Dreamy Ch. 11-12


Chapter Eleven: Bare assed in the corner


What can I say? Sure I was eighteen and felt like an idiot standing bare assed in the corner like a ten year old, but I was living with my aunt and uncle, and even though I had a partial scholarship to MIT, I still needed their help. And right now, the way things were with my mother, I really had no place else to go, and besides that I really liked both of them and felt like shit because I'd been bad. I had let them down.

So I just stood there while Aunt Julie chased Lorraine out of the house, Lorraine who'd managed to get me in trouble again. I stood there for what seemed like a very long time, and I would have stood there even longer if Aunt Julie had wanted me to.

Eventually I heard the screen door of the cabana snap shut; I didn't move, I just stood there and waited for the lecture that was sure to come. I heard the tapping of her high heels and then, Whack!

She gave me a really hard swat on my bare ass that knocked me into the wall. She pulled me up straight and turned me around to face her. She held me right against her, with both hands on my shoulders and gave me a shake.

"God damn it, Marty!" she said. She sounded pretty upset.

"You gotta start thinking with this," and she poked me in the forehead with one of her long nailed fingers, and before I could stop her, she reached down and grabbed my dick, "and not with this!"

"Ahhhh," I groaned, from surprise, and embarrassment; just having her so close and smelling her perfume hand given me a semi. She took the finger away from my head, but didn't take her hand off of my cock; instead she started stroking it, which made it fill right up.

"Ya," she said. "Just what I thought, you've got a big one like all the Fox men. But that doesn't mean you should go sticking it just anywhere you please."

"Aunt Julie..."

She moved her hand from my shaft to my balls and squeezed them so hard that I doubled over.

"You shut up and listen to me or I'll toss you out in the street just like your round heeled little friend," she said. She let go of my balls and grabbed my face with both hands and straightened me back up and made me stare into her intense green eyes.

"You could have it made Marty, you could be an important engineer, not a shyster like your uncle, but a builder like your father. The kind of man who gets to travel all over the world and work on big projects, important projects that help people. And when there's a war again you can be a real help defending your country. Don't you want that, Marty?"

My dad had been a combat engineer in WWII and went to Korea with the Illinois National Guard; he never came back.

"Well when you put it that way," I groaned. "Sure, of course." My eyes were locked into hers, so I really couldn't look at her, but out of the corners all I was seeing was a lot of her pale, freckled skin.

My hands kinda naturally went to her waist for support, my dick went straight up between us, and I could feel her smooth soft skin touching it. "What the hell is she wearing," I wondered.

"You go and get a little floozy like that pregnant and you're fucked. I know you, you'll do the right thing and you're whole life will go down the drain."

She let go of my face and started to walk away from me and I saw that she was wearing the skimpiest bikini that I had ever seen. It was strapless, so I had this view off all the snowy white of her back and shoulders, and the bottoms showed half her ass cheeks! I didn't even know they made bathing suits like that. It was dark red so it really stood out against her white body that it barely covered.

"Stand still," she ordered me, "and get your hands off of your prick," she added without even turning around. I let go of my prick; how did she know?

She turned around and looked me up and down, and I didn't know what to do with my hands, and I tried to turn a little to hide myself.

"Stand up straight, God damn it, and put your hands behind your back, I want to see just how much of a problem we're dealing with here."

She smiled a little, but she still looked exasperated with me. She rubbed her eyes with the heels of her palms. "Of course you need to get your rocks off Marty, that's natural, but I thought you were smarter than that. Don't you know where babies come from for Christ's sake?"

"Of course I do."

"A bouncy little slut like that'd probably get knocked up the very first time you unloaded. You didn't fuck her yet did you?"

"No ma'am."

"Only because I stopped you. That girl ever give you a hand job?"


"A blowjob?"

"No," I tried to sound offended.

"She ever even offer to?"

"Uh well, no."

"She just wanted to go all the way, what, the second time you met her. Now that's a bold little girl! She wants your babies Marty; she wants to get pregnant. You're quite a catch for a girl like that, even if you don't go to MIT."

Before I could say anything she was throwing another question at me. "Did you invite her over here?"

