Dreamy Ch. 07-08


Chapter Seven: The morning after I kinda fucked my aunt


On the morning after I kinda fucked my Aunt, my uncle came into my room. I always had a problem waking up on time, so he had to wake me up, which was good because I didn't have time to be scared.

"Relax, Marty, I'm not mad at you," was the first thing he said as he sat down in the desk chair across the room.

He always played tennis early in the morning and he had on all the white stuff with the sweater around his neck and all. He was smiling, and he certainly didn't look mad.

"Your dad was about the best big brother a guy could ever have, and you remind me a lot of him. I can't get mad at you, Marty. We always been friends right? We've always been straight with each other," he went on.

I propped myself up on an elbow and rubbed my eyes, "Sure, Uncle Dennis, always, you always been great to me that's why...."

He waved at me, "Forget it, Marty, I trust you, in fact I trust you so much I'm gonna tell you a very important secret, you can keep a secret right?"

"Sure, I promise," I replied.

"Okay, don't freak out on me, but here it is. I prefer men to women."

I involuntarily hugged my covers tighter about my chest while my mouth dropped open.

"Don't worry, that doesn't mean I'm after you, I'm not some kind of sicko; I'm just...."

"A homo?" I said. It just came out; I didn't mean it to be an insult or anything.

"I was going to say - "different", but let's go with homo for simplicity sake," he replied, still smiling. "The important thing here is that I really haven't been screwing your Aunt Julie very much for the last year or so, and she likes to screw, if you know what I mean," he said.

I swallowed a few times; "Ya, I kinda...uh, sure," I replied.

"Soooo, you're doing me a favour if you keep her entertained."


"It's okay if you fuck her Marty, I want you to fuck her. That way it stays in the family so to speak, it keeps her from catting around town and embarrassing us all."

"But, but.... isn't that, like, against nature or something?"

"Not with her Marty, she's not your blood relation, it's no different than if I fuck her, or when your dad did."

"My dad, uh...fucked Aunt Julie?"

"That was before we were married."


"Look, the way she is, when she wakes up she's gonna be really fuzzy about what happened last night, especially the last parts before she passed out. So you can play that any way you want, buddy, but if she hits on you, you just go for it, okay. You'll be taking one for the team. You think you can do that for me, slugger?"

"Uh...sure, Uncle Dennis, if she hits on me, maybe I could."

"Good boy Marty," he said smiling and standing up. "I'd feel a lot better if it was you and not the damned pool boy or one of my straight tennis buddies. I'm away a lot, so fill your boots," and with a wave he was gone, shutting the door behind him.

"So ya, I guess, okay," I thought. Then I jerked off thinking about all the ways I might "take one for the team."

She slept in, I slept in, and I didn't even see her before I rushed out the door. I was late for school, and then had to hang around the office all morning; I never got to any classes, I never got to see Lorraine even though I kept looking out for her. Finally I got everything squared away just before lunch.

When I walked into the cafeteria I spotted her right away, even though the place was crowded. She looked great, she had her hair pulled back and piled up at the back of her head into a thick bouncy ponytail, and still had a bit of a curl hanging down over her right eye. She had on this stiff blue blouse with a wide collar that was open showing her slender neck.

I was going to call out to her, but then I noticed that she was sitting with like four guys crowded around her, and she looked really chummy with this big lug. She was practically sitting in his lap and he had his hands all over her.

My heart just dropped right down into my shoes. Man, I hadn't seen her for like ten hours and already she was carrying on like this.

I moved a bit closer without saying anything; it was like he was trying to feel her up right there in the cafeteria, it seemed really strange. Then I thought maybe she was actually struggling with the guy, but it was hard to tell, the way people goof around, you know. Nobody near them was saying anything or acting like anything special was going on.

I was really disappointed, but as I got closer I saw that she was fighting with him, I clearly heard her say, "Get your filthy meat hooks off of me, Biff!"

"Hey, you heard her, get your meat hooks off her," I shouted and dashed towards them. It wasn't the brightest thing I've ever done, but I wasn't really thinking at all.

He let go of her and then stood up to look at me, way up. He was really big, and I'm well, maybe a little shorter than average, and his buddies all stood up, and all of them were bigger than me too.

"Who the hell are you?" he asked, he looked really confused.

"You just leave her alone, buddy," I said, and tried to look around him at Lorraine, but he gave me a shove which knocked me back right into a table.

"You don't tell me what to do, squirt, kid from where-ever-the-hell. Who are you anyway?" He didn't wait for an answer he just swung with his big paw.

