Dreamy Ch. 13-14


Chapter Thirteen: What if?


Blushing from head to toe I hurried down Briar, hobbling because my left sock had fallen down inside my shoe and I didn't want to stop and fix it. I felt like every eye in that rich neighbourhood was on me, and they all knew what a naughty little tramp I was.

I got outta there quick; only three houses down from Marty's there was an open field and a path that led down into a ravine. Five years ago there had only been two or three houses up on "The Hill" and this whole area had been part of the woods we roved about in as a kids. So I knew it well, and knew how to get back to my part of town without showing my shameful face. The old paths were overgrown, but still there, and I followed the main one a little way until I came to the old kiddie park where I sat on the broken-down bench and fixed my shoe.

A couple of the old rope swings were still there, and since I didn't feel like being with people right then, I tested one out and when it held, I sat on it. It creaked pretty badly when I tried to swing it, so I stopped. Then, remembering a game we used to play, I threw a leg over the wooden seat, hiked up my skirt and snuggled my disappointed pussy right up against the rope.

We used to pretend we were riding horses this way and swing sideways, that's what we said, and none of us ever let on that the real reason was so we could rub our nasty parts against the rope. I closed my eyes and started thinking about Marty, about how the head of his cock had felt right there, right at the entrance to my pussy. I had been so wet and ready all he had to do was push.

Thinking about it got me goin again, and pretty soon I was starting to pant. I was thinking about how bold I'd been getting all naked for him so fast, and how much that made me feel like I loved him and wanted him to take me.

"Oh take me, Marty, take me," I moaned with my head thrown back.

I started to rock the swing side to side, like I was riding a horse, like I was riding him. And that was a new idea for me, maybe I could ride him, sit on him, maybe that would make things simpler for us. That seemed like a good idea, and I started to ride harder thinking how I could come right in my panties, right here, and it wouldn't really matter. And then Snap!

The old rope broke and I wound up on my kiester with my legs up in the air and my skirt up around my waist again. I looked around real quick like it had been somebody else's fault, but there was no one around. Nothing was hurt, so I picked myself up, fixed my skirt and dusted myself off. Feeling downcast, I headed back down the path towards town.

But I wasn't done yet; I wasn't satisfied at all, and as I kept walking with my head down I started to get a little mad. Nothing ever worked out for me; there was always a weak rope, or an angry aunt, or a Biff, to put me in my place. I never got a break, except for when Marty landed in my bed. That was my break, probably the only break I was ever gonna get. If I let him slip through my fingers then my life was over and done for.

So I started thinking about what I was gonna do about it. I started thinking that I shouldn't give up, I shouldn't be afraid of his aunt or anybody else. I wanted him, and he wanted me, he'd sure made that clear.

He was still a prisoner, and I was walking around free, so it was up to me to do something. It was up to me to go to him. I stopped right there in my tracks; could I do that? How would I do that? An idea started to form in my mind and started to get me all excited again. Just a little ways further on, I spotted an almost invisible old side trail, ducked under the branches and set off down it.

This was an especially tangled part of the woods where the trees and bushes grew tight together, but if you bent down you could worm through them, which is what we used to do, and get back to where we had our secret fort. It was a real private place, a great place to think up a plan. The natural den made by the lower branches of a pine was still there, the floor still soft and thick with old brown pine needles.

Nobody would disturb me here, and if I was going to think clearly I would have to be comfortable, so bending over under the branches I unzipped my skirt, lay it down, and sat beside it with my knees bent and my legs wide open.

"What if..." I said out loud and let my hands slip down between my legs. "What if I snuck out, say after midnight...?"

I started to rub my clit through my panties, but that wasn't good enough, so I quickly slipped them right off of my feet and lay down on top of my skirt. "This was how to think properly about Marty," I said to myself, and one hand went back to my clit while the other toyed with my wet pussy lips.

"If I wore my gym clothes, I could move real easy," and our school colours, black and blue (like the way our teams always ended up) would be real good in the dark," I thought. I lay right back and kept lazily playing with myself. I unbuttoned a couple of buttons on my sweater, but I was getting pretty hot so I said "what the hell" and took it and everything else off.

Now I felt soooo dirty, and soooo brave, lying there on the pine needles buck naked except for my shoes and socks, and started - well, not so much to plan what I might do, but to imagine it.

