails out of the top of my skirt and then held it open wide showing off my big white brassiere, and the clapping and cheering just got louder.

"Take it off, baby, take it all off!" they shouted.

I took my blouse all the way off and threw it towards them in the dark, then I shrugged to drop my shoulder straps one at a time, which they loved. I was really horny now, I loved it, and I wanted to go on.

I reached behind and started to unhook my brassiere looking over at Marty who signaled me to turn around. I turned my back to the cheering darkness and unhooked my brassiere and then hooked it up again. That drove them wild and I turned around and smiled at them and wagged my finger.

Suddenly there was a chair next to me and I put my foot up on it. I didn't have on like, fancy high heels or anything, just my usual buster browns, but they went wild as I unlaced one and then the other and tossed then aside, pretty awkwardly, cause my brassiere slipped down in front as I did it, and I had to clutch it with one hand.

Then I unfastened each nude stocking and rolled it down and threw it away too, although that didn't work as well because they didn't fly very far.

I was having fun now; I was feeling the music, soaking up their adulation. I turned my back to them and undid my garter belt and then strode boldly around the stage swinging it over my head, not even caring that my brassiere had fallen down and was showing most of my tits and all of my nipples.

They were cheering and clapping and yelling, "More, more!"

I winked at Marty as I walked by him, and he blew me a kiss.

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