Dress Rehearsal


"Well," said Shona, unsure, "only if you promise not to get freaked out."

"Promise," assured Amy.

"Well... we were on this desert island," began Shona.

"Us two?" interrupted Amy.

"Uh-huh, and we were walking around with – you know – not much on."

"Not much meaning...?"

Shona started to blush. "Meaning nothing at all, okay?"

That tingling again. Amy was getting excited. "You were dreaming about the two of us walking around a desert island naked?"

"Well, we didn't do much walking," said Shona, looking too embarrassed to meet Amy's eyes.

Amy was definitely getting excited. To her surprise she was seeing this as an opportunity to gauge Shona's reaction on the two of them together. Either way, it was clear the dress incident had affected them both. "What did we do?" asked Amy, trying hard to suppress a smile.

"Well," said Shona, awkwardly, "you know..."

"I have no idea," said Amy, unable to stop the grin spreading across her face.

Shona looked at Amy and laughed. "You bitch, you know exactly what I mean!"

Amy giggled. "Well," she said, desperately wanting to reach out and touch her friend's cheek, "it's good to know I wasn't the only one having wet dreams last night."

Shona's eyes met Amy's. This was it. She was either going to leave immediately or this was going to be the best dress rehearsal Amy had ever been to. "And who were you dreaming of?" asked Shona, her eyes saying more than words ever could.

Any fear Amy had felt today had instantly evaporated. If she was ever sure about anything in her life it was the fact that Shona would reciprocate anything she was about to do. Amy reached out and lightly placed her hand on Shona's. "Who do you think?"

Amy had never believed two people could generate electricity between themselves but the gantry that ran high above the stage was charged with more voltage than a power station as Amy and Shona inched closer to each other. Amy reached up and lay a hand on Shona's soft cheek.

Shona smiled. "I've always wanted to know what it was like to kiss a bee."

"Let's find out," whispered Amy and the two girls moved in to each other. Their lips met and they kissed tenderly. Shona moaned softly and the embrace became stronger. Amy's tongue danced around inside her friend's mouth. Shona reached out and placed a hand over one of Amy's breasts. Amy responded by bringing her own hand down Shona's neck and onto her chest The kiss was fierce now and Shona's hand moved down to Amy's thigh, over her yellow and black-striped tights.

Amy moved her lips down to Shona's neck and continued to kiss, occasionally allowing her sensitive lips to stroke over Shona's skin, letting her fully appreciate the smoothness.

Shona's hand was moving up and down Amy's thigh and Amy could feel herself getting wet. Shona moaned as Amy licked at her neck, snaking her tongue up over her friend's chin and back into her mouth. Shona began to massage Amy's groin and Amy thought she would explode.

"Touch me," Amy whispered and their eyes met. Amy lifted up her sweater and Shona ran her hand over the soft skin. Amy lay back onto the gantry. Shona leaned over her and kissed her belly, reaching her hand under Amy's sweater to squeeze her breast. Amy was desperate. She wanted Shona to touch her, to send her spiralling to the ecstasy she knew was waiting for her.

"Are you sure?" whispered Shona, as if it were possible for either girl to stop now. Amy merely nodded, as she was breathing too heavily to be able to talk. Shona slipped her fingers under Amy's shorts and, in one swift movement, pulled down her friend's shorts, tights and pants to reveal her moist, glistening pussy.

Shona let out a short breath as she gazed upon her best friend's vagina for the first time. "Oh, God, Amy…" she moaned. The small triangle of pubic hair was wet and matted. The lips were already open, from Shona massaging them.

"Do it, Shona…" Amy whispered. "Please…"

Shona moved her hand along Amy's thigh. Amy felt her heart was about to pump right through her chest and then Shona touched her. A single finger moved up and down the crack, spreading the juices around, preparing her area. Shona's finger brushed past Amy exposed clit, swollen with anticipation, and Amy's hips involuntarily bucked.

Amy was aware that Shona was leaning down, moving her head and mouth towards Amy's pussy. She yanked her sweater up further so she could massage her breasts. She could feel Shona's hot breath between her thighs. There was hesitation and Amy suddenly thought that maybe Shona had changed her mind, then it happened. Shona's tongue licked Amy's pussy.

Amy's heart stopped. She ceased to breathe. Her entire existence was now this one moment and it would last an eternity should she wish it to. On a wooden gantry, high above a makeshift theatre stage, Amy was now one of only two human beings left on the entire planet. A thousand emotions flooded her, a million sensations imbued her. Her heart beat again and she instantly longed for the next moment and the pleasures it would bring.

Shona's uncertainty had passed and she began hungrily lapping at Amy, devouring her juices, soaking her up. Without being asked she slipped a finger inside Amy and began flicking at her clit with her tongue.

Amy had to stop herself from crying out. She had never thought this much pleasure was possible. She arched her back and wriggled her hips from side to side. The gantry rocked gently to Amy's rhythm and the wood creaked as it moved. In some distant part of Amy's mind that was still functioning with any degree of reason she hoped that those on the stage below were too busy rebuilding the set to hear the noise the girls were making.

Shona was now using two fingers, thrusting them in and out. Her other hand was kneading Amy's breast and Amy, to her own amazement, found herself suddenly remembering an incident when both girls were eight and Amy had marvelled at Shona's mastering of the patting-the-head-rubbing-the-stomach trick. Amy had to stop herself from bursting into fits of giggles at such an absurd memory.

Shona worked her way back up to Amy's face, kissing every part of her body as she moved – the belly, the chest, breasts, nipples, neck and finally back to Amy's mouth. The kiss, deep and forceful, allowed Amy to taste herself. She wrapped her legs around Shona and they ground their hips together. They groaned with pleasure. Amy could feel herself smiling and she could sense Shona doing the same. Amy let a giggle escape, which set Shona off. The girls broke off their kiss and looked at each other, unable to stop themselves from laughing.

Amy sighed deeply and stroked Shona's cheek. She shook her head. "One week ago, if somebody had told me…"

"I know," whispered Shona. "I suppose we should get down from here, you think?"

"Excuse me?" said Amy, with a smile. "I don't think we're finished, yet."

Gently, Amy lowered Shona back onto the gantry floor. "Dress," she whispered, grinning like a Cheshire cat. Shona lifted her dress to reveal her white panties.

"You'll be gentle, won't you?" whispered Shona.

"I'll be nothing of the sort," said Amy.

Shona's grin spread wide. "That's my girl."

As Cecil Winstock and Whatshisname argued over where a tiny model tree was supposed to be placed on the set, Amy and Shona made love to each other on a small gantry high above the stage. And whatever the outcome of 'Earthly Delights', both girls would agree that it had been the best dress rehearsal ever.

Until the next year, of course, when Cecil was replaced as director by a youthful, vibrant and not-to-mention attractive drama student called Sarah.

But then, that's a completely different story...

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