Dreamy Ch. 09-10


Chapter Nine: Marty's Reward


I was jerking off in the laundry room, rubbing Aunt Julie's, clean, frilly black panties against my face, when I heard the doorbell. It made me jump, and I whacked my knuckles so hard against the washing machine that they were swollen up for a week.

I buttoned up my shirt quickly, carefully tucked my cock back into my gym shorts and ran to the door expecting it to be a salesman or a delivery or something. I opened the door, and wham, there's Lorraine; hair down to her shoulders, full and bouncy with that big thick curl over her eye. Those eyes, those big brown eyes looking at me so sultry and eager.

She had this sweater on, done right up to her neck, but it was very tight, hugging her big boobs so that they seemed to be straining outwards, trying to get at me. And all at once I remembered why I'd been willing to risk getting my head knocked off for her.

"Is your aunt here?" was the first thing she said. She looked nervous, which made her even sexier.

"No..." before I could get another word out she was inside and had the door closed behind her.

"I saw that both cars were gone, so I hoped. Will she be back soon?"

"Ahhhh, not real soon, maybe a couple of hours; you been watching the house?"

"Of course I have Marty. Your aunt was real sharp with me on the phone, so I knew I had to be careful, but I wouldn't abandon you, not after all you did for me," she said and lightly brushed my eye where the shiner was just starting to fade.

She was pressed right against me, "You missed me didn't you Marty," she asked with a teasing voice that really grabbed my balls.

My eyes were drawn to her mouth, she had on red lipstick, not the real dark kind, but enough to emphasise her full lips, especially the bottom one that I wanted to chew on.

"You bet."

"Oh ya, how much?"

"This much," I replied and did what I had wanted to do ever since I opened the door.

I grabbed her by the back of the neck and pulled that naughty little mouth of hers to mine and quickly relearned what a great kisser she was. She threw her arms around my neck and pressed against me as we went at it. My hands went down to her ass and pulled her in even tighter. As we kept kissing she started thrusting towards me.

She was the one who broke off the kiss, "Well Marty," she said breathlessly, grinning her wicked grin. "I wanna thank you properly and all, but is there someplace better we could do it than at the front hallway?"

That sounded like a great offer; I grabbed her hand and started for my room.

"Oh, this is your room?" she asked in a kinda swoony voice.

"Ya, my aunt and uncle are way down the hall at the back of the house, so it's pretty private."

"Does the door have a lock?" she asked rubbing her whole body up against me.

"Ya, but if Aunt Julie comes back, she'll know something's going on and you'd never be able to sneak out." Then it hit me. "Come on, we'll go down to the pool, that way if you have to skip out, you can go over the fence before she even knows your here," I said, and practically ran through the house dragging her behind me.

"Oh you do have a pool! That's so dreamy," she said. And as we rushed through the living room her head was swivelling back and forth, "Wow is that a bar?" she asked.

"Ya," I replied, "and there's another one down by the pool."

"Golly Jeeze Marty this place is like a palace," she said, and it was almost like I could hear her pussy getting wet from seeing how well off my family was, and that was okay with me too.

"It's like the Arabian Nights or something," she cried when I took her into the pool cabana. She had this great way of keeping her mouth just slightly open with two of her bottom teeth just peeking out above her lower lip.

"Ya, it's pretty neat, and pretty private," I replied and grabbed her and started kissing her. Our hands were all over each other, but she broke it off again.

"What about that drink you're gonna get me?" she asked.

"What? Oh sure, what would you like?"

"What does you aunt drink?"

"Lots of things, but whiskey sours mostly," I replied.

"Be quick," she said and tossed herself down on the divan.

I was back in a flash and there she was lying on her side. She'd unbuttoned her sweater all the way down to show that she had no blouse on underneath, just her large white brassiere with its big rumpled cups filled with her big, white tits.

She sat up straight to take the drink; "Here's to my hero," she said, and downed it in one gulp. She put the glass aside on the little table and stood up.

