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Susan was driving absentmindedly. Her mind raced as she thought of the possibilities. Gray had asked to see her tonight. More importantly, Gray had asked to see her and had told her to dress sexy. It was that that had her mind soaring to places that were everywhere but on the road in front of her.

She remembered the last time Gray had made a request. They were going to go to a party and Gray wanted her to wear a dress with a thong underneath. When she arrived at his house, she understood why. Almost immediately, Gray had swooped upon her like a bird of prey, kissing her passionately and wantonly. She had been surprised and very turned on as the desire grew and he had started to tease her ass with his hands. She had been in an almost dream-like trance as he slowly turned her around, finished hiking up her skirt and started rubbing his hard bulge against her still thonged ass. As he devoured her neck, she reached between them to feel the cock that they both knew that she desired.

He whispered in her ear, "Take it out."

She fumbled for the zipper, too turned on to question him. In an instant, she felt the searing heat that comes from that first skin-to-skin contact of the evening.

She moaned softly, "Yessss."

And then the contact was gone and Gray's lips on her neck were gone. She was being forced down, slightly crooked over the arm of the sofa. She gasped slightly as she felt Gray's hands toying with the thong on her ass. She gasped again as she felt it being pulled aside and Gray's hard cock sliding along her outer lips, teasing momentarily, spreading the wetness that was now evident there. She hissed slightly as....


Damn, she was at Gray's already. Her reminiscing had led her miles away from where she was now and she was still no closer to knowing what had prompted Gray's request. And, now she was damp with anticipation of another such night. As an afterthought, Susan gently ran her fingers along her thighs; he will like this as well - a small string bikini that hugged her ass tightly. Practically trembling with excitement, she got out of the car and walked to the door.

Gray answered the door smiling, offering a glass of wine as she walked in. He took her coat into the back and told her to make herself comfortable. Susan noticed that soft jazz-like music was playing and a myriad of candles were lit throughout the living and dining room.

Gray certainly never misses a thing, she mused.

Gray walked back into the room carrying a glass of wine and another bottle. He was still dressed from work, wearing a nice pair of slacks and a blue button down shirt. His eyes seemed to sparkle with mirth and she noticed that they were stark blue, a contrast to the normal dull mixed blue-green-grey color that had led to his nickname.

He sat down on the couch and asked how Susan's day had gone. She replied and they launched into conversation, Gray occasionally stooping over to refill her glass. A few different times he was close enough to kiss her, but, each time, he merely leaned back on the couch and resumed talking with a casual aloofness that he seemed to have perfected.

Damn, she thought, what is he about? He has to want me and know that I want him. And he did ask me to dress sexy.

Susan's inner thighs had begun to tingle slightly somewhere through the conversation. Gray had apparently just asked her a question but she had been too preoccupied thinking of the slight wetness that was beginning to form in her panties.

"No, you didn't tell me that before," she murmured, blushing slightly as she struggled to answer.

Damn you, take me she silently prayed.

But Gray did not. The conversation pressed on, Gray engaging Susan by asking her about her holiday plans. And more time passed and more wine flowed. Susan excused herself to go to the bathroom and stood up, taking care to be extra sensual as she walked to the bathroom. It worked - she could feel his eyes devouring her ass as she walked away.

Susan closed the door. God I am horny she thought as she finished up. Unable to help herself she briefly teased her clit. A slight sigh escaped. Maybe I have enough time...

But she didn't and she knew. And, she wanted to get back to Gray, she needed to get back to Gray. As she walked back into the room, Gray was pouring more wine - a new bottle had somehow arrived. She noticed with slight satisfaction and a new tingling in her pussy that Gray had a slight bulge in his pants as she sat down.

****** How much have I had to drink? she wondered as she began to notice that it was a bit warm inside. This thought was interrupted by the realization that Gray was kissing her.

Yes, finally.

Susan could not help but feel the passion as Gray's tongue lightly caressed hers. It was urgent but not aggressive. She could feel the hard cock that she had been eyeing in his pants brush against her stomach as his arms pulled her close. Wordlessly, Gary broke the kiss, grabbed her hand and led her to the bedroom. Upon entering she noticed candles lit all around the room.