I thought about lying to protect Lorraine, but I knew she'd see right through me. "No," I replied.

"She just showed up."

"Yes ma'am"

"Did she even have an excuse for coming over?"

"Ah, she wanted me to invite her to the dance on Saturday night."

Still looking at me, she absently ran the fingers of one hand along the edge of her bikini bottom, right from her bush down to between her legs as she fiddled with it. I couldn't help but watch, but she wasn't looking at me, she was thinking.

"You say yes?"

"Yes ma'am."

"You want to go to the dance with her, don't you?"

"Yes, I really do, I really like her."

"You want to fuck her brains out, and she's gonna let you; that's why you like her."

"Not just that, Aunt Julie."

She stared right at my rock hard cock and played with her bikini top, jiggling her boobs around a bit to settle them differently.

"Well, it doesn't matter. In this town there'll be a dozen just like her, all after the same thing. Do you think you could stay with just one girl until college?"

"Sure, a girl like her."

"I love you Marty, and I want to see you succeed in life, I want you to be somebody, and I want you to marry the right woman, an upper class woman who knows how to behave with the big wigs. A girl with some brains and some guts who'll follow you around to the wild places you're gonna go to."


She held up a hand. "Doesn't matter. For now, Lorraine's gonna be your girl, and at the end of next summer, you'll say nice good byes and head off to MIT with no strings attached. I'm gonna see to that if it kills me."

"Okay...." I said. I really didn't know where she was going with this.

She came back to me and put a hand on my shoulder, our bodies close but not quite touching.

"The first thing you gotta understand, is that a girl like that, she's gonna do anything you say, and I mean anything. She might bitch a little, and even pretend to be mad and cut you off, but believe me; she'll do anything to keep her hooks in you. All you ever gotta do is threaten to walk away. Tell her you're gonna find a girl who wants to do things your way, and she'll come around real quick."

"I'm sure you know what you're talking about, Aunt Julie," I replied.

She grinned and nodded. Her hand went back to my cock, her long cool fingers ran up and down the shaft and came up to the top, squeezing the head and running her palm all over the juice that was leaking out.

"Oh I do, Marty, I know a lot about sex."

I groaned and nodded.

"So from now on, that girl's gonna do what you say. She's gonna get you off the way you tell her to, and no excuses."

She was still stroking me, I was digging my nails into my ass cheeks to try and keep from shooting off a load into her hand.

"Ahhhhh, that Ahhhh, sounds great, but how?"

"Oh there's lots of ways; ways where nobody gets bored and has to go planting any seeds anywhere. You can have your jollies, you can both have a lot of fun and burn off all of that frustration, you just gotta know how."

"And you're gonna explain it to me?" I asked hopefully.

Her other hand came around and grabbed my balls, not hard this time, and her fingers stretched down underneath them while her other hand kept stroking.

"I'll do much better than that, Marty, I'm gonna show you," she said with a wicked laugh, and sure enough, my load went flying out over her hand and hit her in the belly.

"That wasn't so hard now was it," she teased. "And I bet you've got another one waiting in the bullpen, probably be ready to hit the mound in about twenty minutes. Good, while we're waiting I'll start to teach you how to take some of the starch outa her."

Chapter Twelve: The Tangled Forest


"The first thing you have to do when pleasing a woman with your mouth is to find out if she has a soft clit or a hard clit," Aunt Julie said as I knelt between her thighs. "So you don't want to just jump right in, you've got to take your time and explore, let her warm up."

She was sitting on a cabana chair with her ass right at the edge, it had a black cushion so her pale skin really glowed, and her red bush seemed to be on fire in the afternoon light streaming through the window. I was down on my knees, and man it was all right there in front of me. Her pubes were trimmed so that they formed a narrow triangle that started along the sides of her slightly swollen pussy lips and then went up to the top of her distinct mound.

It was like a tangled forest up on top of a little hill. The slopes of the hill were clean right down into the valleys between her cunt and her thighs, and it was all cleaned up down from her lips to her beautiful white ass cheeks. Her hair was all tangled, but not kinky, and it was softer than I thought it would be, and a light, blondish red, man it was beautiful.