Getting out of my house after midnight would be a cinch. I'd slip out the window and down the oak tree like I'd done a hundred times before. Getting into his bedroom would be a piece of cake too. His bedroom was on the ground floor on the opposite side of the house from his aunt and uncle's, and in Hillsdale, at this time of year his window was sure to be open. With just my gym clothes on I'd slip right in there as silent as a shadow.

First I'd go make sure his door was locked, and then quickly strip naked, shoes and all and put all my clothes neatly in one place, on a chair or a desk or something in case I have to get them in a hurry. I wouldn't wear a brassiere, hell, I don't wouldn't even wear panties so if I had to, I could skin out of there in a second. Then I'd quietly, gently slip into bed, lay down beside him and pull back his covers.

"Oh my, Marty you naughty boy sleeping bare naked, and look, your beautiful cock is already hard. You must be dreaming about me, well your dream is about to come true darling."

I wake him with gentle, very quiet kisses so that he doesn't jump up or cry out. He opens his sleepy eyes; "Lorraine?"

"Shhh Marty, it's me, but we have to be very quiet."

"You're here, right here in my bed."

"Well you slept in my bed, so you kinda owe me, lover boy."

"And you're naked, oh my God Lorraine, you're naked right here in my bed! What are you doing?"

"Whaddya think baby," I whisper and start to kiss him all over and then we lock lips and or tongues play fiercely while our hands roam all over our completely naked bodies, stroking and fondling and probing. I feel the length of his big, beautiful cock and know that he's ready for me.

"You just lie still and be quiet, I'll take care of everything," I say.

Then I straddle him, throw a leg over like getting onto a bike, and then with one hand I hold his cock straight up like a spike. Like that I have no problem setting his head properly against my pussy lips. I'm soooo wet and ready that there's no problem as I carefully and slowly lower myself down.

It's a little tricky getting over that big head, but then I slide all the way down keeping my moans of ecstasy soft. Once I get to the bottom I just sit there for a second and cum all over him, getting everything even wetter, and then I lift up my ass, lean forward and kiss him to keep him quiet.

"Oh please Marty, don't come, oh don't come yet," I plead quietly, and he nods and holds it in even though he's dying of pleasure too. Then I just move my hips, lift my ass up and down, and soon everything is looser and I can really ride him, but not too loudly, and not too long, because I know he can't hold on forever.

Then I lift myself off and lay down beside him and lift my ass a little and spread my legs wide. He knows what to do now, and he gets in between my legs and has no problem finding my hole before he shoves it in again. This is what I wanted, to be pinned like this, lying on my back, legs in the air, getting fucked, fucked by Marty.

He strokes slowly at first, and then he urgently forces my legs back, bending me so that my knees are even with my ears, and he's thrusting hard now. I'm moaning and he's moaning.

"Oh Lorraine, Lorraine, you so beautiful, oh how I love you, I love you Lorraine Thompson!"

And his hot semen spurts into me sending me into wild convulsions of orgasm, and after several dreamy minutes he settles down on me murmuring, "Oh Lorraine, that was fantastic, oh I love you so much my sweet Lorraine."

By this time I was lying on my back with my legs in the air, bent as far back as I could do it on my own, and fucking myself with two fingers, thrusting them in as deep as they could go while my other hand rubbed my clit in hard circles.

I came thrusting my hips up against my hand and crying out "Oh, Marty, Marty, I love you too!"

Chapter Fourteen: Little Miss Night Whore


At first it went pretty much the way I'd imagined it. After midnight on a Thursday the streets of Hillsdale were dead, I kept to the shadows and didn't see a soul all the way to Briar. I got over their fence, and just like I thought, Marty's window was open. I was able to pull myself up to it easy, but then I had my first surprise; there was a screen.

Damn, the bugs weren't that bad. I pushed on it, but it wouldn't come off, and it didn't slide, but I wasn't going to let that stop me. Perched on the little ledge I gave it a hard shove with my shoulder. It popped out and fell with a clatter onto the floor, and I fell right in after it with a thump.

I lay there with my heart pounding trying to hear if someone was coming, but everything was quiet, even Marty didn't stir. I pulled the screen out of my butt and listened some more. I could just barely hear cute little snores from Marty, so I had a rough idea of where the bed was, but I wanted to get to the door first.