"And for a reward..." she slipped her sweater right off, and then without even a pause, she reached behind and unhooked her brassiere. She gathered it in front of her holding it with her hand while she shrugged out of the shoulder straps.

"Last time we were together, you seemed pretty interested in these, so I thought you should get a good crack at them," she said tilting her head towards me. She paused a few seconds, while her little tongue darted along her lower lip, then she let it drop to the floor, and lay back on the divan with her arms boldly above her head.

I dove right in, licked my way up from her belly, up over the curve of those mounds, right up to one of her cute pink nipples, and swirled my tongue around it before sucking on it and nipping it a little, while my other hand stroked and crushed her other breast. Then I had to stop and take a long look at them.

She had a light brown tan on her belly, but above the tan lines her skin was very white, her swelling boobs sat high on her chest; they were pretty big, but they were so firm that they barely sagged to at all. I allowed myself a long, slow look, and then ran my fingers along the outside of their curves, touching lightly with my fingertips what I was looking at, kinda proving to myself that it was all real.

Then I couldn't take it any more and I had to kiss them and lick them and squeeze them while she giggled and squirmed, but never tried to cover up. Pretty soon though, she pulled me up so she could kiss my lips, and that was okay 'cause I tore open my shirt and felt skin to skin, felt her tits give as I pressed against them, and all the while her tongue played with mine. And best of all, she was groping for my cock reaching into the waistband of my shorts to grab at the head.

As we kept kissing I pulled my shorts right off, right down my legs and right off, and scrunched myself up so she could get a grip on my shaft. She started stroking it. Now I was less interested in her naked tits, and began to get eager for her pussy.

Her skirt was really long, and I couldn't reach the bottom of it so I was rubbing her over top through the material. That seemed to be driving her crazy so she reached down, wriggled a little and pulled the skirt up to the top of her thighs so could get my hand under it.

I went straight for her pussy over top of her panties, she was stroking my cock really hard, and as soon as I touched her pussy she started to moan. They were big panties and I had trouble getting inside them. I wormed a finger up the leg and could feel her wet lips, but then she stopped and pushed me back and sat up.

She sat there, still topless, her tits falling down beautifully, and her skirt still hiked to the top of her naked thighs, she wasn't wearing stockings, just little white socks. One of her Buster Browns had fallen off.

"Let's take a break and try to figure out how to do this right," she said.

"Okay, okay," I panted, it was all so frustrating, she had too much clothes on even with her top and brassiere off.

"I gotta ask you a question first," she said. "When does your suspension end?"

"What? Uh Friday afternoon, I'm back at school Friday afternoon."

She slid over to me, knocked my legs open and grabbed my cock. She started stroking it again, she didn't really know what she was doing, but it felt good anyway, just that she was doing it and not me for once.

"That means you're not suspended Saturday night," she said with a smile.

"Ya I guess, why?"

"Saturday is homecoming, a big formal dance, the "Enchantment under the Sea, and you can go."


She kicked off her other buster brown, "And you can take me. I bet your uncle will even lend you his big car."

"Ya, sure."

She reached up under her skirt and quickly pulled her panties down to her ankles and then kicked them aside.

"Soooo, we'll have lots of time to park, in a big car, big enough to do anything." She lifted her skirt right up past her waist and I saw her pussy in all its glory for about two seconds, and then she came and sat on my lap facing me.

"Ya, oh ya, Lorraine," I gasped. I didn't get my cock up inside her, but she was rubbing against it with her soft thighs and her wet pussy lips and scratching it lightly with her pubes. I had a hand on the shaft and I was trying to find the opening as she rocked back and forth on me.

"Will you go the Enchantment under the Sea with me, Lorraine Thompson?" I croaked.

"You bet I will, Marty Fox" she replied.

She grabbed my face in both hands and attacked my lips and mouth with her tongue. I kissed her back and fell backwards, and we fumbled around and twisted, kissing and moaning. She was sort of riding me, seeking the head of my dick as she thrust her hips forward and back. I was trying to find her opening and get it into her pussy.