Luckily I'd been in a fight or two in Chicago and saw it coming a mile away. I ducked it, got in close and kneed him in the balls. He grunted, but he didn't go down like most guys would, I guess he's got really small balls, anyway I was so surprised that I only half dodged his next punch which glanced off my nose and caught my left eye.

I lashed out as I fell back. Someone grabbed me and held me up, and he gave me another good one that doubled me over. I think he and his gang all got in a few more licks as I was went down. Next thing I knew there were teachers and staff all over the place, and I was hauled into the principle's office. I was suspended three days for fighting. Worst of it was, I didn't get a chance speak Lorraine at all.

So, me coming home covered in blood kinda took the focus off of the whole sorta fucking my aunt incident. She didn't say anything about that, but she was pretty mad that I managed to get myself suspended before lunchtime on my very first day at my new school. She reminded me that I was living under her roof, and even though I was eighteen, I had to obey her rules, which was totally true, and I said I was sorry.

She grounded me, gave the maid three days off with pay, and made me do her work instead. I wasn't allowed to go out except to help her with chores, and I couldn't answer the phone. I think Lorraine tried to call a couple of times, but I didn't try to get in touch with her 'cause I kinda felt like maybe she was bad luck or something.

Uncle Dennis didn't take it so bad, he used to get in lots of fights at school too. I understood that better now.

"Just don't make a habit of it Marty, or you might screw up your scholarship to MIT, and you wouldn't want that," he said, giving me a punch on the shoulder. I didn't want that, so I figured it would be best if I didn't go looking for any more trouble.

Aunt Julie worked me hard, and stayed on my case. She always seemed to be so perfect and gorgeous and sexy, with her thick red hair and her flashing, angry green eyes, and now it was worse than ever for me. She had all these sleeveless dresses and blouses, and those goddamned tight slacks with the zipper down the back. And perfume that drove me crazy.

I wasn't sure if she was tormenting me on purpose or if she was coming on to me. She still drank, but she didn't get drunk in front of me again.

I kept picturing her draped over the arm of the couch with her tight, white ass sticking up in the air, with her waggling it and begging me to fuck her. If only I didn't come so fast. God, all the things I coulda done to her. I coulda pumped her good, I coulda spanked her ass good and hard, and grabbed her tits, and shoved my cock in between those cherry red lips, oh man, if only I didn't come so fast.

Next time, if there ever was a next time, I'd hold on to it. Next time I'd be ready, so I made sure that I jerked off every chance I got. I almost always thought of her when I did it, sometimes I thought about Lorraine, but it was like I was already forgetting what she looked like.

Chapter Eight: All the cock you ever wanted


There was like this broad, white marble staircase, and I was walking slowly down it in like six-inch high-heels and a really skimpy bikini, like the French girls wear.

The stairs led down to my big pool where kids from school and even teachers were doing synchronized swimming routines in goofy swimming caps and nose plugs. I went to the side of the pool and slowly reclined on a deck chair with a lazy sigh. Principle Trimmer came up in a white waiter's tux and offered me a drink on a silver tray.

I tasted it and said, "Ugh, this is lemonade, you fool," and threw it in his face. He just stood there. I looked around. "I want a real drink, Marty, Marty," I called, "where's my Sneaky Pete?"

"I'll be your Sneaky Pete," Marty called out from the end of the pool.

He was standing there, he looked very far away, but I could see that he was completely naked. He had cute, really white tan lines, and a big, hard boner sticking out in front of him like a horn. He had a bottle in his hand and was waving it.

"Marty, Marty who is that girl? Who is she?" I heard this voice; this nasty woman's voice sounding hollow and tiny like it was coming down the phone line.

I looked up at the big white mansion that towered over the pool; I couldn't quite see her, she was just a shadow in one of the second story windows, but she kept squawking like a bird.

"Trimmer, go shut that window! How many times have I told you to keep that damned window closed? Go on, you fool," I commanded.

"Yes madam," he replied and hurried off up the stairs.

"Over here, Lorraine, come and get it," I heard Marty saying and I looked back towards him and he was much closer now, but he wasn't coming towards me, he was standing still with the bottle in one hand and his big cock in the other. "You know you want it," he laughed.

"Yes I do want it, I do, I do," I replied and I really, really wanted it, the cock and the Sneaky Pete.

"You know what to do," he said.

And I got down on my hands and knees on the cement and crawled towards him making tiger noises and flicking my tongue over my dry, chapped lips. Suddenly it was really hot, sweat was pouring off of my shoulders and down my back shrinking my bikini like it was acid eating up the cloth. Soon I was totally naked too. Drops ran down my nose and fell onto the cement where they sizzled and rose up steaming.

