Dreamy Ch. 15-17


Chapter Fifteen: A girl needs a little something


The next morning, Friday, I was waking up from a restless sleep. I had my hand on my hard dick and was just starting to stroke it when I got a stinging slap on my bare ass.

"Owwww!" I shouted, more from surprise than actual pain, and tried to curl myself up into a tiny ball. I'd forgotten that Aunt Julie could get into my room any time she pleased.

"Get your lazy bum out of bed and get yourself cleaned up. I want to see you scrubbed and dressed up in what you're wearing to the dance. In the living room in thirty minutes," she commanded.

"Yes, Aunt Julie," I replied.

Still in a ball, I looked over my shoulder and had a bleary vision of her naked back and ass as she sauntered out of the room.

I was there right on time, sports coat on, tie all straightened away. She kept me waiting for a half hour before she walked into the room. For something like that, I woulda waited a week!

She wore a lavender gown way off her shoulders; I mean it looked like she was topless even though she was dressed. The bodice was tight up from her waist and seemed to come to just above her nipples. Her porcelain breasts heaved up out of it like a baby's bum, I mean a big freckly assed baby.

Her long neck and smooth rounded shoulders were naked, she didn't even have any kind of necklace on, and she wore these matching gloves that came all the way up over her elbows, right up level with the bottom of her tits, and somehow they made her look even more naked.

It wasn't slinky like the one she'd had on the other night when I almost fucked her, this was more like a prom dress that a high school senior might wear, a really grown up senior. It was tight at the waist and then flared out at the hips before sweeping down to the floor in gossamer folds. Under the lavender there was some kind of nude coloured material that made it look like she was naked under those thin layers of silk.

Man, her thick hair was swept off her face and tucked behind her pixie ears, piled up on top of her head and then tumbled down over her shoulders and part way down her back. She had large pearl drop earrings, and not a lot of makeup - she didn't need it with her red lips and green eyes.

"Fuuuuk," I said to myself and almost dropped to my knees to worship her. Sorry Lorraine, but no schoolgirl in the world could have competed with her. For a moment I forgot where the hell I was and what the hell I was supposed to be doing.

"Oh Marty," she said in a breathless, girly tone; "you look soooo dreamy I just wanna eat you right up."

She snaked her arms around my neck and puckered her lips. "What's the matter Marty, aren't you going to kiss me?" and then she abruptly pushed me away and stood with her hands on her hips. "Don't you like the way I look?"

She cocked her hip and turned a little to the side making her boobs ripple inside the stiff cups of the dress. They were practically spilling out the side as well as the front. She turned a little more and I could see how tightly it hugged her soft skin, and there was the, oh-so-inviting zipper running down the back. A little gold purse with long thin straps dangled from her hand just like she was on her way out.

"No you look...uhh...look lovely, heavenly, divine...uhh... Jules?" I said, my voice raising a couple of octaves as I pulled at my tight collar.

She nodded and gave me a little smile. "Well thank you Marty," she replied with a bit of a pout. "But I hope I don't look too heavenly, I was really hoping we might get down to earth tonight, if you know what I mean," she gave me a broad wink.

I took a couple of quick steps forward and grabbed her by her wonderful bare shoulders. "You look very...womanly...very sexy," I said and gave her a kiss. I tried to make it a passionate kiss, but she fended it off.

"Marty, don't be so bold in front of all these people, you don't want me getting a reputation do you. Come on let's get in the car where we can have a little privacy at least," she said and went to stand expectantly by the side of the couch.

I'd thought she just wanted to inspect me and make sure I looked proper for the dance, but now I realized we were going to have a kind of rehearsal. That was cool with me. I went up to her and pretended to open a car door. She sat down on the couch. I closed the door and hurried around the coffee table to get in from the other side.

"You're such a fox, Marty Fox bringing me here to lovers lane before the dance." she said as she squirmed and half reclined with her arms spread wide across he top of the couch.

I took that for an invitation and immediately slid over tight against her and gathered her towards me.

``Well I thought we should get to know each other a little better, you know, in private," I said.

"That sounds like a great idea, Marty, I hope you brought a bottle."

"Oh, ah...no I didn't. I..."