"Do you think we have time now to really do it right?" she asked, breathing hard.

"Ughhhh," I replied and thought, of... ya can you believe it, Aunt Julie.

If she caught us then there'd be no enchantment under the sea, probably no girls at all for the rest of the year, and I wanted there to be lots of girls, I wanted lots of boobs and bums and pussy, even if they weren't Lorraine's. I wanted it bad. I had no idea what time it was. My face was back down between her tits and she was holding it there pressing them together against my cheeks and humping faster and faster.

"Do...you...think...Ughhhh...we...have ...time?" she asked as she rocked, her curl bouncing.

"Ahhhh. I don't know, yes, sure, yes, oh God. But I don't want it to be quick."

"I don't either, Marty, but I want it now, oh God I want you inside me right now, why can't we do it now!"

"We can, we can, and we'll just do it even slower Saturday night. But you gotta get your skirt off, I can't find your pussy, there's too much material," I said breathing real hard. My cock was ready to explode, but I wasn't going to let that happen again.

She slid off of me, and I could feel a streak of juice on my thigh. She was struggling with her hands behind her back, but the skirt was all bunched up and twisted.

"Help me, Marty, help me; hurry!"

I started to stand up but stepped on one of her Buster Browns and twisted my ankle. I fell over onto my side on the floor.

"Shit," I groaned.

"Oh Marty," she said looking down at me, "are you alright, can you still do it?"

"Oh ya," I tried to stand but felt a sharp stab of pain and collapsed. "Ahhgghhh," I said.

"Oh Marty," she said and knelt down to take my face in her hands, "are you sure you're alright?"

Her tits were right there in my face and that gave me strength. I lunged for her skirt and pulled myself over to her, "stand up, stand up so I can get at the zipper," I said.

She straightened up and turned a little so the zipper, wherever the hell it was, would be facing me. I hunted and hunted ignoring the pain in my ankle.

"Ah ha, got you, you little son of a bitch!" I exclaimed when I found it, and then after failing to get it down with one hand, I grabbed it with one hand, and the skirt with the other and managed to pull the zipper all the way down in a couple of yanks.

"There," I said and settled back on my knees to watch as she wiggled out of her skirt with her beautiful white ass right there at eye level, the best seat in the house.

She dropped the skirt all the way down and started to step out of it, but I couldn't resist her bum cheeks. I needed to bite them, and as I grabbed her hips and pushed my face into her I knocked her off balance so that she fell forward awkwardly onto the divan.

Chapter Ten: Unsafe sex


I hit the edge of the divan so hard it drove the breath out of my belly. So there I was, buck naked, laying half on the divan, and half on the floor of his aunt's cabana, gasping for breath. It was crazy; she was probably going to show up at any minute, and anyway this wasn't the way I wanted to do it the first time.

If I'd had any doubt before, it was now obvious that this was the first time for both of us. I had him, he was taking me to enchantment under the sea, and I shoulda just taken that and run. But even with all that, even lying there in a heap gasping for air, I still wanted it.

"Jeeze, Lorraine, you okay," he asked. He was kneeling beside me, looking at my face. I held up a hand and panted a little as my breath started coming back.

He helped me to stand up, "Owwww," I said, as something seemed to catch in my rib.

"Owwww," he said as he put his weight on his ankle.

Somehow we managed to get standing and we clung to each other and started kissing again. I could tell that he still wanted it, his wonderful boner was pressing hard against my stomach. It felt great, but that really wasn't where I wanted it to go.

All I had on now were my little white socks, and he was naked except for his shirt, which was ripped. We were both panting, but despite the pain, we just wanted to do it.

"Careful, now, carefully," I said. "I think I should lie down, okay, you just hang on."

"Ya, okay...you sure are beautiful, Lorraine," he said.

I slowly sat down on the divan and then swung my legs up and then lay down flat. There seemed to be enough room, although I thought that maybe we'd be better off on the floor. You can't fall off the floor, right? I spread my thighs just a little feeling, very, very ready to take his cock, and I smiled up at him.