The sweat was stinging my eyes and I could barely see. "Stop moving Marty," I pleaded, "stop teasing and give it to me," I begged.

And then I was up against his leg, and I looked up and I was staring at the end of his boner and he was pouring Sneaky Pete down his chest and it was running along his big, fat cock and dripping off the end.

I stuck out my tongue and felt the refreshing drops fall on it, "ummmmm, ahhhhhh, more, more," I said and swallowed and swallowed, but it wasn't enough, so I started sucking on the big head of his cock, sucking the Pete along it, sucking on it like a cool lollipop. It tasted wonderful, and it felt wonderful, and I was all dreamy and a little drunk.

"More, more," I said, but his cock muffled my voice. I looked up and he was laughing at me and pouring a steady stream of Sneaky Pete from a bottomless bottle.

"Suck it all you, you little cock sucker," he said, and I didn't feel insulted or ashamed. I rammed both my hands between my legs and started playing with my clit while slipping a finger in and out of my soaking hole. I felt so excited, so horny, so close...and then I heard the doorbell, and it was all of a sudden I was standing in the big hallway of my mansion, our mansion, and answering the door.

Biff was at the door, "Biff?" I said, and quick as lightening he threw a bag over my head and it was all dark and all I could hear was his laughing and feel his hard hands all over me.

Then I was back in the boiler room, on my knees with my hands tied behind my back and my gym uniform all in tatters around me.

Now it was Biff's cock that was staring me in the face, short and obscenely fat and purple. And behind him were his buddies and they had their cocks out too, and then behind them, stretching out into the darkness were all the boys in school, all with their hard cocks in their hands, stroking them in my direction and laughing.

"Now you're gonna get all the cock you ever wanted, Lorraine, you cock sucking little slut," Biff laughed as he shoved his stinky cock right into my mouth making me gag.

I wanted to beg for a drink, but my mouth was stuffed, and I was thirsty, and well, it was kinda automatic, so I started sucking.

"Oh ya, see boys, she loves it!" Biff shouted humping my face, pushing me back against the wall. He came like a gusher and it spurted down my throat and I gagged and spit, but as soon as he took it out another one was shoved in. Biff was crouched down beside me now, mashing my tits, pinching my nipples real hard.

"Suck it Lorraine, you know you wanna," he laughed. I didn't wanna, I shook my head, but still I had to do it. I sucked and I sucked and everybody laughed. This guy was longer, and I could feel him right at the back of my mouth, banging at my throat just before he let go his load down my neck.

I took a few gasps of breath, looked around terrified at all of the cocks crowding up on me, but before I could say anything a new cock was in my mouth, and I was sucking that one too. Biff untied my hands and pushed them down between my legs and held them there by the elbows.

"Go ahead, Lorraine, we all know what you wanna do. Come on, all these boys you been teasing all these years, well there here for you now, and you love it."

I tried to shake my head again, but there were cocks pressing against my cheeks from the outside too, some were dripping, some were shooting white cum all into my hair.

"Nummmnh, nmmnhoonmh," I said, but even as I said it my naughty fingers had started to play with myself down there. More cocks came, one after another after another, and I sucked and sucked, and played with my clit and shoved two fingers, and then three fingers into my pussy and moaned as I sucked.

"You see Marty, I told you she was a slut," Biff laughed.

I opened my eyes and shook my head. I could see Marty, but he wasn't in the room, he was far away, standing in a window of the mansion, a barred window and he was holding the bars looking sad and desperate.

"Marty, Marty, please help me," I tried to cry out, but my mouth was full of cock and my voice wouldn't work.

I could see him rattling the bars, shaking them, his mouth was working, but I couldn't hear what he said. I fought and fought, but I couldn't get my voice to work. I could tell that he wanted to come and help me, but he was a prisoner too. The shadow loomed behind him and he was swallowed up by darkness.

"Mmmmmum...Ah....ah...Mmmmmum, Marty!" I shouted breaking out of the dream and sitting bolt upright in my bed.

"Will you keep the goddamned noise down, people are trying to sleep," my dad shouted from the room down the hall.

"What are you doing?' my little sister nagged at me, but I didn't reply, I turned my back to her and pulled my knees up to my chest.

My jaw felt sore, and so did my pussy. Without reaching I could feel how wet I was down there, but none of that mattered because one thing was now clear to me.

Marty was a prisoner, he needed me, and somehow I was going to set him free.

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