"Well that's very disappointing. Doncha know that a girl needs a little something to loosen her up," she pouted.

Pulling herself from my embrace she sat back in the seat with her arms crossed under her bosom practically heaving her breasts over the top.


"And I thought you wanted to have a good time."

"I do, oh Jules I really do," I replied turning red. It occurred to me that there might be something behind the bar that I could grab, but before I could make a move she produced a flask from out of her little purse.

"Well it's a good thing I did then isn't it," she laughed all devilish and happy.

"You're a lifesaver Jules," I said as I watched her very expertly unscrew the silver stopper and take a dainty, but very long gulp before offering it to me.

"I swiped it from my mother's liquor cabinet," she grinned wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

I took a swallow, straight gin burning down my throat at nine thirty in the morning - I really had to get myself suspended more often.

"But next time you have to produce, Marty, a girl shouldn't have to bring her own refreshment," she admonished.

"Of course," I agreed, handing it back to her.

"Now that's better," she said with real satisfaction and returned the flask to her purse without offering me another drink.

I didn't complain because she immediately threw herself at me, her boozy, smeared lips fastening onto mine while her bodice rubbed vigorously against me like she was purposefully trying to force it down off of her tits.

We really started going at it, man she was a good kisser. Her lips were so soft, and her tongue was so lively that one instant it owned my mouth, and the next it was dodging all over the place so I could hardly find it. She got my zipper down and my hard cock out in no time and was stroking it.

"Oh Marty, Marty I want you so badly, but I don't want to mess up my dress," she said.

"Well, if I pull my pants down, and you pull the top of your dress down, you could probably get my cock all the way into your mouth, and if you swallow..."

"I want you to make me a woman, not a...well you know... come on, we can do it properly if we're quick," she replied. "In the back seat."

I just kept being amazed by Aunt Julie. Besides being drop dead sexy and gorgeous and smart, she was also a hell of an actress. She left me sitting there with my dick sticking out of my pants and got off the couch. And damn it if I didn't believe that she was outside the car - I believed it so much that I felt a real sense of shock when she started unzipping her dress - out there where anybody might see her. Man she was one crazy chick.

Seriously, I got out of the car and stood looking at her. "What are you doing?" I hissed so as not to draw attention to us.

"I'm not wearing any panties," she hissed back, like that explained everything.

She stripped off her dress and laid it on the coffee table. Then she wriggled out of her knee-length slip and put it on top. For just a second she stood there in her strapless white brassiere, wide garter belt and stockings, and yep, no panties. I coulda seen that flaming red bush of hers a mile away.

Giggling, she jumped into the back seat and spread her legs as far as she could. "Lose the pants lover boy and get in her and show me who's boss," she said.

I whipped off my sports coat, and only fell down once getting my dress pants and tightie whities off. I clambered eagerly on top of her with one shoe on and one lying outside in the gravel. My tie was still on, and my shirt still buttoned all the way to the top, but I didn't even notice that. As soon as I got on top of her she grabbed my cock and started guiding it towards her slit.

"Oh Marty, I hope you don't think I'm too easy," she teased.

Okay that was a clue, and I clued in with great difficulty.

"Wait, wait...Jules just hang on a second okay," I said, and managed to back my hips up until she lost her grip.

"What's the matter Marty?" she asked innocently.

"We...uh...we can't do it that way," I replied sweat pouring down my face.

"What other way is there lover?" she asked thrusting her hips up at me even as she coyly batted her eyelashes.

"Roll over," I croaked. "Uh roll over on your stomach, and get up on your hands and knees."

"Oh like that, you really are a naughty boy Marty," she replied with a wicked grin, and to my relief she rolled over and came up onto her hands and knees.

She looked over her shoulder at me, "if that's the way you want it, but hurry, sweetheart, I want you so bad."

I took several deep breaths. Her bum was powdery white and exquisitely shaped, framed beautifully by her stockings and garter belt. I wanted to take a picture; I wanted to paint a fucking portrait of it. I wanted to die right there so it would be the last thing I the world I ever saw. I stroked her rump with trembling finger and then bent forward and kissed each cheek again and again.

She giggled and wiggled. "Stop teasing," she said.

