tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDrenched Ch. 03

Drenched Ch. 03


This is the continuation of my story about my first adventures with Conor, Nate and Beth. Please read the previous chapters if you haven't already. And at the end of this one, I have a little something to tell you.


"Conor," I said again.

He said nothing for a beat longer than I expected. I was still in the position Beth left me; completely nude, chest heaving, my breasts swelling and slightly bouncing in time with my breaths, legs bent at the knees and spread wide, my pussy gushing with juice, pouring out of me.

I needed to be fucked. I needed Conor to fuck me. Immediately. Every part of me was splayed open to him. But his silence dragged on.

Another beat. From Beth's bedroom, the sounds of sex began to emerge. Another wave of wetness poured from me in response. I was dying.


"No. Don't say anything else." Finally, his voice broke the tension but I couldn't read his intentions yet. Still, I sat in front of him on full display, pussy glistening, the juices slick on my inner thighs.

He stood up. His shirt was already off from the game of truth or dare - his abdomen rippled and his firm chest and shoulders seemed ripe with strength.

"Please." I was begging. Begging him to take me and make me his. My eyes swelled with frustrated tears, clouding my vision. But I was still able to make out Conor reaching down to his belt, and slowly unbuckling it.

"Yes. Please." My pussy gushed again in anticipation, I could feel the wave of it come out of me. I saw Conor's eyes watching me, he saw it too. I leaned up and grasped my breasts, pulling my nipples. They felt ready to explode.

Conor's belt fell unclasped, and his strong hands moved to unbutton his jeans. Unable to remain merely an object of display any longer, I made my way on my knees over to him. I reached up, gliding my hands up his firm stomach, feeling his chest. I brought them back downward over his nipples, small and firm, and brought my hands together at his waistline. His erection was nearly bursting through, I could feel the heat radiating from it. I unbuttoned his jeans and with great pleasure pulled his zipper down. Such a delicious sound it made, I can still hear it in my mind. His cock strained outward through his boxer briefs, the faintest spot of wetness at the tip. I nearly came at the sight of it.

I looked up at him, into his eyes. He smiled. I knew everything was going to be alright, I beamed at him and the slightest tear squeezed out from my left eye. He reached down and gently wiped it away.

I grabbed his hand and brought his wet finger to my mouth, drawing it in and tasting the salty tear. His finger slipped out of my mouth, tracing circles around my bottom lip, and he ran his fingers through my now-wild head of hair.

From the bedroom, the sounds of sex got louder. Which only served to urge me onward.

I grasped the waist of Conor's briefs and pulled them down, freeing his cock. It pulsed and throbbed, inches from my face, hot and nearly dripping with precome. He stepped out of his underwear, his heavy balls (nicely shaved, I must say) swaying. I cupped them, feeling their weight. They practically burned my palms.

With the most delicacy I could muster, I kissed the tip of his cock, gliding the slick tip across my lips like lipstick. His come tasted much like my tears had, salty but sweeter, thick enough to coat my lips. He ran his fingers through my hair again, and I kissed my way down his shaft toward his beautiful balls. The heat of his cock burned my cheek. I licked lightly at his sack and gently sucked one of his balls into my mouth. His breath caught, and he sighed "yes". I ran my tongue across and around his testicle ever so gently, moving my left hand to his shaft. Dear God he was hard, and hot - hotter than any man I'd been with before. He was around 7.5 inches long, by my guess, and quite thick. I ran simultaneous circles with my tongue around his balls and my fingertip on the head of his cock, occasionally dipping into the wetness that swelled from the tip. My pussy dripped onto my thighs, my back arched and breasts thrust forward, my nipples touched his legs.

I worked my mouth up his shaft and took the head of his cock into my mouth. I looked up at him, waiting a beat in punishment for him making me wait earlier. With mercy, and a brief devilish smile, I took all of him into my mouth and throat. I reached around his firm ass with my right hand while continuing to massage his balls with my left. He groaned with pleasure and pulled my hair.

Conor's cock was magnificent - hard as iron, but silky smooth and lined with powerful veins, which I lovingly lapped and nibbled on in-between agonizingly long strokes of my mouth upon him. I drew the precome out of him with each upward movement, the taste of it seemed to push my body into overdrive. I could feel my pussy lips get even more engorged and splayed open, aching and drenched. I drew his delicate glans into my mouth, massaging them between my tongue and lips, while shifting my left hand from his balls to the base of his shaft. I sucked him and stroked him, adoring every inch of this man, worshipping him. He stroked my cheek and exhaled in what sounded like conflicted tones - he was close to coming, and didn't want to.

Taking the cue, I gave him one last extremely long, deep suck, keeping him in the depths of my throat for a couple of intense seconds, my nose buried in his soft pubic hair. I was giving him everything I knew how to do, I wanted him to never forget this moment. I pulled away, drawing upon him and getting a few more precious drops of precome as the reward. He popped out of my mouth, and I let go of him completely. His cock pulsed in time with his heartbeat, throbbing and ready to burst.

