The tires kicked dust and gravel as my car curled into the long, country driveway. I could see the rows of picnic tents and tables reflecting up waves of the sultry afternoon heat. I straightened my stretchy, black pants around my pert, thong-clad ass, and pulled my low-cut shirt down even lower, to display my heaping 36D breasts.

My long, brown, silky hair was freshly highlighted with thin stripes of creamy blonde, and I knew that I looked like I had better places to be on a Saturday afternoon than at a family get together. The truth was, after ditching my predictable and unsatisfying football pig of a boyfriend, I figured I could use a change of scenery. So when I got the invitation in the mail, I thought a drive to the outskirts of town, to be with the one group of people that always had praises for me, would do just the trick.

I began to scan the crowd for familiar faces, but I hadn't seen many of these aunts and uncles since I was three, just barely fifteen years ago. Nevertheless, soon they gathered around me, hugging and pinching and oogling, as all relatives seem to find the need to do. My uncles all blushed with nervous longing as I bit my full, luscious lips... and my art-school aunt from New York kept going on about how deep and soulful my chocolatey eyes were.

Growing bored quite quickly with my present company, I noticed a group of about five guys, probably in their twenties, sitting on the porch and drinking. Most of them were rather plain looking, but my eyes were drawn immediately to the one in the corner. He strummed and plucked at a ruby red bass guitar, and his hair and eyes were a warm, glossy black. I walked over to them, and, seeing that all of the chairs were taken, seated myself at his feet. He raised an eyebrow and introduced himself... Scott, a distant cousin... and then returned to his playing, as all of the other guys tried their best to catch my attention, telling jokes and complementing my supple young body.

I hardly noticed, as I wondered how I could have previously missed out on meeting this delicious creature. Yet, he was my cousin. Then, he lifted the guitar from his lap to procure and light a cigarette. My gaze trailed to his crotch, and my mouth watered. It wasn't hard, but I could see the definition of his large organ against the folds of his jeans. My pussy began to heat up as he leaned over and pulled a wine cooler from an ice chest at his side. He tilted it toward me in a quiet offering, but I coolly declined, knowing that the chance to part my lips around the bottle's smooth opening would make me yearn for my cousin's cock all the more.

I was concentrating heavily on him as he leisurely smoked, just hoping for a peek at his soft, pink tongue in between puffs. Just then, one of his friends stumbled into the table behind me, and the pitcher of beer toppled over, spilling all down my front. My stiffened nipples now clung to the thin of my shirt obtrusively, and my hair slowly grew cum-bath sticky. Scott reached for my hands, and helped me to my feet. Shyly, I let my eyes meet his... and I found that he was staring at me in the most indescribable way. I couldn't quite place it... but it was a wonderfully intriguing look. The clamor of the table's contents aroused the attention of the aunts, and soon they were swarming around me with towels and blankets. Scott slipped away in the commotion, and I shook all of the relatives off to enter the house.

I told my aunt Maura that I figured I had better go back home to clean up, and get some rest, but that I hadn't had a chance to say goodbye to Scott.

"He's in his room," she replied.

I mounted the stairs somewhat eagerly. He door was shut, but just slightly ajar, so I walked in without knocking. There Scott lay, writhing and jerking his meat. It was even bigger than I had gauged, nine inches at the least, and as big around as a pop can. He was as hard as a brick, purply-red hot and coated smooth with KY jelly. He jumped, and yanked the bedclothes over his crotch, in a futile attempt to hide his play.

"Don't stop..." I coaxed, throatily, and turned to close and lock the door. I turned back around, slowly removing my shirt. He was completely still, watching me in hungry awe. He had stopped stroking his engorged member, but uncovered it again and let it point straight up at the ceiling.

I straddled him, and unfastened my bra. I rubbed his face between my bouncy tits as I led his hands to my waist. He hastily removed my pants, and I saw his gorgeous prick twitch when he was confronted with my silky red thong.

I pumped his lathered cock in my hand, then both of my hands, then pressed between my breasts. I nuzzled my face all over its head, swirling my tongue around it, and moaning. It tasted soooo good, with the glistening salty drops of his pre-cum. His member throbbed and pulsed against my lips and tongue, and I couldn't bear not to have him down my throat. As I eased down his shaft, engulfing it with soft gags, he turned my legs around and spread them wide over his shoulders. I felt the tip of his tongue test my clit, and I shivered. He lapped between my already dripping pussy lips until I was groaning around his cock. He ate and ate and ate wildly at me, raking the bud of my clit with his teeth, and carrying me to the very edge of the hottest orgasm I had ever experienced. But right before I came over the edge, he stopped, and jerked his succulent cock from my wanting mouth. My body wriggled restlessly; I was aching for my cousin's raging erection.

Without a word, he bent me over his bed, and, teasing me with his fingers, positioned his tip at my honey-soaked opening. I knew that I was extremely tight, and I had no idea how I could ever hold something as huge as his cock, but I wanted it more than anything. I was feverish with desire. I wanted my cousin to pound me hard and deep and full of his massive cock.

He massaged my cunt open with his cock head, letting it throb against my clit. I whimpered and tried to slide back onto him.

"My little cousin's got a great ass..." He then grabbed it roughly and I rubbed it against his hands.

"And her pussy's so slick..." He rolled his beating head against it again and I wilted. "Is she this wet all for me?"

I nodded pitifully and begged in a coy little voice,

"Pleeeeease fuck me, Scott. I want you to fill me with your cock."

He could no longer resist, and he slammed the entire enormous rod up me. I cried out, and he slowly retreated, then rammed it even deeper. I felt a shattering, and I could feel him stretching my walls and bumping against the very end of my tunnel. I closed my eyes and bit my lip as he thrust it in and out... it, seemingly growing larger and harder than it had ever been at the sensation of my soaked, confining pussy. He was groaning in little grunts, with his eyes rolled back into his head.


His cock buried to the hilt in his own voluptuous cousin, he bent over her and fondled her heaving tits. I arched my back, and he increased his rhythm, his balls slapping weightily against my ass. I gripped him tight with my inner muscles, and started to grind back against him. I could feel the blood and cum pulsing through his dick, and I started to cum in shuddering spasms. He continued to plunge into me, pushing my whole body forward with his powerful thrusts. At last, his cock twitched and erupted. He moaned loudly, and I squeezed up and down his rod, milking him. When he shot the last of his huge, hot load, I pressed my ass back against him and let him cream as far into my depths as possible.

He withdrew very smoothly, and stuffed his sopping dick into my mouth. I licked and sucked it clean, not wanting to waste a drop, as he gradually began to soften, and his hot seed poured from my well-sexed cunt down the insides of my thighs.

I opened my eyes to his grinning face, and at once I knew what he had been thinking when he saw me drenched with the pitcher of beer. It wasn't a look of torment, or even amusement... it was a look of wanting to lick it off of me.

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