"Okay," I said.

"Okay, right, okay," he replied.

He looked confused, but very cute with his big hard on sticking out in front of him, wobbling as he went this way and that trying to figure out how he was going to get between my legs. Finally he decided to go to the end of the divan, climb up on his knees between my legs, and then lay down on top of me. It wasn't very romantic, but I didn't care, at least it seemed to be working.

"Come on Marty, come on," I said and spread my legs wider.

I lay back and closed my eyes hoping that he would be able to take it from there.

"Lorraine, Lorraine, Lorraine," he said soulfully, and I breathed deep and waited to receive his manhood. The big head touched my pussy lips.

I moaned; he groaned.

"Marty Fox, don't you dare put your penis it that girl's vagina!" his aunt snapped as loud and sharp as a bullet hitting the wall above our heads.

I knew it was her, I knew that firm, angry voice.

"Shit!" Marty said and fell back.

"Oh shit!" I exclaimed and snapped my thighs shut. I shot up straight just in time to see Marty tumble off the end of the divan with a crash.

"Oh shit, oh shit," I kept saying as I tried to cover myself and look around for my clothes.

I could hear Marty scrambling around too.

"Get over in the corner. Stand in the corner you nasty little boy!" his aunt shouted.

"Aunt Julie...I..."

"Do it!" she snapped, and I tell you, there was no arguing with that voice.

I'd managed to pick up my skirt and was clutching it to me as I crawled on the floor. I grabbed one of my shoes, and then went for the other and dropped the first one. I shot a look up at her and saw that her pale skin was a livid red, and her green eyes were glowing like something out of a horror movie as she looked down at me in disgust.

"Get out, get out of here you little slut!" she shouted.

Marty was standing meekly in the corner with his hands covering his crotch and his cute little bum all scrunched up as tight as could be. I would have laughed, but my bum was clenched pretty tight too.

"I just have to get my clothes ma'am," I squeaked.

I managed to get both of my shoes, and I stood up, and then I found my panties and bent down to get them.

"Hurry up, hurry up, out! Out!" She cried.

"Aunt Julie," Marty protested but she picked up a paperback and threw it at him, just missing his head.

"You, be quiet, I'll deal with you soon enough!"

He turned back to the wall, and I didn't blame him, if I had balls I know they would have shrivelled up from the look she gave him too.

She spotted my brassiere hanging from the back of a chair and threw it in my face, "Now get out!" she barked.

I didn't argue with her, I ran for the house, right through to the living room door where I stopped to try and get dressed. I stepped into my panties, fell down, and just as I was standing up again I saw her coming across the room at me.

"I said get out, you slut!" she repeated.

"Just let me get dressed!" I exclaimed, I was standing now and quickly getting into my brassiere.

She stopped short and stood with her hands on her hips looking me up and down. "I ought to throw you out into the street naked and make you go home to your parents like that. Did Marty invite you over here?"

"No, no, ma'am. It was all my idea, he didn't have anything to do with it," I said as I stepped into my skirt.

"You're the one who's been calling?"

"Yes ma'am," I was getting into my sweater.

She walked over to the door and opened it even before I had it buttoned even half way up.

"You the one he was fighting over?"

"Yes ma'am," I was most of the way buttoned up and was trying to get my shoes on.

"You the one let him finger you the other night?"

"He told you that?"

I had one shoe on, "You're a stupid girl; you have no idea what you're doing. Or maybe you do. Maybe it doesn't matter to you if you get pregnant, but it would ruin Marty's prospects, and I'll not allow that. Now get out," she said and gave me a push that sent me out the door hopping on one foot as I tried to get my other shoe on.

"You have a lovely home Mrs Fox," I said. Well, it was true.

"You ever come back, I'll call your parents and tell them what a loose girl you are. Keep to your own neighbourhood from now on, tramp," she said and slammed the door behind me.

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