"Start by stroking her thighs, outside and then in, go ahead. Not too hard at first, just use your fingertips, but not to light either, you don't want to tickle her, tickling is not sexy at all. If he starts to giggle then you're doing it wrong."

"Okay, along her inner thighs, like that, as far as the knee and then right back to her crotch. Now up onto her belly.... a little harder, up... up, just lightly past her breasts and then back down again. Don't get distracted by her tits, it's the lower region you're concerned about. But don't go right after the pussy either, not yet. Patience, patience, that's it Marty, you're doing fine."

"Thank you, Aunt Julie."

"Don't call me that, call me...Jules, but not in front of anyone, you understand?"

"Yes.... Jules," I replied, and I wondered if it was a pet name my uncle had for her, or maybe even my dad.

"Alright, now start sliding your hand into her bush, get right in there, scratch just a little. Get your fingers right into the tangles and run through.... pull them apart... but not too hard, not too quick. That's it, you stroke and pet that pelt... Stroke it. Now go ahead, get your face right down in there, rub your nose in it; rub your cheek against it. Isn't that nice?"

"It sure is," I replied.

The smell was heavenly, kinda perfumy, and well pussyish. She didn't ask me if I'd wanted to please a woman with my mouth, or if I wanted to get my face right down in there, but she didn't have to. Some guys thought it was gross, but man I thought it was great. I felt right at home down there. I wanted to make her feel good; I wanted her to know how much I appreciated what she was doing for me.

She reached down into the top of her bush down towards her slit, which was swelling up. She spread the hair and the skin a bit.

"This is my clit, this is the key. You have to pay special and constant attention to it if you're gonna get a girl off. It can be tricky to keep hold of sometimes, but it isn't goin anywhere. If you can't find it, just stick a finger in her slit, or better, that cute little nose of yours, and follow it right up to the top, and just above, you'll find her clit."

"Now start by rubbing it like this," she said and she started rubbing above it and on top of it, right down in her bush, and then she took my hand and placed my fingers in the right spot and lay back in the chair.

"Just keep doing that, nice... and... slow... If you're too hard, she'll let you know, she'll jerk away or grab your hand. So you lighten up at least for a bit; that means she's got a soft clit, she's a bit of a princess. Now that girl of yours, I'll bet she has a hard clitty like mine, so go a bit harder, a bit harder..."

"Good, Ahhhh, good, just keep going. Once you get the hang of that you can use your other hand to stroke her thighs, or belly, or your own cock," she said the last bit with a laugh because she musta guessed that's what I was already doing.

"Okay, now you can start to get down to serious business. Leave off the rubbing and start kissing her inner thighs, little kisses, no hound dog slobbering, use the tip of your tongue to just dart along her skin. Like that.... bit harder.... good. All up her thighs, and get right down in there to where her legs meet her ass, right along the seam there, don't be shy."

I did what she told me as best I could, and it was pretty easy to understand her instructions, almost like she'd done it before herself. I wondered how she knew so much about pussy licking, I mean sure, she has one, but she doesn't lick it; right? How would she know what it looks like from my point of view? It made me wonder if she was a bit queer like my uncle, but for girls.

She cupped her mound and pulled it away from her thigh showing me the valley down there leading up from her crotch to where her legs ended.

"Now lick up there, the same way, little licks... like that.... Right in there, right up to the top, all along both sides. Yesss...... now do the other side."

I didn't have time to say anything, but I was sure hoping I was gonna get a chance to do this at least one more time before I tried it on Lorraine. There was a lot to remember, and it was hard to concentrate on doing a good job, and remembering, and to keep from shooting my load before the lesson was over.

Then she split her slit open a little and I found out that it was even more complicated than I'd imagined. There was like an outer lip beside the inner one and she got me to get my tongue in there and lick all along, like the side of her slit, but in a crevice. I did what she told me, and I could tell that she liked it because her voice became unsteady, and her hand kept working hard on her clit.

"Now right into the snatch," she said.