There wasn't a light on in the whole damned house, and I'd never been in his room before, so I just started crawling carefully in the direction I was already pointed. I banged my head against a sharp corner and dropped down flat on my belly. Holding my head and cursing under my breath, I waited again, but no one stirred.

Even with all that, I hadn't forgotten why I was there. I couldn't see, but I could smell him; his wonderful scent was everywhere, it came in through my nose, traveled right down my chest to my pussy and encouraged me to go on. Finally I found the door, slowly stood up and found he knob, which I checked really carefully to make sure it was locked. Then I followed the sound of his breathing over to the side of the bed and reached down trying to find his head.

"Oww, my eye," he groaned.

"Shhhh, sorry Marty, Shhhh," I replied as I pulled my top up over my head. I wasn't wearing a brassiere or nothing underneath. I slipped off my socks and shoes, whipped off my shorts and climbed into the bed stark naked before he had a chance to mumble my name more than a couple of times.

"Lorraine, is that you?" he asked finally waking up.

"Who else would it be?" I hissed back.

His blankets were down at the bottom of the bed, but his sheet was up around him and I fumbled around trying to get that down too. "You're here. In my bed!" he croaked.

"Shhhh," I replied finally getting a good grip on the sheet and tearing it off of him.

"And you're naked!"

"Ummmmm, and so are you, naughty boy," I replied and ran my hand down his flat stomach, grabbed his cock and had the wonderful sensation of actually feeling it grow in my hand, just like that, in seconds.

"Ahhhhhhhhh, Loraine, holy shit," he groaned way too loudly; I put my mouth over his to shut him up.

He stopped being sleepy and surprised real quick and started kissing me like mad. His tongue pushed into my mouth and started fighting with mine while he rolled me over onto my back, pulling me into the middle of the bed. His tongue was licking at mine inside my mouth and he was sucking on my lips and I was biting at his, and it was just like they say, he was driving me crazy!.

Our naked bodies rubbed up against each other, a sheet of electric pleasure crackling over me. I had one hand behind his head and the other grabbing his firm butt while I humped upwards against his shaft. He had one hand on my ass, the other mashing my tits, and we were both moaning, forgetting to be quiet.

My pussy was really dripping; I was soooo ready for him. I pushed his mouth off of mine and pleaded in his ear, "Fuck Marty; come on fuck me now!"

He moaned back, but he didn't put it in. His mouth slid down my neck and onto my breasts and he started licking and sucking them as I humped and writhed. Then he kept going down, his mouth went down to my belly and there was like a bolt of lightning down there. I gasped and grabbed him by the hair.

"Don't tease me Marty," I groaned. But he kept going; he spread my thighs, and then got his face right down between my legs.

"What are you doing!?" I demanded. I yanked on his hair and dragged his face back up onto my belly.

"You'll see, just lay back and relax," he said.

"Relax, Marty, I'm on fire, I'm dying for you. What are you doing?"

"I'm going to lick you."

"Geeze Marty, that sounds great, really it sounds like fun, but right now I want you to fuck me. I want you to put your cock inside me."

"No, no, wait you'll like this," he replied and started to go down again, but I yanked really hard and his face came all the way back up to mine.

"Geeze, Lorraine, go easy," he said.

"I don't want easy, I want to fuck."

"Ahhhh, sure, sure, we can do that. Ahh, but first I really want you to, ahhh, give me a blow job."

"What are you talking about?" I demanded. I was getting very frustrated by all this talk.

My pussy was flooded, my legs were wide open, and I was in his bed, what the hell more did he want. I had one hand on his cock, and it sure was ready, all we had to do was... just do it!

"I want you to suck my cock," he said.

"Ohhh Marty, that sounds great," I replied, and I meant it. "I do want to suck your cock, I'd love to suck your cock. I'll suck your cock all night long, after you fuck me," I replied hissing into his ear while jerking his cock furiously.

"Ahhhggggh," he groaned and I felt his hot semen come spurting out over my hand and onto my belly.

"Oh no, Marty, what did you do?" I demanded in horror.

'Ahhhh, shit I'm sorry, Lorraine, I came."