Clever she thought. How did I miss this on my way to the bathroom I wonder?

With a light touch, Gray manuevered her to the bed, pushing her back, climbing on top of her and kissing her with more fervor. Entranced in his kiss she failed to notice that he now had her pinned to the bed and was slowly removing her blouse. She didn't resist - she wanted to be taken, needed to be taken. He reached behind her and slowly undid her blouse revealing her breasts. He stopped long enough to briefly flick his tongue across a nipple and then grabbed her arms again, insistently. Then, before recognition set in, he tied one arm to the bedpost and was already moving to the other.

"What are you..." she started before his "shh" quieted her.

She was now spread and tied to his bed, helpless. Gray smiled at Susan briefly and stroked her hair before pulling out one last scarf.

How did I miss the scarves she thought as he slowly lowered the last scarf to her eyes. Oh my God, he's going to blindfold me she thought as she felt her pussy moisten again knowing that it was finally going to get the attention it needed.

Gray's tongue was again back taunting her nipples. As his tongue encircled each one, he lightly nibbled. She felt her skirt rustle and realized that his hands were busy tracing circles on her upper thighs. Susan moaned as he traced a path with his tongue down her stomach while slowly unzipping her skirt and pulling it off of her.

"Oh God Gray."

His hand had now found the point where the tiny bikini fastened to the thigh. She moaned audibly as his finger slid past that barrier and lightly brushed against her pussy. And then his finger was inside her. She gasped at the intrusion that she had waited hours for. Just as quickly, she felt emptiness as he pulled it out.

"Taste yourself" she heard as she felt his finger seeking entrance to her mouth.

Her tongue eagerly darted out and tasted her sweet juices. Another slight moan escaped her as she started to suck the finger like she wanted to suck his cock.

As the finger slowly eased out of the reach of her sucking mouth and tongue she heard Gray say, "I will be right back love."

And then he was gone, at least she thought. She had heard him - or had she - walk away. Through the scarf over her eyes she could not see a thing except a faint glow and the distant sound of the jazz-like music made it impossible to hear anything. Minutes - they had to be minutes she thought - passed like an eternity.

She was about to call out to Gray when he said, "Good to see that you didn't go anywhere love" and she felt pressure on the bed, kneeling near her legs.

And then she felt it, a slow light licking on her inner thigh. Another slight gasp cleared her throat and her legs spread somewhat of their own accord. His tongue slipped lazily up her thigh as lips began to suck gently on their course toward her now soaking pussy.

"Do you want me to lick your pussy?" he asked as she felt her bikini being pulled down.

"Please" she pleaded.

And then his tongue was on her, licking her outer lips, sucking her clit while fingers played at the entrance to her pussy. Her hips bucked a bit trying to get the finger in her pussy. Susan was so turned on from her long wait that she wanted anything in her, anything to help her come. Her hopes were quickly rewarded as his tongue slid into her pussy. Nerves tingled all over and Susan began to come, pleading for his cock, begging to be fucked.

"Please Gray. I want your cock. Don't tease me. Fuck me."

"Not yet love," he answered but his voice was closer this time.

It was then that she felt the heat of a body near her head and a hand turning it slightly. She felt a cock brush her lips and opened them hungrily.

As her mouth engulfed the fat cock, she realized that someone was still licking her pussy and fingering her, teasing both her pussy and her ass. Someone else was here she realized as the thought sent a wave through her pussy triggering another mini-orgasm. Who is it?

"Do you like sucking this big cock while she licks your pussy baby?" Gray asked.

She? Oh shit, another girl is eating my pussy. Oh fuck. "Mmm," she moaned around his cock as she got even wetter.

"She is coming so much while I eat her and she sucks your cock. I think she likes having my tongue on her pussy," a vaguely familiar voice said stopping her licking momentarily.

Damn. I know her. Who the hell is it? Susan's mind raced.