I played the head of my cock against her swollen pussy lips and she moaned and pushed back towards it; "Oh yes, oh yes, fuck me Marty."

I groaned and brought it up and started playing around her much tighter hole. God it was inviting, just the thought of shoving it in there almost made come.

"That tickles," she giggled and waggled her butt some more, "but you need to go lower."

I had a good firm grip on my cock, and had it centred on her asshole. I tentatively placed it on target and gave it a little shove.

"Marty!" she squealed. "It doesn't go there. Don't you know what you're doing?"

I wasn't really listening. The head of my cock was leaking furiously by now, and I rubbed some of the fluid around her puckered button and tried another little push.

"Marty!" she shouted angrily. "You idiot, that's the wrong hole!!"

Before I could push again she dropped flat on the couch with her legs tight together and her ass cheeks clenched into solid marble. I collapsed on top of her with my cock resting in the shallow crevice between her cheeks. I came a little, but managed to control myself. I didn't want to come like that. Damn it, I wanted to come inside her - if not in her ass, then at least her mouth, or hell, why not in her pussy?

"What the hell are you trying to do back there!?" she exclaimed angrily with her face pressed tight into the couch.

"We don't want to get you in trouble, Jules, we have to be careful not to get you pregnant," I managed to get out between ragged breaths.

"So you were trying to stick it in my bum?!! Marty that is so dirty and disgusting."

"But Jules it's the safest way, and really if you give it a chance you'll like it," I replied but I didn't sound convincing even to myself.

"Have you ever had a cock up your bum?" she demanded.

"No of course not."

"Then how do you know? Get off, get off of me right now you nasty boy!" she exclaimed and started bucking without opening her thighs or unclenching her butt cheeks.

I fell back against the arm of the couch bewildered and frustrated. It wasn't supposed to go like this.

She scrambled out of the car and immediately stepped into her slip. "I thought you loved me Marty, I thought you wanted to make a woman out of me, not a...a... catamite!"

That stopped me. I slowly got up and got out of he car, nodding. There was no way in hell Lorraine would know that word. Aunt Julie looked more fetching than ever, her skin in high colour as she tucked her boobs back into her half brassiere and started shimmying into her amazing dress.

"That's sodomy, Marty!" she was still going on, but I could see that the corners of her mouth were trembling and there was a sparkle in her eyes.

"It not only unnatural, its illegal. Illegal I tell you!" she was pointing a finger at me as she tried to step back into her heels, but her face had dissolved into laughter, and soon she was almost doubled over.

By the time I'd dressed and straightened my tie, she'd recovered and stood with her back to me.

"Zip me up," she commanded. "And then you can take me to the dance, but you'd better be ready to do some sweet talking mister."

God I loved my Aunt Julie.

Chapter Sixteen: Comeuppance


The long ruler smacked down on my desk just inches from where my head rested on my arms.

"Lorraine Thompson, you wake up this very instant!"

"Oh crap", I thought as my head snapped up.

Last night had been very long and eventful so I had a reason for being so tired, but then again, it wasn't the first time I'd fallen asleep in class over the years. Sadly, this was not a new thing for me.

"What am I going to do with you, you slovenly girl?"

The ruler was thrust under my chin and poked upwards. I had to stand up to keep from having my windpipe crushed. Now that was new.

Still foggy and confused I rose to my feet, blushing as the kids in class all had a good hoot. I could hear Biff's big stupid guffaw above all the rest. That was painfully familiar. As the sleep cleared from my eyes I looked up and saw that it wasn't Mrs Simmons at the end of the ruler, it was Marty's Aunt Julie. Now that was strange.

It was Aunt Julie, all right, but she was dressed like Maureen O'Hara in 'Against all flags.' She wore black leather boots that came all the way up almost to her crotch, which was covered by skintight black leather pants. A big black belt held together a silky white blouse that didn't have any buttons at all, and underneath that you could see more black material, like a dancehall girl's corset.

Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail as thick as a rope, and she brandished the long ruler just like a sword, or a whip.

"Silence!" it came down hard on the desk again making nearly pee my panties - if I was wearing any, something I couldn't remember at the moment. The classroom went dead quiet.

"Up to the front, up, up!" she commanded tapping my shoulder hard with her ruler.