He reached out for my hand, and he pulled me up; bizarrely, it made me feel like a lady, however wanton and crazed, but still a beautiful woman in the middle of an encounter with a real man. He looked at my body, my swollen breasts with painfully erect pink nipples, my trim but soft tummy and my pussy literally dripping in anticipation of being filled by the cock I just lavished with attention.

He pulled me close and we kissed. It was the most amazing, gentle, full-of-portent kiss of my life. And as we kissed, Beth began screaming in the throughs of orgasm. "Yes! Fuck me! Harder! Yes!" In response, our kiss intensified and he crushed my body into his. I came. I raised up on my tiptoes, my nipples bent double, dragging trails upward against his chest. Juices were streaming down my legs. He moved his hands down my back and cupped my ass, fingers working toward the cleft between my legs. He found a virtual reservoir of wetness, and hadn't even yet touched my pussy. I was covered in juices, and he massaged it into my buttocks, fingers leaving trails of wetness across my skin, cooling in the air. My small orgasm subsided, I shuddered and wobbled against him and broke the kiss, resting my forehead against his collar bone.

Conor moved his hands upward around my waist and toward my breasts. I arched them toward him, and he rewarded me by not playing around and squeezed them fiercely with both hands. He kneaded and lifted them, pulling and moving them, getting to know them. I reached down and took his blazing hot cock into my hand once again, wetting my wrist with his precome. He rolled both my nipples between his fingers, tugging them, pulling my tits outward, releasing them and springing back. I stroked him roughly, testing the tensile strength of his erection. I could tell I was going to be in sweet delicious pain very shortly.

The screams in the other room intensified, then subsided. Conor and I smiled at each other, knowing it would be our turn soon. We kissed again, and he worked his left hand downward from my breasts toward my wetness below. He drug his fingers through my tiny landing strip and plunged into my folds. My legs spread and my hips angled toward his hand out of pure instinct. He reached out deeper and covered my entire dripping pussy with his hand and palm.

"You are soooo wet, Becca. It's unreal."

"All night, through the whole game, I was thinking of you, hoping this would happen and you'd take me. Conor, please..."

His right hand pulled my chin upward toward his open lips, our tongues explored each others' mouths. His fingers began to explore my pussy in turn, gliding across my aching clit and plunging a finger into my hole. I wrapped a leg around him, as I clutched more tightly around his chest. He rewarded me with a second finger. Ordinarily, it might be too soon and be uncomfortably stretched, but not tonight. I was so wet and ready. He circled my clit with his thumb and curled his fingers upon my g-spot, which I've already mentioned is very prominent and sensitive. I gasped and bit down on his shoulder, probably harder than necessary. He began to finger fuck me, upon each outward stroke making sure to curl and press my g-spot button. The wet noise of his fingers gliding in and out, and his palm slapping my open lips was erotic in the extreme. I could feel splashes of wetness hit my thighs. His free arm pulled tighter around my back and the finger fucking got harder. I came again, all over Conor's hand. It quite simply poured out of me. I thrashed around, hips bucking, my head reared back and I saw the ceiling as I screamed in ecstasy. My leg that was wrapped around Conor squeezed like a python, and with one last orgasmic wave I exploded. I unwrapped myself from him and stepped away, unable to be touched for a moment. I struggled to catch my breath.

"Are you alright?"

"Oh my God yes."

I rushed back into his arms and kissed him with all my might. His wet hand painted swirls upon my back and tits. I needed his cock in me that instant.

"Fuck me," I panted.

"Not yet. Beth got to do something to you earlier that I've just got to try for myself."

He angled me down toward the ground, taking control of my body with his masculine strength. Once again, I was in the position: legs bent at the knees and spread wide, sitting back on my butt with my arms propping me up from behind. My chest arched and my C-cup tits perched proudly on top.

I knew what was coming.

I smiled, and said, "I'm all yours."

Conor looked upon my nakedness for a moment, and bent his face downward toward mine. He placed himself between my legs, my pussy's heat radiating upward toward him. He kissed me briefly, then worked downward and drew a nipple into his mouth. Alternating sucking gently then roughly, he swirled my nipple in his mouth. He withdrew, blew cold air on my nipple, which grew harder in delicious pain, and sucked it back into his mouth. He pulled as much of my tit into his mouth as he could, which felt amazing and strange, indescribable. He switched breasts and gave the other the same treatment. I was his splayed-open feminine object of sex.

My pussy ached for attention, and he knew it. He nudged downward giving my ribs and tummy delicate kisses. Ticklish, I giggled, which made my breasts bounce. Noticing, Conor grinned and did it again, only this time more roughly. I laughed loudly and squeezed him with my thighs. "Stop it!" I laughed. He chuckled and pressed his lips to my belly button, pressing his tongue into the indention. He drew concentric circles outward, but moving closer to my awaiting pussy. I wanted his mouth on me so bad, I spread my legs even wider and could feel my sticky, dripping lips touch the muscles of his chest.