I didn't quite understand what she meant, but she opened her real slit now and I got the idea. "Right down to the bottom, get that little tongue of yours right down to my asshole. Now stick it in, not too far at first, tease it, and tease it. Now work your way up.... Up... all the way up the slit to the clit," she said and then chuckled. Then moaned, and I was glad to see that she was having as much fun as I was.

She had me work on that for a while, spent a lot of time getting me to approach her clit from underneath it and flick my tongue up. Once I got that right, she had me doing it and stroking her belly again, while she kept on her clit.

"Make sure your girl knows she doesn't have to be shy, get her fingers in there helping you, she'll know best how to rub herself," she said.

"Okay Marty, now we get down to the short strokes," she said, but it wasn't strokes so much as licks and flicks and sucking her clit in a few different ways until I got it right.

She more or less stopped giving me clear directions, at least not with words. She grabbed the back of my head and held it down tight against her pussy with my tongue on her slippery clit.

She was moaning and groaning and bucking her hips and calling out short commands like, "There, right there," or "lick," or "suck, harder, harder, Ohhhhhh, Ahhhhh;" stuff like that.

I forgot about my cock and concentrated. Her pussy filled my world, and with my eyes closed, her clit was enormous. I worked it and worked it, thrilled by her sounds of pleasure and wanting nothing more than to get her off.

I could feel her on the edge, and it was like I was there with her.

Just a bit more, just a bit more, and then all of a sudden, "Ahhhhhhhhh, oh yess, oh yesssss, oh yesssss, good, good, good!" and she almost suffocated me the way she was grinding my face with her cunt, and almost drowned me with her juices, but I loved every minute of it.

After a while she let go of my head and I was able to sit back on my heels. I wiped my face with the back of my hand and looked up at the coolest aunt ever. She let out a long sigh, and then without really sitting up, reached down and grabbed my hair and pulled me up to her face.

She had a misty smile, she gave me a hot, sloppy kiss and then let me go again.

"That oughta cool her jets for a bit," she said. "But of course you won't always have the time or the place to do a good job like that," she added, and got me to help her sit up.

"You gotta learn how to give her the quick dirty finger whenever you can. You can do it standing up, you'll do it like that a lot, but right now I think we'll lie down," she said and led me to the divan and got me to lie down beside her face to face.

She took my hand again and guided it down to her sopping bush.

"This is a good position, see you come down from the top, over the clit and down into her slit, like that, ya. Like that... go ahead don't stop. And she should be able to get a good grip on you too. Don't worry we haven't forgotten about getting you off," she chuckled.

She reached down with one hand and started stroking my cock, her hand was all slippery from playing around in her pussy, and she used a slick, quick motion while I tried to concentrate on fingering her like she said.

"You've got to insist that she jerks you off and sucks your cock. You have to demand it, and don't take no for an answer. Oh she might pout or object, but you must be firm."

"Don't worry; she wants you so badly she'll do anything you say, and like it. She should be sucking your dick every chance she gets, keeping you all dried out. You make sure she swallows it too, it's less messy and it makes sure she gets it all. Doesn't matter if she complains, she might not like the idea of it, but that girl's gonna love having your cock down her throat."

The way she was talking, and her expert hand on my cock was driving me crazy, and she could tell because she let up a little.

"The lesson's not over yet," she warned me. "You gotta learn control too, just in case she does wrap her tight little pussy around your cock and tries to pump out your seed. That girl wants your babies, but she ain't gonna have them."

She gave me another kiss, it was like she couldn't help it, and then she started stroking me harder again.

"I guess we can't cover everything all at once," she said. "We're gonna need to do this a few more times before I let you loose on that hussy. Now, she's gonna want to fuck you, she's gonna want to have you inside her, and believe me, you're gonna want it too. When it gets to that point then all you can do is fuck her up the ass."

"Up the ass! Is that even possible?" I blurted.

"It certainly is, that super tight little hole of hers is gonna fight it, but you're gonna get it in. She's gonna scream like the dickens, but she'll get used to it, and then she'll start to like it, and believe me, you're gonna love it," she laughed and licked my ear.

That sent my load shooting right up almost all the way to her face.

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