"Stand and face the class - head up."

I went to the front of the class and clasped my hands in front of me. I was back to the familiar again.

"What am I supposed to do with you, with all of you so-called young women? Lazy, shabby, timid, inept; I tell you in my day we had real women. Up, up all of you, up to the front of the class."

Desks scraped as the other girls hustled to stand in a row. I was left standing to the side so I could look down the line and see them all. Aunt Julie turned on the boys who'd moved up from the back seats to the desks near the front.

"And not a word out of you lot. You may watch, but not a word or I'll whack your pee-pee's until their black and blue."

Biff seemed to like that idea, but he was quiet like all the rest.

"Ha, whack it if you can find it," I thought.

"Sweaters off, blouses off, skirts off, slips off!" Aunt Julie shouted slapping the ruler against her boot.

We all started unbuttoning and unzipping as fast as we could without so much as a whisper of complaint. Every one down lickity split to their underwear.

I knew all the girls, had known them all since kindergarten, and now they stood in a row like soldiers looking straight ahead with their arms by their sides, ignoring the boys who had their cocks sticking out of their zippers and were playing with themselves under the desks.

I was kept off to the side, but it didn't mean that I was left alone. Aunt Julie looked me up and down and then went around behind me. I felt her sharp nails bite into my bum and I let out a surprised squeal.

"Pay attention," she said.

She went down the line critiquing each girl mercilessly. "Too fat, too skinny, hair messy, knees dirty."

The girls just stood there, looking straight ahead biting their lips. She put down the ruler and then went after their underwear. She complained about the fit of their brassieres and panties, the straightness of their stockings, and the girl who wasn't wearing stockings she called a lazy Tomboy.

She rounded on me. She flicked my curl with her finger. "Hmmmmm," she said.

She ran a hand along one shoulder strap and let it fall. Then with the nail of her forefinger she made a line down the short bit of exposed skin before she got to my panties. She grabbed my waistband with both hands and yanked them down past my belly button, down almost to my bush.

"You girls," she said shaking her head.

I gulped, but did just like the other girls, stared straight ahead, and sweated.

She looked me over again. "Not bad," she conceded and then shocked me again by bending down and giving me a fierce French kiss.

I took it; I opened up for her demanding tongue and let her have her way. I was panting when she was done. She traced my lower lip with her finger and then moved around behind me.

"Don't move," she said.

To the girls she shouted, "Everything off, you dowdy Donna's. Get naked right now!"

While the girls hurriedly stripped I could feel her behind me, pressing up against me. She stroked my shoulders and my sides, and reached round to toy with my belly.

"They're not such a big deal," she whispered in my ear causing a flash flood in my pussy. I could hear my knees knocking loudly together.

"Her tits are to small, her shoulders to round; look how saggy that one's ass is, and she's only eighteen. Blotchy skin, limp hair, unshaven legs and unkempt bushes, no boy likes that," she went on, still talking quietly in my ear.

She dropped my other shoulder strap, gave my back strap a vicious snap and then unhooked it. My brassiere fell off my arms and down my tits; I opened my arms and let it fall to the floor. From behind she stroked and groped my breasts, and tweaked my nipples.

"Very nice form she said, very nice size," she whispered to me.

"Go on now, all of you, go get the boys. Suck their cocks, lick their balls, kiss their asses!" she suddenly commanded.

I knew that she didn't mean me because she had a forearm wrapped around my neck and her other hand was down inside my half lowered panties scratching at my bush.

"You really could use a trim too, my dear," she growled.

And then the rest of my clothes magically disappeared and I was still standing with Aunt Julie, but it was like I could see everything that was happening in the room, from every angle. And she was moving about the room slapping and pinching and criticizing.

"Suck girl, suck, and put some effort into it. Get your face into his balls; they won't bite you. For the love of Mike, is that the best you can do?"

I was terrified and aroused, and also happy to see them all getting their comeuppance. My hand was down in my bush now, down there rubbing circles above my clit.

"My God, that is the smallest penis I've ever seen in my life!" she suddenly exclaimed.

She was looking at Biff who was standing in front of Betty Lou who was on her knees trying to get a grip on his tiny limp dick.

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