"Well damn it, you surprised me in the middle of the night, and you're so... naked, and sexy and you talk so dirty, I couldn't help myself. But don't worry, it'll come back, you just got to give me a few minutes."

It was still hard in my hand, "Can't you put it in right now?" I asked hopefully.

"Well maybe... sure that would be okay. Ya, that would be okay, I already shot my load. Sure, let's give it a try," he said. He took it from me and we shifted around on the bed, and he tried, but just when I could feel the head, and his fist around it pushing at my pussy lips, he pulled it away. "It's no use, its gone soft," he said.

"Argghhhhhh," I growled and kicked at him with my legs. I got up and sat on the edge of the bed. "God damn it Marty, I snuck all the way across town, and almost killed myself getting in your window and you can't even fuck me?"

"I can, I can, just give me some time."

"Well I gotta be back home before sun up, lover boy."

He was sitting beside me now, rubbing my back, stroking my hair, which calmed me down some, but it didn't make me any less horny.

"Really, it might help if you suck it," he said.

I looked at him suspiciously; "I'll suck your damned cock Marty, I don't mind. Come on, lay down," I said, and then thought to myself "After all this trouble I sure as hell don't want to go home with an empty pussy.

Once he lay down I got over top of him and leaned down face-to-face; "Keep quiet and concentrate, but I'm warning you, as soon as that thing gets hard it's goin in. You better not try to stop me."

"I won't, I promise, you get it hard, you can do what you want with it," he whispered.

I went down his belly, feelin my way with my hands and my nose, right down into his bush and found the little bastard hidin down there. It was easy to take all of into my mouth shrunk up like that, so I took it in and sucked on it. I didn't really know what I was supposed to be doing; I felt like biting it, I felt like biting it right off at the moment, but that wouldn't have helped my situation any.

I pulled it out of my mouth and grabbed the shaft with one hand and tried to pull the damn thing back into shape. I pulled and pulled and kept going back and licking and sucking the cute head, which was all silky.

Even though I was pretty eager to get on to other things, it still felt good, and it kept me wet, doin that to him. Pretty soon I could feel it starting to swell, and that was really neat. It was exciting to feel it start to fill up my mouth, to grow and harden. I kept doin what I was doin, but harder and faster now, pulling at his shaft, kinda using the head as a handy grip.

I pulled and it got harder, I licked and sucked the head and it got wet, like a pussy, and I thought that was a very hopeful sign.

He started to moan and say things like, "Oh ya, that's it Lorraine, like that, don't stop," and I had to shush him a couple of times.

Now I was up on my knees with my head down in his crotch, I had my fist all the way around his shaft, which was long enough for me to stroke up and down with one hand and rub my pussy with the other. I wasn't going to give him any warning this time. I spread my pussy lips a little with my fingers and got everything good and ready.

Then suddenly grabbed the back of my head and shoved me back down onto his cock, thrusting it hard up into my mouth and I had to spit it out because I started coughing.

"Shhh, Shhh," he warned, but I couldn't stop hacking. My eyes were watering, and I had trouble catching my breath, but I sure as hell wasn't going to stop now.

I climbed up on top of him and started to ride my pussy lips along his shaft, and I couldn't help moaning a little too, it felt so good, we were so close. He had his hands down there, I didn't know if he was trying to help or not, but he was just getting in the way so I grabbed them and pulled them up over his head and held them there. Then I lowered my mouth onto his and started kissing him to keep us both quiet.

With my hands busy like that, I started humping at him, trying to grab the head of his cock with my pussy so it would slide right up inside me. It felt wonderful, but it just wouldn't go in, and I wanted it inside me so much that I really started humping and rocking, and well, I guess I was actually banging the headboard against the wall. I was just getting it in, I had just hooked it when the door burst open and the light came on. I froze.

"Damn," Marty said covering his face with his arm.

"Oh fuck!" I shouted as I looked at Aunt Julie standing there with his uncle right behind her. He looked surprised and a little embarrassed, she didn't look surprised, just angry, and she had a knife in her hand.

"But, but I locked the door," Marty protested peeking out from under his arm.

"It's not much of a damned lock, you idiot," his aunt replied and held up the knife, which I saw was just butter knife. Still, she pointed it right at me when she said; "Girl, get the hell off of his cock, right now!"

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