"Get that pussy ready for me. She is dying for this cock aren't you love? You can't wait to have this big cock in you, right?"

Susan quit caring. "Yes, lick my pussy for me. Get it ready for his big cock. I need it so bad. Please fuck me Gray."

"You are my little cocksucker who likes having her girlfriend eat her pussy aren't you?"

"Mmm hmm," was all she could manage as her mouth swallowed his cock.

She was doing all she could to get his cock in her. She needed to be fucked, fucked hard by his fat cock, filled up. As if hearing her thoughts, she felt him pull his cock away and the bed shifted. She felt Gray's weight move to the end of the bed as the fingers at her pussy pushed slowly at her asshole. She moaned without realizing it as one entered her ass and another pushed back into her pussy.

"Please fuck me. I want you. Do it. I need it," she pleaded.

She felt Gray rub his dick along her pussy as the fingers retreated. "Is this what you want baby? This big cock in your pussy," Gray teased.


"What will you do for this cock?" he asked as she felt movement by her head. "Will you eat your girlfriend's pretty pussy while I fuck you?" he asked as she felt a mouth close over hers.

She tried to answer but began to shake as she felt a searching tongue at her lips. Without realizing it, her tongue snaked out and she began to urgently kiss her girlfriend who was now toying with her nipples.

"Yes," she murmured between kisses. "Please fuck me. Watch me lick her while you fuck me. Anything for you."

As she said "you", she felt Gray's cock slide into her. A cry escaped her lips and her head thrashed. She came again instantly as his cock pulled out and then slid back deep. She felt warmth lowering to her head as she starting moaning again. She could smell the musk of someone aroused and slowly stuck out her tongue, too lost in pleasure to care that she was embarking on something she had not done before.

Gray had picked up tempo and began fucking her hard as her tongue began to enjoy the sweetness of the clearly shaved pussy that she was now licking. Her girlfriend and Gray each had a nipple and were pinching it as she got fucked.

"You like this big cock in you don't you?"

"Yes, lick my pussy. I have always wanted you to do that. You look so sexy getting fucked while eating me."

"Lick her baby while I give you your cock."

"Fuck her Gray. She loves it. She is killing me with her tongue. Make her do it."

The words and sensations were flying. Susan lost track of her orgasms. She knew that her girlfriend had gone through at least one major one grinding her pussy on Susan's face. She felt her girlfriend reach down to grab her legs and pull them up. She felt a tongue on her clit as Gray slowly fucked her. At one point, she was sure that Gray had pulled out and her girlfriend had licked his cum-covered cock. Susan wished she could have seen that.

That thought was quickly pushed aside when she heard, "I want to see you fuck her ass. I bet she loves that big cock in her ass."

She moaned and then felt a renewed attack on her clit by her girlfriend's tongue. As she shuddered, Gray pushed his big cock into her ass.

"Go slow," she pleaded. "You are so big."

Gray grunted and continued his slow but persistent assault on her ass. In no time, he was in and she felt full. Her mind and pussy were ablaze. Susan's biggest orgasm of the night was approaching and her body began to pulse.

"I want you to cum in her pussy so I can taste both of you," her girlfriend said.

Susan's wave of orgasms started. Gray had at some point abandoned her ass and was now pummeling her pussy as her girlfriend continued to work her clit.

Before resuming her tonguing of the sweet pussy above her Susan said, "Cum Gray. I want you to cum in my pussy. Make me take it and make her lick it out of me. Now baby. Come on."

More waves assailed her as she felt Gray tense up and shout "Yes." She felt his hot cum washing through her pussy and her girlfriend's insistent tongue licking away as the final wave crashed over her.


Susan awoke a bit later to Gray's tender caress. He looked at her and kissed her lovingly. She realized that they were alone.

"Where's..." she started before Gray's "shhh."

Damn. Who was it? How will I ever know? she mused knowing that hereafter she would look at all of her friends differently. Will I always wonder who it was? What if I want them again? How did Gray do it? Who was it?

Thoughts raced through Susan's head even as Gray started to kiss her again.

It was then that she realized that she could hear the shower running...

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