He finally (finally!!) moved into position: face to face with my inflamed, engorged, impossibly wet and ravaged pussy, which despite the night's action was hungry for more. He gazed upon it, blew air upon me, I changed the angle of my legs and could feel the lips open wider. I was gaping. He grabbed my hips with both hands and dove in.

Much of what followed was a blur. He sucked and nibbled my clit. His tongue dove deeply into me. He bathed me with his tongue. He sucked into his mouth the entirety of my pussy lips, drawing them in and massaging them with his tongue. He drank the wetness pouring from me. The feelings of desire, fullness, and yes, even love was swelling in me like something inevitable.

Shockingly, Conor put a finger in me and found my g-spot.

I came, screaming "yes!" countless times. Conor's mouth was completely enveloped by my pussy. I grabbed his head with both hands and crushed him deeper into me. I wanted his whole body inside of me. I was actually holding myself up by grabbing his hair. I released a flood of juices. I was practically sobbing in pleasure by the time the explosions subsided, he disengaged and I wrapped my shaking legs around his back as he rest his cheek upon my stomach.

Then, something remarkable happened. I was angled in such a way that Beth's bedroom was about 20 feet away, 45 degrees or so to my right, but behind Conor. Motion in that direction caught my eye. The door was slightly open, and a shape emerged from the darkness within. Beth stood in the shadows, gloriously nude. She was watching. She probably had been for a while. And now she wanted me to know it.

Normally after such a powerful orgasm I need some time to recharge. Beth's voyeuristic appearance took care of it. I was ready to fuck, to be split in half, to be owned and dominated by Conor's cock. I needed it and I demanded it.

"It's time. Fuck me now. I don't care if you have a condom or not, fuck me!"

So he fucked me.

His cock impaled me. The heat of it was unbelievable, the thickness of it opening me up beyond the previous activities of the evening, to literally another level of sexual connection.

He reached to the side and grabbed one of the large floor pillows and thoughtfully placed it under my back. My legs wrapped around his hips, my arms around his shoulders, and he began to pound me. I'm glad he was so forceful so quickly - with everything we'd done, both he and Beth, I was beyond any toying and only balls-deep fucking would suffice. The slapping of his hips against mine, and his balls against my ass, sounded like gunshots to my heightened senses.

He disengaged my arms that were around his neck to sit upright, grasping my hips with his hands (later, I'd find bruises) and continued to fuck my brains out. My breasts bounced wildly up and down with the nearly violent motion. I felt his cock hit my cervix, again and again, which any woman will attest is either extremely painful or devastatingly, deliciously amazing. It was the latter.

Over and over.

I screamed.

His stamina was incredible.

My juices covered him.

He let go of my hips and reached out to my breasts. He grabbed them and actually used them in the way he had been using my hips - as handles with which to move my entire body upon his cock. I'd never felt anything like it.

I was utterly in his control and never wanted it to end.

I looked over toward Beth's bedroom, and she was still there. She had a breast in one hand and the other was furiously stroking her pussy. Her mouth was open and I could tell she was about to come. Conor's eyes were closed, deep in concentration and control, so I was safely able to mouth "come, come," to Beth. And she paused for a second, and began to come. She arched her hips toward me and came while looking into my eyes.

That sent me into the stratosphere. I moved Conor's hands to my hips and I threw my legs up over his shoulders. "Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me!" I screamed, and came, and screamed and came. My ass was off the ground, my tits were hitting me in the chin, my hands were grasping for anything to hold and tear apart.

I saw colors and shapes and my mind turned inside out. My pussy felt like it was spewing liquid fire.

My orgasm ended in a graceful downward slope, and I lowered my butt down into a puddle of my own juices. Amazingly, Conor had not come yet. He was still fucking me, but more slowly and with slight angle changes that seemed designed to drill every part of my pussy. I looked at Beth again, who was grinning from ear to ear, twisting her nipples. She mouthed, "you came!" and I smiled.

Conor's voice pulled me back. "Becca, I'm going to come."

"Come all over me Conor, cover me."

I don't know about most other girls, but I love the sight of a man coming and I love to be drenched in it. If it can't be shot deep inside of me, I want to be showered in it.

Conor pulled out of me and grasped his cock. He worked it up and down, my lubrication dripping messily from the tip. And then he came. The first eruption arced over my right shoulder, leaving a boiling hot trail over my nipple. The next hit me directly in the small of my neck, puddling and overflowing. The third poured out on my tummy as what was on my neck spilled over and down into my hair. I leaned upward and took him into my mouth for the last few shots of come that flooded my tongue with salty sweetness. I bathed him gently with my mouth, drinking his come, his fluid dripping down my chest and into my pussy hair. I got what I wanted, to be covered in his come.

He sighed the deepest sigh and stroked my cheek.

"Oh my God."

I don't remember if he said it, or if I did. Beth's door slowly shut.

And there's more. Soon this time, I promise.


So, that's the long-awaited story of my first time with Conor. In the year since my last story, the changes in my life made it hard to revisit this night, since I have such a vivid memory for detail. I'm in a better place now, and look back on this with fondness and even echoes of desire. Thanks for being patient and not forgetting about me.

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